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2 VAAL TIMES | EDITORIAL | 04 - 10 OCT 2013

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25 Corbet Building | Kruger Avenue Vereeniging Telephone: 016 421 4403 VAAL TIMES TEAM Editor In Chief: Motseki Mabuya Sub Editor: Steve Rampako Distribution: Meshack Mpoti Feature Writer: Frank Trimbos Feature Writer: Reginald Nhlapo CONTRIBUTORS Prof. Goodfriday Mhlongo Jacob Khawe Ndumiso Hadebe Vaal Times strive to set a new benchmark for local or community journalism in the Vaal The Vaal Times – For the voiceless, the forgotten and a voice that connects communities


he Vaal Times brand brings a fresh and visionary approach to position the Vaal area in a different light, within the media space. We have broken the boundaries and created cross border communities drawing from their origin, heritage, habitats and identity from the Vaal. We also took into account, these communities' needs, dreams and aspiration that can be met and put nearer through information and effective communications to the communities of South Gauteng [Ennerdale & Orange Farms, Sedibeng] The Vaal Times becomes a holistic news service that is not only based on the news but also on the role of the media in shaping communities, creating dialogue a n d d e b ate w i t h i n t h e ta rg e te d communities. This is seen as the appropriate vehicle to assist communities with opportunities communicated through its wide and diverse platform, that has never been seen in the community media scene.

From the print run of 45 000 copies that will reach the communities within this region from Ennerdale in the Southern Johannesburg, across the entire Sedibeng Fezile Dabi districts, to Kroonstad, Vaal Times introduces platforms to brief specific sectors within t h e s e co m m u n i t i e s o n i s s u e s o f governance, business and enterprise development as well as other social impact issue. This is done through our monthly Business Briefings that are linked through a simulcast broadcast on local community and national radio stations. Some of these sessions will also be televised . We will also have a presence on Radio through Vaal Times Biz-Talks that will be talking to local entrepreneurships within our operational areas, across a wide community radio platform. Our footprint on the media platform is also extended to our newspaper readers and social media commentators through the specified platform we call My Vaal Times, where anyone can write and have their works published.

Launching a news service for the greater Vaal Region

Within all these great things and thoughts, Vaal Times is in no competition with anyone and positioned to make media a career choice for the youth within communities we operate in through a specialised CSI driven and partnered programs in all media disciplines ranging from electronic to print. For the first time in the history of this region, we will produce producers, presenters, writers, proofreaders, editors and many other young media moguls through the Vaal Times brand. This is the time. The Vaal Times. Our times.

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3 VAAL TIMES | NEWS | 04 - 10 OCT 2013


‘In continuation of celebrating the 20-year anniversary since inception of Community Radio, Vaal Times caught up with Provincial Chairperson of National Community Radio Forum (NCRF) in Gauteng and Thetha FM's Station Manager Jimmy Dlamini. In this exclusive interview he talks about the inception of this Orange Farmbased station, controversies and what the listeners can expects as they revamp the whole station including new programming and changes in the line-up of presenters’


hen we established the NCRF in 1993 the objective was to promote media diversity and development and we wanted to ensure that there is media pluralism at that stage. As media activists at that time we saw a need to form three tiers of broadcasting namely public, commercial and community radio stations. Community radio stations were viewed as social development platforms where the voiceless would finally have a say and further give historically disadvantaged and marginalised people access to radio. It was for the very first time that we saw people participating vigorously in the provision of community radio stations. THE BIRTH OF 100.6MHZ Our interest at the time was to partake towards the transition of the country in terms of creating a platform for discussions in a form of community media. Initially our interest was to establish a newspaper but the feasibility study that we conducted revealed that a lot of people in Orange Farm could not consume it as by then it was a developing area, we therefore came to a decision that radio was an ideal tool that would accommodate everyone irrespective of academic level. Radio could be listened to by everyone and that is how Thetha FM came into being, we wanted it to be an information hub; a trusted informant for the community. It is rewarding to mention that for the past eight years the station has grown to be a force to reckon with.

BURNING ISSUE RELATING TO KARABO FM The act (of burning the station) was barbaric and as such should be condemned in the strongest terms it deserves. I had a word with Karabo FM's Station Manager, Dika Kheswa regarding the matter, and I strongly believe that this was an act of cowardice. I'm impressed though by the leadership in that area as they have promised to have the station back on-air in no time. If people have different views about the station they need to find a way to resolve issues and not burn communal sites. ON REGISTERING THETHA FM UNDER SECTION 21 AND OWNERSHIP The Section 21 Act is segmented into two that being a Non-Profit making Organisation (NPO) which means you are exempted from paying tax and the other one of Profit making organisation. When we started Thetha back in 1997 it was registered as a trust, we were not aware of tax implications until 2009 when our legal team advised us to deregister. There was however misrepresentation that we've de-registered as a trust and were then trading as a private company. We understand how the community feels about the control of the station in particular but when it comes to governance of community radio, they're represented by a board of trustees. The role (of the board) is to monitor and deal with issues of compliance whereby they play oversig0ht according to the station's licensing conditions. CONTROVERSIAL SPIRITUAL PROGRAMMES THAT SET TONGUES WAGGING Prior to the first broadcast of the show we contacted the 'men of god' who are implicated to discuss this matter as they were also our clients who raked in revenue, we had numerous meetings with them and ultimately they gave us thumbs up. The show had attracted a lot of listeners and encouraged dialogue where you'd find community members engaging robustly be it on Monday or any other day for that matter; we felt that it was very crucial on our part to educate the community about satanic practices.

We're glad that we became the first station to have broken such story, our intention however was not to insinuate violence. In the end we decided to close the programme as masses were now aware of the dangers their children were exposed to and as a result the relationship between the station and the 'men of god' has soured. At some point this went to an extent that the Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) approached the station with the intention of getting the recordings of the programme; the story had generated public interest. ICASA suggested that we close the show as it was posing more danger than good but our argument was that the programme was community-driven, we never tailor made it but came from a community member. Though the show is currently canned pending investigation, we are doing extensive research as we believe that it should have more answers than questions. We have by far managed to solicit material from other sources. The research has revealed that if more people come forward with the same accusation then we need to investigate, others are even willing to come forward and testify. Issues of faith are very complex, we're not going to find a solution over night but it's going to be a process and eventually we believe and hope that in the future God will come through for us. TECHNICAL CLICHES &RENEWAL OF BROADCAST LICENCE Two months back our transmitter was stolen and as a result we went off-air for approximately two weeks, the service provider which provide us with signal distribution was unable to get an analog STL to match the kind of equipment we use; we had to settle for a digital processor hence the volume deteriorated significantly. We have had several meetings with them as the audio received was mono whereas a stereo signal would be preferred given our circumstance, and we're hoping to find an amicable solution soon. The end of next month sees the expiring date of the station's broadcast licence and by law one is expected to apply within a space of sixmonth, we have submitted application for renewal and we're crossing fingers that we be granted another five-years.

A WHOLE NEW LOOK THETHA FM As early as the 5th next month we will be providing a new line-up, names for the shows and this is where we are going to see evolvement of on-air personalities, and changing the way we sound. Previous experience taught us that if a host runs a show for more than two years, they become attached and automatically believe that they're bigger than the show and irreplaceable. New programmes like Bareng Batho will be introduced and more of our shows will be interactive, we want to be vibrant with more shows on service delivery issues, elections, local hard news and anything relevant to our listeners. ON RELOCATING THE STATION Our current home is not conducive when it comes to business; yes it was viable for starters but now we've grown and we need to be in the competitive economic environment so the mall is an ideal destination. We have signed a 5-year lease with the currently-built Orange Farm's Eyethu Mall, there is a possibility that we could be moving in before completion of the mall so that we advocate the development of it but we will leave behind offices for news purposes. Part of the agreement is that we will be promoting the mall and tenants will be advertising directly with us and that will be good for us. The rent will be in the excess of around R30-thousand a month, the deal is that the developer will advertise with us on a monthly-basis in other words we will not be paying rent but only doing so in exchange of airtime. REBRANDING YOUR SOUL CONNECTION Not only have we gone red but we have put up methods in a sense of resuscitating the ailing brand of the station. On Heritage day we will be hosting a fun day where we will be raising funds, and taking the new look station to the people. The aim is to make the new brand visible to the public and generate revenue to assist disadvantaged organizations that we are working with. All these are part of the turnaround strategy that we are implementing.

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From all corners of the Vaal... Vaal Times hit the streets with so much impact that everyone welcomed it.

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Ar ts

YESTERYEARS STARS The Story of the Black Five Nicho Ntema []


ince their inception in the Rooisten section of Sharpeville, the Black Five graced the music scene for over 20 years. At one stage, it was one of the few bands in South Africa with three equally famous and acclaimed leading vocalists. The smooth vocals of Cokes Mokhele and the rough Coyote screams of Nana Motijoane as well as mellow and sincere vocals of Thami Sobekwa, makes this band a heritage product beyond par for this region. Like another Sharpeville-born band named The Hurricane; which was among the leading bands in the SADC region in the late 1960's and early 70's, Black Five became an institution. They hit the airwaves with such vigour and prestige that, the entire band became a star. With their unique Sotho Soul sounds, the Black Five later became a 10piece group that released a monumental album; PULA EA NA in 1983. This album came out within the midst of tension and mayhem at the home-front preceding the 1984 Vaal Uprisings, to a point that their equally popular PULA EA NA Video had

to be shot in Lesotho. The song became a soothing melody in the height of the 1984 Vaal Uprisings and the 1986 State of Emergency that brought a dark cloud within the country for over two years. Highlights on this classic album include the smooth funk of 'Selallane' and 'Wa Ikgona', the ecstatic gospel of 'Hallelujah' and the famous title track, written by Tshepo "The Village Pope" Tshola (Sankomota) and later covered by the likes of Hugh Masekela and Mara Louw. One of their front dancers, the miniscule Themba Lehlakola, also released a solo Album [Children of Africa] in the mid 1980's that was soon banned by the SABC due to its liberating lyrics. Two members of this group later joined Sankomota. In 1996 The music industry was shocked at the news of the sudden death of four Sankomota musicians in a minibus accident. The dead were former Black Five Members; keyboardists Joeman Tladi and Patrick “Bushy� Mogamme, as well as Sankomota's bassist Keith Matselea and vocalist Thembi Sanbo. Devastated Sankomota leader Frank

involved, having flown ahead to Cape Town to finalise arrangements for a gig. PULA EA NA was fronted by the late Tsietsi Daniel Nana Motijoane who was born in Lesotho in 1955 and grew up in Sharpeville. He cut his teeth with soul acts the Black Five and Uhuru (later Sankomota) and had huge hits in the mid-80s with Ozila's 'Lifesaver (I'm Suffering)' and 'Take Your Love And Keep It', a timeless duet with Steve Kekana. Nicknamed 'The Wild Dog', he went on to join the mighty Stimela ; one of the longest surviving supergroups, where his powerful vocals proved the perfect foil to Ray Phiri's. Despite the quietness of most members of the Black Five, another vocalist; Thami Sobekwa and trumpeter; Tikkie Chaka are with the band called Bow & Arrow and still perform to this day. Those were the times. The Vaal Times.

Black Five Members on this album... Lead Guitar: Joe Zikhali; Bass Guitar: Solly Letwaba; Piano/Keyboards: Pat Mogamme Synth/Strings: Jeff Radinne; Drums: Joseph Radebe; Percussions: Moses Thipenyane; Vocals: Samuel Thobi; Vocals: Cokes Mokhele

celebrating our heritage

Vocals: Nana Motijoane; Trumpet: Tikkie Chaka

6 VAAL TIMES | NEWS | 04 - 10 OCT 2013

Approval for Gauteng's largest private-initiated, integrated housing development

introducing the...


THE ROAD TO ELECTIONS From left: Des Hughes (Basil Read), Davina Piek (Basil Read), Albert de Klerk (Midvaal Local Municipality), Bongani Baloyi (Midvaal Local Municipality), Sarah Webb (Old Mutual – HIFSA), Thom Peeters (Midvaal Local Municipality)


avanna City is a housing development project set to establish a new benchmark in economic development and housing. Initiated in 2007, it will be Africa's largest private initiated, mixeduse integrated housing development. The final approval for the project was signed off recently in September 2013, by Basil Read and Old Mutual's Housing Impact Fund of South Africa (Hifsa), and initial preparation work on the site has already begun. House construction will begin in May 2014.

Savannah City Situated south of Johannesburg's CBD, in the Midvaal Local Municipality, the R24.5BN, Savanna City Development will provide over 18 000 affordable housing opportunities including 5517 fully subsidised RDP houses, 5518 FLISP houses (Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme), 4729 bonded houses and 2635 Res 3 houses. A FLISP house is a co-funded house, where down payment assistance is offered in the form of a grant to qualifying beneficiaries, and reduces the amount of the loan required from the

Bank, thus rendering the monthly loan repayment instalments more affordable over the loan repayment term. The Res 3 housing will be high density housing which will be funded by a combination of private bonds and subsidies. The development will be fully sustainable providing schools, parks, clinics, churches, commercial, and retail areas. Many of the proposed residents of Savanna City travel to Johannesburg for employment, but it is hoped that development along the R59 corridor in Midvaal will attract employees into this area, as well as creating an incentive for companies to invest in Midvaal since they will be in proximity to a community needing employment. The development will provide for about 50 000 job opportunities during the construction phase and abour 12 000 post construction (permanent). Basil Read and Hifsa will be working hand in hand with the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements and the Midvaal Local Municipality to ensure the 1400 ha Savanna City Development is a sustainable solution for housing needs in the area, and that the success of this initiative can be repeated elsewhere in the country.


Pan Africanist Congress

From the next issue, we will be giving you the state of readiness of the political parties on their Road to 2014 Elections

7 VAAL TIMES | NEWS | 04 - 10 OCT 2013


s e m i t l myvaa

telling it like it is...

Do Black people have anything to celebrate in South Africa?


t seem to me that the world have stand still around a Black South African since time immemorial, since the 1994 breakthrough Africans have been patiently waiting for the land of milk and honey. When I refer to Africans I am very precise, and refers to Africans in particular, not the confusion deliberately sown by the Employment Equity Act in terms of their definition of Blacks. Blacks are the most hardworking group in this country and for almost 20 years now have got nothing to show for it. it is with great sadness that we remember the objectives of our liberation struggle which were overtaken by the rainbow nation myth, for almost 400 years blacks have been subjected to slavery in their own backyard, dispossessed, sidelined and brutally oppressed. Even though one was very young when the 1994 elections were held and therefore could not vote one could feel the buoyancy of hope that surrounded our people, the unquenchable thirst for genuine change that they foresaw in the new nation they were about to build. Paradoxically, they were deceived by mirage they had built in their own heads a truly liberated country where the majority will indisputably rule. They could not even foresee the rise of a clique of Black bourgeoisie who will fight tooth and nail to keep the entire majority living under similar conditions as were under Apartheid. Being black in S.A really hurts! Majority of unemployed people are blacks who by the way are end products of sub-standard education they receive from black government, it does not take rocket scientist to figure out that education is very important for one to be able to work in this country hence according to Stats SA, unemployed graduates make up only 5.2 % compared to those without matric and those with only matric who make 30.3 and 27% respectively. Moreover, we have seen mismatch between what our education system produce and what labour markets want hence the highly malignant and very stubborn unemployment levels. We would have thought that Black government would change the gears in education instead they have ensured that they insult black people and turn black children into retards by reducing pass mark to 35%, this will ensure that we remain unemployed, we don't become Doctors or Engineers and we eternally depend on State for survival. Black man you are on your own! Blacks remain landless in this country because of their beautiful bourgeoisie constitution especially property clause which is an impediment towards our total emancipation. I can see Hertzog, Malan, Verwoerd and others smiling because they have created a system which reproduce itself and continues to define us as a nation and the ruling party wish not to do away with, as they continue to receive crumbs from the system. There are those who think that we are bitter when we say Mayibuye iAfrika, no we are not, we don't want land simply because it is ours, no! we want it because we understand that it is inextricably linked to our liberation and it is important aspect of our sovereignty and self-determination. We also want our minerals to belong to the people of this land, it cannot be correct that people from Eastern Cape, Lesotho, Mozambique and Afrika at large continue to work tirelessly for the enrichment of Western countries, as young Africans we cannot sit idly and watch the raping and sodomising of the African Continent, when we are the rightful heirs of our mother continent. We will fight for what is rightfully ours, like Sobukwe would say “we are first glimmers of new dawn'. So old guard, be warned, we have noted how you sold Afrika out. To answer the question I have raised about celebrations be it of our heritage or so-called reconciliation, what is it that blacks can celebrate when they are treaded like second class citizens, what possibly can we celebrate when blacks are taught that they are baboons in multiracial schools, what can we really celebrate when my fellow Africans receive health care which the government have no confidence in hence they go to private institution when they want health care services. Can we genuinely reconcile when white man continues to have upper hand and is monopolizing the means of production in a foreign land and the native continues to be subjugated? Can we have a braai when almost 12 million people of whom majority are my people, go to sleep on an empty stomach? I doubt! In a nutshell black man has got nothing to celebrate, he's been take for a ride, he is a slave in this country. Now its our time to repay Sobukwe, to honour Lembede, Biko, Hani, Lumumba, Sankara, Nyerere, Nkrumah, Brother leader, Malcolm X and other Africans who fought fearlessly for liberation of our people. The time is now to take the cudgels of struggle and march forth towards true liberation of African people. Let us fight a good course, let us achieve economic freedom in our lifetime, let us kick out the imperialist stooges, let us liberate the continent because the wealth of the continent is not only on its minerals but mainly lies in the hands of its young people. Are you ready? Fanon says “each generation must, out of it relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it”.

By Mabula MP

Unlicensed fire-arms found at Lesedi Municipality Reginald Nhlapo []


ystery surrounds the twelve u n l i c e n s e d f i re –arms that were found in the storeroom at Lesedi Local Municipality (LLM) recently. A tip-off from an employee of the municipality led the local police to the discovery and confiscation of the stashed fire-arms. All enquiries made by Captain Senzosenkosi National Zulu to detect the person/s who stashed the fire-arms in the municipality storeroom proved fruitless as no one came forward to account for the unlicensed fire-arms. Meshack Makhubo, LLM's manager of Public Safety confirmed that firearms were found and that he has written a report which he declined to divulge what it entails before referring queries to his senior. LLM's Head of Department for Public Safety, Cynthia Mokoena said; “We will be compiling a report about what we know, however this report is not necessarily different from the one Makhubo handed me.”

When asked to shed light on the content of the report already in her possession from Makhubo, she said; “It's unfortunate that I just can't give you information regarding our affairs (sic) as we still need to consult our principal (which is the municipal manager).” The municipal manager who was reported off-sick was contacted but, referred us back to the HOD. “Can I consult my manager then I will revert back to you,” Mokoena said before hanging up. Police spokesperson William Tshabangu said, “We received a tip-off from a municipal employee regarding the firearms which were kept in the storeroom. We then acted swiftly and confiscated them. The firearms will be sent for ballistic tests.” The 12 firearms seized by the police were three Shotguns, one R1 rifle, six 303 firearms and two other unidentified rifles. No arrest has been made and a charge of possession of unlicensed firearms was opened for further investigations.


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8 VAAL TIMES | NEWS | 04 - 10 OCT 2013

RADIO MAN MARIUS OF 90.6 fm VCR TALKS TO US What makes your show outstanding when compared to other breakfast shows I am not just focusing on getting

a lot mainly because I work at 5'o clock in the morning and once I go out in the evening till midnight I'll feel awful the following day and the

humour out there which some of the stations

other thing is that I'm family orientated and you

turn to do. I take breakfast show seriously and I

can't take kids everywhere.

feel that although it is up and about a bubbly

How do you share your wealth of experience

feeling it is not a joke its serious business. It's

with new and upcoming radio presenters?

more business focused which I think it's got a

Report & Picture by Vaal Times Vaal Times: Briefly take us through your radio background…

I always say you need to want it so badly

niche in the market where other people turn to be

you can taste it, that's what makes radio happen,

more into the entertainment value of thing than

the passion that you have for the job that you're

being down to business.

doing. When I started radio my mentor used to

What is your listenership figure and age group?

say “the day you get behind the microphone and

We get figures called AMPS and now

you don't have that butterfly exciting feeling in

the listenership has been up by 73 000 but in a

you get out of there because then you've lost your

specific minute of the day is very difficult to say

passion.” It has always been my way of measuring

Marius: Radio for me started back in

what the listenership in that time slot is,

my work. If I move in here in the morning I do have

1984 with the national broadcaster, prior to that I

obviously because we have a captive audience in

butterflies and it's there every morning and the

did military service and I started working for

the morning with higher listenership in the

adrenalin starts to get pumping.

Radio Highveld; in between I joined the corporate

breakfast show. Our listeners are between the

What brings that adrenaline in you?

environment. I came back to radio and joined VCR

ages of 25 and 50.

90.6Mhz which is where I have been as a host for

What's 'simple' about your show, funny and

a breakfast show now for the last two years.

embarrassing moments on-air?

What defines you?

Exactly that is not complicated and

The kind of passion I have, for me radio is a unique job. I need to give what the listener wants. It's a fine balance and you need to keep that up all the time and that's where the

I think I've got a weird sense of humour

simply what you want that's what you get. A

adrenalin starts because once you get everything

and that makes it easier to be who I am. I always

couple of months ago I interviewed comedian

running you can sense the interaction vibe with

see the positive in anything and as a result it

Barry Hilton, having a personality like that in

the listener.

makes me sound positive all the time and that

studio lands itself for trouble. He's one of the guys

How do they keep the listeners glued to your

makes people get attracted to me.

which you have no control of what he's saying but


You've worked for a commercial radio before

we had a whole lot of fun and the embarrassing

The fact that we focus on local stuff

and now are plying your trade for a community

moment was the first day when I got here. I forgot

makes them still want to listen because they want

radio, how has the transition been? It's actually weird in a sense that one

to switch off the microphone and the whole of

to know. People are inquisitive by nature and are

Transvaal could hear my conversation off-air,

thirsty for information that's why people always

would think that this move was a step-down. It's

luckily I didn't swear.

will tune in to something relevant to them. If you

basically the same the only difference is that the

If you weren't on radio what would you be

give them something they want they will listen

listener figures differ but the working set-up, the


almost automatically.

programming and what a radio station entails are

There was a time period in my life

all the same. The nice thing about radio is its

where I worked in the corporate environment. I


Do you follow politics and who's that one person


he Lekoa Town Council came into being on the 29th November 1983 and assumed its full functions on the 1st of January 1984. The Lekoa Town Council replaced the Oranje Vaal Development Board. Prior to the establishment of the Lekoa Town Council a handful people took part in the elections of local councillors. “Although there were elections clearly only the people who were able to campaign were the people who were aligned to the administrative structure that were there at the time and clearly the economic elite of the area was agitating for participation in these elections and there was no wide spread involvement by ordinary people. Those elections were not very popular but came in 1983 when the Tri-Cameral parliament came and the black local authorities were set up as an alternative for blacks in the urban areas to participate in the politics of the country.”

you would like to dine with?


was in a senior management position with a

It's actually weird because we're on

I always joke around that my life works on

couple of companies. I'm sure that's the field

radio therefore are not allowed to view political,

seconds because when I walked in here (studio)

which I would have been in but then my love for

religious or sexual preference. We don't really

this morning I can't have news bulletins 5-

radio just took won the day. I was in broadcasting

participate in that at all but if there's one soul I

minutes early or late, it has to be at the top of the

and left but came back 18 years ago at 90.6, so I

would love to wine and dine with though it's too

hour. Once you get into that frame of mind

don't think I want to be anything else to be quite

late now that has to be Nelson Mandela.

everything in life just turns out organised.

frank. If you take me with my kind of personality

I've got a slot in my show called 'Back in Time' and

What's the competition like for breakfast shows

and characteristics and put in another

if one looks at the struggle that he went through

on white predominantly radio stations?

environment I'll die as I can't flourish in the very

and political views then, went to jail and when he

Although we broadcast in three

strict office, I need to be open, creative and talk to

came back he was not bearing any grudges but

languages (English, Afrikaans and Sesotho) we're

people otherwise my personality would not

said 'let's shake hands' that takes a great man to

not only a white station. VCR fm focuses more on


say. I think he is a very intelligent person with

business and everything that you need to know as

You have a number of outreach programmes,

world knowledge that I would love to sit down

far as business decisions are concerned.

how does it help one to stay in touch with the

and chat with him about. Sometimes I feel even

When you look at Highveld Stereo for instance


his own family didn't made use of the opportunity

people travel a lot longer to get to work, they

We have the 'Blanket Drive' that we do

spend hours in the traffic which we don't have.

in the middle of winter for the orphanages and

What advice would you give to budding radio

The time period which a person listens is actually

people in need. The amazing thing is that we put a


much shorter. That's more sense for an individual

challenge out there for a certain number of

Passion, and secondly one would need

who would like to learn more during that time

blankets for an example last year we said we

to have a pleasant voice, you also need to be

at all times.


wanted to get 500 blankets and we received just

fluent in your language and be a person who has a

Thirdly, 90.6 is more Vaal focussed for example

above that. This year we said we wanted 600 and

sense of a good knowledge about various

when we look at traffic and I would say there's a

we got double that number. That is amazing

subjects because you must understand that in

problem with a traffic light at the intersection of

looking at the community getting involved.

radio we talk here to people from brain surgeons

The election of the Lekoa Town Council was vehemently opposed by the community. The UDF mounted a serious campaign against the new town council. The creation of the Lekoa Town Council stemmed from a desperate attempt by the government to create a puppet local government structure that will be concerned with the governance of the African people at a local level. By virtue of the fact that these local councils were part of the oppressive system they were not deemed to be democratic from the outset. People who formed part of these structures were those who had a collaborationist background and they included some former homeland officials who were deployed in the urban political space. Because they were a puppet creation that was just allocated a policing function over local urban governance they did not have substantial powers and authority. Their powers were at best miniscule.

Barrage and Frikkie Meyer Boulevards. People

The other one is the 'Soup Drive' where we take

to comedians and everything in between so you

would all know where it is and try to avoid the

soup to underprivileged people and schools and

need to have a vast general knowledge. It would

area as opposed to Hendrik Verwoerd Avenue in

the joy on the faces of the recipients is priceless.

be a great advantage if one gets to study radio but

representatives who were drawn from the

Randburg which got no relevance to the Vaal.

That actually knocks me and sometimes makes

you need to read, watch the news and be able to

following townships. Evaton, Sharpeville,

Even with our news our lead story will always be

me cry.

be on top of things.

Sebokeng from Zone 3, 7, 11, 12, 13,

about something around the Vaal while the

What do you indulge in during your spare time?

second or third story will be either national or international.

Relax, I sit back and watch television and have fun with my family. I don't tend to go out

The Lekoa Town Council was constituted by

Boipatong, Bophelong and Zamdela (Sasol).

to be part of our...




VEREENIGING WORKS TURN 100 In 2010, the company spent R220 million on a dust extraction unit, which has contributed to a significant reduction of emissions in the region. “Dust above the Vereeniging site has been significantly eliminated, with the dust capture rate from the melt shop activities improving by 45%. This is just one way o f d e a l i n g w i t h t h e va r i o u s environmental challenges we face on a daily basis,” adds Ms Nyembezi-Heita.

Motseki Mabuya []


ArcelorMittal South Africa’s Vereeniging Plant celebrates its 100th year Anniversary

rcelorMittal South Africa, A f r i c a ’s l a rg e s t s t e e l producer is pleased to announce that its Vereeniging Plant has reached a significant milestone as it celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Steelmaking operations at the Vereeniging plant commenced a century ago with a 10 tonne furnace, producing roughly 4 000 tonnes of pig iron steel between 1913 and 1920. The Vereeniging Works is the country’s major supplier of specialty steel products, seamless tube and forge products. Almost 500 000 tonnes of final product is produced per year, of which some 32% of

steel is distributed to offshore markets. The Vereeniging Plant plays a pertinent role in ArcelorMittal South Africa’s overall growth strategy and in the steel manufacturer ’s ability to continue contributing immensely to local economic growth and job creation in South Africa. The company is extremely proud to have reached this milestone considering the many challenges and obstacles that South Africa and ArcelorMittal South Africa have faced over the last century. Some of these challenges include two world wars, the great depression in the 1930’s, countless economic difficulties and several recessions. “However, the fact that we are all here today commemorating our 100th year anniversary bears testament to the fact that we are a strong and resilient company,” commented Ms Nyembezi-Heita, Chief Executive Officer, ArcelorMittal South Africa.

“In the long term, we will continue with our robust growth and retention strategy to develop positively as a company and we look forward to celebrating another 100 years of success for the Vereeniging Plant,” concludes Ms NyembeziHeita. ArcelorMittal South Africa’s Vereeniging plant marked its 100 year milestone with a celebration at its Vereeniging plant on the 3rd of September 2013, where government, stakeholders and company employees attended to acknowledge this momentous occasion. Founded in 1928, ArcelorMittal South Africa is a subsidiary of the world’s leading steel and mining company and Africa’s largest steel manufacturer. The company operates in 60 countries and employs approximately 260 000 people worldwide. ArcelorMittal South Africa has a capacity of 7.8 million tons of liquid steel per annum with steel manufacturing and chemical plants in Newcastle, Pretoria, Saldanha, Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging.

The company employs approximately 10 000 staff members and contractors across South Africa. The company produces carbon steel in both flat and long products which is supplied into all major steel consuming industries and is used extensively in critical infrastructure projects .The company’s target market is SubSaharan Africa with a specific focus on Southern Africa.

Arcelor Mittal SOUTH AFRICA


Arcelor Mittal Science Centres


did you know

The Arcelor Mittal Science Centres were established to address the country-wide shortage of skills in the engineering fields which is exacerbated by the fact that learners do not follow the science disciplines, inadequate facilities in schools and insufficient qualified teachers. The centres expose students to science and technology in a fun and relaxed environment by providing them with classrooms, fully equipped science laboratories, interactive science exhibitions that enhance their thinking skills and curriculum-linked science and mathematics instruction. ArcelorMittal South Africa also involves educators by providing teacher training to enhance overall teaching ability. Locations of Arcelor Mittal Science Centres: Sebokeng in Gauteng, Newcastle in Kwazulu Natal and Saldanha in the Western Cape.

10 VAAL TIMES | BUSINESS | 04 - 10 OCT 2013

MMC Khulu Malindi unpacks Local Economic Development


The Emfuleni Local Municipality's

Local Economic Development (LED) led by Khulu Malindi recently held an SMME workshop in conjunction with various stakeholders to equip and share knowledge to emerging and existing entrepreneurs. Vaal Times spent time with Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) Malindi as he outlined the in's and out's of his department. THE VISION AND AIM OF THE LED DEPARTMENT It aims mainly to create a business environment where local and outside business people feel at home to trade and do business, and once such a structure is in place, it creates an atmosphere that attract even those who are not readily doing so (trading) to follow suite which is why we are combining emerging entrepreneurs

MMC Khulu Malindi

and major business to work together. This is done with an aim that they share ideas through meetings which are held four times a year. WHAT IS THE ECONOMIC STATUS OF THE AREA LIKE PRESENTLY

perception that the area is a welfare place, so that's

help us when conducting a review, our intention as

There is also a peanut butter project, we

With the current economic status quo,

where the buying power comes in. We as the

the LED is to take business to the townships; we

have taken the interested party to a farm that we

we rely more on steel which is going through a

municipality are also to blame as we take long to

have done it with the Wedding Expo.

will be leasing and what is pending is the site visit

rough patch, and that applies internationally as

approve applications of developments. However,


and a follow up on the progress of this project. The

well. We have a situation where we rely more on

we have put measures addressing that, initially the


peanut butter project will involve the youth as

retail and the sector is trying to absorb a number of

beer factory that is based in Midvaal was


people hence we see developers trying to open

supposed to be in Emfuleni but the issue of a long

We are in the process of developing a

shopping centres and trading in the townships.

well as cooperatives and they will benefit through processing, packaging and distribution.

process of the application saw it finding an

booklet which will entail vendors, SMME's, co-

Through a partnership with the

alternative home. We need to cut that short so that

operatives and future plans. We normally relate

Sedibeng District Municipality we will be

seeing big brands like Game and Virgin Active

investors and developers would influence others

with them through association and forums; we

reviving Sebokeng Precinct which comprises of

showing interest in trading in the townships.

to come and invest within the municipality.

encourage such structure as it eliminates

the Saul Tsotetsi Complex area, Mphatlalatsane,


misunderstanding, we strive for uniformity.

Eldorado Cinema and the burned down building


Informal traders and, Nafcoc are some of the

that used to house grocery store in Zone 14

associations which we are working with.

Shopping Centre and preference will be given to

Township business is booming we're

We need to diversify the economy of our area and we should have many economic activities that will attract even international

As much as I head numerous

investors which is why we are engaging the

departments namely Agriculture, LED, Land Use

We constantly have meetings where we

local business people. On the Tourism purpose we

Gauteng Development Agency (GDA) with a

Management and Tourism, I must acknowledge

try to find solutions to matters arising and the

are also engaging with GDA in developing

view of bringing major projects into the area.

that not everybody understands where we want to

common issues they raise are stalls at shopping

Sebokeng Monument that being the Post Office in

They've done it with the Metro's and as such owe it

take the department.

centres which is why we are engaging shopping

Zone 11 and Roman Catholic Church, bear in

to us to do something big outside the logistical hub.

There is crisis of leadership; I've said it

malls to accommodate them as they play a central

mind that the two places used to be where people

even in meetings. My personal assessment upon

role in the area. By far we have engaged only most

convergde during the struggle era without

township malls with Palm Springs Mall still

announcement of any sort for that matter and


my arrival was that most people do not understand


the role of the LED, with time I realised that there

outstanding as it accommodates Joburg.

things would start to happen from there. We need


are souls demoralised by the absence of


to preserve such places and turn them into




We n e e d n o t s h y a w a y f r o m benchmarking ourselves with Joburg as it is the

The department has plenty of

My personal view which I still need to

most successful municipality around, we need to

challenges but I'm hell-bent on rectifying that, so

lobby further is that we need to review laws, if we

which is something we're also going to do with

undertake a study that will showcase where we are

that come the end of my term provided I will still

allow situation to go unattended like it is right now

Sharpeville and Boipatong you then declare the


Once you turn them into a monument

be in the helm my contribution will be visible to

in a decade or so to come we will be out-

surrounding places business areas. For instance a

the community.

numbered. Foreign nationals do business all over

visit to Sharpeville Museum would be less than an

Development Agency to ensure that we even


without proper normal procedures and even out-

hour spent and once you leave there's practically

attract a car manufacturer come to this side. We


pacing and that kills everything about us. We are

nothing that will attract you.

would also like to complement a logistical hub in


in the process of losing our identity.


We are engaging with Gauteng

reference to having an airport. We are informed

We have been saying all along that the

What we did as the department is that

It is imperative that our own business

that in the near future the OR Tambo Airport will

programme belongs to the LED, when you take

we took 13 properties to a public tender but then

people starts taking themselves seriously and as

be over its capacity; as it is the most used airport.

into consideration that it was initiated by the LED.

we realised that money should not be an issue as

such it will be easier for government to come on

One need an overflow airport and we

The programme on its own falls under Tourism

there are good proposals from locals and that

board and assist where necessary. Recently we

are strategically placed with main routes nearer

and I feel it will be in accordance with saying

needs to be taken into account.

and we share boundaries with many provinces.

programmes like MACUFE, Joy of Jazz are all

They (foreign national) own a number

Looking at our special development

run by the Tourism department working hand-in

of buildings which they bought cash and this

there is to find and that they needed the supplier so

framework we have included such things that in

hand with Arts in their respective municipalities

shows that they can afford to buy anything and our

it is in this manner that I believe we can link them

the long term we need such structure and we need

and they're very successful therefore it was more

priority should be about locals.

and open doors for them. Chances are if they take

to lobby as early as now as they will lure investors.

of us reviewing policies.


We then decided to do things differently


as ours was not about compliancy but rather to

EMFULENI Firstly, we need to move away from RDP Houses as this issue affects the revenue of

undertook a trip to China where we were told by the Chinese that South African wine is the best


themselves seriously then opportunities will be


there to be seized by them.


getting results, and these results would be felt by

In Dlomo dam already there is movement with the

ordinary people or businesses.

fishery project, this is one of the best things to

Mayoral Committee at the Emfuleni Local

We want to know how many Emfuleni

emerge out of our area because the community are


becoming shareholders as that stands to benefit

municipality, division of allocation from national

residents were present as tourists during this

government as we are told of a number of

programme, we must be in a position to check and

them. Ten percent of the profit will be channelled

subsidies for the community. Such sight gives the

tell how much they spent money-wise. This will

to them in a form of distribution of food packages.

Councillor Khulu Malindi is a Member of the

Report by Reginald Nhlapo

11 VAAL TIMES | BUSINESS | 04 - 10 OCT 2013

Realistic and Practical Enterprise Development What every entrepreneur should think about... LOOK | LISTEN | THINK Anywhere there's an opportunity that need to be unearthed. In every discussion or conversation there is an opportunity that needs to be explored. Your mind naturally has the ability to generate ideas from what you see and hear that can be turned into a concept that can be a project towards a progressive product, service, business or company.




veryone can be an entrepreneur, only those who practice are real ones. The problem is that…most people are not prepared to start anything, although we all want to be businessmen/women and be

The time for real personal interventions in business development and growth is NOW. Opportunities lie under our noses everywhere we go to a point that they can be smelled as far as other countries outside South Africa. I'm here to share enlightening insight on how you can work yourself to being a progressive entrepreneur or set up a progressive enterprise while making an impact within your community. Entrepreneurship means the practice of starting new organizations, particularly new businesses, and ANYONE can do that.

Enterprises in the Soviet Union were economic organizations responsible for production, distribution or another function (the socialist equivalent to a company in capitalism). Lets assume that other functions were Retail, Services, etc… This is the same method that is still used everywhere throughout the world. We are being enticed with individualistic approach that surely limit our growth and prosperity, thus we are packed on the last leg of this movement. What we need to do... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

We need to stop thinking from the end inwards. We need to exploit the power of collective co-operation. We need to think expansion and growth from the onset. We need to turn every opportunity into a possibility. We need to think Production, Packaging, Distribution and Sales, NOT JUST SALES.


>> extracted from Nicho Ntema’s GBR Presentation


aal Times is finally here and this is a tribute to many of our people and a profound statement of hope that all of us will, together, continue to expand the frontiers of human dignity, and it is through the words of Lao Tzu where we draw inspiration from when he says:"Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” There has been a demand for a fresh product aimed at giving readers in the Vaal real news. The current state of newspapers in the region is appalling and this has led to a situation where our local newspapers have become mouthpieces for local government and politicians. Vaal Times will strive to set a new benchmark for local or community journalism. However, the big question is ‘how different will the Vaal Times be and given the current status how do we position ourselves to be an alternative’?

The answer is Media Convergence. Media convergence is basically the coming together of various forms of media to perform much the same purpose. This is important in business because it broadens the scope of business, while ailing the means of expansion. The term "media convergence" may not be as familiar as it should be.

In today's information age, we are all surrounded by examples of converged media and it is important to us because Television, Radio and Print media have been bitter rivals for decades and now the Internet has joined the battle. Besides an effort to boost consumer services, these traditional enemies have since been combined for many reasons. Vaal Times brings the Media Convergence because of these key reasons; Shared Reporting, Audience , Visibility and Credibility. This will be achieved through Vaal Times Newspaper, Vaal Times Radio and Vaal Times Business. This how the Vaal Times is positioned and the direction we are taking. We would like to take this opportunity to invite all the potential partners, sponsors and to walk with us this road ahead of us. Our tag line says Connecting Communities and that is why we have positioned ourselves on the banks of the Mighty Vaal River in-terms of having both Fezile Dabi and Sedibeng as our areas of focus. We are also excited about the new relationship that we have started with the National Community Radio Forum as part of confirming the convergence of print and radio platforms. Be part of this exciting journey by getting involved and remember“Never regret your past if you haven't yet achieved what you've been working for or dreamed about”. Just be glad enough that you lived it and those attempts and work have led you to a much Higher and Stronger position today and many few steps ahead for what you wanted.

Vaal Times, not just news (c) Motseki Mabuya

Official Launch @ Stonehaven on Vaal

(C) Vaal Times/Reginald Nhlapo

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Vaal times 04 october 2013  

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Vaal times 04 october 2013  

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