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General RACING News NASCAR Mayhem? Due to the actions of Clint Boywer and Jeff Gordon, both have been put on probation until December 31 due to both drivers’ actions at the November 11th race at Phoenix. Gordon has been fined 100,000 dollars and Boywer’s crew cheif wa fined 25,000 dollars for his actions as well. Courtesy of the NASCAR Wire service Photo: Getty Images

Formula One: Point Standings Ps Driver 1 Sebastien Vettel 2 Fernando Alonso 3 Kimi Raikkonen 4 Mark Webber 5 Lewis Hamilton 6 Jenson Button 7 Felipe Massa 8 Nico Rosberg 9 Romain Grosjean 10 Sergio Perez 11 Kamui Kobayashi 12 Nico Hulkenberg 13 Paul Di Resta 14 Pastor Maldonado 15 Michael Schumacher 16 Bruno Senna 17 Jean-Eric Vergne 18 Daniel Ricciardo 19 Timo Glock 20 Heikki Kovalainen 21 Vitaly Petrov 22 Jérôme D’Ambrosio 23 Charles Pic 24 Narain Karthikeyan 25 Pedro De la Rosa

Pts 255 245 198 167 165 153 95 93 90 60 58 49 46 43 43 30 12 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

My Toyota 86 GT ‘12

My Toyota 86 GT ‘12 Words: Nick Bernow Photos: Nick Bernow & Ian Adams So you may be wondering, BR-Z, or 86 GT. The BR-Z/86 GT is the new cooperative design from Subaru and Toyota. It is also worth mentioning that Toyota owns a part of Subaru. Stock, they put out about the same power, use almost the same engine and they also use almost the same body. With that boringness out of the way on to my car. My 86 GT is a fully tuned, 377 BHP car. It has all the tuning upgrades available for the car installed and it also has a GT wing from GT Auto installed as well as Racing Soft tires to provide extra grip. This car is well balanced and has very good handling characteristics. At The Top Gear Test Track for example, it carried itself with ease and had very little understeer through the corners and provided for an excellent drive. The acceleration is quick and responsive and the turning force is good for this rear wheel drive car. You would think it would oversteer immensely, espically in the Hammerhead corner, but because of the wing and front bodykit I installed from GT Auto it is quite nice to see the car perform. We then left the iconic airfield in Surrey and dropped in on Cote’d Azur(Monaco). This course is known for its hills, tight chicanes, and long straights. Surprisingly, as this car pounded around, its little turbocharged 4 cylinder boxer. It was putting out some nice lap times, and it was very consistent in cornering quality. After this quick trip to Monaco, we went to Germany to probably the most famous road course, the Nurburgring. Called the “Green Hell” its many twists and corners have claimed lives and it now serves as the pinnacle of automotive testing. We took the 86 GT to the 24hr layout with no time or weather change. It is worth noting that none of the gearing was changed, just a 6-speed manual installed on this car. With that said, with the transmission fully customizable, meaning that I can change the ratios, I did not extend the gearing ratios on the transmission. This being the case, the car easily reached the top speed of 140 and hit the rev limiter in the top of sixth gear. This resulted in a long lap time of about 9 minutes 30 seconds. This car had to deal with all of the bumps of the ‘Ring and it dealt with them quite well. This track wasn’t as smooth as Monaco and The Top Gear Test Track. This is because the track has been around almost 100 years. This car has a finely tuned sport suspension to compliment its excellent styling. The styling of this car is very cool in my opinion. The standard car looked kind of bare with nothing on the back, like it was made for the wing that I had installed. It also reminds me of when the old Supra roamed the streets, it has many of the same lines and curves. It also looks like it could just get up and go without any hesitation. Final thoughts, I think I did pretty good in choosing the right car. This car is an all around good car, it could just use a little taller gearing, and a little more power. I say this because it drives through the low end of the RPM range too quickly, it feels that the car wants to go, but has too much power and too little gearing. Yes, this can be remedied, but it comes at a price to the acceleration.

Technical Data BHP Torque 0-60 0-100

McLaren: Supercar of Our Time Words: Nick Bernow

Photos: Nick Bernow, Ian Adams Some think the McLaren SLR is a grand touring car. The other side of the spectrum is that the SLR is the latest supercar to come out of the small, very English facility. We will attempt to figure out if it’s the best of both worlds or if it’s one or the other. With that in mind, lets get to it.

Let’s start off by just taking a look at the car. Yes, I know it has Mercedes badges on it, but if you look just foreword of the doors and on the deck lid, it does in fact say McLaren. Merc does provide the body, and of course, the badge. Ignoring all of that garnish is easy though. This car is striking to just gaze at. The lines of this car are spectacular to just look at in a standstill position. This car is also a pleasure to drive, with the sole upgrade being Racing Soft Tires for maximum grip. The interior feels like you want to drive this car. And, if you’re a testosterone freak like I am, this is the right car for you.

Driving this car on a track will leave you with endless fun. Yes, you have five speeds I know, that’s one reason this car is bonkers. This car has around 500 BHP and is a dream to drive. The cornering ability of this machine is immense compared to something else of its caliber. Not that there is anything else of its caliber in existance, exept other SLRs.

GT 1st draft  

a fan magazine of cars and the Gran Tourismo series

GT 1st draft  

a fan magazine of cars and the Gran Tourismo series