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Sustainability Report 2014

Burando Maritime Services

Delivering on our “one-stop-shop� promise.

June 2015


BMS Sustainability Report 2014

Table of Contents Acting responsibly 6 About us 8 - Burando Maritime Services 8 - Our Purpose 8 - Noteworthy Efforts 9 - Highlights 9 - Our Services 10 - Our Policy 12 Key Figures 14

- Our Locations 15

- Our People 15 - Our Fleet 16 - Our Assets 16 - Our History 17 CEO’s Report 18 Our Achievements 20

-Sustainability and Business Assurance


Operations 30 -Burando Oil Logistics 30 -Burando Maritime Logistics 34 Final Words 37 Annex 39

- Annual Report Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADN)


BMS Sustainability Report 2014


Acting responsibly We take pleasure in presenting our 2014 Sustainability Report, building on the success of the previous versions. This report covers Burando Maritime Services (Burando), which comprises Burando Maritime Logistics (BML) and Burando Oil Logistics (BOL), and their subsidiaries that were operational for more than one full month in 2014. The Sustainability Report details and evaluates our performance in brief, covering all those operational aspects and activities which could exercise either a positive or negative effect on the quality of our work, or on the health and safety of our employees, the environment or society at large. Figures for our quality, environmental and health & safety performance are presented in the graphics and figures throughout the report. As with previous reports, this update reflects our sincere commitment to openness and transparency about what we have achieved. To offer our stakeholders the most up-to-date and relevant information such as TMSA and MTMSA performance, it also includes a discussion on what we expect to deliver in 2015, with the aim of strengthening our market position and underlining our ‘one-stop-shop’ promise. We have done our utmost to produce an annual review covering all your concerns and areas of interest. But if you have any questions or comments, please contact our QHSE department by sending an e-mail to Arjan Donatz, Group Director QHSE


BMS Sustainability Report 2014

BMS Sustainability Report 2014


About us Burando Maritime Services is the maritime industry’s leading service provider. With our up-to-date knowledge and experience in the sector and our high customer-orientation, we have become a trusted partner for inland and maritime shipping and oil and gas companies. Burando Maritime Services has a team of some 250 enthusiastic and highly-trained employees working around the clock to provide proactive and results-driven solutions for its customers – and we strive continually to keep improving our services and products. In everything we do, our main objective is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Purpose Burando Maritime Services is a ‘one-stop-shop’ service provider for the maritime industry. Our concept is simple but unique: in the many harbours where we operate across the world, our combination of products and services guarantees our inland and maritime shipping customers the most reliable, convenient and comfortable visit possible.


BMS Sustainability Report 2014

NOTEWORTHY EFFORTS 2014 - Realisation and start-up of new boiler house (STR) In continuation of last year, the annual audit in accordance with the SEVESO regulations (BRZO) reported no major or minor issues - Roll-out implementation of Occupational Health & Safety Management System at STR - Successful implementation of MTMSA and TMSA at STR and FTS Hofftrans; no major or minor findings issued by oil major reviews and/or audits - Trefoil Trading ISO 14001 certified

HIGHLIGHTS 2014 - Both STS and the local Rental divisions of Fendercare have experienced considerable growth and expansion, producing the significant figure of having transferred 6 million metric tons - Ship Spares logistics has nearly doubled its inland shipments to 60,000 - The maritime logistic service provider Ship Spares Logistics, which is a Burando affiliate, joined the Harbour Obstacle Run and also supplied a ‘challenging’ obstacle, the Fender Rocks - Ship Spares Logistics completed the final phase of the considerable upgrade to its logistics service centre in the Port of Rotterdam, begun in 2013 - Burando Maritime Services supported the Earth Hour initiative for environmentally sustainable action

BMS Sustainability Report 2014


Our Services

Customs Services

Rental Services


Provider of customs consultancy and IT solutions for logistical, administrative and fiscal challenges

Rental of power packs and hydraulic-driven pumps

Hose and fender rental and deployment of personnel for board-to-board activities

Ship Spares logistics CUSTOMS CRANE BARGE 2

Ship Spares Logistics

FTS Hofftrans

Transport, forwarding and hoisting/ rigging of goods; delivery of ship supplies and equipment by road, sea and air for shipping, petrochemical and offshore industries

Oil transportation (bunker deliveries and inter-refinery transport)




ONE-STOP-SHOP Burando maritime services Service Terminal Rotterdam Ship-to-ship transshipments and lay-by services, onshore storage of heavy fuel, and delivery of utilities



Trefoil Trading Global gasoil trading and delivery



Our Policy Burando Maritime Services (BMS) is a one-stop-shop service provider for inland and maritime shipping, and for oil & gas companies, ensuring its clients and partners a worry-free visit to any foreign or domestic harbour where BMS operates. BMS achieves this with a unique range of first-class products and services in the maritime service sector. These are delivered by: Burando Oil Logistics - FTS Hofftrans (FTS) - Service Terminal Rotterdam (STR) - Trefoil Trading (TRT) Burando Maritime Logistics - Fendercare Benelux (FCB) - Ship Spares Logistics (SSL) - Burando Rental Services (BRS) - Burando Customs Services (BCS) This full range of services ensures the efficient, effective and continuous improvement of the performance, comfort and enjoyment of interested parties (clients, purchasers, suppliers, authorities, investors, employees etc.) with whom BMS has a relationship and seeks to collaborate. BMS believes in solutions and service, characterised by a proactive and supportive mentality that matches our motto: we deliver what we promise. BMS naturally aims to continue its own development, while staying up to date with new developments and potential future services and products both at home and abroad. This will ensure that we can continue providing the best possible service for our stakeholders, while perfecting our one-stop-shop business model and improving customer satisfaction. BMS is aware of the impact it can have on its surroundings and its stakeholders, in terms of quality, health & safety, environment and image, as well as legal compliance. To ease this impact as much as possible, a dedicated member of our executive team with the appropriate authority and responsibility has been put in charge of it. 12

BMS Sustainability Report 2013

We have also implemented an integrated risk-based (compliance) management system in line with internationally-recognised standards, to manage our quality, health & safety and environmental performance. We have also set goals to deal with risks or liabilities involved in quality, the environment, health & safety and legal compliance, while internal operational procedures are dealt with appropriately and efficiently and are improved continuously wherever possible. For BMS, responsibility extends beyond simple compliance with laws and regulations on quality, the environment and health & safety, and the prevention and reduction of risks in general, and more specifically environmental and other incidents (zero spills), damage, injury and ill health (zero incidents) . BMS has put the individual, its clients and its community at its core, and has made sustainability a priority. Accordingly the company has joined widely-recognised programmes and collaborative sustainability efforts and/or has signed the relevant covenants. This lets us introduce new technologies contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and/or helping to address other challenges in the rapidly-changing markets where BMS operates or might operate in the future. The management of BMS has learned from experience that focusing on these issues can contribute to the optimisation, the reputation and the continuity of Burando Maritime Services. July 2014. Luc Braams CEO Burando Oil Logistics

Andreas Drenthen CEO Burando Maritime Logistics

BMS Sustainability Report 2014







BMS Sustainability Report 2014

Key Figures Our Locations Rotterdam Amsterdam Antwerp Hamburg

Our People 154

BMS Sustainability Report 2014


Our Fleet


As of December 2014, we had 15 (13 owned and 2 chartered) inland tankers, vessels and/or (crane) barges in operation.




4 Our Assets 240,000M3

Ship Spares logistics



BMS Sustainability Report 2014

Our History Phase 2 tank storage expansion at Service Terminal Rotterdam in operation

Acquisition of Trefoil Trading ISD and ESS shares sold to Nature Group plc, Burando becomes largest shareholder in Nature Group

Start of new company, Burando Rental Services

Acquisition of Van Esch International & Ship Spares Logitics, merged into Ship Spares Logistics (SSL) Start of new company, Burando Customs Services

JV Fendercare Benelux founded (Fendercare Marine & Burando)

Service Terminal Rotterdam in operation Ecoscrub founded











Rebuilding of Rotterdam Terminal as a Fuel/Oil Terminal

Burando moves to Service Terminal Rotterdam

Acquisition of Service Terminal Rotterdam and International Slop Disposal

Burando founded by merging FTS & Hofftrans

BMS Sustainability Report 2014


CEO’s Report Burando Maritime Services can look back on a good 2014. Despite the difficult market conditions, three companies even experienced their best financial year ever. The end of 2014 was very hectic after OW Bunkers’ bankruptcy, which occurred virtually overnight. Again Burando demonstrated its flexibility and creativeness, and all FTS/Hofftrans barges chartered to OW bunkers were under new contracts at the end of the year, minimising the negative impact. This flexibility was also demonstrated in the temporary relocation of the SSL offices, while their own premises were completely rebuilt. Customers were not affected at all, and ultimately SSL experienced a record year.We continue to expand our services and are constantly looking to improve our customer experience, as well as adding services to our portfolio. Some of the operational highlights of 2014: Burando Oil Logistics - Realisation and start-up of the new boiler house (Service Terminal Rotterdam) which will result in lower emissions; - In continuation of last year, the annual audit in accordance with the SEVESO regulations (BRZO) reported no major or minor issues at Service Terminal Rotterdam; - Roll-out implementation of the Occupational Health & Safety Management System at Service Terminal Rotterdam; - Successful implementation of MTMSA and TMSA at Service Terminal Rotterdam and FTS Hofftrans; no major or minor findings issued by oil major reviews and/or audits; - Four conversions of fuel-oil barges to gasoil barges of FTS Hofftrans, following customer needs.


BMS Sustainability Report 2013

Burando Maritime Logistics - Both STS and the local Rental divisions of Fendercare have experienced considerable growth and expansion, producing the significant figure of having transferred 6 million metric tons in the ARA region; - Ship Spares Logistics completed the final phase of the considerable upgrade to its logistics service centre in the Port of Rotterdam, begun in 2013; - Burando Rental Services signed a major contract with a large German energy company to design, build and operate two oil treatment units in the Middle East, to be operational in Q1-2016; - Burando’s 25% shareholding in Nature Group (listed on the London Stock Exchange) remained the largest single shareholder in the company. Nature Group is not included in this report; it has its own annual and CSR reports, available at Burando Maritime Services continued to support the Florentina Foundation and the ALS Foundation in 2014, both financially and by participating actively in events. Ship Spares Logistics’ service centre in the heart of the Rotterdam Port took part in the ‘Harbour Obstacle Run’, with some 3,000 participants. To support our environmental focus, all Burando Maritime Services companies supported the 2014 ‘Earth Hour’. Burando also continued to support several local communities and sports clubs. Behaving responsibly towards society, our stakeholders and the environment has always been a central tenet of Burando’s philosophy, and we look forward to investing further in our community as our business continues to grow. Botlek-RT, April 2015 Luc Braams CEO Burando Oil Logistics

Andreas Drenthen CEO Burando Maritime Logistics

BMS Sustainability Report 2013


Our Achievements Delivering on our “one-stop-shop” promise. This section reports on our achievements in 2014, illustrating our growth and underlining our strategic vision. People Community involvement Burando recognises that it is an influential part of the communities in which it operates, with a responsibility towards them. So we make it a key aspect of our mission to be involved actively and positively in these communities. Burando and its individual employees have donated both time and money to numerous local and charitable initiatives. Burando has been supporting the Dutch ALS Foundation proactively since 2011/2012. ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, an incurable nerve and muscle disease. During the course of this dreaded disease, all the body’s muscles fail progressively, until the heart itself stops. A typical sufferer has only three years to live after being diagnosed with ALS. To support the work of the Dutch ALS Foundation, which provides assistance to ALS sufferers and strives to increase public understanding of the disease, Burando took part in the second annual Amsterdam City Swim. Teams from Burando’s affiliates joined more than 1,000 participants to take the plunge for ALS, swimming the Amstel river and Amsterdam’s canals to raise money for the cause. Burando is also committed actively to broader social initiatives. Following our initial sponsorship in 2012, we continued sponsoring the Florentina Foundation in their bid to support an education centre for local Masai children in Kolila Village, Tanzania, and we played an active part in building a new multi-functional community house, also in Tanzania. For further information see


BMS Sustainability Report 2014

Labour practice As of December 2014, we employed 154 (+ 0%) people. Some 17% of our workforce is female, and around 17% of our employees work part-time. We also used the services of some 60 contracted staff either regularly or permanently. Collective health and pension agreements are available to all our employees.

Population Man - Women Part timers Trainees

16,9% 16,9% 3,2%

Health & Safety So far our Health & Safety activities include creating a single centralised safety, health and welfare service for all Burando Maritime Services subsidiaries, enabling employees to undergo preventive medical tests, and facilitating participation in company-supported fitness programmes. To underline the importance of health and safety, three of our affiliates hold SCC* certificates. At Service Terminal Rotterdam, in addition to the Process Safety Management System (BRZO’99), we enrolled in an Occupational Health & Safety Management system in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007. Which will be subject to certification in early 2015.

Overall absenteeism rate


BMS Sustainability Report 2014


“Investing in communities: Our commitment to society” Education, training and competencies Burando Maritime Services insists upon the competence of its employees. Accordingly, as a result of the roll-out of the implementation of TMSA, in 2014 FTS implemented a ‘Competence monitoring and improvement programme’, and other relevant subsidiaries in both BML and BOL have continued to focus on awareness and expansion of staff competences through training and brief instructions for both operators and (sub)contractors.


BMS Sustainability Report 2014

BMS Sustainability Report 2014


Sustainability and business assurance Business assurance All improvements will continue to focus on ensuring continuous and consistent Business Assurance for all processes and locations (fleet and ashore), while complying with all requirements laid down in internationally-recognised standards. The system is defined by strong legal compliance, risk management, and group policies and guidelines. This also applies to our commitment to corporate sustainability. In early 2013 it was decided to strengthen and further improve both FTS Hofftrans and STR’s operational and QHSE performance, and in 2014 we achieved the implementation Level 2/3 of the best practices of the Tanker Management Self-Assessment (FTS Hofftrans) and Marine Terminal Management Self-Assessment for Service Terminal Rotterdam. Management System Certification Implementation of the integrated management system was maintained in 2014. All management system certificates (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SCC*) were audited effectively by DNV·GL during the recertification audit in March 2014. No major issues were reported. SCC certificate (Safety Checklist Contractors) SSL (Cranebarge 2), Fendercare and BRS, all three employing a multitude of diverse sub-contractors in safety-critical industrial sectors, implemented all the necessary policies, procedures and work instructions many years ago, and have been fully SCC-certified ever since.


BMS Sustainability Report 2014

Burando Maritime Services – Management System Certification - Realisation and start-up of new boiler house (STR) In continuation of last year, the annual audit in accordance with the SEVESO regulations (BRZO) reported no major or minor issues - Roll-out implementation of Occupational Health & Safety Management System at STR - Successful implementation of MTMSA and TMSA at STR and FTS Hofftrans; no major or minor findings issued by oil major reviews and/or audits - Trefoil Trading ISO 14001 certified

Auditing & Inspections Reference standaard

SEVESO ISPS opportunities for improvement

ISO 14001

observations minor

ISO 9001

major VCA* 0






BMS Sustainability Report 2014


Safety and Legal Compliance BMS devotes ongoing attention to preventing incidents and conforming to all legal requirements, and in 2014 we maintained our excellent (zero nonconformities) major hazard control performance and legal compliance. Any near-misses and all incidents are registered, investigated and documented, and we are very serious about learning everything we can from such events. Legal framework Both Service Terminal Rotterdam (STR) and Ship Spares Logistics (SSL) hold up-to-date environmental permits (or notification duty). Our comprehensive integrated management system is in place to manage and oversee compliance with all the legal, regulatory and other requirements applying to Burando Maritime Services and its activities. Regular inspections and tours of our premises are also conducted by our own staff, external auditors and regulatory officials to ensure full and proper compliance. In 2014 STR decided to enrol its risk-based compliance management system, supported by Panoptys (a compliance management tool), which will go live early in 2015. The nature of our activities at the Service Terminal Rotterdam (Torontostraat premises) means we are also required to comply with the current Seveso-II and future SEVESO III regulations, and with the International Ship and Port Facility Security code (ISPS). In 2014, extensive dedicated Tank Terminal inspections, vetting audits and external ISO audits reported only observations and limited minor nonconformities as needing improvement. No major findings were issued. Figures on our quality, environmental and health and safety performance within both BML and BOL are presented in the graph below and on various pages in this report.


BMS Sustainability Report 2014

Environmental consumptions and carbon footprint. Carbon footprint [eCO2 tonnage] Hazardous waste (fluids) [m3] Stream [tonnage]

Waste water [m3] Solid waste [kg] Natural Gas [m3]

Nitrogen [m3] Gasoil [m3] Electricity [kWh]

Fuel (cars) [ltr] Water [m3]

27.501 4.200 822.169 102.194 1.775 41.300 6.237 39.685 10.751 2.275.702 2.363.141 500.00





Incidents and non-compliances TRT







Complaints Non-compliance (regulatory) Non-compliance (management system) Environmental incident (indirect/3rd party) Environmental incident (direct) Major Incident (lethal injuries) Minor Incident (absence) Small Incident (no absence) Material Damages (technical) Material Damages (human) Near Misses 0









BMS Sustainability Report 2014


EBIS and Green Award Along with our ISO 14001 management system, FTS Hofftrans has subscribed to the European Barge Inspection Scheme (EBIS). The entire FTS Hofftrans fleet continued to meet the requirements laid down by EBIS, and is subject to periodic inspections carried out both internally and by independent EBIS inspectors. As a reflection of our sustainability ambitions, FTS Hofftrans continued its 2012 commitment to the Green Award programme. So far the Luana, Zaria, Marilene, Isabella, Leonore, Ariana and Laurentien, all self-owned ships, are Green Awarded (FTS Hofftrans).


BMS Sustainability Report 2014

BMS Sustainability Report 2014


Operations Burando Oil Logistics Marine Terminal Management Self-Assessment and Tanker Management Self-Assessment The (M)TMSA programme encourages operators to assess their safety management The (M)TMSA programme encourages operators to assess their safety management systems against listed requirements or key performance indicators, and provides best practice guidance. It can help to create opportunities for improvement in those areas relevant to operational excellence, and is an effective way to keep any nonconformities to a minimum. Both Service Terminal Rotterdam and FTS Hofftrans decided to use this programme to assess the effectiveness of their management systems for berth operations, ship/shore interface and vessel operations. The first assessments (GAP analyses) for both STR and FTS Hofftrans were conducted in 2013. Since then FTS Hofftrans has been audited twice by oil majors in 2014. Both audit results were rated as ‘satisfactory’.

Service Terminal Rotterdam STR’s onshore heavy-fuel storage activities (which began in mid-2005) improved their steady and constant rate, as demonstrated by an increased throughput/terminal ratio of approximately 18. The following graphs depict the operational highlights of the Service Terminal Rotterdam.

Number of Services Board - to board

Lay - by

To shore tanks



BMS Sustainability Report 2014







Operational Performances Im/Export Transhiped [MT x 1.000]

Oil exported [m3 x 1.000]

Oil imported [m3 x 1.000]












FTS Hofftrans Despite the turbulent market developments at the end of 2014, FTS successfully maintained its operations with double-hull barges; however it decreased the number of vessels by the end of 2014. It began implementing stages 1, 2 and (partly) 3 of the TMSA requirements for the entire fleet (own and charters included). Despite the current competitive market, today FTS Hofftrans still owns and operates nearly 20 such barges, the largest of which (Maxima) has a capacity of 6,745 mton and in total almost 73,000 mton. In 2014, FTS Hofftrans transported over 6,500,000 MT – slightly less than the previous year, although certainly sufficient to maintain its 50% market share in the Rotterdam port. For further details of the FTS Hofftrans fleet, see also

BMS Sustainability Report 2014


Trefoil Trading 2014 continued the success of the previous two business years. It continued to implement many improvements and received its ISO 14001 Management System certificate from DNG路GL in mid-2014. Again it almost doubled annual MGO supplies in actual barge deliveries and total volume, and expanded its service portfolio with more exclusive HFO and MGO supply contracts. After having contracting four dedicated vessels over the previous two years, it then contracted a couple more, strengthening the dedicated Trefoil fleet and making it more competitive. Its successful 2014 performance is depicted below:

Number of Services Fueloil [Cbm x 1.000]

Gasoil [Cbm x 1.000]

Number of deliveries by barge 1.000


BMS Sustainability Report 2014







BMS Sustainability Report 2014


Operations Burando Maritime Logistics Highlights and details of the 2014 performance is shown in the graphs and figures at the foot of various pages. .

Fendercare In 2014 Fendercare maintained and slightly increased its services, providing dedicated hoses for specific cargoes anywhere, at any time. The cargo hose-cleaning methods implemented two years ago are still fundamental to meeting and maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

Burando Rental Services In 2014, Burando Rental Services continued its role as a service and solution provider to a range of maritime and industrial clients experiencing difficulties with liquid bulk cargoes. Thanks to its 24/7 availability and its team of qualified mechanics and field technicians, it was able to reduce client downtime significantly in cases of emergency breakdown, on-board pump failures and new system tests, producing a total of five significant projects.

Number of Services Burando Rental Services: Pumping

Fendercare: fenders and hoses rented

Fendercare: Ship-to-ship



BMS Sustainability Report 2014










Ship Spares logistics Along with the ongoing growth of its services, in 2014 SSL received almost 60,000 inward shipments. SSL renovated its Office and warehouses and also carried carried out logistics improvements, including new pavement and guardrails, 4 x 10 ton storage containers to emphasise hazardous contents in accordance with PGS15 legislation, and improved waste management, disposing of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Burando Customs Services Burando Customs Services continued as an independent entity in 2014, providing solutions for customs handling and specific logistics, administrative and fiscal issues. Besides clearing customs, it also supported clients with innovative concepts for customs licensing and complex logistical issues, and it increased the number of its services in 2014.

Number of Custom Services Trefoil



Excise movements (Trefoil) Allowed consignee (T1) Allowed consignor (T1) Export declarations Import declarations











BMS Sustainability Report 2014



BMS Sustainability Report 2014

Final words Accuracy and materiality Our systems let us measure and monitor many aspects of our operational performance in detail. Where such measurements are not yet possible, we have used recognised, publicly-available conversion factors for presenting data calculations. Conversion factors have been used to calculate our carbon footprint, our electricity, water and paper consumption, and the waste produced in our offices. To avoid under-estimating these figures, we have added 10% to our calculated figures here. All measured and/or calculated non-financial data presented in this report is unaudited. Transparency Our 2014 Annual Report strives to provide a full and transparent picture of the company’s performance for the year. In drafting this 2014 Report, the following guidelines and standards have been considered. This has all been completed in accordance with the principles of transparency, and the use of EcoChain ( for calculating our carbon footprint. This report also provides relevant data in accordance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act (ADN). See Annex A.

BMS Sustainability Report 2014



BMS Sustainability Report 2014

Annex Annual Report Transportation Dangerous Goods (ADN)

BMS Sustainability Report 2014


2014 Safety Annual Report This annual report has been drawn up in accordance with the provisions of the European Convention on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterways “ADN” as described in section 1.8.3. and the “Policy Guideline Safety Advisor”. A. General This report was compiled for: FTS Hofftrans B.V. Torontostraat 20 3197 KN Botlek Rotterdam FTS Hofftrans BVBA Orteliuskaai 2 Bus18 2000 Antwerp FTS Hofftrans specialises in the transport and bunkering of mineral products. Its area of operation includes the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. It ships sail for regular clients. Amongst other things,Transafe is acting as a Safety Adviser for FTS Hofftrans in accordance with ADN 1.8.3. FTS Hofftrans is operating the following ships: Name Europe number ADN type Tonnage Period * Amalia Ariane Bonaire Boris Chardonnay Conquest Eloise Iris Isabella Laurentien Leonore Luana Marilene Maxima Noordpool Noordster Quadrans II Quadrans III Valsinni


02326711 02331118 02334625 02309345 02331927 07001730 02328919 02332983 02330137 02330240 02333003 02334945 02332484 02325735 02326516 02331876 02331647 02332887 02331636

BMS Sustainability Report 2014

N.2.3 C.2.2 C.2.2 N.2.2 C.2.2 N.2.3. N.3.2 C.2.2 N.2.3 N.2.3 C.2.2 C.2.2 C.2.2 N.2.3 C.2.2 C.2.2 C.2.2 C.2.2 C.2.2

4207 1660 3098 684 1660 4030 2364 1644 1631 1709 1644 6248 1644 6744 4249 6310 3221 2780 3167

01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 20-01-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-03-2014 01-01-2014 to 10-11-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 10-11-2014 01-01-2014 to 10-11-2014 01-01-2014 to 10-11-2014

Name Europe number

ADN type

Tonnage Period *

Virage 02331724 C.2.2 3180


Volante Zaria Zeeland

01-01-2014 to 10-11-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014

02331723 02334940 02332990

C.2.2 C.2.2 C.2.2

3180 2236 3925

2014 to 10-11-2014

*Period during which the ship was operated by FTS Hofftrans in 2014. The ships are authorised to transport the substances which are specified on the list of substances. The list of substances was issued by the Classification Society in accordance with ADN 2013. B. Transport activities In 2014, FTS Hofftrans mainly transported the following substances: UN 1202, UN 9003, UN 9006 and UN 3082. These substances are in Classes 3 and 9. The total amount transported was 6,620,509 tons. C. Personnel On 31 December 2014, FTS Hofftrans had 109 personnel members of which 13 employees in the office and 96 employees on the barges. Of all the employees on the barges, 28 employees were directly employed, while 68 employees were working through a Crewing Agent. D. Accidents/Incidents Accidents, incidents and near-misses are registered in the ‘Incident monitor’ (see Appendix 1). In 2014, no personal accidents or environment incidents occurred.

BMS Sustainability Report 2014


E. Training courses A large number of crew members took part in an ADN 1.3 training course / captain’s meeting on September 5 or September 12, 2014, which focused on the following subjects: - Developments, policy, incidents, trends and lessons learned - Tanker Management Self Assessment - TPMS (Transafe Planned Maintenance System) - EBIS 2015 - ADN 2015 - Incident Investigation (cf TMSA E8) - Risk Assessment (cf TMSA E9) - Emergency response training/First aid The personal certificates of attendance are available, if required. On 13 ships, a local ADN 1.3 training course and First Aid course were organised for all the crew members that were on board at that time. A number of crew members followed ADN basic, ADN chemicals or ADN refresher courses. Every ship has at least one expert as specified in ADN 8.2. F. Ship’s visits and inspections. In 2014, Transafe conducted 37 audits / inspections, distributed over 20 ships. The aim was to implement 2 audits / inspections every year for each ship (see Appendix 2 for an overview). In addition, a number of inspections were conducted by third parties, including official bodies. These inspections gave no cause for the transport activities to be suspended or terminated. G. Fleet manual In August 2014, the fleet manual is reviewed based on ADN 2015, TMSA, all relevant regulations and “best practice”.


BMS Sustainability Report 2014

H. TPMS In March 2014, FTS Hofftrans started using TPMS (Transafe Planned Maintenance System) on thecompany’s ships and in the office. This software will enable FTS Hofftrans to effectively manage and monitor the following: - Technical maintenance - Certificates - Safety training courses - Fleet handbook including forms used - Near misses and incidents - Fleet memos - Legislation - Risk Inventory & Evaluation - Data related to the crew I. Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E) In 2014, FTS Hofftrans had its RI&E for its fleet updated in accordance with the CBRB method and then had it tested by a (certified) Health and Safety Executive. Activities that resulted from the RI&E and that were specified in the monitoring report have been identified, assigned and implemented. In addition, the internal audits are being used to identify ship-specific risks. The undersigned is satisfied that all regulations, internal inspections and procedures were complied with and safeguarded as efficiently as possible over 2014 in accordance with the regulations and the fleet handbook on board of the tank barges. Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, February 9, 2015

Cristiaan Heuvelman / Transafe Safety Advisor

BMS Sustainability Report 2014

43 Burando Maritime Services Torontostraat 20 3197 KN Botlek-RT portnumber 4540

Burando sustainability report 2014  
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