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THIS MONTH: Mikey Taylor Jeremy Stenberg Todd Potter Aaron Hadlow (INTERVIEW)

Mar, 2012

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INHOUDSOPGAVE. Skateboarding



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we like to skate 'i wont stop skating till i'm physically unable' -tony hawk First, for the people who don’t know how or when skating is invented we give you first and explanation, lets go! Q: What is skateboarding? A: Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Skateboarding can be a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation. Q: When is it invented? A: Skateboarding was probably born sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s when surfers in California wanted something to surf when the waves were flat. Q: Is it an expensive sport? A: Not really, you buy a board for around 100 euros with all parts, maybe you want a helmet, but that is not necessary. Q: What are skateboards made of? A: A skateboard is typically a specially designed plywood board combined with a polyurethane coating used for making smoother slides and stronger durability, used primarily for the activity of skateboarding. Every week we will answer questions, send you questions to:


dEw tour rEsults skatE strEEt Ryan Decenzo won his first Dew Tour victory Sunday at the Toyota Challenge in Salt Lake City. In the super final heat of skate street, he landed a nollie heelflip boardslide on the big rail, a nollie flip on the stair set and a nollie heelflip frontside boardslide on the bump to bump to earn a score of 87.18. Greg Lutzka came in second with a score of 84.93 and Paul Rodriguez rounded out the podium with an 82.15. “This feels great,” said Decenzo. “It’s my first Dew Tour win and I couldn’t be happier with the way everything worked out.” Decenzo’s first place finish puts him on top of the overall skate street rankings heading into the Dew Tour Championships next month in Las Vegas. Rodriguez is in second, just eight points behind. “I’m so pumped for Vegas,” said Decenzo. “I’m excited to skate the course they’ll set up there.” Skate Street, 2011 Dew Tour Toyota Challenge: Sept. 11, 2011, Salt Lake City, Utah Rank Name Score 1. Ryan Decenzo 87.18 2. Greg Lutzka 84.93 3. Paul Rodriguez 82.15 4. Ke’chaud Johnson 82.05 5. Manny Santiago 79.20 6. Danilo Do Rosario 75.45

skatE vErt Pierre-Luc Gagnon won skate vert at the Dew Tour Toyota Challenge in Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday, edging out Shaun White in second place and Bucky Lasek in third place.

“That’s the run I’ve been looking for all year. I

didn’t want to talk about the run before the event, so it means the world to me,” said Gagnon immediately after the finals. The win in Salt Lake marks Gagnon’s seventh career win on the Dew Tour, and pushed Gagnon into first place standings for skate vert on the 2011 Dew Tour. White, unhappy with second place, dropped back in after Gagnon won, and attempted to land another run, but fell. Earlier in the day, he had alluded to a new trick, which the Dew Tour speculated could be a 1080, but White did not attempt it. Bucky Lasek, who won vert at the Dew Tour Pantech Open event in late July, pulled switch b/s 360s, back to back 540s and heelflip f/s gay twists before going down on a nollie kickflip lien air. Sandro Dias went down on a judo 540 early in the super finals, and recovered to pull a massive 540 to tail slap, but was unable to finish a full run. Dias finished in fourth place. Pedro Barros, who aired in the 6-8 foot range and attempted kickflip body varial 540s, was unable to finish a full run and settled for fifth place in the super finals. Skate Vert, 2011 Dew Tour Toyota Challenge: Sept. 10, 2011, Salt Lake City, Utah Rank Name Score 1. Pierre-Luc Gagnon 94.00 2. Shaun White 89.75 3. Bucky Lasek 87.75 4. Sandro Dias 84.75 5. Pedro Barros 83.75

bucky lasek at the dew tour 2011 vert


Gagnon’s runs consisted of tailgrab 540s, kickflip backside grab 540s, kickflip mute fakies and smooth kickflip body varial 540s. Gagnon’s top score, a 94.00, was a full 4.25 points ahead of White, who landed 720s at height, fakie to fakie 540s and f/s stalefish 540s.



MERCHANDISE Whoaaa there sure is some merchandise of skateboarding like, games, magazines, shirts, shoes. We will give you the top 10 of skateboarding merchandise. And ofcourse the big guys only have their own merch like Tony Hawk, Chris Haslam, P-Rod, Rodney Mullen, but all that, will be told later.

Top 5 most famous skateBoard Brands

plan b numbeR 1

Toymachine numbeR 3

Element numbeR 2


trasher magazine numbeR 5

numbeR 4

monstEr EnErgy shirt mErchandisE 6



Mikey Taylor Can you relax already? I’m tryin’ to. It’s all scary.

What is, getting an interview? I guess. I’ve never had one before.

You’ve never had an interview? Really? Not really.

Oh. That’s a good start right there.

Okay, let’s go.

Let’s start with the basics ’cause you’ve never had an interview before. Where you from, Mikey? Newbury Park, California.

Is that where you were born and raised? I was born in Tarzana, but I reside in Big Buckleville.

And this is not to be confused with the Valley, correct? Correct. This is the outskirts of the Valley.

Okay, ’cause that seems to happen a lot, right?

Well, of course. Everyone thinks it’s the Valley, but I’m outside the Valley. Good weather, good skate spots—not really blown out. It’s like the hot spot. Huh, Atiba?

Where? Bucklebury? Yeah (laughs).

Well, there’s a good skatepark there. How old are you exactly? Twenty. Am I getting old?


Do you feel like you’re getting old in your skate career?

No. I feel like I’m young, but twenty sounds kinda old, doesn’t it?

Do you think the reason you feel old is ’cause you’ve skated with Paul (Rodriguez) and Spanky (Long) the last couple years?

I’ve been skatin’ with little kids forever. I started skating with my little brother ’cause all my friends quit. So I hung out with him and all his friends. That’s how it started. I’m older than everybody. I think everybody thinks I’m younger than I am.

So you’re twenty, and you’re definitely out of school. Did you graduate? Oh, I graduated—the real deal. Went to school every day, no homeschool needed. Just did it.

Well, congratulations, but i need to end our interview, we learned your basics and stuff.. thank you. No problem bro, see you later



And from Justin we move on to one of the most hardest freestyle motocross rider:

Introducing you to one of the best supercrossers in the world: Justin Barcia! While still in the amateur ranks, Justin Barcia established himself as one of the top riders on two wheels and a key cog for the GEICO Honda program. Now a year and a half into his pro career, with a runner-up finish in Supercross Lites and a pair of fifth-place rankings in Motocross, Barcia says he’s ready for the next step. “Everyone’s been working really hard during the offseason,” Barcia said. “I can tell we all want to win, from the other riders to the mechanics, everyone is working hard to win more races and the championship.” Barcia climbed on his first competitive bike at just 5-years-old and honed his racing skills on the outside terrain in his native New York before moving to Georgia in order to expand his repertoire by racing both indoors and out all year long. The double venture quickly catapulted him into one of the bike world’s most watched up-andcoming racers. From 2005 to 2007, Barcia earned an astounding 10 amateur titles. Making an impressive debut in 2009 in the AMA Supercross Lites East division, Barcia notched two second-place showings en route to his fifthplace finish. In 2010, Barcia ran his first full season with the renowned GEICO Honda team under the guidance of team manager and veteran racer Matt LaRocco. With no signs of a sophomore slump in sight, Barcia continued a trend of establishing himself as a contender with wins in Toronto and St. Louis in Supercross Lites, as well as individual moto wins in High Point and Moto-X 338 in the Motocross series. Overall, he visited the

podium eight times. “I’m very excited to be working with the same team again,” Barcia said. “It’s a good thing to keep the good relationship with the same team. I’ve gotten to know everyone really well, and we get a long great.” Following the season, Barcia jet-setted to France where he participated in the renowned Bercy Supercross in Paris to take on the top riders in Europe and the world. He didn’t disappoint, winning two of the three races and earning the title as “King of Bercy.” With momentum and a long list of successes under his belt, Barcia will enter the 2011 season with one goal in mind, to turn the talk as one to watch to that of champion. Source:



TWITCH’ Bio Marital Status: Married Participant since: 1983 Competitor since: 1998 Nickname(s): TWITCH Country: USA

Resides In: Winchester, CA Age: 30 Height: 6’0” Weight: 175 lbs

One of the most naturally talented riders in freestyle, 2011 marks the 12th year that Jeremy has competed at XG. Owns 7 total XG medals from 5 disciplines (and one WX gold). Also a budding truck racer, Stenberg won the overall SuperLite class on the Lucas Oil Off Road series and was awarded Rookie of the Year in 2010. He also got in front of the camera with wife Susie for the reality series the “X Life.” After taking several months off the bike, Stenberg says he has never been so fired up to ride. Logging hours on the track and hitting ramps to prep for XG 2011. As one of the most exciting and charismatic riders in freestyle motocross, Twitch always puts on a show. We spotted Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg riding in the hills of Temecula, Calif. earlier this week. Twitch hasn’t hit jumps since his horrendous crash during X Games 17 Speed and Style finals, which left him with a broken right heal, left tibia and L2 vertebrae. Needless to say, Twitch was super pumped to be in the saddle again. Mother nature was kind enough to douse the hills with rain, setting the stage for prime riding conditions. This prompted Twitch to invite some of his friends, such as Robbie Maddison, Doug Parsons and Rich Kearns, to invade the local hills. There is nothing quite like the feeling of riding fresh soaked trails and dirt jumps with your buddies.

TWITCH’ Career – 1998 Vans Triple Crown Champ – 1998 Las Vegas LXD Freestyle and Step Up – 1st – 2001 Summer X Games Step Up – Bronze – 2004 Vans Triple Crown Champ – 2004 X Fighters – 2nd – 2005 Dew Action Sports Pro Tour Toyota Challenge – 1st – 2005 Dew Action Sports Pro Tour FMX Overall Points – 2nd – 2005 Summer X Games Best Trick – Gold – 2005 X Fighters – 2nd – 2006 Winter X Games Best Trick – Gold – 2008 ESPN Moto X Championships FMX – Silver – 2008 ESPN Moto X Championships Speed & Style – Bronze – 2008 X Games Speed & Style – Bronze – 2008 Red Bull X Fighters Brazil – 1st – 2008 Red Bull X Fighters Texas – 2nd – 2008 LG Action Sports FMX World Championships – 1st – 2009 X Games 15 CA Freestyle – Silver [6] – 2010 X Games Speed & Freestyle – Bronze – 2010 X Games Best Whip – Bronze – 2010 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Super Lite truck champion – 2011 X Games Best Whip – Gold

TWITCH’ Projects In 2006, Stenberg starred in MTV’s True Life: I Have Tourette’s Syndrome. In 2011, VH1 debuted their reality series The X-Life, in which Stenberg co-stars alongside BMX dirt rider Cory Nastazio, skateboard vert champion Pierre-Luc Gagnon (aka PLG) and their families. Stenberg has been racing off-road trucks in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series and he won the 2010 Super Lite season championship. Stenberg also had his own DVD called Twitch: Hoodrich

h Twitch: Hoodric






POTTER’ Bio Marital Status: Single Resides In: Temecula, CA Participant since: 1989 Age: 27 Competitor since: 2003 Height: 5’11” Nickname(s): Weight: 173 lbs Country: USA Todd Potter is a down-to-earth guy with incredible bike skills. The Metal Mulisha crew member brings a fresh attitude to the major contests. He is constantly working on improving the technical aspects of his biking performance. Travis Pastrana has said that Potter is one of the most technical riders he has seen. The tricks he does would not necessarily score as high as others, but they speak volumes for him and his bike control. Learning the back flip was a real challenge for the 25-year-old. He finally mastered it and ended up winning a bronze medal at the X-Games, also winning ‘Best Trick’, for performing a Kiss Of Death Flip. Like most of the FMX stars, Todd also likes to ride his mini-bike and loves to go freeriding with his friends in Southern California. Todd´s style and tricks reflect the second generation of FMX riders, who are giving the established riders a run for their money each time they get an invitation for one of the big events. Potter´s last Red Bull XFighters appearance in Fort Worth, Texas was remarkable even if he was not able to take a top spot. His appearance in Sydney resulted in a solid eighth place, raising hopes for even better results in 2012. For the season opener in Dubai he will get another chance to step up his game and get the crowd behind him with big tricks delivered in his trademark smooth style.

POTTER’ Career X Games History Year Sport Discipline Finish X Games 2010 MTX Step Up 3 X Games 2010 MTX Freestyle 12 X Games 2010 MTX Best Whip 1 X Games 2010 MTX Best Trick 7 X Games 2009 MTX Step Up ALT X Games 2009 MTX Freestyle 8 X Games 2009 MTX Best Whip 1 X Games 2009 MTX Best Trick 3 X Games 2008 MTX Freestyle 13 X Games 2008 MTX Best Whip(demo) 1 X Games 2008 MTX Best Trick 3 X Games 2007 MTX Freestyle 7 X Games 2007 MTX Best Trick 3 Source:


Todd Potter is a relative newcomer to the freestyle comp scene and is as surprised as anyone to be invited amongst the second wave of contenders into the Moto X Freestyle event at X Games 13. As part of the Metal Mulisha, he was chosen over the very comrades he’s learned from, Ronnie Faisst and Jeremy Stenberg. A former BMX rider, he said all that pedaling has helped him learn moves on the motorcycle quickly. With one of the best whips in the biz, Potter has won the fans over every year Best Whip has been a part of XG (2008 demo, gold 2009-2010). With 7 Best Trick medals from XG and XG-related events, Potter is a natural showman who can stick a trick under pressure. While he rarely competes outside of XG anymore, he still maintains his place in the spotlight and has appeared on episodes of James Stewart’s Fuel TV reality show, “Bubba’s World.”






Kite-surfing’s all about sun-kissed beaches in tropical locations, right? Not if you’re a kid from the UK it isn’t. Which is why Aaron’s almost complete domination of the sport is so amazing. Hadlow’s first kiting encounter was at age 10, spurred on by his father’s participation in the fledgling sport. Despite the unlikely training ground of England’s south coast, Aaron quickly mastered the skills he needed to compete at the highest level. Honing those skills with winters spent in South Africa, he’s since taken an astonishing five world titles and continues to set the bar for his competitors with a repertoire of tricks that defines the word ‘encyclopedic’.

Name: Kevin Langeree Date of birth: 21-07-1988 Hometown: Noordwijk The Netherlands Sponsors: NAISH, O’Neill, Dacia, GShock, USA Vision eyewear and Ben&Jerry Kiteboarding Sinds: 2000 Ranking PKRA: World champ PKRA 2009 Favorite spot: Noordwijk and South- Africa actually where it’s windy and warm. Favorite freestyle board: Thorn 132 Favorite wave board: Custom Global 5’7 Favorite kite: Naish Torch 10, 9 and 7

a kid I was always into sports, I was heavily ‘‘intoAsfootball but I also found myself at the beach as my dad was into watersports. At 10 I would fly his kite on the beach and the following year I jumped on a board. Wipika Classic and a big directional style! Starting out was a lot of fun and I soon got hooked because of the fast progression and unlimited possibilities in a relatively new sport. I find my motivation in general is learning and after 3 years of riding at age 14 I found myself competing with the top guys in the sport and amongst people I looked up to as the best. As I started to compete I always thought I would have the chance to make it to the top but it was a bit of a long shot. Winning the Championship in 2004 at such a young age and so quick was a bit surreal. Once I was at the top the only way to stay there was to innovate, my motivation was at an all time high, learning new tricks that nobody else had done or seen was a great feeling, as good


Aaron Hadlow

as winning a competition, that combo worked hand in hand and I would say was the key point that kept me at the top for 5 years. 2010 will bring a change to my usual year, after being on tour for 7 years I will now take some time out to grow my brand, image and fan base by releasing videos, doing demos and visiting new places. I am still motivated and love creating new tricks and look forward to competing again in the future to show off what I have learnt in my time off. Meanwhile everyone can follow this progression right here.


Kevin Langeree

Results PKRA world tour 2008 Mexico: 2nd freestyle France: 1st freestyle Venezuela: 2nd freestyle Cabarete: 1st freestyle Tarifa: 1st freestyle and 2nd Big air best trick Fuertaventura: 3rd freestyle Germany: 1st freestyle and 1st boarder cross Canada: 2nd freestyle Brazil: 3rd freestyle and 2nd Big air best trick Chile: 1st freestyle and 2nd wave Unofficial PKRA Portugal: 1st Freestyle Source:







Marital Status: Single Resides In: Middleton, ID Participant since: 1986 Age: 27 Competitor since: 1999 Height: 5’9” Nickname(s): Weight: 155 lbs Country: USA One of the undisputed best snowmobile freestyle riders in history, Heath has 10 WX snowmobile event starts since 2007, earning medals in six of them (including Best Trick gold in 2010). He’s in his element when competing in both Freestyle and Best Trick and has been one of the most progressive, influential riders in the freestyle snowmobile movement. He was the first to perform several tricks on a sled, including body varials and Tsunami backflips. He nailed the trick in his first of two runs in the Best Trick final on Sunday, for a nearly perfect score of 96.66, beating out Colten Moore’s tsunami Indian flip (89.66) and Joe Parsons’ no-footed can-can backflip (88.00). “This has been everything to me, really,” Frisby said, moments after landing the frontflip. “My whole family, everybody, all my friends have been behind me through all this. I know my grandma is watching -- she must have gotten a little chill there. Grandpa, I love you, man. We got it. We got it.” After his double backflip accident, Hoyer left the venue on a stretcher as a precaution and was transported to Aspen Valley Hospital for treatment, according to X Games medical staff. He reportedly called his mom before leaving the venue to tell her he is OK. Hoyer is currently getting X-rays of his right arm and lower left leg.

HEATH’Career X Games History Year Sport Discipline Finish Winter X 2011 SMB Best Trick Winter X 2011 SMB Speed & Style Winter X 2011 SMB Freestyle Winter X 2010 SMB Best Trick Winter X 2010 SMB Freestyle Winter X 2009 SMB Speed & Style Winter X 2009 SMB Next Trick Winter X 2009 SMB Freestyle Winter X 2008 SMB Speed & Style Winter X 2008 SMB Freestyle Winter X 2007 SMB Freestyle Winter X 2004 SMB HillCross

3 2 11 1 5 4 ALT 3 4 3 3 26

With the Winter X Games about to start, snowmobile superstars Heath Frisby and Levi Lavallee made a break for Togwotee, near Heath’s home resort of Jackson Hole, Wyoming to get practice their tricks and show off for the Good Morning, America cameras. Photographer Garth Milan went along for the ride. Source:

Asked how he was able to refocus after seeing the horrific crash right before his run, Frisby said, “No one can explain the feeling athletes get. When we go out there it is the worst feeling in your stomach, in your head, everything, and I just knew that I had to stay focused. I knew that I trained for this and I knew what to do.” This is Frisby’s second gold medal in SMB Best Trick, following his win in 2010. He now has a total of seven Winter X Games medals.





Exclusive interview with Mat Rebeaud Large poster of James Stewart All information you need about the sercrets behind extreme photography



it s like the mafia. once you’re in

- your in.

there’s no getting out’’

-kelly slater

Crush and Conquer 1st Issue  

This is the first issue of my own made magazine, it's all about extreme sports Hope you like it, enjoy!

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