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The space cannot be understood. become appropriated. It belongs construction, the more perceivable upon another building a new reality to accurately piece together this truth. Speech, sound, text and image recognize defeat in this search until absolute space is inaccessible to a the physical level. Thoug h these one. Probably it`s unachievable to divergent and convergent mass. Being

Any logical or ideological structure to nobody. One can try to inset and natural it becomes. But in fact it that is easily accessible for exploration mosaic, does it still matter which parts were constructed and deconstructed. space doesn`t become equal to particular man. Any idea or concept tentative constructions are equivalent comprehend it but at times it is possible unable to absorb the full meaning

invented by man has nothing to into it his ideas and the more is will never exist. All that remains is to and further appropriation. And if it is of it are real and which are not? God We are on the edge of admitting his perception and perception equal disturbs it and launches constructive to each other, it starts all over again to sensate this cyclicity making of it we appear to be a part of the

do with it. That`s why it cannot the number of people using certain lay different frames of reference one decided that there is always a need was born and died in pursuit of the the death of the world. Man doesn`t to his physical existence. But the and deconstructive processes on with the emerging of the next the humankind neutral, constantly homogeneous space of the universe.

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“The space cannot be understood. Any logical or ideological structure invented by man has nothing to do with it. That’s why it cannot become...