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Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure Introduction My Uncle Mike and Auntie Laura decided to get married in July. Mommy, Papa and Marianne will fly to Ottawa for the wedding. However, Nanny, Grandpa and I will drive there. This is my diary of my most excellent summer adventure. Day 1 - Thursday July 5th, 2007 - Sydney to Fredericton Nanny and Grandpa arrived at eight o’clock to load up the car to take me with them to Ottawa for Uncle Mike & Auntie Laura’s wedding. Our first stop will be Fredericton. Along the way, we stopped many times at Tim Horton’s for Coffee and Timbits. During the afternoon, it rained quite a bit and we arrived in Fredericton about five o’clock to visit with Gail and Mac Carlisle and their dog Spartan. He’s a big German Shepherd – like Berkley at Albert Bridge – but he’s obedient. After supper, I went for a walk in the woods with Grandpa, Mac & Spartan. Spartan chased squirrels and rabbits. He seemed to be having fun so I chased after him for a while and then I got tired. Mac picked me up and carried me on his shoulders - then he slipped and fell – I just missed hitting a tree and Mac hurt his hip but he didn’t cry. I didn’t cry either. Grandpa picked me up and carried me on his shoulders – I was not nearly as high off the ground. Mac was a lot of fun but Gail was nervous – I think she thought that I might break or that I might break something. I spoke on the phone to Mommy and Papa and then Nanny put me to bed - she slept with me – hooray! Day 2 - Friday July 6th, 2007 - Fredericton, NB to Levis, QC I woke up at six o’clock. Nanny said that I should wake up Grandpa – so I did and we watched cartoons. We went down the stairs – they were a big circle - so we had to be very careful. Then we had breakfast with Gail, Mac & Spartan. It was fun visiting them – it was the first time that I spent a lot of time with a policeman. Mac was very nice and I hope that all policemen are as nice as Policeman Paul and Uncle Mac. It rained most of the morning and we stopped at a roadside park in Quebec to have the lunch that Nan bought at a Subway store.

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007


Grandpa and I sat at a picnic table bench with our lunch and watched three seagulls on the ground in front of us as our meatballs cooled behind us. Suddenly, I looked behind me and I saw five gigantic seagulls. They were eating my meatballs; right off the table. I screamed at them to go away but they were very determined to eat my lunch and would not go. Nanny came back from getting coffee and frowned at Grandpa. Then we all laughed and went to the car to watch the seagulls steal other peoples’ lunches. We got another lunch that we ate in the car. Then I had a short nap and when I woke up when I could look across the St Lawrence River and see Quebec City. We stayed at a Comfort Inn in Levis. We drove right up to the door of our room and I told Grandpa that it was the first time that I had stayed in a motel. It had two big beds, a bathroom, a table and a TV. The TV did not have Treehouse – so we watched a lot of news. While Nanny was getting supper, Grandpa and I went for a walk to look for plants. We went into a field where we found Ox-eyed Daisies, Black-eyed Susans and a new kind of grass called Bunny Tails. Then we went to the ditch – Grandpa says that he likes ditches the best. We found Thistles with prickly leaves and pretty, purple flowers, and Purple Loosestrife that is very pretty but it is not popular because it is a weed – like a Dandelion. We found some cattails and some Blue-flag Irises. Grandpa says the Iris is the flower of Quebec and he has some in the garden at Albert Bridge. We picked some of each of the flowers that we found and gave them to Nanny as a gift. We also looked at the plants near the motel driveway – Rudbeckia Marmalade, Gazania Sunshine and some others – just like those in Grandpa’s garden. After we had supper in the motel room, we called Mommy and Papa. Then I went to bed – I was exhausted.

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007


Day 3 - Saturday July 7th, 2006 - Levis to Ottawa I woke up and Grandpa said that we should go to eat breakfast in the motel dining room. Unfortunately, we were an hour early – Grandpa said it was something about time zones but I did not understand what he meant. We went back to our room and Grandpa read me stories. The TV spoke French. Later we had breakfast – fruit loops, muffins and maple syrup – Yummy! I like having breakfast with Grandpa. Nanny joined us for coffee. We packed up the car and took some pictures of my first motel stay. Then we set off for Montreal and later to Uncle Mike and Auntie Laura’s in Ottawa. We needed to cross the St Lawrence River at Montreal and Grandpa asked me if I wanted to use a bridge or a tunnel. I chose the tunnel – it was a little scary at first – then it was fun. Nanny said that as we went through the tunnel, we went underneath big ships that were on the river. Goodness!! Before we went to Uncle Mike and Auntie Laura’s, we went shopping for groceries. While Nanny shopped, Grandpa and I went for a walk that included going up a lane to a fence. I looked through the fence and it was Uncle Mike’s house. When I called to them, nobody came out. Not even Pluk. This time when we drove up to the house; Pluk did come out to meet us. She is really pretty and easy to get along with. Uncle Mike is really handsome – like a prince; and Auntie Laura is really beautiful – like a princess. We had a glass of juice and got into our cars to go to the Cabin. Uncle Mike led the way in his car. The cabin at Lac Letourneau is made from big logs. It has three bedrooms, a big living room with a stone fireplace and a big deck that faces the lake. The Cabin has a name – it is called “Manaawan”. I have my very own bedroom. We unpacked the car and Grandpa and Uncle Mike assembled the doghouse that Papa built for Pluk. It looks just like a log cabin and Pluk fits perfectly.

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007


Day 4 - Sunday July 8th, 2007 - Manaawan, Lac Letourneau, Gatineau Hills, QC Rain!! It rained all night. I heard the rain on the tin roof. It woke me up but Grandpa said that I should go back to sleep for a while – and I did. It was too rainy to go boating or swimming or even fishing so we went to visit my grandparent’s friends in Nepean and Stittsville. We visited Wayne and Pat Mielke in Stittsville. They live in a new house with a huge TV and a piano. Grandpa and I played the piano together – he’s not a very good player. The Mielke’s lent us a high chair for Marianne. Then we visited the Legaarden’s in Nepean. The have many animals – 3 dogs, 2 cats and 6 big goldfish in a pond beside the house. They have a swimming pool but I did not swim – just my feet in the shallow end steps. The three dogs are big and sometimes they tried to push me around – but I said, “Sit!” and sometimes they did. One dog, the black one, sat on the diving board and watched like a lifeguard. It was funny to see him at the end of the diving board. We arrived back at the cottage in time for my nap. While I was asleep, my Mommy called. Nanny was out shopping at a place called Perkins; so, Grandpa answered the phone. Grandpa said I was sleeping and Mommy said that he was not to wake me up. Later, when I woke up, Pluk, Uncle Mike and Auntie Laura came for a visit. We had fun throwing the stick for Pluk and the soccer ball for me. When it was getting dark, some people shot fireworks from the dock across the lake from the cabin. It was fun to watch. Then I went to bed and Nan slept with me. Yeah!!

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007


Day 5 - Monday July 9th, 2007 - Manaawan, Lac Letourneau, Gatineau Hills, QC It was raining again when I woke up. Nanny went into Ottawa to do some shopping. By 10 o’clock, it was clear so Grandpa took me down to the dock. We put on our lifejackets, emptied the water from the paddleboat and got in. This was my first trip in a paddleboat and Grandpa let me peddle the boat and let me steer it as well. We went across the lake and picked a white water lily flower. It was beautiful. Then we watched a Kingfisher dive into the water. It looks like a Blue Jay but it is a darker colour and it has a bigger beak. He uses it to catch fish. It has a very noisy call and Grandpa says that it is similar to a “CooCahBearAh” bird from Australia. I think that Grandpa is fooling with me again because no bird could have such a silly sounding name. As we came back from the other end of the lake, I ate a Granola bar snack and looked for fish in the water. I didn’t see any. When we got back to the cottage, we put the Water Lily and a yellow Water Hyacinth in a vase for Nanny. I went to bed at 12:30 – I was so exhausted that I slept until 4:30. Grandpa had a snack ready for me – yoghurt and apple sauce. Yummy!! Then I got into my bathing suit and we set out to find the beach. We crossed a small bridge and Grandpa showed me a beaver dam across the stream. We looked for the beavers but we couldn’t see any. Grandpa said that they might be inside the “Lodge”. Then we went under a locked gate, over a wooden bridge and up a steep hill but we couldn’t find the beach. We went back to the locked gate and went down another road and up another steep hill to a trailer – and still no beach. I asked Grandpa if he brought “The Map” in his packsack as Dora does. He said no and he didn’t smile.

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007


We went back to the locked gate and went up a different hill to another road. We climbed a steep hill to a big cottage – still no beach and still no map. We went back to the locked gate and went up a very steep hill with lots of stones. We needed to stop and empty my sneakers twice. And still, no beach. Grandpa said that it was time to end this adventure because Nanny would be worried. So we walked back to the cottage. Along the way, we saw Bleeding Hearts and Tiger Lilies and Oxeyed Daisies and Purple Vetch and lots of Spruce Tress and Maple Trees. When we got home to the cottage, Nanny was unloading the car so she did not have time to be worried. Mommy and Papa called and then we ate supper. I asked Nanny if she wanted a paddle boat ride and she said “Yes!” We got our lifejackets and went down to the boat. Grandpa and Nanny peddled and I held the canopy line. Just as were returning, Nanny saw a Great Blue Heron land in the tall grass at the edge of the lake. We slowly peddled the boat towards the bird and watched it as it hunted for fish. It has very long legs and a long pointed bill. Finally, we got too close and the heron flew away with its long legs trailing behind it. It was almost dark when we got back to the cottage. I had a little snack and went to bed. I was exhausted. Day 6 - Tuesday July 10th, 2007 - Manaawan, Lac Letourneau, Gatineau Hills, QC I woke up at 6:30. Mommy, Papa and Marianne are arriving today. Grandpa was writing so I asked him to play the ABCs Video. He did and we planned the day. As soon as it was warm, we would go to the beach – with the map – this time. However, before we go to the beach, we’ll go down to the dock to fish. Grandpa made me breakfast – Special K, Yoghurt and applesauce. I ate it all! Then we got the fishing rod and went to the dock at the end of our driveway. Grandpa’s job was to cast the line and my job is to reel it in. My job is much harder work.

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007


On the third cast, there was a tug on the line. Grandpa said that it was probably weeds; however, it felt strong and the bobber really sank. So I reeled it in and on the way in, there were more tugs. As the lures neared the dock, I could see a fish biting them. Grandpa was very excited – we bobbed the line up and down and the fish nibbled at the lures but didn’t bite them. Grandpa said that the fish was 5 inches long. Soon it swam away. We fished some more but we only caught weeds – and then we were ready for the beach. We left the rod and reel in the canoe so we could fish any time that we wanted. This time Grandpa had “The Map” as we set off to find the beach. It was over the bridge, under the locked cable gate and up the long hill beside the stream. It took us almost 20 minutes. On the way, we saw the Beaver Dam and still no beavers in sight. I showed Nanny the Bleeding Hearts, the Tiger Lilies, the Ox-eyed Daisies, the Purple Vetch and the Maple Trees. When we got to the beach, I put on my life ring and Grandpa took me into the water. I walked until I was on my tiptoes and then I began to float. Grandpa held my hands and we went around and around in circles. I didn’t let go of Grandpa. Then we changed into my lifejacket. Grandpa asked me to lean back and stretch my hands out. Suddenly I was floating and I could see my toes. Grandpa had his hand under my back and then it wasn’t there and I was still floating. It was fun! Then we changed into my life ring and put on my floaties. Grandpa carried me into the deeper water and I did some experiments with kicking and paddling. Before I knew it, Grandpa wasn’t holding me and I could swim to catch him. Then I would swim away and he had to catch me. It was fun and Grandpa said that I was the very best student he had ever had. And I gave him a big hug! I can hardly wait to go swimming again. While we were swimming, a big dog came to visit – a Collie I think. He had a drink and Grandpa gave him a pat on the head. I think that I attract dogs – they seem to be where ever I go. After lunch and my nap, Grandpa and I went to the dock to catch a fish; however, all we caught was a frog. We put it into a plastic container on the deck table for Mommy, Papa and Marianne to see.

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007


Mommy, Papa and Marianne arrived at 4 o’clock – just as planned. I was so happy to see them. I really missed my Mommy and my Papa and my little sister. Mommy, Papa and I went down to the dock to have a ride in the paddleboat. Something went wrong and the boat would only go in circles. Then we ate supper and I got all dressed up to go to the reception at Uncle Mike and Auntie Laura’s. When we arrived, Auntie Laura was surprised to see Marianne because she did not know that Marianne would be at the wedding. She was so happy because she had never seen her before. Uncle Mike was happy too. He grinned a lot. My new shoes hurt so I took them off. There were many people to meet – Auntie Laura’s Mommy, Papa and Sister, the Legaarden’s, the Mielke’s and some people who work with Uncle Mike and Auntie Laura. On the way home, we passed the Casino fountain several times. Papa said he was not lost, but I think that maybe he was. Day 7 Wednesday July 11th, 2007 - Manaawan, Lac Letourneau, Gatineau Hills, QC When I woke up, I had breakfast with everybody and then I went to see my frog. Unfortunately, he left last night. Grandpa said that he would look for another one. Auntie Erin and Uncle Leo arrived for a visit and Auntie Erin gave me a special blanket and a stuffed beaver. They are very nice and I’m so lucky that I have so many relatives that are so nice to me. Grandpa and I got dressed for swimming. As we approached the dock, Grandpa told me to watch out for the Racoon scat on the ground. It looked to me like cat poop. Then we took the paddleboat out to the floating raft in the middle of the lake. We got into the paddleboat and Papa and Uncle Leo watched us peddle out to the raft. The boat went straight. They went golfing.

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007


Once we tied up to the raft, Grandpa got into the water and I climbed down the ladder into his arms. The water was cold at first – but then it was fine. So I let go of Grandpa, I swam around the raft, and Grandpa followed me. It was so much fun and I smiled so big that water came into my mouth. It started to thunder, so we decided to stop swimming and go back to the cottage to have lunch. After lunch, Nanny said that there was a mouse in the bathroom. Grandpa couldn’t find it but I did – it was behind the toilet scrub brush. Grandpa used a plastic cup to trap the mouse. Then I held the cup down as he slid a piece of cardboard under the cup to catch the mouse. We took it out on the deck – Mommy did not want to see it at all. We decided to keep it for one day so that Papa could see it when he came back form his outing. Hurrah!! This is much better than a frog! Grandpa put me to bed for my afternoon nap and I had a great sleep. All was well – Papa golfing, Mommy shopping and Nanny talking – to Auntie Erin. I didn’t wake up until 4 o’clock. The sun was shining and Grandpa said that there was a big thunderstorm while I was sleeping. I looked at the mouse and played with Marianne until Mommy came home. The three of us went to the dock and Mommy and Grandpa peddled the boat to the raft. Grandpa and I got into the water and Mommy took pictures of me swimming. She was surprised at how well I could swim. Grandpa said that he was very proud of me. And so was I proud of me. After swimming, Grandpa went into town to have dinner at the Hard Rock Café with the “boys”. Mommy went to Ottawa to visit a friend who sings in an opera. Nanny, Auntie Erin, Marianne and I read stories before I went to bed.

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007

- 10 -

Day 8 Thursday July 12th, 2007 - Manaawan, Lac Letourneau, Gatineau Hills, QC This morning after breakfast, Marianne, Mommy, Papa, Grandpa and I went to the dock for a swim. Papa took the Kayak – he was fast!! We took the paddleboat with the stroller to the floating raft. I went into the water with Grandpa – Papa dove in and splashed us. It was lots of fun. Papa then took me for a ride in the Kayak. We went around the other raft and came back. I had lots of fun. Marianne went into the water but she was not happy. After a rest and a snack – Grandpa thinks of everything – we decided to swim again. This time, for the first time, I jumped in. I was very surprised when I went under the water and popped up again into Grandpa’s arms. Maybe I’ll do it again another time. After my afternoon nap, Mommy, Papa and I went for a special adventure in Ottawa. We saw the house that Papa lived in when he was a boy, then we saw the Parliament Buildings and the Peace Tower. The bells rang very loudly. Then we went to the store that makes stuffed animals. I had a cat stuffed for me just the way I wanted it to look. Now I have not only a new doll from Auntie Laura and a stuffed beaver from Auntie Erin but also my very own stuffed cat. I went to sleep - very happy. Day 9 Friday July 13th, 2007 - Manaawan, Lac Letourneau, Gatineau Hills, QC Today, Mommy and Papa went to Ottawa to help with the wedding preparations. Grandpa and I went to the dock to go swimming while Nanny looked after Marianne. At the dock, there was lots more Racoon scat and Grandpa showed me a bullfrog. It was dark green with large patches of brown and it was bigger than my hand. Next time, I want Grandpa to catch one for me. While we were swimming, Grandpa asked me if I wanted to swim without my

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007

- 11 -

floaties. I wasn’t sure, so Grandpa said that I could let the air out of one floatie – there were lots of fun bubbles so I let the air out of the other floatie. The water came up to my chin with only the life ring holding me up. Grandpa said he was very proud of me and I said that I was too. After my nap, we got dressed to go to the wedding rehearsal at the Grange. There were interesting places to explore at the Grange; and, I met three dogs. I can’t remember their names but one was the mommy dog and one was her puppy. At the barbecue, there were many new people to talk to. I met Jarno, Auntie Laura’s brother. He taught me to count in Dutch. I also met Marika’s husband Atso and their baby Syme. He has red hair. Grandpa and I talked to Laura’s girlfriends from the Netherlands – one was in a wheelchair. She was a lot of fun to talk to. Then we drove back to our cottage – Mommy, Papa, Marianne and I drove one way – Grandpa, Nanny and Uncle Mike drove the other way. It was a race, I hoped that we would win, and we almost did. I was sad that we did not win. Grandpa told Uncle Mike that I was competitive – I guess that’s OK!! Uncle Mike made a gigantic fire in the fire pit. Grandpa and I found a Maple sapling, stripped off the leaves and made a marshmallow stick. I roasted five marshmallows with help from Papa and Mommy. Then it was bedtime. It was a great day!! Friday, the thirteenth, was a lucky day for me!!

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007

- 12 -

Day 10 Saturday July 14th, 2007 - Manaawan, Lac Letourneau, Gatineau Hills, QC The Wedding Day. Mommy painted my toes and my fingers – it was like a spa, I think. Uncle Mike made me laugh and he sat beside me while they dried. Later Grandpa took me swimming. Once we were in the water – with only my life ring – Papa, Marianne and Mommy came down to the dock. Then Uncle Mike came and he got into the canoe and paddled out to the raft to watch me swim. I swam to the canoe and hung on to the paddle. Then Uncle Mike pulled Grandpa and me behind him in the canoe. He went really fast. It was lots of fun. At noon, we drove to Ottawa in Papa’s car – Papa and Nanny in the front – Uncle Mike, Grandpa and me in the back. Uncle Mike had to do some errands; so Grandpa and I practised crossing the street using the lights. Then we went to Uncle Mike’s. Auntie Laura came down the stairs in her wedding dress – she was beautiful – just like a princess. I got dressed in my blue dress and my flower laurel. We took some pictures and then Uncle Mike, Auntie Laura, Papa and John Mielke, the photographer, went to some other places in Ottawa to take pictures. Nanny, Grandpa and I took Uncle Mike’s car to the Grange – the wedding and reception place. Grandpa changed me again into my blue dress and laurel. This time, we put on my necklace and bracelet – and I was ready to be THE Flower Girl!! Soon the wedding started. I sprinkled petals on the grass where Auntie Laura would walk. Then I sat with Nanny and Grandpa to watch the wedding. Papa was Uncle Mike’s Best Man; Marieka was Auntie Laura’s Maid of Honour. There was a big man from Australia who spoke a poem but I didn’t understand it. I winked at him and he smiled. Mommy

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007

- 13 -

read a story from the Bible but I didn’t understand it. Marianne was in Papa’s arms – it was all very nice. After the wedding I had some cake, some punch and met a girl to play with while the adults talked. Then I had dinner with Mommy, Papa, and Marianne in a quiet room. After Auntie Laura’s Papa, Uncle Mike’s Papa (also my Grandpa) and Uncle Mike made some toasts, its was time to dance.

I danced all night - mostly with Auntie Laura but also with her brother Jarno. Both are very good dancers. I had so much fun. Oh my gosh – everybody was dancing and laughing and there were little lights racing all over the floor. I said goodnight to everyone – and we went home. I was very tired and very happy.

Day 10 Sunday July 15th, 2007 - Manaawan, Lac Letourneau, Gatineau Hills, QC Today we are going to the Jansen’s cottage for brunch with the guests from the wedding. Nanny and Grandpa loaded their car with supplies for the party and left to greet the guests as they arrived. We got lost on the way to the cottage – according to Mommy. There were lots of people there and Pluk. I had fun meeting all of the big girls and Syme. He pulled my hair just like Marianne. Later in the afternoon, Papa, Mommy and Marianne left for Montreal. Then they will fly home to Sydney. I’ll miss them but I really like swimming and bonfires. At the cottage, Nanny and Grandpa had some visitors – Heather from Montreal, the Mielke’s and the Legaarden’s. I ate sausages and went to bed. Grandpa stayed with me until I fell asleep. It was the first time he has done it. Hurrah!!

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007

- 14 -

Day 11 Monday July 16th, 2007 - Manaawan, Lac Letourneau, Gatineau Hills, QC Heather slept at our place last night. She and Nanny had a long conversation while Grandpa and I went swimming. This time Grandpa asked if I would just wear my floaties. I wasn’t sure but I decided to just wear floaties because Grandpa had always been right about swimming before. I was careful and hung on to Grandpa’s arm. The water came up to my chin. Then I tried the flutter board for the first time. It was fun. We got out of the water, had our snack and went back to the cottage to say goodbye to Heather. I had a long nap in the afternoon and so did Grandpa. Then we watched news all afternoon and after supper, Nanny read her book. It was good to rest for a while. Day 12 Tuesday July 17th, 2007 - Manaawan, Lac Letourneau, Gatineau Hills, QC After breakfast, we went into Ottawa to buy supplies at Home Depot to finish Pluk’s doghouse. Then we went to visit the Chivers in Nepean. They lived next door to the house that Papa and Uncle Mike lived in. We stayed for an hour, had cookies and talked. Then we went to visit the Legaardens. It was hot, I had my bathing suit and they have a swimming pool. I put on my life ring and Grandpa said that I should try to get into the deep end using the ladder. I was very nervous without Grandpa in the water to catch me. Nevertheless, I got in. It was great! I swam from one side to the other and from the deep end to the shallow end. John, Grandpa, Nan clapped, and I smiled and sang several songs. Once we got home, Grandpa worked on the doghouse and I had a nap. When I woke at six o’clock Grandpa had not yet finished the doghouse. After supper, I snuggled with Grandpa and we read stories. Then it was dark and I went to bed.

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007

- 15 -

Day 13 Wednesday July 18th, 2007 - Manaawan, Lac Letourneau, Gatineau Hills QC I woke up early and Grandpa said that it was Nanny’s birthday. He said that we should be quiet and let her sleep in. I watched cartoons and Grandpa finished staining the doghouse. It looks good. When Nanny woke up, I wished her a happy birthday and gave her big hugs and big kisses. Then we went swimming. We saw another Heron on the swim raft. Then we had a snack and met Nanny on the dock. We took her for a long paddleboat ride. After lunch, we went to visit Mr Ferguson. He has lots of cats – more than five. I played with them and we had a birthday cake. Next we drove to Uncle Mike’s and delivered the doghouse for Pluk. Then we went with Auntie Laura’s parents to the Mielke’s for dinner and another birthday cake. And did I mention before that they have a television that is bigger than me. Day 14 Thursday July 19th, 2007 - Manaawan, Lac Letourneau, Gatineau Hills, QC Today is our last day at the cottage. It rained this morning and Nanny and Grandpa packed while I watched TVO for Kids. After my nap, Grandpa and I went swimming. It started to rain and we swam in the rain. It was fun watching the bubbles on the water. Grandpa got onto the raft and I stayed in the water. Then he dove in and splashed me. It was fun and Grandpa said that he was proud of me for swimming alone in the lake. And I was proud of me. It was too wet for a bonfire; so, we read stories. Day 15 Friday July 20th, 2007 - Lac Letourneau to Riviere du Loup Today is a very rainy day. We left the cottage at 10 o’clock – it was raining and I wore my pink raincoat. We stopped for lunch – it was raining and I wore my pink raincoat. We stopped for coffee and gasoline – it was raining and I wore my pink raincoat.

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007

- 16 -

We crossed the bridge at Quebec City– it was raining and I wore my pink raincoat. We stopped at the Motel in Riviere du Loup – it was raining and I wore my pink raincoat. We ate pizza and I went to bed. However – it was still raining and I put my pink raincoat beside my bed to dry. Day 16 Saturday July 21th, 2007 - Riviere du Loup, QC to Buctouche, NB It was not raining – at last! Grandpa and I had breakfast in the dining room. I said “Bonjour!” and “Hello!” to lots of people. They all smiled. Then we drove on to Buctouche where Mac and Gail have a cottage on the Bay of Chaleur. We arrived at suppertime and I met their grandchildren – twins – Zoe and Mac. They are three and we played soccer, picked flowers and killed ants. Their parents are both policemen. Now I know a lot of nice policemen. That night we stayed in a tiny hotel – Auberge de la Vue de Dunes. It was nice because it had a bunk bed. I played on it but Nanny would not let me sleep on it. Day 17 Saturday July 22th, 2007 - Buctouche, NB to Sydney, NS We had breakfast with Gail and Mac at the hotel: then we went to the sand dunes and the boardwalk. Grandpa, Mac and I played in the water and on the way back to the car I ran ahead and said “hello” to some people in a group. Grandpa said they were tourists visiting from Japan. We could see an Island called Prince Edward where Anne of Green Gables lives. The tourists were going to visit her. We said goodbye to Gail and Mac. We got into the car and drove down the highway to Sydney and home.

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007

- 17 -

It was a wonderful adventure – much of it is a big blur. The most memorable time of all was the wedding.

I had lots of fun learning to swim too.

I missed my Mommy and Papa and Marianne. It was so good to see them again.

I hope that I can do this again sometime. The End

Caroline’s Most Excellent Summer Adventure 2007

Caroline's Adventure  

A summer wedding odessey

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