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Nicholas de Hoop

Al Capone Does My Shirts The author of my book is Gennifer Choldenko. She has also wrote Notes From A Liar And Her Dog. This book was a New York Times Best Seller and won a Newbery Honour award. The setting of this story to place in 1935 and is off the coast of San Francisco on an island called Alcatraz. Alcatraz is a rock island that prisoners go to if other state prisons do not want because they are to bad. Some of the bad people on the island are Al Capone and machine gun Kelly. I know a lot about this book, because when I went to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, for a hockey school, my family went to the Moose Jaw tunnels where Al Capone hid out and made his alcohol. It was very cool. My sister was very scared because she thought we were going to die. She was only six and did not understand that it was just a reenactment. The main character or protagonist is Moose Flanagan, he is twelve years old. His sister Natalie, is fifteen and has Autism. Natalie loves her button collection, but her mother has to take it away because she is not doing good in the school she is going to. The teacher Natalie's mother convinced him she could change if you give her some time. Moose and his new friends play baseball every Tuesday he but his mother teaches piano on Tuesdays so he has to watch his sister. Once he convinces his friends to play on Mondays, his mom has to change back to Tuesdays and Moose is really sad. Moose and his friends decide to get classmates to get Al Capone to wash there clothes and sneak them in their parents laundry bags. When Moose and Piper get caught Moose gets his baseball glove and ball taken away. Moose’s dad does not give them back until the begging of February. When he gets them back he can not play ball because his friends are all in trouble too. Now Piper and Moose found a letter that said something about Al Capone’s mom coming to Alcatraz. The day his mother is coming to Alcatraz Piper goes on the boat and talks to Al Capone’s mother. When Piper is on the boat she tries to Mrs. Capone’s attention and in the

Nicholas de Hoop

process of doing that Piper drops her purse on her foot and then makes Mrs. Capone go back to her house. After this Scout (Moose’s friend) wants a baseball that the cons used. He askes Moose for one and Moose finds one but Piper takes it from him. While Moose was doing this he came back to his sister and she was gone. She was with a con sitting on a bench and he was talking to her. As Moose made him leave he saw the number 105 on this shirt. He kept that name and he met up with Piper and she was trying to get him to tell what happened because Natalie kept on saying 105, 105. Finally, Moose told her that the baseball came from the con talking to Natalie.Moose’s mom saw in the newspaper that the Esther P. Marinoff was the best school for children with metal disables, but you have to be seven to twelve to join but Natalie was fifteen and very tall. Her parents just kept telling her she was tall for her age.

Al Capone  

Magazine about a boy that lives on Alcatraz.