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==== ==== For more information please visit ==== ==== Counting the Cost of Playing Golf Everyone accepts that playing golf can be quite expensive. When you take into account your golf course membership fees, green fees, cost of a new set of clubs (even good second hand golf clubs can cost several hundred pounds) and all your clothing and golf shoes you are looking at an expensive sport to play. Learning to play golf is also quite expensive and although some people are naturally good at picking the game up because they have better than average hand to eye co-ordination most newbie golf players will need golf lessons of some description in order to fully enjoy the game properly. Are there ways to play golf cheaper? Like anything in life there are always ways to reduce costs and thankfully there are some good tips you can use to play golf cheaper. Firstly, you could look to see if there is a golf course that is less expensive in your local area. If you are new to golf then the chances are you would not be allowed to play on a first class course anyway until your handicap goes down to the required level. Your council should operate a municipal golf course in your town or city that will only charge just a few pounds for a round of golf. Most municipal golf courses are nine holes so you can pay a lower rate to go around a second time in order to play the full 18 holes. The other way you save money (especially for beginners) is to buy cheaper golf balls to play a round or second hand golf balls for practice on the driving range. Shop Online for Cheaper Golf Equipment If you go down to your local sports shop then I'm sure you would agree that the cost of golf equipment is very high. Top brands such as Mizuno, Callaway, Srixon, Nike, Top-Flite, Dunlop, Wilson, Maxfli and Pinnacle all charge premium prices for the golf clubs, clothing and golf balls. One of the best ways to save money on your golf gear is to shop online. There are many shops both in the UK and the rest of the world that offer special deals on all branded golf gear including clubs, shoes, golf balls and clothes. Some do not even charge for postage and because they do not have expensive shops to rent out from the high street they are able to pass these savings over to you - the keen golfer!

Counting The Cost Of Playing Golf  

A short review with ideas on cutting the cost of playing the great game of golf.