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The Interfraternity Beat Quinnipiac University

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Number 8: Phi Gamma Delta! By: Tyler Herlihy The Interfraternity Council is very excited to announce that a new organization, Phi Gamma Delta, is coming to campus in the fall. This organization marks the eighth fraternal organization on this campus. Phi Gamma Delta, also known as FIJI, is a very unique organization because there is only seven places that their actual Greek letters are allowed to be placed. This is why they take on the nickname FIJI. We wish to extend FIJI the best of luck with their first recruitment, and encourage the young leaders of this campus to investigate this once in a lifetime opportunity to found a fraternity on our campus. FIJI is likely the last organization coming to campus for some time that men will be able to participate in the founding of, so be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity. For those of you who may wish to join this fraternity, or would like to hear more information about it, contact the Interfraternity Council’s Director of Recruitment, Tyler Herlihy. He will be able to get you this information, and put you in touch with the right people to see if you are the right fit for Phi Gamma Delta.

Tyler Herlihy Charlie Doe Nate Moore Mike Graziano Erik Blakney Edited and Published: Nick Amador

IFC Meetings are every other Wednesday at 9:15pm

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This Is Why I Stayed… By: Nate Moore Every Greek at Quinnipiac University at some point or another has been asked the dreadful question; “So, why did you join a Greek organization?” This question, more times than not, come from a faculty member, professor, family member or another student who is not in the Greek system. Most students respond by spewing out a short list of buzzwords. The most popular of which include; brotherhood or sisterhood, sense of community, to have fun and to gain a better group of friends. The question itself has always struck me as odd. Why is the question on the tips of so many people’s tongues asking about a Greek’s state of mind before joining or even committing to an organization? For me, there is a far more interesting question to ask a Greek man or woman. After a long new member process, hundreds of dollars in dues every semester, countless mandatory meetings and events, hours of community service and philanthropy, the conduct processes and fines, the sober monitoring and occasional ridicule of those not in the Greek system, why did you stay? This is why I stayed. I will never forget walking out of Delta Tau Delta’s initiation ceremony my freshman year of college with about three million different thoughts running through my head. I was somewhere between invigorated and massively confused not knowing what it all meant and where I was supposed to go from there. If it wasn’t for the amazing guidance I got from both older members of my fraternity, as well as the support of older members of several different fraternities and sororities, I may still be in that makeshift initiation room staring off into the distance to this very day. But instead, from that moment onwards, I plunged head first into the fraternity experience and haven’t looked back since. I’ve had the opportunity to hold many different positions within Greek life ranging from the Standards Chair of Delta Tau Delta to

sitting on the Judicial Board for IFC. Of course, it has also been my distinct honor and privilege to serve as Quinnipiac’s Interfraternity Council President over the past semester as well. While these leadership opportunities have taught me more about life and how to be an effective leader than I ever thought imaginable, it still was never and still is not the end game for myself as a Greek. For me, the reason I stayed so engaged in Greek Life over the past two years really boils down to two things; personal growth and relationship building. If you take a step back and think about Greek Life as an institution, you will quickly realize there is no other organization in the world that could even come close to drawing parallels. Never again will an individual be able to join an organization and immediately immerse themselves within such a passionate, driven, and meaningful group of people than in Greek Life. At no other time or place have students been held more accountable while constantly stepping outside their comfort zone than in Greek Life. I’ve heard the argument time and time again that joining a Greek organization is simply a way to purchase friends at the college level. While it’s true that ever since I joined the Greek community, my bank account has been decimated, it’s because I have valued the fraternity experience. This experience is so much more than friendships; it’s an experience that allows for college students to elevate themselves higher than ever imaginable. I believe in fraternity and sorority. That is why I stayed.

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Get To Know The IFC E-Board They sit in the office in the Greek suite but who are they?

Nate Moore - President Affiliation: Delta Tau Delta Major: Economics Favorite Quote:

“The best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago, the second best time is now.”

Mike Graziano – Executive Vice President Affiliation: Pi Kappa Phi

Major: International Business Favorite Quote:

"Great minds think alike... And that's the problem”

Tyler Herlihy – Director Of Recruitment Affiliation: Pi Kappa Phi Major: English Favorite Quote:

"Write that down.”

Steve Kuchenruther – Director Of Fraternal Standards Affiliation: Delta Tau Delta Major: Film, Video, and Interactive Media Favorite Quote:

“I am what I am today, because of what I did yesterday.”

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Nick Amador – Director Of Public Relations Affiliation: Sigma Phi Epsilon Major: Broadcast Journalism Favorite Quote:

“Dream without fear, love without limits”

Joe Almeida – Director Of Finance Affiliation: Pi Kappa Phi Major: Finance Favorite Quote:

"The key to success is to do the ordinary thing extraordinarily well" - John D. Rockefeller

Ryan Gunther – Director Of Scholarship Affiliation: Delta Tau Delta Major: Physician Assistant Favorite Quote:

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value” – Albert Einstein

Jordan McWatt – Director Of Member Development Affiliation: Delta Tau Delta Major: Entrepreneurship Favorite Quote:

“A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers.”- JFK 4 4

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Sibling Rivalries: Fraternities and Sororities Compete for Greek Week Crown By: Charlie Doe Sometimes, a little friendly competition can bring people closer together; such was the case with Greek Week, 2014. Greek Week has always been a staple of the fraternity and sorority at Quinnipiac, providing the organizations on campus an opportunity to showcase their members’ unique talents, abilities, and overall unity. This year especially, the Greek Week committee, headed by Alpha Delta Pi’s Katie Demalo, focused on fostering a greater sense of togetherness within the Quinnipiac Greek community. The Greek Week community kicked off the week’s events by announcing the theme during March’s Greek Assembly. The crowd erupted in cheers when they were informed that Disney would be the overarching theme of the week. Andrew Vautrin of Sigma Phi Epsilon shared his excitement; “The Disney theme allows people to reminisce on old childhood memories with new friends.” Shannon Savage, a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, additionally appreciated the growth from last year’s theme, “There was so much creativity with the Dr. Seuss theme last year and that is so much narrower than Disney. I was excited to see what everyone would come up with this year.” The anticipation only continued to build when the committee announced that each fraternity and sorority would be paired up for the week’s culminating event—the annual Lip Sync competition. While each grouping worked on their choreography early in the week, some until the wee hours of the morning, they actively participated in Greek Week’s other events, including taking pictures around campus and attending speaker Rick Barnes.

On Thursday night, one brave candidate from each organization took the stage for the Greek God and Goddess competition. Though each candidate demonstrated immense talent, from interpretive dances to musical performances, Beta Theta Pi’s Matt Kaplan and Kappa Alpha Theta’s Catrina Greico were crowned as God and Goddess, respectively. The enormous showing at the final event, Friday night’s Lip Sync, dwarfed the high turnouts all week. With nearly all of TD Bank decked out in various letters, everyone not dancing was busy losing their voice cheering for their brothers or sisters. In a combined effort, Pi Kappa Phi and Alpha Chi Omega were awarded the honor of Lip Sync champions—a prize well-earned after a week of late night practices. Gabby D’Agostino of Alpha Chi Omega summed up the original goal of Greek Week 2014, citing the Greek unity as an award in itself, “It was exciting to celebrate the win with my sisters, but it was also special to be able to share the moment with our partners—the men of Pi Kappa Phi.” While Lip Sync may be the most attended event, winning Lip Sync doesn’t guarantee the overall Greek Week crown. A power tandem of Alpha Delta Pi and Beta Theta Pi finished numbers one and two overall respectively. The real winner, though, as is true every year, is the Greek community at Quinnipiac, who got to take a full week simply to enjoy being around one another in a friendly competitive atmosphere. The closing ceremonies teased the community with a sneak peek into next year’s Greek Week, and Nicholas Amador, a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon and a member of the IFC Executive Board was named the Greek Week Chair. Said Amador, “I’m ecstatic to really make Greek Week an opportunity for the fraternities and sororities to come together and focus on building a better community.” Quinnipiac can only wait and see what surprises Amador and his team will have in store for next year! 5 5

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Wingtips & Tie-Clips By: Mike Graziano It’s pretty rare when a walk down Bobcat Way doesn’t blind you with flashes of bright pastelcolored button downs whizzing by. Here at Quinnipiac, VineyardVines quarter-zips and next season’s Sperry’s are found right below “Notebooks” in everyone’s back-to-school list. The Kate Spade hair-bows get higher, the Lily Pullitzer notebooks get brighter, and only in a QU Bobcat’s dream would J.Crew open up shop on the quad. Personally, I have always been the type of student that has actually put some thought into what I was going to wear each day. Although this may just be my subconscious making up for four high school years of dressing in the same uniform everyday, I strongly advocate it to every fraternal man on campus. Now - there is nothing wrong with the preppy scene and all of the polka dots that along come with it – but so many fraternal men think that throwing together a bunch of different colors will land them in the next Ralph Lauren campaign. The truth of it all: you have to make the pieces of your outfit count. This doesn’t always have to mean BRIGHTBRIGHT-BRIGHT. The pieces of an average man’s outfit are very limited, whereas women have the ability to layer and layer until something matches. This sometimes makes it harder for a men’s outfit to flow. One thing that helps me is to always make sure of the details - the “wingtips and tie clips” - of what I’m wearing that day. Small, brainless things like putting a watch on, or having my belt match my shoes, really help to pull an outfit together. (I suggest every man buy a good-quality reversible brown/black leather belt – you won’t have to worry about keeping track of two belts, it’s a good detailed piece, and there’s no outfit it wont match.) Women appreciate the smallest details in a well-dressed man because it shows that some thought and care went into what was being thrown that morning. The first thought that a

woman has when she sees you is probably going to set the tone for how she acts towards you – take advantage of that. Plain pastels don’t only match with other bright pastels. Darker colors like tan and brown accentuate the pastel piece you’re wearing, and simple patterns work well with those colors too. As far as pin attire events or any other formal gatherings you may have coming up, there are a few things you want to remember. First, the details we already talked about. Many stores sell tie clips in a bundle for cheap which are perfect for skinny ties (please guys, we are young and dressing like we are fifty-year old businessmen and the generic one-colored “fat” tie just defeats the purpose). As a second note, try to grab a few skinny ties the next time you’re at the mall. Many brands producing men’s suits or blazers are currently focused on jackets with thin lapels, which compliment skinnier ties much better. The third thing that could absolutely make or break a man’s suit is the pant length. Pants that fall down past the ankles look too big many times, whereas a hemmed and slimmer pant fit will make you appear to have a broader upper body. Finally - do something with your hair. Even when dressing for a normal day, settling on a specific hairstyle will always tie a men’s look together. Trust me when I say that putting a little bit of though into what you’re wearing will warrant some serious respect from people across campus. For one reason or another, professors and students alike seem to shine a happier light on men who present themselves put-together and in a gentleman-like manner. Putting thought in isn’t a chore, but rather a guarantee to show character and feel much happier.

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LEAD! 7 7

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IFC Recruitment Update By: Tyler Herlihy

This semester was the first spring recruitment where it was not the first opportunity for freshmen to join Greek Life, and it went very well. Despite mother nature’s best attempts to sabotage the fraternal men of this campus, the Interfraternity Council is proud to say that we were able to welcome close to 70 men to the fraternal community. Recruitment kicked off with a “Meet the Fraternities” event where representatives represented each organization from their chapter, and nonGreeks who had an interest in the fraternal community were able to meet brothers from each chapter before official recruitment even kicked off. Recruitment then continued into the official twoweek period. After the first week, the Interfraternity Council unfortunately had to postpone recruitment one week due to inclement weather. Chapters worked very well with the council in order to assure that they still met the minimum guidelines outlined by the Interfraternity Council’s bylaws. The chapters took full advantage of the extended recruitment period, and each succeeded in their own individual way.

Looking forward unto next semester, the Interfraternity Council is excited to take on its first fall recruitment cycle since being elected. Through our work with the student center, we have been able to obtain a presence this summer at New Student Orientation, which we are very excited to take full advantage of. We are also looking forward to Fraternity Week in the fall, which will take place between September 1st and 8th. Through this week we hope to provide events that unite the fraternal community, while allowing those students who may be interested in Greek Life to truly see what it is all about on our campus. Hopefully these events will allow the recruitment teams of our campus to continue to make those initial connections with the top men on the Quinnipiac campus, and will get non-Greeks excited for recruitment in the fall. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding fraternal recruitment please do not hesitate to contact the Interfraternity Council’s Director of Recruitment, Tyler Herlihy. His email is

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Journey Of Hope By: Erik Blakney

This summer, Mark Boulas, a sophomore brother of Pi Kappa Phi at Quinnipiac University, will be participating in an amazing event called Journey of Hope. Journey of Hope, which is sponsored by the national philanthropic organization Push America, is a cross country bike ride from California to Washington D.C. The trip takes place over two months from June to August, and covers over 4,000 miles! The purpose of the trip is to raise money and awareness for people with disabilities. Last year, Journey of Hope raised over $600,000 that went towards building camps and facilities, making tons and universities wheelchair accessible, hosting events with organizations such as Best Buddies, and so much more for all Americans living with disabilities. Mark was selected from thousands of Pi Kapp's across the country to be one of the 90 young men to participate in the trip. Aside from training everyday in the gym and out on the bike, Mark has also obviously been tasked with fundraising money, and reach his personal minimum goal of $5,500. This is obviously impossible without donations from many generous people, especially the support of the Greek Community at Quinnipiac. All donations made on Mark's behalf to Push America are tax deductible and go directly towards bettering the lives of others. Any donation, whether it be $5 or $50, is both helpful and appreciated. The link below is a direct link to his personal fundraising page, where you will find a "Donate" button underneath his photo. The button will allow you to make a donation of your choice by credit card. It's easy, safe, and very quick! You may also make donations by either cash or check, in which case please feel free to contact Mark directly by email ( or by cellphone (203-747-9930) with any questions or comments. It would mean the world if you could help Mark and Push America complete this journey and be a light to others, and please try and share this with anyone who you think would be willing to support this amazing cause. Thank you!

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IFC Spring Newsletter 2014