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Jan 2010

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Project Street Life Newsletter Chairman’s Pitch I have just completed my first year as chairman of the PSL trustees and it has been such a privilege to be able to help support the hard work which is going on behind the scenes and in the front-line by the many who support and run PSL. Andrew Frost and his team’s dedication and commitment to the young people of Buckingham is admirable, and he has some exciting activities lined up for the young people to look forward to. The most exciting

event on the horizon is the imminent move to our new premises at the Salvation Army Hall. This is being so ably pioneered by Charles Norman, who is poised, with his band of volunteers, to make the necessary changes to make PSL’s new home safe and welcoming. The trustees are sorry to lose Vic Pennington from their number after 10 years of service, and are grateful to him that he is willing to continue looking after the finances. I’d also like to

express my thanks to all the faithful friends for their support of PSL and the various fundraising events. The trustees continue to keep things ticking over in the background and they deserve our thanks for the time and effort they put in and for supporting PSL events and fundraising. Their latest move is to set up a PSL website. Exciting times! Good luck to all for the next 10 years. Sheila Handley PSL Chairman

 Check out our trip to The Beacon in September  New premises coming soon— watch this space!  Can you spare a few hours to volunteer for PSL?

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Project Street Life Newsletter

One Day...

“There are still so many young people out and about in the town and nearby who need help”

One day Project Street Life will be renting the Salvation Army Hall on two or three evenings per week. As you will know, the negotiations have been going on for a very long time, but they seem to be nearing a conclusion. The only known hold up is for the Salvation Army to repair an electrical fault, which PSL’s electrician has found. Upon completion, the agreed list of health and safety adaptations to the building can be made. When the Salvation Army are using the building everything will appear to be normal, but on our evenings all will change. You will

know that you are in a youth environment. The health and safety changes, the PSL staff, the equipment, the paintings, and the sound and lighting, will all shout out a welcome to our members; past, present and yet to be invited. There are still so many young people out and about in the town and nearby who need help. As we all know from our own experience, problems to do with home, school, behaviour or friends just appear at the wrong time; suddenly the world is a very tough place. One place to go is PSL. As well as all the tried, tested and successful features of the club, some kind people have

volunteered to offer help with schoolwork, job search, social skills and even cooking. Watch out for the opening. The Beacon weekend If you are a young male or female, read on. On Friday 3rd September, returning on Sunday 5th, PSL is off to a fantastic activity centre in north Devon. There’s climbing, ropes, loads of challenges and our own beach, complete with sea. Andrew Frost checked it out last summer. Ask him what he thought of it. See you there. Charles Norman, Trustee

Salvation Army Hall

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God Needs You I knew straight away this was where God wanted me to be. It felt natural; I knew then what my past had all been about. This is not excusing my past but God was using it for good. I could understand when the young people said they were bored and had nothing to do, the police keep moving us on, we haven’t done anything, and we don't know what to do with our lives. I could remember all the peer pressure to do things wrong - smoking, drinking, drugs, stealing, fighting. It's tough at that age. Be like your friends or be on your own and lonely; maybe with not much other real family to tell you right from wrong. I remember the first time I went down to PSL I was nervous and excited at the same time. I remember Sue the previous manager was so nice to me she made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked in. Sitting me down, telling me how things work and what to expect. Then the young people walked in and my heart started to race. I tried hard to make conversation and I got a few words out of some of

them, played a little pool but not much else happened and I got a little discouraged. It was either Sue or Brian, the previous youth minister of our church, who told me that it was all about building up relationships with the young people and that this doesn't happen over night, and then I started to feel better. So all I needed to do really was to keep coming as much as I could, take an interest in their lives and God would do the rest which I did and He did. Sue taught me a lot. She has a great manner with the young people and cares about all of them. We went out on the streets of Buckingham together to do outreach. She was really inspiring in how she just knew how to connect with them. Nothing ever fazed her and she has some great comebacks at some of the rude comments we would get. I learnt and still earn a lot from Sue. I couldn't believe God wanted me to do a job where a person can have so much fun. As I spent more time with the young people doing outreach and club nights my rela-

tionship with them got better. They would trust me more and start to open up to me. We also take the young people out on trips which is another excellent way of building up relationships whilst the young people are having fun .We are now going into a new chapter of PSL where we are going to do some very exciting new projects .We are not just going to be a place for the young people to hang out and have fun. It will be a real place for them to learn new skills and to better themselves through the support they need. God loves and cares for every one of the young people. He wants us to show his love for them and show there are people who care. The Bible encourages us to go out to the people instead of waiting for them to come to us. Jesus sat and preached to the broken. People asked, why is this holy man doing this? He said “The broken need us more than any one”. Also it says we should go out and evangelise and use words if you need to.

Andrew Frost PSL Manager

“I couldn't believe God wanted me to do a job where a person can have so much fun”

If this article inspires you in any way and you think you would like to get involved in Project Street Life we would love to hear from you. Contact me, Andrew Frost , Project Manager, on: 07794166131. The young people need you. Thank you. Andrew Frost, PSL Manager

Volunteer’s Report

Project Street Life

As from November 07 Project Street Life has survived during its time in temporary premises until a more appropriate longer term solution is found. This has not deterred the dedicated people who continue to support the young people of Buckingham and surrounding areas. I have seen many young people come through the doors at PSL over the years, the core group of young people changing as one moves up and out and another moves in. Our aim is to provide a safe haven where young people can talk openly about issues that may affect them. We provide recreational activities to help develop their appropriate skills. During my time working at PSL as a Project Manager, Frontline staff member and now a Volunteer it amazes me how committed and passionate we all feel about the project and the young people. They are amazing and I’ve seen so many changes within one person over a period of time and watched them show the ability to maintain a good relationship. It’s important to remember how hard it can be to be young – we must emphasise the good things they do, not the bad. We all went through similar issues but now is a different time with a whole raft of new pressures. If you can look into the eyes of any young teenager you may find it gives you a clearer understanding of what is going on. We constantly strive to improve Project Street Life and keep the needs of the young people at the forefront of everything we provide. Without the help and support from our dedicated Trustees, Frontline staff and Volunteers where would the young people go! Over the years Project Street Life has gone from strength to strength based on the passion and commitment of all dedicated staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to reach out to our young people. That is why we always need new members to join us.

Can you spare an hour or two per week to continue helping and supporting our young people at Project Street Life? Sue Stevens, Volunteer

Thank You! Our heartfelt thanks go to the following groups who contributed to PSL funds in 2008/09 and continue to be loyal and generous supporters of Project Street Life: Buckingham Charity Ball Buckingham Pantomine Pampers Evening - Gawcott St Peter and St Paul Buckingham Well Street United Church Tingewick PCC

Cream Teas Events House and Garden Event Waitrose Members of Lillingstone Lovell Mothers Union Stowe Church Friends of PSL

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