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Prepared by: NAFC Date: August 20, 2013

BACKGROUND: About Corporate Logos: Importance of Logo

What makes a good logo?

1. It is the ultimate branding representation of the Company.

1. It should accurately represent the company and what it stands for.

2. It will serve as the visual image of the company in the minds of the customers.

2. It should be attractive and pleasant to the eyes: + Proper color coordination. + Balance in the number of elements.

3. A greatly executed logo will convey a positive image towards those who see it. 4. A well-established logo will add value to the overall brand and facilitate good brand recall and brand recognition.

3. The logo should look good when applied to different media or materials. (Stationaries, website, brochures, print ads, promo items, etc.) 4.A good logo should be “timeless” and can be used forever (with some periodical refreshes) 5. Make the logo SIMPLE. A simple logo will be easier to RECOGNIZE and REMEMBER

New MAG Group Website: MAG Group will be having a new-look corporate website that will be “modern-looking” with “simple” and “clean” elements. MAG Lubricants Rebrand: MAG Lubricants had a recent “re-branding” of their business complete with a new logo design which is fresh-looking and modern in look. Old Logo


Many elements

New Logo


Clean / Easy on the eyes Modern Look Balanced

Logo Evolutions: Company logos usually change from time to time to adopt and cater to the current interests and tastes of the market at that given time. Staying relevant to the market is imperative for all brands. The following are some of the prominent logos that evolved through the years:

Most well-known logos from prominent brands evolve from being COMPLICATED to SIMPLE and BASIC, which would reflect a more modern design. MAG Logo: Current MAG Group Logo has been used for a very long time (10+ years).

Comments - Too many elements in the design. - Difficult to apply on various media because of the color combination and the various elements - Difficult to manipulate the size, because of the “Since 1978” text (Need to maintain right size so that the text will be shown properly).

OBJECTIVE: Refresh MAG Group Logo to reflect a modern look and design to match the website and also in line with the modern look of the new MAG Lube logo with the following key aspects: SIMPLE, CLEAN, MODERN LOOKING and REFLECTS WHAT MAG GROUP IS.


Simplify the Design: - Remove Drop Shadows to make the design clearer. - Remove the Ellipse in order to make the design more “free”

Allow Better Brand Recall Move “Group” below “MAG” to emphasize the phrase: “MAG Group”

Simplify and Balance - Remove “Since” and maintain “1978” to emphasize heritage and long history. - Match the color of the words “Group” and “1978” to create balance. - Use “Candara” font for cleaner, fresher and more readable look.


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Mag Group Logo Refresh  
Mag Group Logo Refresh