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Hello! Apologies this is a little bit late coming out. Summer term arrived rather quickly—it‟s amazing how the Easter holidays can fly past. All the preparation for Easter services, plays, rota planning, material gathering can soon add up and before you know it, it‟s May, exams have nearly begun, the weather is warmer and you‟re late writing your newsletter! This term we are exploring some really relevant, challenging topics for many of our young people—more detail over the page. We are also continually seeking God‟s heart and His plans and are very excited about some of the events coming up this term. Read on, and as always, let me know what you think! Nick Francis Youth Minister

This is the small contingent of us who went paintballing last term—more paintballing will happen soon!

NEWS... Last Term Spring term is always a strange one. Following the excitement of Hill End, fireworks, Christmas parties and the like it can seem a little bit quiet and subdued but the youth work continued to grow and change. Housegroups saw a real change with the year 7-9 boys housegroup doubling in size, some new members joining the girls group and a whole lot of creativity, fun and games. Chill‟n‟Chat has also grown with the addition of some new young people who have joined the church recently after attending the Café services. Café services themselves have been a real source of excitement & fruit. Starting our new series—”Questions for God”, we have been exploring real issues, given by everyone from the church, in a variety of ways—talks, debates, panels, discussions. At several services the youth made up the majority of the congregation (helped no doubt by the excellent refreshments!). Schools work has been really exciting this term. Myself and Dave Criddle were invited into Buckingham School to do two assemblies about Easter. We basically got the opportunity to stand in front of them and tell them what Easter means to us, what Jesus‟ death & resurrection means. Amazing, powerful stuff. Some great reactions from teachers & staff and a promise of future invitations. All in all last term was an absolute blessing and joy. God was clearly working in all the areas of the work and continues to surprise where we least expect it.

COMING UP... Here is an overview of what is coming up this term at Well Street:

Quiz Night The Gap Year Fund that supports young people on Gap years is running low. As a result we will be doing some fundraising. We are planning to run a quiz night & talent auction in late June—there will be a quiz planned & run by the youth and then they will be auctioning themselves, and their talents, off to you for, well, whatever you want to pay! Watch this space!

What are learning?


A brief paragraph on what groups are studying this term: React are spending this term looking at some life issues that will affect them or they may face as they grow as Christian young people—alcohol, relationships, worry, anger, fear just to name a few. Chill‟n‟Chat are continuing a „back to basics‟ course started late last term and the exploring some “what does the Bible say about….” discussions looking at

areas like relationships, alcohol & heaven.


Proteens are continuing to use the Youthwork magazine resource and this term are looking at a wide variety of topics—does God exist, why suffering, and continuing to explore the book of Mark. Housegroups are again exploring a variety of topics—Christian vocabulary, diversity, materialism, gossip, and also looking at same sex relationships—want to find out more? Speak to Nick!

How Can You Help? There are always opportunities to get involved with the youth work. Our biggest needs at the moment are help with Proteens and Housegroups. For more information or details please speak to Nick.

Calendar Dates It can be tricky to try to keep track of all the dates. To make life easier there is a calendar on the website which has all the youth events on. To find it just go to: youth/calendar.php Information for all of our events and trips will be available both on Facebook and the church website.

CHILL’N’CHAT Chill‟n‟Chat is a relatively new event that started when React migrated to a Saturday night. It was clear that the older youth (mainly those in school year 10+) needed somewhere slightly more targeted at them. Somewhere where they could sit, discuss things that were relevant to them whilst also having space to chill, play games and hang out. So chill‟n‟chat came into being. On a typical Sunday night we normally start with the discussion. There is normally one planned but one of the joys of Chill‟n‟Chat is that it is flexible. If the sermon has been particularly challenging, or there is something happening in their lives that they want to discuss then we will. It isn‟t a guided Bible study but more of a facilitated discussion.

sardines, sleeping lions—you name it, they like to play it! Of course all of this is underpinned with the necessary need for food & drink—obviously an essential (& Biblically based) element to any evening! Want to find out more? The best way is to get involved—speak to Nick!

For more information on the details of the youth work please look at the website, or see the notice board in the Lower Hall. If you would like to contact Nick you can do so via e-mail or phone.

His details are

below. This newsletter can also be viewed on-line – go to:

Sometimes this discussion will go on until 9, sometimes until 8 or 8.30. The key is it is flexible, it is designed to fit their needs, and, with recent signs of growth, is clearly working. Normally after the discussion we will finish with a game or two of some sort—wink murder, Wii,

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Summer Term Youth Newsletter  
Summer Term Youth Newsletter  

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