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Online Marketing OKC Google is by far the largest search engine in the world. It outcompetes Bing and Yahoo without even trying. Therefore it is the most important website to be ranked highly on. In order to get the most visitors to your website this is the only way possible. Not only will it bring in more visitors from Google but this traffic will raise your ranks on the other search engines as well. Whenever people hop online the most common homepage is Google and they start there to find what they need. It is the ubiquitous way people use the internet and it needs to be utilized for the best website results. Being on the 3rd or 4th page of the Google rankings can be catastrophic for the traffic of your site. People do not want to have to sift through many different sites in order to find yours. After each page the credibility of your site lowers as well. There are no top name websites on the 2nd page on and this is why they are the top websites. People trust them and come back to them again and again so they stay on the top of the rankings. Once your website gets into the top 3 of the rankings then it truly becomes a credible website. The vast majority of people will only click on the top 3 ranked sites so this is where the majority of the traffic will go. In order to get to the top of the rankings you have to do some marketing for your website. This can be done through many different channels but it is important to start with keywords. Distribute them carefully within the content of your site and then Google will be able to recognize them more clearly. However, not too much because then Google will lose credibility with your site. Article marketing can be done as well to rise the ranks. A few good articles about the subject in your site can give it much credibility. Also, backlinks from prudential sites will let Google know that your site means business. A Google ranking really matters for websites so take it seriously. IF you want to boost your rankings on Google, you can. You may not know the strategies but we do and we can help. Our pros and Genesis Net Development will help bring you more traffic, which will turn into more business. Find us online at

Online Marketing OKC