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Nichts Magazin more to look at than to read The idea of Nichts Magazin is to present unique works of art without unnecessary critical or informational ballast. Viewers/ Readers are left free to experience, ponder and interpret the contents, which might inspire further research … or not. The process of creating an issue of Nichts Magazin is just as important as the published work. The creative process is based on unfettered cooperation between the artists and the editors. Guest artists create pages that become autonomous works of art or visual explications on a chosen theme. Proposals for pages should be sent to: nichtsmagazin@gmail.com By submitting a page, the artist agrees to its publication in Nichts Magazin in print and on the Internet. Page specifications: - format: A3 (297 x 420 mm) - print safe area: 287 x 410 mm - bleed: 3 mm - resolution: 300 dpi - color space: RGB (for web) and CMYK (for print) - files: pdf, tiff, jpg Publisher: Nichts Gruppe Contact: nichtasmagazin@gmail.com nichtsmagazin.pl © 2016 Nichts Magazin © 2016 Artists



Csenge Lantos


Maurycy Gomulicki Oleg Perkovśkyi

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agnespies, Dorota Modlinger Magdalena Łazarczyk Marguerite Bobey Gosia Bartosik Fabien Zocco

Paweł Marcinek

Marcelo Zammenhoff Karolina Włodek Liliana Piskorska

Kathryn Zazenski Anna Jochymek

Karol Radziszewski Volodymyr Topij

Dominika Łabądź Karolina Balcer

Jacek Zachodny

Claudia D’Anna Sonia Poirot

Kamil Pieczykolan Claudia Sabellico

Wojtek Doroszuk Sergiy Petlyuk

Justyna Misiuk Patrick Tresset

Danylo Movhan

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Kurt Fleckenstein


Barbara Kręgiel Agata Kus

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Agata Kus, Marcin Świetlicki Istvan Kantor

Apollonia Saintclair Paweł Janicki

Michał Kielan

Kishan Dev Yadav Anna Kosarewska Oleg Perkovśkyi Irena Kalicka

Piotr Bosacki

Ola Szulimowska Asia Kubat

Magdalena Kreis

Marina Dykukha

Izabela Chamczyk Sonia Poirot agnespies

Irena Kalicka Wolf Kahlen

Kamila Wolszczak Jacek Zachodny Aleka Polis

Jacek Zachodny Marta Kubiak

Maciej Markowski

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Csenge Lantos [HU], The criers, painting, 2015 | csengelantos.m@gmail.com

Maurycy Gomulicki [PL], Patos 2016 – Kutas Niezłomny jedna z ilustracji do Poroseidów Tomasza Kozaka | flickr.com/photos/vonmurr/sets



Oleh Perkovśkyi [UA], Loved And Hated Lips, acrylic on paper, 2012 | perkowskyo.tumblr.com

agnespies [PL], Dorota Modlinger, all is spiral part 1, 180 x 130 cm, 2014



Magdalena Ĺ azarczyk [PL]

Nic nie może zakłócić jednostajnego biegu zdarzeń / Nothing can disturb the unchanging course of events, digital photography, 2016 | cargocollective.com/MagdalenaLazarczyk



Marguerite Bobey [FR], mi vanidad, 2011 | marguerite.bobey.net

Gosia Bartosik [PL], M, 2016 | posoka.tumblr.com


■ I AM a rather elderly man. I am a man who, I am one of those unambitious lawyers who never addresses a jury, I am getting old. I am waiting. I am not going to ask you to do any thing you would prefer not to do—I simply wish to speak to you. I am sorry for you ; for I am apt to be very reckless in such shirt-button affairs. I am occupied. “I am seriously displeased. I am pained, But it appears I am deceived. I am content. I am going—goodbye, “I am very sorry, but I am not particular. I am not particular. But I am not particular. I shall feel bound—indeed I am bound—to—to—to quit the premises myself! “I am the grubman. I am unused to dinners. ■


Fabien Zocco [FR], Therefore I am, 2016 | fabienzocco.net | fabienzocco@gmail.com

Paweł Marcinek [PL], ohne Titel, 2015 | marcinekpawel.tumblr.com



Marcelo Zammenhoff [PL], Rozważania z zakresu bytu przeszłego, teraźniejszego i przyszłego / Deliberation on the past, the present and the future of existence, 2016

Karolina Włodek [PL], słowa żeńskie, słowa męskie / feminine words, masculine words, 2016 | wykwit.tumblr.com/warstwy/contact | 8wlo.lina8@gmail.com


My favourite porn actors | #12 Matthew Rush | Liliana Piskorska

Born in 1972, other occupations: personal trainer and bodybuilder. Awards: Hottest Ass, Best Solo, Best Newcomer. Also known for his activism in the gay community. Due to his posture he most often stars as a top but he’s not against being a bottom every once in a while. He took part in numerous productions, most notably in Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls (also in 3D) and L.A.Zombie – a queer erotic horror movie linking independent cinema with pornography. In 2011 he decided to retire but he came back to business quickly afterwards. Till today he’s only directed one movie: Rush & Release.


drawing, graphic print and relief on wood | 35x35 cm | 2013

My favourite porn actors | #2 Peter Berlin | Liliana Piskorska

Born in 1942. Armin Hagen Freiherr von Hoyningen-Huene aka Peter Berlin became the symbol of gay erotica of the 70s. Photographer, model, actor, director and fashion designer. Responsible for creation of the most recognizable gay style of the decade. Born in Łódź, raised in Berlin, in the 70s he moved to San Francisco where, due to his handmade tight clothes, he became a sensation in the gay districts of the city. This became his pass to meet filmmakers which with he will make his underground films with. Starred in only two feature-length productions, Night in Black Leather and The Boy, which he has directed himself - and those two films were pioneer in establishing the esthetics of gay porn for years to come. He posed as a model for Robert Mapplethorpe, who also became a curator for Berlin’s individual photographic shows. In 80’s he decided to finish hie movie career as well as his artistic one. Known for the words „Everyone has a secret fantasy life. I show you that it is possible, you know, to turn your sexual fantasy into reality, if you dare to”


My favourite porn actors | #3 James Jamesson | Liliana Piskorska

Born in 1989, vegan. Nowadays one of the most popular personalities on the gay pornography scene. Describes himself as a pansexual, writes a blog. His penis was on the 25th position on The Top 40 Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Big Cocks In Gay Porn, created by publishing house TheSWord. Delights his fans with his perfect musculature and fondness for dominant partners. Number 3 on Your Favorite Gay Porn Star of 2011 by QueerMeNow


drawing, graphic print and relief on wood | 35x35 cm | 2013

My favourite porn actors | #7 Peter North | Liliana Piskorska

Born in 1972, took up his alias Peter North probably alluding to his Canadian origin. Not only an actor but also a director, producer and screenwriter. Discovered in Los Angeles when, due to money problems, he decided to join the porn industry. Initially he starred in gay porn but after just a few movies he switched to straight porn. He’s directed over 70 movies, most famous ones including the series North Pole or Anal Addicts, he starred in over 1700 movies. He also published a sex guide on sleeping with the most beautiful women. A veteran of the industry, Chisty Canyon, reveled in her autobiography that North does not like his hair touched during the scenes because it makes him lose his concentration.



Kathryn Zazenski [USA/PL], Untitled (Still), 2016 | www.kathrynzazenski.com Imię i nazwisko, | kathryn.zazenski@gmail.com tytuł, technika, rok, kontakt

4.12.2013 14:03 52°14'N 21°00'E

9.12.2014 10:37 52°14'N 21°00'E

Anna Jochymek [PL], 2013–2015 | annajochymek.com

11.12.2015 11:16 52°14'N 21°00'E


Karol Radziszewski [PL], Mateus, fotografia, 2016 | karolradziszewski.com

Volodymyr Topij [UA], Untitled



Dominika Łabądź [PL], The gentry have landed, 2016

Karolina Balcer [PL], SOCIAL LIFE, videoo frames, 2015/2016 | thebalcerbalcer.tumblr.com | balcerzatko@gmail.com



Jacek Zachodny [PL], Zamach / OUTRAGE, video glitch, computer graphics, 2008, 2016 | jacekzachodny@gmail.com

Claudia D’Anna [IT], Family portrait, 2013 | claudia_danna@libero.it


¬¬ ¬ 28

Sonia Poirot [FR], Walk..., work in progress, photography, 2016 | soniapoirot.free.fr | info.soniapoirot@gmail.com

Kamil Pieczykolan [PL], Dla porównania I / For comparison I, charcoal on paper, 2016 | bulbman47.wix.com/kamil-pieczykolan | bulbman47@gmail.com



Kamil Pieczykolan [PL], Dla porównania II / For comparison II, charcoal on paper, 2016 | bulbman47.wix.com/kamil-pieczykolan | bulbman47@gmail.com

Claudia Sabellico - Nothing, Black pencil on paper - 2016 /claudias-82@hotmail.it

Claudia Sabellico [IT], Nothing, black pencil on paper, 2016 | claudias-82@hotmail.it



Wojtek Doroszuk [PL/FR], Issam’s house, photography, 2016 | wojtekdoroszuk.com

Sergiy Petlyuk [UA], Extra Love, 2016 | petlyuk.com



Justyna Misiuk [PL]

IN THE LABORATORY THERE WAS A SOOTHING COOLNESS OUTSIDE THE WINDOW THE HEAT TURNED EVERYTHING UPSIDE DOWN Mikro fale upałów / Micro heat wave, coloured aquarell pencils, 2016 | jm-concept.tumblr.com | vimeo.com/justynamisiuk | bir8@wp.pl


An old school desk with a sheet of paper pinned onto it. An arm holding a black Bic pen. A camera eye attached to a short wooden pole looks at a small table on which objects are placed to form a still life: a human skull, an empty can of beer, a large shining shell and dried poppy pods. The robot here is a little story machine, it is constructed to build stories about humanness. It is not self-contained, but dependent on our gaze. Having a soulless robot meditating on our mortality raises numerous candid, existential and meaningless questions. It is an allegory of what has been called our posthuman condition: man’s face finally washed out by the ocean, not recognizable anymore as an important figure of knowledge or merely one of its tropes. https://youtu.be/kt0TA1WqPgU


Patrick Tresset [FR/UK], Vanitas by Paul-IX, ink on paper, 24 x 24 cm, 2016 | tresset@patricktresset.com

Danylo Movhan [UA], Czaszka Adama / Adam’s skull, d-40 wooden board, primer, tempera, gilding, 2012 | flickr.com/photos/danylomovchan



Danylo Movhan [UA], Hipster, wooden board, primer, egg tempera, 2016 | flickr.com/photos/danylomovchan

Kurt Fleckenstein [DE], Es ist angerichtet / The food is prepared, sugar cubes 60 x 60 x 60 cm locally produced, Art Museum Solothurn, 2013 | kurt-fleckenstein.com



Barbara Kręgiel [PL]

unsigned, typescript, 2016 | basiakregiel@gmail.com



Agata Kus [PL]

TWINS IV / BliĹşniaki IV, oil on canvas, 100 x 130 cm, 2015 | agatakus.com


AGATA KUS ● TWINS IV / Bliźniaki IV / oil on canvas / 100 x 130 cm / 2015 ● MIRROR / Lustro / oil on canvas / 130 x 115 cm / 2016 ● HEESECAKE WITH FLIES / Sernik z muchami / oil on canvas / 18 x 22 cm / 2015 ● MORE OR LESS / MNIEJ WIĘCEJ / oil on canvas / 105 x 130 cm / 1015 ○ Poem "Krótko, ale intensywnie"”by Marcin Świetlicki, translated by Robert Gałązka. agatakus.com


Agata Kus [PL] MIRROR / LUSTRO, oil on canvas, 130 x 115 cm, 2016 HEESECAKE WITH FLIES / SERNIK Z MUCHAMI, oil on canvas, 18 x 22 cm, 2015 MORE OR LESS / MNIEJ WIĘCEJ, oil on canvas, 105 x 130 cm, 1015 Poem KRÓTKO, ALE INTENSYWNIE / BRIEFLY BUT INTENSELY by Marcin Świetlicki [PL], translated by Robert Gałązka agatakus.com



Istvan Kantor [CA], noname, 2012 | istvankantor.com

Apollonia Saintclair [Pitcairn Islands], La main baladeuse / The wandering hand, 2016 | apolloniasaintclair.tumblr.com



Paweł Janicki [PL], A tribute to some artists, such as Stanisław Dróżdż and Ryoji Ikeda, 2016 | paweljanicki.jp

Michał Kielan [PL], Everything or Nothing, ink on paper, 21 x 14 cm, 2015



Kishan Dev Yadav [IN], Untitled, from the series Inkstinctual, brush and ink on paper, 2015 | instagram.com/inkstinctual | behance.net/KishanDev | kishandev@gmail.com

Anna Kosarewska [UA/PL], Blue is the warmest colour, site specific performance, duration 35 min, Belgium Performance Art Festiwal 2016, Pink House, Antwerpen, photo: Stefan Wouters | annakosarewska.com



Oleg Perkovśkyi [UA], Lviv Vul Szewczenka, acrylic on paper, 2012 | perkowskyo.tumblr.com

Irena Kalicka [PL], Bez tytułu / Untitled, from the series Koń jaki jest każdy widzi / The horse you see is the horse you get, 2015 | irenka86.blogspot.com



Piotr Bosacki [PL]

sculpture from the cycle Kaktusy / Cacti, cardboard, black glue, 2016, photo: Stereo Gallery, Warsaw



Piotr Bosacki [PL]

sculpture from the cycle Kaktusy / Cacti, cardboard, black glue, 2016, photo: Stereo Gallery, Warsaw



Ola Szulimowska [PL], Blank, 2016 | salamandraeksilwszoku.wordpress.com | olaszulimowska.tumblr.com

Asia Kubat [PL], Untitled, 2016 | asiakubat.pl | hello.asiaka@gmail.com



Magdalena Kreis [PL], Untitled, text, 2016

Marina Dykukha [UA], Hallo, 2015 | marinadykukha.com | marinadykukha@gmail.com



Izabela Chamczyk [PL], ZNOWU NIC, alkyd paiting, oil, spray on canvas, 70 x 60 cm, 2013

Sonia Poirot [FR], from the series Cartography, drawing, 2010 | soniapoirot.free.fr | info.soniapoirot@gmail.com



agnespies [PL], we are all made of dust, 2016

Irena Kalicka [PL], Bez tytułu / Untitled, from the series Totalizator, 2012 | irenka86.blogspot.com



Wolf Kahlen [DE], without SPIRITual ENERGY noTHING MATTERs, 1992 | wolf-kahlen.net/museum

Kamila Wolszczak [PL], lightness, ecoline on paper, Valencia 2012 | kamilawolszczak.wordpress.com



Jacek Zachodny [PL], Kierunek / DIRECTION, 2012/2016, photography, computer graphics | jacekzachodny@gmail.com

Aleka Polis [PL], comming soon..., 2016



Jacek Zachodny [PL], Pokój / PEACEFULNESS, photography, computer graphics, 2015–2016 | jacekzachodny@gmail.com

Marta Kubiak / Cosmic Goat [PL], 2016 | martakubiak.pl



Maciej Markowski [USA], Mu, 2016

Profile for Nichts Magazin

Nichts Magazin 1# Nichts!  

Nichts Magazin presents unique works of art without unnecessary critical or informational ballast. Viewers/Readers are left free to experien...

Nichts Magazin 1# Nichts!  

Nichts Magazin presents unique works of art without unnecessary critical or informational ballast. Viewers/Readers are left free to experien...


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