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Hello everyone. Let‟s get started. I‟ve only allotted about 20 minutes to give you the Big Idea & a little time for review before we conclude our initial business relationship building session. My name is Nick Mills and I represent Mills Funding Group LLC, a Real Estate Acquisition & Asset Management company that‟s been in syndication for 10 years. Within that time, we as a company has accomplished several successful feats since that time:  

Successfully raised over $500,000 over past 5 years. Worked under successful and nationally reputable Coaching Programs led by Dave Lindahl, Robert Kiyosaki, Billionaire Bill Bartmann, & Expert Investor Consultant Pitch Man Oren Klaff. Personally funded $100K to REI Business.

WHY NOW: Memphis is a 2nd Tier investment market that currently has an oversupply of off-market deals in the single famiy and multi-family arenas. As compared to National averages, Memphis homes are about $40,000 less which leaves huge room for profit off of cash-only deals & huge opportunity for portfolio build in the #1 U.S. investment rental market. Since foreclosures are still rising in this region, there‟s a chain reaction which essentially is a stronger need for apartment & home rentals. There‟s also been a unique change to out-of-town owners, who are also elderly, immensely motivated to sell their real estate at attractive investor discounts to consolidate & move money closer to home, which opens the need for new money to come in & become the new players of local wealth. Compared to some of the top apartments in Emerging Markets that‟s leading the wealth transfer rush right now, these motivated owners have improved amenities to create higher tenant retention which leads to higher, consistent occupancies & minimized deferred maintenance which inspire even the most novice of an investor to jump in on the wealth transfer rush in Memphis & other attractive Emerging Markets. Interesting fact that Memphis, TN, according to Forbes, is the #3 U.S. Rental Market & #1 U.S. Single Family Home Investment Market according to Wall Street Journal. Foreclosures are still at an all-time high & rents are still below 5-year market rates & ahead of inflation rates. So, and opportunity arises where helping a major Emerging U.S. cities maintaining inflation, jobs, & overall quality of life also creates for you a wealth Boost-Builder through diversified short & long-term real estate investments that are sure to be maintained with the city‟s economic cycle. From that major chain reaction, Everyone wants to sell, which sets up a wealth transfer in the market; Banks can‟t/aren‟t lending due to Gov‟t Regulation fear & over-supply of REOs/NPNs. Plus, you have experienced or tired owners/ investors that want to move their money or get out completely. The economic relevance from that is foreclosures are still high locally and nationally which opens the floodgates for hungry renters. There‟s nothing new on Wall Street; Too much fear and not enough knowledge for good, consistent returns; Financial brokers and money managers are leaning on lack of time concept for 401(k)ers and everyday professionals to do it themselves.

So, fixing this broken cycle of economic slavery would consist of finding tangible, flexible, progressive investments in real estate whose value‟s not based on speculation or fear, but performance. We then find a motivated seller‟s market. Then, you commit funds for incomparable returns, excitement, little competition with huge reward potential! Benefits from these possibilities include long-term return potential based on economic performance, not fear tactics since there‟s always an Emerging Market to invest in. Simply put, watch your money grow & set you free! This is all about how to achieve the best path to passive income through diversified Emerging Market Real Estate Investments. Big Idea: For investors with saved, fearful money in stocks, bonds, CDs, mutual funds, annuities, etc. who are dissatisfied with mediocre, penny-pinching returns that they can‟t live off of along with high-risk losses, my idea is a project, a bank-robbing fund that provides the highest returns in the country with the lowest managed risk. Unlike REITs and banks, we only profit after you do and you can cash out whenever you want (but with the returns we offer, why would you?!). There‟s and oversupply of off-market SFHs, but renters and future owners can‟t get access to these properties. When they find a property of choice, financing has become about as impossible as Republicans voting for ObamaCare! It doesn‟t help that renting in Apartments are not as attractive not become of the year, but due to mismanaged properties with high-growth potential and no marketing plans. Vacancies don‟t occur and stay constant only due to bad properties or areas. But, rather to the spreading disconnect between rental prospect and the rental properties available. With home sales dropping and foreclosures rising, the number of renters growing , leaves a huge opportunity for cash buyers and passive investors to grow their portfolio for long-term growth. So, how do we take advantage and help with this crisis? The other guy‟s solution would be try to qualify and reason with banks for financing, which short hands and ultimately, decapitate, the path to investor success. Or, they would go the hard money route, incur massive debt based on speculation of selling quickly and lose any profits and momentum. NOW, OUR SOLUTION is simply to reverse all of that, stop speculation and vacancy, increase returns and occupancy. The Mills Funding Group will rob the banks to give you long-term growth. We do this by taking advantage of the banks‟ Achilles Heel, their shadow inventory & MLS listings that‟s been on the market for over 90 days. We find the best value in the properties that most investors can‟t afford, accept, or don‟t know exist. Finding deals like these allow us to properly take our time, do due diligence without any obstacles involving major competition to get in the way or force the process of a bad investment, affecting return potential. We first find several deals to create as a portfolio package that meets our investment metrics. We use factors such as ROI and Cap Rate to determine potential for future long-term growth. We perform research through several research sites to determine history, present flow, and future movement of neighborhood market value and rent value to build exit strategy strength.

We consult with several local brokers and realtors on our research findings and offer unbiased room for add‟l expertise to strengthen our case for choosing the properties in the deal. We get the real numbers with the properties to ensure that they can hold a consistent „REI Trifecta‟ of 8% Cap Rate, 1.6x DCR, & 12% CoC return for a minimum 3-year period.      

We Find A Property/Portfolio Deal We Then Raise Funds & Secure Them In An “Eyes Only” Escrow Account We Provide You With A Mortgage Or Promissory Note if a Debt Partner & Insurance At Closing. We Receive Monthly Cash Flow From Property You Receive Quarterly Check From Property‟s Cash Flow We Sell/Re-Fi Property After Period of Time (3-5 yrs.) & Return Your Funds Plus Profits

Now, the Secret Sauce here is what gives our company purpose over the competition and get you excited All over! We offer monthly Cash Flow opportunities with appropriate funds raised or certain number of successful deals done with us. You‟re eligible after 3 completed deals ($300K-$500K Total) OR you‟ve committed $500K in 1 deal; Now, your ROI will be lower, but your payments more frequent! We also offer quarterly cash flow opportunities to credit partners/Track Record Sponsor partners with no committed funds attached. The ROI will still be at a great rate and eligibility occurs only after committed funds have been raised. Diversify your committed funds in several Emerging Markets, apartment deals only. You can combine your funds with other diversified partners. A „shadow certainty‟ is set for your returns where your funds are secured 3 ways: Equity, Profits, & Property Insurance. Also, get the opportunity to increase your ROI when your referrals commit a minimum amount towards a deal! For our initial raised fund budget, we‟re jumping out the gates! We‟re setting up a minimum $1MM raise for all projects and projected to raise up to $50MM in our 1 st few phases for this system. For all deals, we seek a minimum 8% cap rate to ensure project can produce positive cash flow each month, 1.6 DCR to leave option open for cash out refi or mortgage out a more lucrative can‟t miss deal, & 12% CoC return to ensure that there‟s enough cash flow to pay all partners in a deal! We schedule cash outs back to our investors within 3-5 years of holding the property. Once profits are returned, we offer new investment opportunities to keep the relationship and wealth-growing process strong. For the optimal deal setup, we prefer to use no more than 3 investors on one deal, contingent that commitments are raised high enough. That‟s why we always aim primarily for discount cash deals. We own the leverage and potentials for higher returns increase. Financed deals allow us to purchase more in a short time if cash flow permits it, but it works best with few committed partners with huge fund commitments to allow for prompt return on

their money. This scenario presents quite a fun catch-22: Lower your investment risk with more units across the board or maximize your returns while you can!! Offering The Deal: For Ground Floor Investors, you‟ll receive 1 st hand at all deals, highest ROI offers with fund commit requirements met; Royalty Checks for every referral commitment after their completed 1st deal. For all investors after ground floor phase is completed, they‟ll receive 2 nd tier ROI offering for their 1st 3 completed deals with us. Afterwards, after a total commitment amount threshold has been reached, sub-Premium ROI offers apply. Quarterly Cash flow checks for all investor levels, cashed out after minimum 3-yr. hold period. To qualify for monthly cash flow checks, you must meet the following criteria:   

Individuals: $100K Initial Commit, $1MM Overall During Fund Commitments, No Early Cash Outs Investment Groups: $1MM Initial Commit, $10MM During Fund Commitments, No Early Cash Outs To expedite overall commitments, allowed to diversify in multiple deals.

All Payments, quarterly and monthly, will be received via wire transfer or FedEx Special Delivery. Your role and responsibilities simply are to passively invest to receive passive checks, invest frequently to expand ROI and/or network deal opportunities to referrals. Opportunities to offer products/services beneficial to the investment in exchange for ROI increase in quarterly checks and cash-outs. Again, to show off our expert strategy points for getting on our yacht of investment awesomeness, let‟s review a few points that make you tingle the most. We have the system that can get discount prices on deals and steer away from retail and market value, increasing equity in the process; We offer the highest returns to those that commit and fund deals the fastest; We offer investments in locales where investors can lay their hat and vacation or live there while they watch their tangible investments perform and grow. With larger fund commitments, the opportunity for higher ROI than what was calculated can be achieved. You commit, we commit. You can get paid more frequently than any competitor can or is willing to offer. Bring your network to invest with us, you get royalty checks for each deal they participate in! Plus, your ROI can increase from their commitments as well! During any financial cycle, there‟s always an emerging market where longterm growth can occur with recurring investors and we offer that opportunity to you. You have the ground floor opportunity to get in on an exclusive market like Memphis & other top 1st tier Emerging markets. We‟re the best company to work with since we‟ll give your investment commitment the closest attention it needs and deserves. There‟s no better competitor with our expertise and well laid out system. But, of course I‟m biased! Yes, the value of the offer is there. But I can‟t, in the final analysis, tell you, the viewer and prospect, what to do. Again, I can‟t tell you to invest. I can tell you that I believe in the results we‟ve received at this point, due diligence has been thoroughly done, I‟ve disclosed everything to this point; I‟m in love with this opportunity and its potential. But, I can‟t tell you what to do. You need to decide for yourself.

We have room for only 10 investors at 1 time, so fill out the Investorsâ€&#x; questionnaire to ensure that you qualify to be involved further. Again, thanks for your attention to this short Pitch Presentation & be sure to share this among your network online and offline. Get the full private money pitch presentation here.

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