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January / February 2011 - Issue 83

Healthwise: Barnsley's own mobile cancer information unit is one year old. See Page 24

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Bespoke Bedroom Furniture at Freestanding prices and Home Office Furniture

See a photo before you buy on our latest computerised design system

Specialists in sliding doors

Factory Showroom

01226 387525 11am to 3pm Saturday 9am to 5pm Weekdays UNIT 1C METRO TRADING CENTRE, BARUGH GREEN ROAD, BARUGH GREEN, BARNSLEY S75 1JU __EYE_JAN 11_Complete.indd 2

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A look into this month’s EYE 9



4 - Your Little Eye Global Warming? When was the last time you were seriously worried that it was too hot? Last month it WAS too cold......and we mean cold!

9 - Russel Eaton Isobel Eaton, of the Russell Eaton salon in Barnsley gives her colour consultation advice for 2011.

13 -21 Spring Wedding Feature


Barnsley has some great Bridal stores as well as everything else you need to make your special day all the more special. See some of the towns best on these pages.

24 - Healthwise Healthwise. Barnsley’s own mobile cancer information unit is one year old.

30 - December Eyetinery If it’s worth seeing this month it’s in Eyetinery!

31 - Fanny & Bacardi Unless you’ve been on the moon you will probably have seen or heard about this fantastic drag act hailing from Barnsley. See what they have in store for 2011.

34 - 35 - Entertainment Win Tickets to see Westlife, Disney on Ice and International showjumping. There is also a review of Gallows at The Lucorum.

36 - Sport Believe it or not Football is not the only sport on the planet...just down the road they play somthing called Rugby League - and it’s brilliant!

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Pick Up the Eye FREE


The Big Freeze Hits Barnsley

Photography by Paul Hilton

The Mall (Alhambra) Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre Adult & Family Learning - The Eldon Centre Centre of Excellence (Cudworth) Barnsley Civic Pollyanna Cafe HSBC Bank Adele Jones Hairdressing Elachi Restaurant (Hoyland) Zena Claire Hairdressing Cooper Gallery Pot House Hamlet Sonelli Hair & Beauty The Core Karl Smith Leslie Frances Russell Eaton Abbey Vets (All Practices) Royston Leisure Centre Victor Fredricks (Dodworth) Melanies Cake Shop Barnsley Golf Club Dental Studio Metrodome Oo La La Perrys Hoyland Vikings ARLFC Blah Bar Digital Media Centre Pentagon Toyota Elsecar Heritage Jules Brides (Silkstone) Cannon Hall Lucorum Barnsley Library Tourist Information Centre Blue Bell Inn Silkstone Lodge Darton Sports Centre Complete Systems Gym Originals Mills, Kemp & Brown Encore Hotel Cudworth Library Penistone Library Dodworth Library Tonys Barber Shop Silkstone Golf Club Shaw Lane Rugby Club Lamproom Theatre Jack Doors Moo Designs (Lucorum) Treament Rooms Infinity Jewellers Cudworth Howells Solicitors The Core Vanilla Hair Jalsa

Your Little Eye

Dickie feels the chill during the snowfall last month.

November 2008 - Issue 59

See Pages 36 & 37

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St Marys Church is picture perfect 2 weeks before Christmas. 13/1/11 10:46:58

Barnsley Eye Photographer Goes International

Photographer Paul Hilton of Visual Impact Photography who has been working freelance for the Eye for over 5 years has now gone international. WAXX UNDERWEAR UK came across Pauls work while he was working for local company Mooneek on one of his many fashion assignments. The underwear company were impressed with his gritty / urban style of imagery and gave him an assignment to produce 12 images to be used in their 2010 UK marketing campaign. Upon completion he was then introduced to Waxx Underwear in France who were also keen on his style of work and given a further set of 30 images to produce for the company to be used in France. For Waxx UK Paul used local models and locations in and around Barnsley who were kind enough to let him use their premises to shoot These included The Holiday Inn at Dodwoth, Barnsley Market, The Laundrette on Day Street and Salon 30 on Race Common Road. Paul, a former mineworker studied at Barnsley College through their adult learning programmes and was inspired by Stan Bulmer (senior) and Chris Sedgewick who were both his tutors at college. Paul stressed that both these people have individual styles and gave him the insight of creating scenes and scenarios through the power of advertising photography. “Its not necessarily the quality of the picture.”said Paul “But the content of the image and how the viewers eye is drawn in creating interest. After all, the longer you look at an image the longer your brain is creating an interest in the product.”

Paul Hilton at Visual Impact Photography 07971 309 999 Email:

January / February | Barnsley Eye

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06 Eye on Local News Regional Restaurant’s Record Month Yorkshire restaurant, The Hepworth celebrates its first month of bookings after the eatery relaunched. Since reopening at the beginning of November, The Hepworth, near Holmfirth has been fully booked with reservations and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down in the run up to Christmas. This country chic retreat set in the Holme Valley, has welcomed some familiar faces back to the restaurant as well as greeting a lot of new customers. After undergoing a refurbishment, the new layout of the restaurant provides a secluded lower dining area, a welcoming bar area, an upper dining area which caters for private functions, as well as an exclusive champagne booth for those who want a reason to celebrate. Owners of The Hepworth, Jonathan Tiffany and Kristieanne Travers, bought the former CragRats Brasserie from administrators twelve months ago. This bold move in the middle of a recession gave the couple extra determination to succeed. A year long transformation followed, from the building of a dedicated, successful team and sourcing of quality Yorkshire produce to the development of a new vibrant menu and the final step of refurbishing the restaurant’s interior, rebranding and relaunching as The Hepworth. Jonathan and Kristieanne commented, “This first month has been a great boost for the restaurant and the feedback we have had has been amazing. We hope The Hepworth offers something for everyone and our customers seem to be pleased with the new design as we have been inundated with bookings.” To make a reservation email or call 01484 683 775, book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Appointment of New Chief Executive at Hospital Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has appointed a permanent chief executive to its Board of Directors. Paul O’Connor, (Right) who has been interim Chief Executive since June 2010, will continue with the trust in a permanent appointment. He has previously led hospitals in London and Birmingham, and has most recently led the Quality and Innovation Programme for NHS North West. Chairman of Barnsley Hospital, Stephen Wragg, said: “I am delighted to confirm Paul as our permanent Chief Executive. His vision for the hospital is exciting and matches that of the Board. “Paul’s leadership skills are a good fit for Barnsley Hospital. He clearly understands the specific issues and challenges facing Barnsley and its population.” Joe Unsworth, Lead Governor, said: “We are very pleased with the Governors’ involvement throughout the appointment process and we are delighted with Paul’s appointment. He will be building on the excellent work he has undertaken in the last six months, taking Barnsley Hospital through these very challenging financial times.” Paul O’Connor added, “I’m really looking forward to continuing working for Barnsley Hospital as its Chief Executive. I’ll be working with all our local partners to deliver the best possible level of care to our patients. Barnsley deserves a hospital that strives to be the best, and my role as Chief Executive will be to deliver precisely that.” Paul’s appointment was approved by the Governing Council on Thursday (23 December). The Governing Council represents the views of the foundation trust’s 13,000 members.

January / February | Barnsley Eye

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Eye on Fitness


Advice on New Year Fitness with BPL’s Mark Elliot

Unless under medical guidance, don’t drastically cut calories - your body will think you’re starving, go into panic mode, and do it’s best to hang on to body fat. Plus, you’ll feel tired and hungry. Forget fad diets which tell you to eliminate a particular food group; our bodies need protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats every single day. Try to eat little and often rather than just having a couple of big meals. This helps to prevent slumps in energy levels which is when you’re more likely to crave sweet foods. Choose carbohydrate foods which release their energy slowly such as rice, pasta, potatoes and oats rather than processed sugary foods like cakes and biscuits which cause spikes in blood sugar and quickly leave you feeling hungry again. Be wary of the high sugar content in certain “low fat” foods. A teaspoon of sugar is about 5g, so if a label says, “Carbohydrates 28g of which sugars 25g”, that 25g is equivalent to five teaspoons of sugar! Aim to minimise the amount of saturated and hydrogenated fats you consume, and opt for healthy fats such as those found in fatty fish, seeds, nuts and olive oil.

BPL Fitness Instructor Mark Elliot, (above) who is based at the Metrodome Leisure Complex in Barnsley, gives The Barnsley Eye the lowdown on New Year Fitness. It’s that time of year again when many magazines and newspapers are bombarding us with articles promising to reveal the diet secrets needed to “drop a dress-size in 2 weeks”; obscure infomercial channels on TV are touting the latest ‘revolutionary’ exercise machines to give you a “six-pack in 30 days”; and food manufacturers are tempting us with yet another wave of products containing “less than 0.3% fat”. Good grief! At this rate we’ll all be getting dangerously thin in 2011! Call me cynical, but the only pounds you’re likely to lose with most of these offerings are the ones with the Queen’s head printed on one side. Firstly, there are no diet ‘secrets’. If you burn off more calories than you take in - by increasing your activity levels and/or slightly reducing your calorie intake (if appropriate) - you’ll lose weight. It’s as simple as that. Secondly, if you want to reveal your six-pack, following an exercise regime which focuses solely on training the abdominal muscles is ineffective and totally missing the point. Thirdly, just because a food is low in fat doesn’t necessarily make it healthy. After all, sugar is 0% fat, yet it’s the arch enemy of those wanting to shed a few pounds. Admittedly there are some good products out there, but my point is this: question what you’re being told. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t waste time and hard earned money on quick-fix gimmicks. When it comes to losing weight, we first need to define what we really mean by ‘weight loss’. When we talk about ‘losing weight’, most of us actually mean ‘losing fat’. That means we should forget about weighing ourselves - weight loss isn’t necessarily fat loss. I know some of you may be very attached to your bathroom scales, but be brave and let them go (or at least hide them in a cupboard). Track your progress in other ways - such as by how your clothes fit and how you look.

Increasing activity levels also helps us lose body fat. Small changes such as using stairs rather than taking the lift all make a difference, but for quicker results many people choose to take up some kind of structured exercise routine - walking, swimming or joining a gym. Here’s a fact for you: the more body fat you have, or the more unfit you are, the more benefit you’ll get from even small amounts of exercise. When I say exercise, I don’t mean spending hours on a treadmill unless of course that’s what you enjoy doing. You don’t need to get out of breath, you don’t even need to break into a sweat. You can get great results by using resistance exercises - ones designed to firm up the body from top to toe (well, maybe not literally the toes!) - each taking less than a minute to do. Incorporate these with some moderate cardiovascular exercise, such as walking or biking, and you’ll become a fat burning machine! Unless you’re confident at putting together your own workout plan at the gym, I’d suggest getting an instructor to help you as even the order you do the exercises in can make all the difference. (At the gym where I work, we provide this service free of charge, as well as ongoing reviews and the option of using monitoring tools such as body fat analysis to help people monitor their progress.) Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or make suggestions if there are particular exercises you do or don’t like. Your workout should be tailor made to suit you, and a good instructor should be able to justify every part of the workout plan they’re giving you. Above all else, you should ENJOY your workout.

BPL have many fitness packages including Fitness Flex Fitness Flex membership costs just £14.99 per month and involves no joining fee or monthly contract. Members can access facilities at three of BPL’s popular leisure venues, including Darton Community Sports Centre and at the newly refurbished Dearneside Leisure Centre and Wombwell Swimming Pool. The package enables members to access unlimited - fitness classes. To find out more about the Fitness Flex membership package, call Darton on 01226 384140, email enquiries@ or you can visit the BPL website for more details.

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Sportsman’s Dinner To be’re just not funny. There once was a time when the most offensive thing a comedian could do was insult your mother-in-law. From jokes about her cooking, her so-called ‘evil’ intentions, to her weight (yo momma is so fat – her belt size is equator!!) pretty harmless stuff which most of us would laugh at – including said mothers-in-law (if you’re lucky enough to have a mother-in-law as lovely as mine, such jokes would be widely off the mark anyway). It’s a strange thing humour. One man’s Lenny Bruce, is another man’s Lenny Henry. No-one will ever completely agree on the boundaries of taste, humour and what is deemed acceptable, but one thing I’m sure most of us will agree on is that making jokes at the expense of others is never cool. A sport usually practiced by the terminally insecure, laughing at people with serious problems or what one might consider ‘inferior’ to themselves, is as low as it gets.

Barnsley Rockley Rotary Club hold their annual Sportsmans dinner on the 18th February at The Holiday Inn (Formarly Brooklands) An evening of fun, laughter, good food, great company and business networking is in store which, as usual, will support both local and international worthy charities from the evening’s proceeds. Last year they raised £5,000. This year their main sponsor is HSBC Bank plc, along with South Yorkshire Commercial Centre and Colourcade – Design and Print. For details of the event, please contact Rotarian John Walker on 01226 790530. Tickets are only £35 each or a reduced price of £320 for a table of 10. Ladies are most welcome.

Classic offenders have the same ‘qualities’ (I use the term loosely) ie. Nasty little ego-maniacs hell-bent on trying to get attention by ANY means possible - someone probably nicked their Monster Munch in the 4th year and now they seek revenge on the world. They all have the same goal – to make themselves look and feel better at someone else’s expense. Unfortunately, the world is full of them – for some, the ONLY way they can feel remotely good about themselves is by making others feel bad. Being a victim of this myself from time to time, I personally find the best way to deal with them is to completely disregard them and their opinions and pay as little attention as possible. What a shame Channel 4 hasn’t got the minerals to do the same to Frankie Boyle and his show ‘Tramadol Nights’ (the only show that can make Morganna look funny). A former Mock The Week regular, here is a man whose whole ‘routine’ is centred around sick jokes about ethnic minorities (playground name-calling included) AIDS sufferers, paedophilia and murder. Not forgetting disabled children - Jordan also known as KatiePriceTM recently took legal action against the appropriately named Boyle after he insinuated that the only reason she married a cage fighter was to protect herself from being ‘attacked’ by her son Harvey – and for once I’m on her side. Other material includes jokes about Jade Goody’s death, the Madeline McCann case, babies with Down’s Syndrome and Cancer victims, with a few childish, cringe-inducing sketches in between (The Mighty Boosh you are NOT Frankie!) He is like a 6ft Glaswegian toddler who screams til he turns blue to get your attention. Let’s face it, if it weren’t for the headlines his comments are designed for, would anyone even know who he was? Seeing as Frankie Boyle sees such amusement in the most macabre and sinister of subjects, the funniest thing he could do in my eyes is a Tommy Cooper tribute and die on stage (oh, sorry he already does – every week). In my opinion Frankie, you’d better have Tramadol in good supply – because you’re painfully unfunny.

Written by Joe Milburn. January 2011

January / February | Barnsley Eye

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Isobel Eaton, of the Russell Eaton salon in Barnsley gives her colour consultation advice for for 2011:

Crack the Colour Code… Bored Of your hair colour? Why not start the New Year with new colour. Here is some inspiration for blondes, Brunettes and Red Heads….. Make me red….Thanks to an influx of ruby haired celebrities, it’s brighter the better when it comes to going red. This Paparazzi-stopping shade can work for anyone from Florence Welch to Rhianna. Wear it bold, bright and with OTT makeup. There are a vast range of tones you can choose from; plums and raspberry tones through to spicy ginger and cinnamon tones. Find the shade to suit you. To keep your colour vibrant invest in a colour deposit shampoo and conditioner like Aveda’s Madder Root Colour shampoo and conditioner. Beautiful Blondes...This winter blondes are still vibrant and icy but are infused with softer hues of caramel and treacle tones. The Camel tone has been big influential colour on the catwalks this season but we have also seen it in hair colour as well. If you want to add depth and warmth and shine to your highlights ask your colourist about these shades. Use key words like Nudes, caramels,

treacle, vintage gold, camel. To keep your blonde hair looking beautiful and shiny try using Bain Chroma Riche by L’Oreal Professional Kerastase. Celebrity inspiration: Cat Deeley, Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift. Make me Brunette…There is a brunette shade for everyone. If you’ve got a fair pink based complexion choose a strong espresso colour like Katy Perry. If your skin is warmer in tone, try richer red-based or classic chocolate browns to suit your colouring. To add interest to your raven hair add bursts off ebony, latte and mocha shades or infusions of cherry and deep blackcurrants. Whatever shade of brunette you decide make sure you protect, conserve and add radiance by using Bain Chroma Reflect by L’Oreal Professional Kerastase. Celebrity inspiration: Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes. For any more information on colour call into the Russell Eaton salon in Leeds or Barnsley for some expert advice with one of our colourists.

Isobel Eaton 2011

As we all make our New Years resolutions, we asked “The Expert” Zena Claire, What New & Now is for the coming year in the hair industry. Zena not only runs a busy salon but, educates regionally for Paul Mitchell, allowing her a backstage pass into what’s hot & what’s not in the trend stakes…

Fabulous Condition

Central heating and extreme temperature (and boy have we had them!) can play havoc on the condition of your tresses……… Why not treat yourself to a new experience this year & treat yourself to an in salon treatment? Ask your hair designer to write you a prescription for Paul Mitchell products to give you that salon feel at home, that the super market sweep products just can t deliver. Winter Wonderland winter is seeing blondes through to spring with ice cool clean tones; ash blondes rule the catwalk and high street at the moment. Have you dabbled with blonde

yourself and not got the result you desired….? Blonde is a difficult colour to achieve and look classy and cannot be created by the in experienced – I always recommend consulting an experienced colourist and never diy colourDare to be different and let us take you to the blonde frontierare you ready to have more fun this year..? Happy New Year to all Barnsley Eye readers

Zena x

20 % off with this column to new guests* 6 Shambles Street, Barnsley 01226 244 809 4-6 Boar Lane, Leeds 01132 469 162

Stocks Lane, off Summer Lane, Barnsley S75 2BL January / February | Barnsley Eye

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10 Eye on Health & Beauty Precious Quickslim Bodywrap by Claire Bryan at Sparkle & Gloss

Bliss Tanning A beautiful bridal tan plus a trial tan in the comfort of your home. For brides looking to have a beautiful natural glow for their wedding, the Bridal Package from Bliss Tanning provides the perfect answer. By offering a mobile spray tanning service the Bride and her Bridesmaids can relax at home whilst Bliss Tanning provides a professional salon quality tan. The Fake Bake bridal package at £35 has been designed to allow the Bride the chance to check that she is happy with the colour and outcome of her tan before the big day. Included in the package are two spray tans a trial tan and also the Bridal tan.

This method of slimming is different in that it is a dry wrap and uses a gel which is applied to the area of the body where necessary. The treatment does not depend on fluid loss through perspiration, but on a reduction of intracellular fluids in the fat tissue (adipose) area under the skin. Inches are lost and not weight in general, although some weight loss may occur. First you are measured at the most suitable points gel is applied. Special body wraps are then bound firmly around the body covering the areas required, after which you lie down for 60 minutes. When the wraps are removed, measurements are taken again. Unlike weight loss treatments that depend on body perspiration, drinking does not replace the lost inches. The achievements of this treatment gives a great incentive to start a sensible diet and exercise plan if necessary. Precious Quickslim Gel is safe and entirely free from any detrimental ingredients. It has been used in over 1000 clinics for several years with overwhelming success. the advantage of Precious Quickslim is to lose inches quickly and safely from the areas which are prone to problems.

Heather from Bliss Tanning says: “The Bridal Package is great value for money and always extremely popular. We would advise Brides to take their trial tan 6-8 weeks before their wedding and if possible at a similar time to the make up trial so that the whole look can be seen together.” Bliss Tanning also offers discounts for group bookings so that Bridesmaids, Mothers and Friends can all experience a flawless, healthy glow.

Phone 07772 801 544 for details or visit

What is the Body Wrap Method? The method combines two basic products, a unique Gel and soft thermal wraps. First the gel is applied to the treatment area then firmly bound with our thermal wraps.


Fake Bake spray tan bridal package’- £35.

A beautiful bridal tan plus a trial tan in the comfort of your home. See website for details.

Book 4 Quickslim Bodywraps for £100 and receive 5th free or @ £28 each.

Tel 07927 659572 Chesham Road, Summer Lane, Barnsley S70 2NT


January / February | Barnsley Eye

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Eye on Hair & Health 11 134 Doncaster Road , Barnsley , S70 1TS

Kelly Griffiths (left) of Vanilla is looking forward to starting 2011 with a strong team of stylists offering something for clients from every walk of life. For all clients who enjoy being pampered, Vanilla now have therapist Robina King offering a full range of treatments. Over the years Kelly has made lots of Brides very happy with her extensive knowledge of Bridal hair and is happy to bring you this special offer.

Bridal Hair on the Day plus trial • Mac make-up on the day plus trial. Bottle of Bubby on the Day of the Wedding. Call out on the Special Day if necessary.

All for the amazing price of £120 with Kelly the salon owner. Hair extensions specialist Rebecca, is also on hand so dont hesitate to call us for a free consultataion. Also throughout January and February recieve a free re-style and colour Monday’s and Wednesday’s with Kelly - Marie. Facials & Massages with Robina 1/3 OFF throughout January & February.

Call Vanilla Today 01226 208502

Enter a stranger and leave as a friend - we hope to see you soon


Classes, private 1-2-1 and groups sessions, daytime, evenings, and weekends

Toning Tables Health & Beauty Sunbeds

Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Pilates - mobility, beginners, intermediates & advanced Zumba, Boxercise and Circuits Antenatal & Postnatal Yoga & Pilates Join in the fun, make new friends and look fabulous in 2011

6 Peel St Arcade, Barnsley , S70 2RS Tel. 01226 295276

January / February | Barnsley Eye

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13/1/11 10:48:26

The Bowen Technique by Maria Nortcliffe - Cert. E.C.B.S. Two years ago I was a frequent headache sufferer. A friend suggested I try the Bowen Technique. I duly made an appointment and went along for my first treatment. As a therapist I was very interested to experience the treatment and to know a bit more about it. Along with many other people it was new to me and I was intrigued by it. My experience led me to find out more about the therapy and eventually to train as a Bowen Practitioner.

happened or what condition the client is suffering. It is important to know what treatment the person is receiving. The therapist will not interfere with any medication prescribed by a doctor. We will also discuss how the problem is affecting the client in daily life. The therapist will also look at the clients posture as this has a great effect on pain. The client does not have to remove clothing for the treatment unless it is heavy or bulky. It is suggested that the client wears light clothing or brings something to change into. The client is then asked to lie face down on the treatment couch and usually covered with a towel or light blanket. As already mentioned a series of very gentle movements are used and the client is left alone for short periods to allow the recovery to begin. Following the treatment the client is advised to drink water for it’s cleansing action but also as a lubricant for the body. The client is also advised to keep moving regularly and not to stay in one position for long periods, eg watching TV. They should also return a week later for a second treatment.

So what is the Bowen Technique? Bowen Technique is a fairly new therapy having been developed in Australia by Tom Bowen during the last century. Tom had an amazing ability to read bodies. His main gift was an amazing ability to spot structural imbalances and identify where these originated. Tom Bowen worked in his own clinic in Australia treating up to 13000 patients every year. He died in 1982. The Bowen Technique is a remedial therapy. The practitioner uses their thumbs and fingers to make a series of precise rolling type moves over the muscle. It is very gentle and many people find it very relaxing. There is no deep tissue work or high velocity thrust movements as in chiropractic and there is no massage.The main feature of the treatment is that having performed three or four movements over muscle the practitioner leaves the room for a few minutes to allow the brain to assimilate the moves and to start the process of repair. The breaks are a very important part of the treatment. The effects of the treatment vary from person to person. Sometimes the effects can be very dramatic. Some arrive in pain or with limited movement and walk out with pain eased and movement restored. Sometimes the effect is not as dramatic and may take place over the next couple of days. It is not uncommon for longstanding pain to be reduced or resolved in just a few treatments. Most sports or work related problems will be dealt with within two or three treatments making Bowen effective and also cost effective for the client.

Many problems are resolved in two or three treatments so continued treatments are usually not necessary. Some people may like to book maintenance treatments a couple of times per year. When having a course of Bowen Technique it is recommended not to mix it with other therapies. The brain is constantly receiving and interpreting signals from the body and it is important not to mix the signals. This does not devalue other therapies in any way but it allows the process of Bowen to have a chance to be effective. Once a course of treatment is finished the client can return to another favoured therapy. We usually recommend a space of a week in order to give a clear chance to Bowen to work before recommencing other therapies. As with all therapies there are no guarantees of success. The beauty of Bowen is that it is offered. If the body accepts it then it will begin a process of repair that can be quite amazing. If the body doesn’t accept it then no harm will be done. There are one or two therapists in the area so why not try it out especially if you suffer from niggling muscular skeletal pain, you may find it very effective. Maria Nortcliffe MAR. MICHT Cert ECBS

So what conditions can Bowen help? The Bowen Technique can help almost any condition. But it is important to say that we do not treat specific conditions, we treat the whole person. Many people who come for treatment have muscular skeletal problems such as frozen shoulder, back and neck problems but it is widely used with asthma, migraines, irritable bowel infertility and hayfever. Who can benefit from Bowen Technique? The answer to that is almost anyone. It is an incredibly gentle therapy and can be used at any age from the smallest baby to the frailest adults. It has no contra indications and can be used even in acute situations. The thing to remember is that we work holistically, the body is treated as a whole without referral to a specific disease. We do not treat the disease we treat the person.

Appointments also available at Skin &Tonic 334a Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley Telephone: 01226 747727

So what happens during a treatment session? On arrival, as with all therapies, the session begins with a consultation. It is important to know what is going on with the client, eg how an injury has

January / February | Barnsley Eye

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Step into Spring with a big day to remember Although it’s hard to imagine Spring arriving with the British Weather being as it is, there is no denying that the Spring Wedding season will soon be upon us, bringing about beautiful weddings everywhere.

Silkstone Lodge also has excellent facilities for hosting wedding parties, with space to accommodate 120 guests for a wedding breakfast and up to 250 guests for an evening reception. The lodge is situated in a peaceful, rural location with a patio area and beer garden at the rear. The function room can also be decorated to your taste so you can mould this into your dream venue.

Brides-to-be across Barnsley are busy planning for their perfect big day and need to look no further than their home town to find the ideal full package to make their special day even better...

The Holiday Inn located in Dodworth is also a great venue to hold your wedding convieniently situated minutes from J37 off the M1 motorway the hotel offers elegance and luxury second to none, with 77 ensuite bedrooms and a choice of Bridal suites and function rooms to cater for all sized weddings Holiday Inn Barnsley has all the facilities required to make the whole day special.

Look good, feel great... Wedding day hair and make-up can be a massive stress for the bride-to-be. As any lady knows, if your make-up and hair don’t feel right, then neither do you. Make sure you don’t have this extra stress on your wedding day by visiting Adele Jones Hairdressing, located on Market Street Barnsley. Sparkle and Gloss at the Treatment Rooms off Racecommon Road have all those Bride to Be needs for a pampering session before the big day and why not try Bliss Tanning for that unmistakable all over glow. And not forgetting those all important Grooms take a look at Karl Smith Grooming based in the Lucorum complex on Hanson Street, Karl has all those grooming needs to make that special Day complete. With all that hard work to look your best, you’ll need the perfect wedding dress to show off your look, Bride & Guests are a good place to start. They have a large selection of designers and also cater for the younger generation with a selection of classic prom dresses. This would be a great place to look for bridesmaid dresses and even, as the name suggests, your wedding guests! They have a stunning collection for Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride and inspiring ideas for your guests.

Many people overlook the idea of booking a professional photographer on their big day, instead opting for a family member or friend to take them. This sometimes results in disappointment for the couple as they don’t get the shots they want. Why not bring in the professionals with a company like Photofit photography? Photofit specialise in wedding and portrait photography. Their company statement `It’s all about you’ is total commitment to their customers. Photofit takes care to offer you a professional service with attention to detail.

The finishing touch... With so many great places on the doorstep in Barnsley, planning your perfect wedding day couldn’t be easier. Spring is all set to be a season full of wonderful weddings and fresh beginnings.

Make sure you have a beautiful day to remember forever.

Cupid Connections can also help find the perfect dress for both you and your bridesmaids - as Proms are now becoming hugely popular within the teenage bracket, bridal boutiques such as Cupid Connections are fast becoming suppliers of colourful, charming prom dresses. This is ideal for the both the outfit on the wedding day and the evening reception. Vivien Priestly stocks especially for children so it’s a great place to go for young children’s outfits. She stocks boys suits from 0-3 months to 16 years old and has a large range of accessories. Jules Brides also have a wonderful selection of elegant dresses from a selection of international designers. They have something for everyone, whether it be classical or haute couture, let the friendly staff aid you into finding the perfect dress. Sparkling bodices, embroidered corsets and full tulle skirts make up a wonderland collection for the bride-to-be. Every guest loves to marvel over the delicious wedding cake (and of course, eat it later on!) so where better to look for an affordable, bespoke service than Melanies Cakes in Cudworth? She makes both classic and unusual wedding cakes so whether you’re a chocolate, jam and sponge or fruit lover, Melanie will create the perfect cake to match your requirements. As Melanie is also a specialist chocolatier, why not choose some of her special chocolates as wedding favours for your guests as a sweet treat? Now you have the perfect dress, you’ll of course want to arrive at your chosen venue in style. Bretton Wedding Hire have a fleet of vehicles maintained to the highest standard complete with uniformed chauffeurs and celebratory bubbly for the happy couple. Wedding Stationary – look no further than local Printers Piglet Printing they have a fantastic collection of hand made wedding stationary.

£10 OFF £6 OFF any service in January

any service in February (minimum spend £26.95 to receive offers).

Models Required every Wednesday 9.30am - 5.00pm with Kirsten 62 Market Street, Barnsley • 01226 731726 January / February | Barnsley Eye

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13/1/11 10:49:55

December 2010 | Barnsley Eye January / February | Barnsley Eye

__EYE_JAN 11_Complete.indd 14

13/1/11 10:50:11

Winner of The Barnsley Civic Trust “Best Bridal Shop” 2008, 2009, 20010

December 2010 | | Barnsley Barnsley Eye Eye January / February

__EYE_JAN 11_Complete.indd 15

13/1/11 10:50:26

16 Wedding Feature With this months issue of Barnsley Eye featuring wedding’s we thought we’d give all you future grooms some great ideas to make your day just that bit more special. Lets face it, its not just the brides big day it’s the grooms too. So to feel that bit more special and fresh for your big day, here’s an idea for the best way to start your day. Why not start your day with a traditional barbershop wet shave at home. With the right products and routine this is possible. Personally I would go with the superb shave range from American crew. (Right).


All crew shave products are herbal which reduces you getting shaving rashes. It is a common misconception that the blade you use produces a closer shave (i.e cut throat razors). With the right preparation of the skin you should get the same results. To start get a towel or flannel run it under the hot tap, till the towel is hot (not burning hot), then apply to your face, pressing around the beard area, this will open your pours in preparation for the next step. You are now ready to apply the crew essential shave oil, just rub the oil in your hands to warm then massage into the beard area. After this your ready to apply the crew herbal shave cream, apply this with a shave brush (badge hair brushes give best results), do this in a circular motion around your beard area. Now using your razor weather it be a mach 3 or what ever you use, you should shave initially with the grain of your beard. After you’ve shaven with the grain your ready to repeat the process, with hot towels, oil and cream but this time shaving against the grain. To finish massage some crew post shave cooling lotion into the beard area, this will close your pours. The results will hopefully be the closest and most refreshing shave you’ve ever had. If you or you and your best man feel like pampering your self’s you could just let us do it in salon for you. Refreshing, relaxing and hassle free. Just give us a ring for bookings.

OFFER: CUT, FINISH AND SHAVE JUST £15 Go on treat yourself

01226 208 555 For an appointment just telephone 01226 208555 or pop in and see us at The Thomas Whitworth Forum / Hanson St. S70 2HZ

January / February | Barnsley Eye

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13/1/11 10:50:57

Wedding Feature 17

Bride& Guests TEL: 01226 292296


Love yourself this Valentine’s Designer haircut & Finish £22.95 Do you deserve a treat...? BRIDE & GUESTS, 129, DONCASTER ROAD, S. YORKS, BARNSLEY, S70 1UF • FREE PARKING

Cupid Connections Exclusive Bridal Gowns

Offering an exclisive range of bridal wear featuring designers such as Paloma Blanca, Donna Salado and Amanda Wyatt.


Also: Mens formal Hire and a Marvellous Range of Accessories

Tel: 01226 215352

See us on the Catwalk at Ardsley House Wedding Fayre 27th February 2011 find us on facebook

“Why Hire when you can, but for less” Bridesmaids • Christenings • Weddings Boys Suits 0-3 months to 16 Years Range of Accesories

OPEN DAY: 30th January 2011 call in - 2 mins from The Civic


Upper Floor, Jack Harris Precinct, Wombwell Lane, Barnsley, S70 3NX

January / February | Barnsley Eye

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13/1/11 10:58:30


Tel: 01226 790716 Mob: 07723088568 Attention to detail guaranteed in warm, friendly surrounding with a private, personal service

JE’TAIME • D’ZAGE • AUGUSTA JONES • VEROMIA BRIDESMAIDS Mon, Wed, Sat by Appointment only Evenings and Sundays by request

3 High Street, Silkstone, Barnsley, S75 4JH (within Kilkenny Hair Studios, opp. Silkstone Church)

Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes and Chocolates for all occasions

Telephone : 01226 710221

316 Barnsley Road, Cudworth s72 8td

January / February | Barnsley Eye

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13/1/11 10:59:02

December 2010 | Barnsley Eye

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20 Wedding Feature Wedding Jewellery


Tel: 01226 714 447 242a Barnsley Road, Cudworth, S72 8NZ

Established 1973

We are a family run business with over 30 years experience. You are assured of a professional freindly service for your transport requirements. Our prestigious fleet of vehicles are maintained to the highest standard.



E Mail: Quaker Lodge, 2 Quaker Lane, Monk Bretton, Barnsley S71 2AG

Tel: 01226 206797 Fax: 01226 289575 Mob: 07740 105512 January / February | Barnsley Eye

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13/1/11 10:59:38

Wedding Feature

Silkstone Lodge, Cone Lane, Silkstone, Barnsley S. Yorkshire S75 4LY

Silkstone Lodge - The Ideal Location for any Occasion Glamour Puss Weddings

The Lodge also serves a superb Sunday Carvery from 12 noon - 3.00pm adults £6.50 and children £3.75 (main course only). All of the food being home cooked with an unsurpassable amount of fresh vegetables on offer and a wide range of vegetarian options available, starters and desserts are also available at extra costs.Bookings are advisable but not necessary.

SUNDAY CARVERY 12 noon - 3.00pm £6.50 adults £3.75 children Starters and sweets available

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 11TH Wall 2 Wall Blues Presents - Ron Sayer Band supported by The Velcro Teddy Bears in aid of Help For Hero’s Tickets £7.50 or £10.00 on the door

Silkstone Lodge is set in a peaceful rural location in the village of Silkstone, with an enclosed patio area and beer garden at the rear. The lodge offers excellent facilities for any occasion, two function rooms are available one of which can accommodate 120 guests for a Wedding Breakfast and up to 250 people for an evening reception this makes for a stunning location for you special day. A second function room holds up to 40-50 guests ideal for a Christening, Anniversary or a Birthday celebration. With menus and prices for all occassions why not call to discuss your requirements. For further details or to check availability please call call Lyn or Julie on 01226 790456 or e-mail

ST PATRICK’S CELEBRATIONS Saturday 12th March Emerald Band (Live Music) Irish Dancers and Comedian Pie and Peas Supper Tickets £14.00 per person

FORTHCOMING EVENTS: Lee Lard • Mick Miller and back by popular demand Billy Pearce!!!

01226 790456

Cask Ales now on sale

January / February | Barnsley Eye

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13/1/11 11:03:24

22 Eye on Local Business New head for Barnsley legal practice family legal aid firms in the country to achieve this level. As a member of the Children Panel, Sarah specialises in care proceedings and cases where social services are involved with families, but she also has extensive experience of divorce and separation cases, helping those who are breaking up to sort out arrangements for children, property and finance. Born and bred in Barnsley, Sarah grew up with her dad, brother and sister in Honeywell where she attended Honeywell School until its closure. She then studied for A levels at Barnsley College before going on to study law at the University of Central Lancashire. She qualified as a solicitor in 1997 and has since worked in various Yorkshire firms, but has lived in Barnsley throughout.

Barnsley woman Sarah Walker (above) has been appointed as Legal Director of Howells Solicitors’ Barnsley office which is based in The Core, County Way. Sarah specialises in family law and, as well as having responsibility for building up the practice overall, she will be working to develop a specialist family law service for the people of Barnsley. As a member of Howells’ family team for the last six years, Sarah can offer a wealth of experience of family law cases. Howells family team has been awarded the highest possible rating in a recent independent review by the Legal Services Commission, one of less than 2% of

“I am absolutely delighted to have been appointed as Legal Director for Howells’ Barnsley office,” she said. “To have the chance to help deliver the high quality, professional legal support to individuals that the firm is so well known for, and to do that in my home town is the perfect job for me. “I joined Howells because I shared the firm’s commitment to providing the best possible legal advice to all clients, regardless of their background and circumstances, and the whole team here is determined to provide that top quality service for the people of Barnsley. We can help people with the whole range of family law issues, as well as with other legal problems such as clinical negligence, personal injury, housing, employment, welfare benefits and debt, and we have a very strong crime team through my colleagues Jack Daneher and Ann Ridge – both of whom are also natives of the town!”

01226 805190

Take your Business Forward in 2011 Simple Design Solutions

n. A place of invention and creation.








Simply call 01226 713000 Media Ltd

January / February | Barnsley Eye

__EYE_JAN 11_Complete.indd 22 Corporate Identity • Brochures • Flyers • Illustration

13/1/11 11:03:36

Eye on Style 23 Live in Luxury! Has the party wear receded to the back of your wardrobe? How can you make the most of luxury pieces from your wardrobe? Silk and satin the easiest way to wear silk and satin for daywear is probably with a blouse. To keep the glam factor it should have detail such as a bow or ruffle or a hint of a puffed sleeve. The light reflecting quality of these fabrics will make them the focus of your outfit so think about where and how you wear them. Velvet is available in a range of guises and looking much more stylish than we might remember it. A knee length (or just above) dress is perfect for day wear with tights or leggings and boots. The great thing about this seasons’ velvets are the colours, so don’t just go for black, a colour will have more impact.

Per Una Velvet coat

Marks & Spencer has a great new range of winter transitional looks IN STORE NOW.

There are other luxury fabrics to consider this year including cashmere, chiffon and leather.

Dannii Minogue looked chic in this M&S faux fur belted coat-as she arrived at the X-Factor Finals last month with winner Matt (above) .The coat is available to buy online and in store NOW!

Cashmere - treat yourself to a quality piece of knitwear and it will last you for winters to come. It’s a luxurious way to keep warm. Chiffon is feminine and alluring and generally transparent - so do be careful. For daywear the ideal options are garments with a little chiffon mixed in, say in a sleeve or as an overlay to another material.

M & S blue velvet dress


Leather has been given new life this season seeing modern twists on trousers and skirts and fabulous dresses. Most of these will be super soft leathers but can still be restrictive on curvy bodies so try before you buy!


M & S torq satin dress

Witten by Kirstie Trasler Stylist & Image Consultant January / February | Barnsley Eye

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13/1/11 11:05:00

Healthwise is One Year Old! Healthwise is Barnsley’s own Cancer Information Mobile Unit, and in January 2011, it will be celebrating a year of being out and about in Barnsley offering information and advice about the disease.

Did you know…

On Tuesday 25 January, from 11am until 4.30pm, the Healthwise unit will be outside Boots in Barnsley town centre with lots of special visitors expected –including Barnsley’s own Simon Hirst from ‘Hirsty’s Daily Dose on Capital FM (formerly Galaxy).

Do you want to help them and yourself to reduce that risk?

The service has educated children and adults in how to make healthy lifestyle choices which will reduce their risk of developing a cancer in the future. We have helped people understand how to control their own health and how their actions can impact on their risk of developing cancer. And we have advised people when and where to access services and further support and information about cancer here in Barnsley. We can teach you how to be aware of your own body, how to spot changes and read the signs your body gives you. We can show you how to spot the warning signs and symptoms, what to do, who to go to, how to get diagnosed early, treated quickly and become a cancer survivor rather than a cancer sufferer.

We can do that too!

Vehicle Calendar Jan - Mar 2011

Here’s where the Unit will be in the next few months: WK1

WK2 10th Bannatynes Gym 10 – 4


There are many questions about cancer which we can answer and a great deal of support we can offer to those who want to change their lifestyles, those living with cancer and to the survivors. In 2011, the Healthwise service is planning to visit Bannetyne’s gym, supermarkets and Barnsley town centre once a month. We will also be in Hoyland market, and doing more educational programmes with schools, young people and local businesses (see calendar for details).

Watch out for the monthly Healthwise health tips pages in the Barnsley Eye & you can hear Simon Hirst, with Danny & Jojo on Hirsty’s Daily Dose weekdays when you wake up on 105 Capital FM.

Would you like us to come for a general health day…?


Did you know that no other single health Trust in the UK has this type of service? It is funded by NHS Barnsley specifically for local people. This service is from Barnsley, for Barnsley people.

Would you like us to visit your workplace for drop-in sessions for you to learn how to become more aware of your own body and spot changes?


Over the last year, more than 4000 people have visited the information unit on its many trips to supermarkets, town centres and businesses in the area. Not only that, but we’ve visited the police, fitness centres and local voluntary support groups too.

It’s likely that 1 in 3 of us will develop a cancer at some point in our lives? Now think of yourself, your partner, your family and friends. Can you think of 12 people you care dearly about? Four of them are likely to develop cancer during their life but, the more shocking figure is that two of them could have prevented it!

If you would like to book the service to visit your workplace or would like to find out more about the services we can offer, please contact us on 01226 43 3979 or e-mail


18th Hoyland Market 8:30 – 12pm



24th-30th BE LOUD BE CLEAR (bowel cancer) 25th Town centre Boots 1st Anniversary 9:30 – 4:30pm

4th WORLD CANCER DAY 4th Town Centre (Outside Topshop)

3rd Thurnscoe Netto 4th Goldthrope Netto

9th Morrisons 9:30 – 3pm 10th Tesco (stairfoot) 9:30 -3pm

NO SMOKING DAY 9th Holgate Scool 9:30 - 3pm 10th Tesco Stairfoot 9:30-3pm

15th Bannaynes Gym 10 – 4pm 16th Town Centre Boots 9:30 – 4:30 17th Hoyland Market 8:30 – 12pm

14th Bannaynes Gym 10 – 4pm 15th Hoyland Market 8:30 – 12pm

21st Kirk Balk School 23rd Town Centre (Top Shop) 9:30 - 4:30pm


December 2010 | Barnsley Eye

Barnsley Eye and Healthwise.......... working together for the people of Barnsley __EYE_JAN 11_Complete.indd 24

13/1/11 11:05:19


Eye on Healthwise 25


Barnsley’s own Simon Hirst from Capital FM (formerly Galaxy) visits the Healthwise unit last month in Barnsley Town Centre (Left and Above). (Right) Hirsty also finds time during the visit to read The NHS regular tips which are featured in the Barnsley Eye every month. Photos Paul Hilton

COMPETITION FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A signed Barnsley FC Football JUST TELL US: How many cigarettes do you need to smoke in a year to get the amount of “tar in a jar” (pictured) in your lungs? RUNNERS UP will win 2 tickets to The Lamproom Theatre to see Shaun Dooley. Answers on a Postcard Please to: Katie Hopkins, Cancer Information Manager, Cancer Services, Barnsley Hospital, Ward 38, Gawber Road, S75 2EP before 28th February 2010. DONT FORGET YOUR NAME AND CONTACT DETAILS. GOOD LUCK.

January /February 2010 | Barnsley Eye December 2010 | Barnsley Eye

Telephone: 01226 43 3979 or e-mail: __EYE_JAN 11_Complete.indd 25

13/1/11 11:05:34

26 Eye on Food


Here in Barnsley we have some fantastic restaurants catering for all tastes and budgets. The Barnsley Eye have teamed up with local businesman Paul Hoyle of Road to Recovery (RTR) to launch this award. The prize for the overall winner will be a prestegious engraved plaque plus two months free advertising in The Barnsley Eye Magazine. You may remember Paul as “Party Paul” from channel 4’s Come Dine With Me (above). Paul will be reveiwing restaurants around Barnsley and scoring them on specific criterior. Each month there will be a different catagory. Last month it was Indian Cusine and Chili were the winners in that catagory. This month it was Italian Cuisine, and the four restaurants shortlisted were:

Last Month - Indian Cusine:



Latinos • Frankie & Bennys • Pinnochios • Kings Croft (La Donna Pazza) The aim of these awards is to raise awareness of just how many excellent restaurants Barnsley has to offer.



Not an Italian Restaurant but Mediterranean (good idea). The menu was short and sweet with a selection of both Spanish and Turkish dishes. The starter was a beautiful mixed meat starter. Sword Fish for main which was very nice and unlike me they know how to do a baileys cheese cake - it was fab! The food and atmosphere in Latinos is a great mix, the only downside I would have to say is…... lots of steps - so not very wheelchair friendly but when you get up them.... its well worth it.

Frankie & Bennys:



An American Italian chain Restaurant based at Stairfoot. Reception as you would expect: shown your seats, menus given to you . To start I went for the Garlic Dough Balls and WOW they were to die for and also the Fish Cakes which were very tasty. The Main was Pizza. A classic old Italian favourite which had a lovely thin base and was cooked to perfection. The ultimate Brownies for pud….Nice!!!! Overall a pleasant experience with the family.



For 30 years this has been a very popular and very authentic Italian Restaurant, this is “the” place to go in Barnsley Town Centre for an Italian Meal. Its not got the most posh surroundings but who cares with food as good as this. Very friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere - pizza’s to die for and great specials, everything is very fresh. I would highly recommend Pinnochio’s if you are looking for a great Italian Restaurant in Town Centre.

10 Kings Croft (La Donna Pazza): This restaurant has a romantic marquee with live music in the back ground. The Italian staff were very welcoming and friendly. I can not fault this place and reasonably priced too. Now I know it’s is a few miles away from Barnsley but trust me you will not be disappointed. You can even go through to a separate part of the venue to watch the acts. On the evening that we were there we were lucky enough to catch a great Robbie Williams tribute which would normally cost around 20 pounds, however you get this thrown in once you have dined in the Restaurant beat that!!! A fabulous evening out with great food and entertainment. Top Marks!!! If you go - Tell em Party Paul sent you!

January / February | Barnsley Eye

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13/1/11 11:06:27

Eye on Local Business

__EYE_JAN 11_Complete.indd 27

13/1/11 11:06:31


Eye on Local Business



01226 805190 805190 01226


Telephone: 01226 247460 Mobile: 07889 571059 LOOK AT OUR WORK:

01226 805190

January / February | Barnsley Eye

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13/1/11 11:06:52


Brierley Methodist Church Church Street, Barnsley 6:30 pm Kingstone School Broadway Barnsley 5:00pm &7:00pm Mapplewell Village Hall, Darton Lane, 6:00 PM Birdwell Primary School Sheffield Road, 7:00 pm Valley Methodist Church, Darfield, 6:30pm

Salvation Army Hall, Central Street, Hoyland Common, 5:00pm and 7:00pm St Johns Community Centre, Church Street, Penistone, 10.00am & 6:30pm Carlton Parish Hall, Church Street, Carlton, 6:30pm Dorothy Hyman Cudworth 7pm Ward Green Baptist Church, Vernon Road 7pm

St Mary Magdalene Church Lundwood 7:00pm



Valley Community Centre Manor Road, Cudworth 6:00 pm

Mapplewell Village Hall, Darton Lane, 9:30 AM

Grimethorpe Working Mens Club 6:30 pm

Barugh Green Community Centre Barugh Green Road, 5:00pm, 7:00 pm

Dodworth Methodist Church Green Road, Dodworth 6:30 PM

Monk Bretton Community Centre, Silverdale Drive, 5:00pm and 7:00pm

Monk Bretton Community Centre, Silverdale Drive, 1:00pm

Barnsley East Dene Club, 111 Doncaster Road, 6:00pm

ST Helens Church Hall, Athersley 6:30pm

Valley Methodist Church, Darfield, 9:30am

Jump WMC, Wentworth Road, 6:30pm

THURSDAYS The Salvation Army Midland Road, Royston 12:30 PM Emmanuel Methodist Church Huddersfield Road, 7:00 PM Darton Darby and Joan Club Church Street, Darton 5:00pm & 7:00pm The Salvation Army Midland Road, Royston 6:30 PM St Aidan Church Sheffield Road, Oxspring 6:30 PM Stairfoot, Wesleyan Reform Church, Ardsley 9.30am & 6:30pm Elsecar Parish Hall, Church Street, 6:30pm

FRIDAYS Barnsley Trades Club, 33 Racecommon Road, 10:00am

Hoyland Methodist Church, Hoyland, 9:30am

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13/1/11 11:06:57


gigs • films • museums • theatre •• theatre & the rest gigs • films • museums • & the rest



What’s onWhat’s aroundonour town our thistown month? around this month?

Jan / Feb 2011




Saturday 15th Jan 2011 Alverez Kings @ The Leadmill with Elephant Keys £4 Saturday 22nd Jan 2011 Toby Foster (below) & Friends The Lamproom £10.00


Are you the next Cribs, Arctic Monkeys or Kaiser Chiefs????



or call 01226 713000

Wednesday 26 JAN 2011 THE VASELINES Leadmill Sunday 23 January 2011 Coyote, Oaks WMC, Barnsley Saturday 29th Jan 2011 A Foreigner’s Journey, Birdwell Venue Saturday 12 February 2011 Delirium, Beggar & Gentleman, Hoyland Saturday 26 February 2011 The Thin Lizzy Experience, Birdwell Venue

Sat 5 March 2011

Museums Would you like to play at BOM Fest 2011? Tel 01924 848806 FREE ENTRY Open daily from 10.00am till 5.00pm


Birdwell Venue

Howard Marks

An audience with Mr. Nice Free Exhibition on The Panorama

8pm £14 Adults £16 includes entry to the DJ set in Lucorum after the show.

27 Jan-18 Mar

One of the founders of the street art movement

Mon to Sat 10am 5pm Sun 10am - 4pm Last admission 15 mins prior to close

makin projects in association with The Civic

Fri 28th Jan

Eine The Return

Last years BOMfest held at Worsborough Mill was a rip roaring success this year why not get involved Sat 22nd Jan


Boothy Graffoe

Musical comedy from the cult favourite

Avalon present

Jenny Eclair Old Dog, New Tricks

Folk Against Fascism present

Little Johnny England A very special evening of folk

8pm £12 Adults, £10 Concessions

Fri 4th Feb 8pm £18.50 Adults, No Concessions

Sat 5th Feb 8pm £10 Adults, £8 Concessions

If so, then please visit and fill out the application form.

TO GET YOUR GIG/EVENT LISTED call 01226 713000 Horse And Bamboo

Storm in a Teacup

A fun performance for children and families Sun: 1pm & 3.30pm, Mon-Tues: 10.30am & 1.30pm Tavaziva Dance

Double Take An intensely courageous double bill of dance

Sarah Gillespie


Haunting tunes and striking lyrics from this amazing performer

6th - 7th Feb 7:30pm £8 Adults, £6 Concessions £20

Contemporary Prints from the V&A


Family Ticket (2 Adults, 2 Children)

Fri 11th Feb 7.30pm £12 Adults, £10 Concessions

Sat 19th Feb 8pm £12 Adults £10 Concessions

27th Jan – 18th March Mon to Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun 10am - 4pm

Free Exhibition in The Gallery@

January / February | Barnsley Eye __EYE_JAN 11_Complete.indd 30

13/1/11 11:07:40 Following the success of their 2010 shows Miss Fanny Dee and Miss Lady Bacardi are back with more shows for 2011. We here at the Barnsley Eye have been following the progress of this fantastic pair since their first show back in the summer of 2010. We have seen them go from strength to strength with the Christmas dates in 2010 hitting record numbers at the Priory Campus in Lundwood. Along with these shows they have also taken part in other events in and around the Yorkshire region and are quickly becoming THE act to see.....but don’t take our word for it. See what you the public are saying about their act on the fanny and bacardi website: Thought the show was amazing really enjoyed it. Cant wait until your next one, will defo come and watch you again x Katie Fab Show came on 11th December - never seen drag acts before and I was nervous but can honestly say you were amazing Lee Lomaz I loved it - best night out I’ve had in ages. A fab show by some fab drag queens, Fanny & Bacardi you should be on TV. Janet Marsdon Well what a top nite absolutely fantastic guys my sides were killing with laughter. Can’t wait til next year for another fab nite. Well done for great entertainment x Gail Seddon Very good show would definitely recommend a visit laughed all night! Angie Batty

So What’s Happening in 2011: Fanny & Bacardi’s ultimate 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s show at The Holiday Inn, Saturday 7th May. A magical night of music from the decades - with Fanny’s Comedy Twists - Miss Timotea’s Golden Voice and Lady Bacardi’s Acid Tongue – in a wonderful venue - This is one night of comedy drag that is not to be missed. Fanny & Bacardi brings you sounds from 60s you’ll be twistin’ the night away with their witty twist on the 60’s. Into the 70’s get ready to strut your... outrageous stuff in sky-high platforms and head-to-toe glitter, with great prizes for best Fancy Dress. 80’s Do you remember Hammer pants, shoulder pads, hair gel overload and boys wearing eyeliner? Stage an 80s rebellion second time around with Fanny, Bacardi & Miss Timotea - you really can’t touch this? 90’s was the decade that created the non-stop rave and rocked on to indie, techno and Britpop. The 00’s or the Naughties as we prefer to call them will definitely have some of you blushing. With such a fun filled night - why be beaten by the clock and the taxi home - Make a night of it and book your accomodation for Only £50 B&B Price Per Room Based On Two People Sharing Twin/Double (subject to availability)

Tickets £12.50pp including a glass of fizz on arrival. To book call the event team on 01226 329178 (office hours) or email at Come on - Fanny says shes ready for ya, but only if you shout!.....

BOOK NOW: 01226 329178

January / February | Barnsley Eye

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32 Eye About Town 01/11





























34/11 34/01


36/11 36/06









January / February | Barnsley Eye

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13/1/11 11:10:08

__EYE_JAN 11_Complete.indd 33

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Eye on Entertainment Interpol “LIVE” Manchester LIVE SPECIAL


Gallows “LIVE” Barnsley Lucorum, Barnsley, December 11th 2010 The day before many rock fans cringed as they saw an X factor winner sing a Biffy Clyro song - Gallows took to the stage in Barnsley and performed with such a ferocious tenacity it kind of made Biffy seem like JLS. I shuddered to hear the delightful Loranne Kelly say “Oooo I love Biffy Clyro” the morning after the X Factor final on TV. One thing we can be sure of is that LK would HATE Gallows! (Thank God). All credit to Lucorum for booking Gallows as they are possibly one of the biggest current bands Barnsley has seen in some years...........fronted by heavily tattooed Frank Carter they open with “Leeches” from their 2010 album Grey Britain and the place goes mental. Each song was performed with an uncontrollable energy that rivalled anything I have seen in town before...EVER! Photographs by Kane Chambers - Many Thanks!

Manchester Apollo, December 3rd 2010 ”I had seven faces. Thought I new which one to wear.” For a band as multi-faceted as Interpol, you always know what you’re going to get watching them play live. Interpol gigs provoke a myriad of reactions from people, some feel the urge to go Creamfields with hands in the air at all times, others shoegaze or blare the words back at Paul Banks. Me, I just sat back in this old theatre up in the rear circle, sipped my pint and marvelled at the wonder of a band at the top of their game in a fantastic setting. The Apollo and it’s acoustics were perfect for interpol’s music. Majestic, Moody and Grand. It is only on the showstoppers – ‘Slow Hands’, ‘’Evil’ and “Mammoth”– all played tonight at pivitol moments of the gig, however, that a true sense of euphoria beckons. Nevertheless, lots of bands can do anthems; Interpol at their best combine epic rabblerousers with quietude and stateliness. ‘Take You On A Cruise’ flows past with grandeur, encore opener ‘Untitled’ shimmers like the light at the end of a dark tunnel and new album highlight ‘Lights’ shows Interpol can still nail the heavier tunes. The way the track starts so quitely and just builds and builds into a massive creshendo of feedback and noise leaves me in total awe. It’s a testement to how good a live band they are and is possibly “the” moment of the set. While new album ‘Interpol’ may turn out to be their weakest album yet in terms of sales and with their most charasmatic member Carlos D now departed, as a live force Interpol are still tunnelling forward ........ be it in the shadows. GM

Gallows still have an underground feel to their live sets. They still perform like an unsigned band with no ego....... even though they have been on a major label, (Warner Bros) Slayed UK and European festivals and packed out gigs in the States. At one point, Carter spits that there should be no crowd / band divide.....which is why he performs the next 3 songs in amongst the crowd! It’s almost like Gallows know that their music is best expierienced up close and personal. Like early US hardcore pioneers Black Flag their live gigs rely on the vibe coming off the crowd in the pits as much as the vibe coming from the band playing the music themselves. Gallows have brains too. I don’t want to use the word political because they’re not, but they aren’t afraid to sing about issues of the day: Date Rape, Racism, Knife Crime, Media Hype, Corruption, Greed. It’s all in there lyrically. For me personally, Gallows and bands like them are the future of the UK rock scene. They are one of the most vital bands in the UK today. Tirelessly working at their music away from the media gaze raging about current issues and giving their own take on “Broken Britain”. If you listen to them on Spotify it feels very weird hearing the random adverts spliced in between the fury! One thing we can be sure of is that The Lovely Lorrine Kelly wont be sat on a sofa sipping tea saying how much she loves Gallows after next years X factor. Cowells puppets would never dare cover anything by Gallows.... and believe me - thats a good thing!! Standout tracks for me of the night were: Black Eyes, Gold Dust, We’re are the Night, and Orchestra Of Wolves. A huge shout out to Dan and The Lucorum Team for putting this show on in was a truely great night. GM

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Westlife @ Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield Tuesday 29th March 2011 - 7:30pm


TICKETS After a hugely successful UK tour in 2010, Kings of the charts Westlife will be hitting the road once again in March 2011 to wow audiences up and down the country. Westlife are among the world’s most prolific touring acts, with nine sell out tours already under their belts, including playing to a sell out crowd at the legendary Croke Park in Dublin. They have sold more tickets at Wembley Arena than any other act and have played an amazing 25 dates there. Tickets for Westlife are priced £40.50 (may be subject to booking fee). A very limited number of tickets are still available for their opening night in Sheffield on the 28th March. To book call in person at the venue, book online at or call the ticket hotline on 0114 256 56 56.

Answer this question to

Q: Name all of the Westlife boys?

Jool Media Ltd, Unit 22, BBIC, Snydale Road,Cudworth, Barnsley S72 8RP. Don’t forget Name, Telephone Number and Address - GOOD LUCK!!

Disney On Ice presents a Disneyland® Adventure

Yorkshire International Showjumping Event

Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield: Friday 25th – Sunday 27th March 2011

Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield: Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th April

In an original story, Disney On Ice presents a Disneyland Adventure invites audiences to relive their fondest Disneyland memories, as they join favourite characters and classic villains on a colorful and exciting vacation to the theme park.

The Yorkshire International Showjumping Event is taking place between Friday 22nd (Good Friday) and Sunday 24th April 2011 and is an ideal event for the whole family to enjoy over the Easter weekend.

Tickets priced £13, £17, £18, £21, £30 & £35 (subject to booking fee) are available in person at the venue, by phone on 0114 256 5656 or online at

Tickets are on sale now priced £20 (subject to booking fee) and available in person from the Arena Box Office, through the ticket hotline on 0114 256 56 56 or online at

Answer this question to

Answer this question to

Q: What sort of animal is the Disney character Goofy?

Q: What date does Good Friday fall on this year ?

Jool Media Ltd, Unit 22, BBIC, Snydale Road,Cudworth, Barnsley S72 8RP. Don’t forget Name, Telephone Number and Address - GOOD LUCK!!

Jool Media Ltd, Unit 22, BBIC, Snydale Road,Cudworth, Barnsley S72 8RP. Don’t forget Name, Telephone Number and Address - GOOD LUCK!!

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36 Eye on Local Rugby League The Wildcats Recieve Clubmark Gold from RFL Local RL Club Wakefield Wildcats are delighted to have received ‘Clubmark Gold’, a Sport England recognised award for good practice. This demonstrates that The Club can meet the highest criteria set by the RFL to providing a safe environment in which to play rugby league. The club ensures that it follows best practice in areas including safeguarding, child protection, club management and community development. Junior coaching is a very important department here at the Club due to the youth development scheme that is in place and to be awarded with ‘Clubmark Gold’ is a great achievement that highlights the quality and standards of the work carried out by coaching staff and the community team. Davide Longo, Wildcats Community Trust Manager said, “We’ve had Clubmark since 2008 and Clubmark Gold is the advance kitemark on the original Clubmark accreditation.”


“It is great news that we have been recognised with this accreditation ensuring that Wakefield Wildcats and Wakefield Wildcats Community Trust not only adheres to all the policies set by the RFL, but exceeds quality standards in areas such as safeguarding and community development .”


WIN A 2011 SEASON TICKET!!!! The Tigers have teamed up with The Barnsley Eye to give you the chance to win a season ticket for the up and coming season. For your chance to win this FANTASTIC prize please answer the following question: ‘Who is the player pictured above who this season will star for The Castleford Tigers?’ Name and Contact Details:

Cut this out and send to Jool Media Ltd BBIC, Unit 22 Snydale Road, Cudworth, Barnsley S72 8RP Don’t forget your Name, Telephone and Address - GOOD LUCK!!

You can purchase a 2011 Tigers season tickets 24-hours a day online at or by calling 01977 555 336

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Eye on Motoring


Seat Ibiza “Bocanegra” is Ready to Go in 2011! SEAT have been wowing the crowds at International Motor Shows across Europe throughout 2010 with the debut of a stunning Ibiza Bocanegra. Boasting several unique, and dramatic, black styling elements at its nose – hence the Bocanegra name which translates as ‘black mouth’ in Spanish – the new iteration of today’s Ibiza is set to become one of the hottest superminis around in 2011. The styling is also a tribute to the Spaniards’ original Bocanegra, the 1200 Sport, which debuted in its home country back in 1975. The bumper combines black with the body colour, while a broad grille beneath that takes care of cooling the engine. The fog lights are built into the bumper, which is bigger at the bottom and over the wheel arches, and its distinctly muscular volume contributes toward the car’s unmistakably sporty appearance. At the back, the Bocanegra features honeycomb mesh on the side grids, an impressive spoiler, chunky wheel arches and a tinted rear window. Inside, the design delights continue with a bespoke interior that underlines the car’s sporting style. The sports seats are upholstered with special fabric made up of rhomboids stitched together in red, while the upper part of the seats sport the logo that identifies this version – a capital ‘B’ also stitched in red. In its home market the new Bocanegra will be equipped with the twin charged 1.4 TSI engine, either in 150 PS or 180 PS guise. Meanwhile, XDS electronic limited slip differential and a state-of-the-art seven-speed DSG gearbox with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifts underline the Bocanegra’s hi-tech appeal.

High-Beam Assist paves way for new headlamp technologies

Gentex Corporation, the leading supplier of automatic-dimming rearview mirrors to the worldwide automotive industry, have announced that it has shipped its one-millionth SmartBeam® High-Beam Assist system to include new levels of camera-based forward-lighting functionality. Gentex began shipping SmartBeam systems in 2004, and today, the core technology is available on 24 different vehicle models across Europe and the US with additional product launches planned for later this year.

Fifty years ago, the first Mini rolled off the production line at Cowley, now called Plant Oxford. Thousands of visitors from across the globe celebrated MINI’s 50th birthday at MINI United, last year. The festival welcomed MINI owners and non-owners, with entertainment coming from Paul Weller, Calvin Harris and Twisted Wheel (above). For the first time in half a century that very car is returned to its birthplace for a celebration of 50 years of production. Plant Oxford built 602,817 Minis from 1959 to 1968, before production was moved to Longbridge. Since 2001 more than 1.4 million new MINIs have been built at the production facility and in total, more than six million classic and new MINIs have been sold since the car first went on sale in 1959. Dr Jürgen Hedrich, Plant Oxford’s managing director, said: “Little did anyone know just how popular Sir Alec Issigonis’s car for the people would be – or that half a century later it would be reborn as the MINI and once again be built in Oxford.“

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38 Classified Eye




Advertising Space within the Barnsley Eye and Wakefield Eye Magazines. Great Rates! Call 01226 713000

Advertising Space within the Barnsley Eye and Wakefield Eye Magazines. Great Rates! Call 01226 713000



Advertising Space within the Barnsley Eye and Wakefield Eye Magazines. Great Rates! Call 01226 713000

Advertising Space within the Barnsley Eye and Wakefield Eye Magazines. Great Rates! Call 01226 713000



MAGAZINES REQUIRE FREELANCE SALES PEOPLE The Barnsley and Wakefield Eye Magazines require Full or Part Time Freelance sales people to sell advertising space within the publications. Nove


akefi For W

r 20 08

- Iss ue




e Pag


See Page s 36 & 37


Be a Part of It!

Send your current CV and a covering letter to Jool Media Ltd BBIC, Unit 22 Snydale Road, Cudworth, Barnsley S72 8RP

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