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Hello! A happy New Year to all of you. I hope you all had a great Christmas. Apologies for the slight delay in this newsletter. I don’t think I can blame the snow but I have been a bit poorly and the start to term has been a bit full on! Autumn term was, as it always is, a busy one—Hill End, fireworks, Christmas parties, start of a new school year. Plenty of good things happened—read a bit more inside. As always, your feedback is important so let me know what you think. Thanks Nick Francis Youth Minister

NEWS... Last Term Last term was probably dominated by two main events in my mind: Hill End (or whatever it will be known as!) went to a new venue— the Frontier Centre near Northampton. It is a great place, lots of open space to roam in, some great activities and top notch accommodation. The feedback we had from the young people was brilliant and we’ll definitely be going back there! Heroes was a new ecumenical venture started in September to follow on from Holiday Club. We have a great consistent group of young people attending from a Fireworks trip variety of backgrounds. So far the group is full of energy and enthusiasm and they are asking some great questions about God—a really exciting place to be at the moment! We did have some other great events too last term. Our annual trip to MK Fireworks went with a bang (haha!) with a about 15 young people attending. We also had about 30 young people at the youth Christmas party. All in all, a great term!

Christmas Party

COMING UP... Hill End

Holiday Club

Big news! We have moved Hill End (still needs a new name!) to July. This should make it more accessible to a wider group of young people (& warmer). The dates for this year are:

Holiday Club is running from the 5th9th August this year. We are really excited about the plans we already have. We have a name: History Makers, and we will be exploring the life of the early church, and then how we can be part of making history too!

19th-21st July.

Registration will open soon!



Excitingly we are running the Alpha course in place of the evening service every Sunday. We have about 70 people attending and this is open to young people as well. No booking required, just turn up and get stuck in!

#God52 is a new movement that started in January. It’s a simple idea of a different challenge each week that should help all of us live better— walk the walk, not just talk the talk. We’ll be using the resource over the year with the different groups and encouraging the young people to get involved.

Soul Survivor

What are we learning?

At the start of January we did a trip, with the parish church, to Soul Survivor church in Watford. It was a big success and we will be going back there—watch this space!

A brief paragraph on what groups are studying this term:

We are also planning on going to their summer festival again. If you want to book contact me or look on the website for the forms.

Proteens are spending the term studying some characters from the Old Testament and also exploring faith through film & music. Housegroups are exploring some spiritual disciplines this term alongside a variety of topics, and our usual myriad of activities ranging from fort building to foot jenga!

PARENTAL SUPPORT Whilst the primary focus of the youth work is obviously on the young people, we do recognise that parents matter too! I have arranged for an outside agency— Centre for Youth Ministry—to come and deliver three events for parents. I have arranged for them to cover a wide range of topics, and also hold them on different days of the week to get the maximum number of people along. Tuesday 12th March - Discipling Children & Grandchildren A practical session crammed full of ideas and thoughts on how to travel alongside your children on their faith journey Friday 28th June - Helping boys connect with God What does boys spirituality look like? How can we enhance and not crush it? How can we help boys to become engaged with the Christian faith? Saturday 11th Oct - Now it's time for THE talk An empowering and informative seminar helping participant talk to their teenagers about sex and relationships

How Can You Help? There are always opportunities to get involved with the youth work. For more information or details please speak to Nick.

Calendar Dates It can be tricky to try to keep track of all the dates. To make life easier there is a calendar on the website which has all the youth events on. To find it just go to: youth/calendar.php

For more information on the details of the youth work please look at the website, or see the notice board in the Lower Hall. If you would like to contact Nick you can do so via e-mail or phone. His details are below. This newsletter can also be viewed online – go to: and click on the Newsletter link. Mobile: 07735 427811 E-mail:

All of these will run from 7:30pm and will have a minimal cost to help cover the training fees. I will be advertising the courses in the other churches around Buckingham as well.




Spring 2013 Term Newsletter  

Youth work newsletter

Spring 2013 Term Newsletter  

Youth work newsletter