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Product. MINI Is the MINI the most important product ever?

Product. MINI: Is the Mini the most important product ever?

BMC MINI ‘59 Designed in 1959 by Alec Issigonis, the original BMC Mini became an icon in Britain. With its revolutionary design packaging, the Mini not only paved the way for all small cars to come but is one of the few truly classless examples of British design.


ermany had the Volkswagen Beetle, France had the Citroen 2CV, and Britain had the BMC Mini. In 1959 British Leyland commisioned Alec Issigonis to design a new small car for the fuel starved Britain of the late 1950s. The car they created was the Mini. A radical new design which used revolutionary thinking to allow space for five passengers in such a small package. Its technological contribution to the industry has been rarely matched, and its fornt wheel drive, transversly mounted engined layout has become the template for all compact cars since. The Mini may have been revolutionary but in reality it was largely built up of existing BMC parts and technology, it was the Mini’s design which was the key to the Mini’s success and shows the importance of the designing process. These advancements implemented in the Mini were industry changing, and one off the reasons the Mini is such an important product.

design was enjoyed by all from the low paid working class to the Royal Family, the Mini had a huge cultural significance in Britain for a generation.

By maximising cabin space with its space saving suspension and engine layout, the Mini offered space no other small car could match and with this all new way of vehicle packaging made the Mini an instant hit and the technology was soon copied by BMC’s competitors, but never to the same success. These advancements implemented in the Mini were industry changing, and one off the reasons the Mini is such an important product.

esque handling made it more enjoyable than some sports cars of the day, this trait led the Mini to also become a legend of the track as well as the road. However, not only did the BMC Mini contribute to the technology of the car industry it also had a cultural importance to Britain. The Mini became a car for all people, its low cost meant it was accesible by millions , yet it attracted even the largest of stars with its iconic status and public likeability.

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Appearing in the legendary film, The Italian Job, the Mini gained tv stardom, boosting the car’s appeal even a decade after the first were produced. The Mini became an icon in 1960s Britain, with over one million Minis being sold in the decade. It was this image which has resulted in the car still being iconised today. As a result the Mini went to be produced for over 40 years with production taking place in twelve countires as the Mini became a success across Europe and the rest of the world.

financial importance, BMC later British Leyland Group continuallly struggled financially and without the success of the Mini not only in the domestic market but internationally, the company, let alone the British vehicle industry would not be in the same strong position it is today. The Mini though made little profit per vehicle in comparison to other mainstream vehicles, its huge sales numbers lead it to be a huge money earning venture.

Is the Mini the most important product ever? Well maybe, the most important car? Probably. The Mini certainly has been a highly influential product not only in its industry but throughout the country. The Mini created a new way for small cars to be built, pioneered new technology and design practises but is also a British legend. The Mini is certainly important.

Text: Nick Scarborough

The image of the Mini is famous and a large number of merchandise and memorabilia is still being produced as the iconic Mini is popular with the latest generation. The Mini has provided the British economy significantly unlike any other vehicle The Mini also had a economic, or product ever produced.


Design: Nick Scarborough Text: Nick Scarborough

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