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2008-2009 Alumni Survey Results Summary

This past winter, we created and conducted a comprehensive alumni survey to learn how prepared our alumni feel for life beyond Nichols; to get a sense of what alumni have been doing since Nichols, including education, career path and personal life; and to gather feedback on alumni programs, our communication with alumni, and their involvement after graduation from Nichols. The results are being used for the School’s overall strategic planning, as well as specific branding and marketing initiatives. In addition, the information we gathered will help us evaluate alumni programming in order to maintain relevant offerings. Lastly, because we greatly value your opinions and take each suggestion into consideration, you should know we are already moving forward with several plans that echo your ideas. To name a few, the School is currently investing in more technology and adding new courses to the curriculum, such as engineering and computer programming. We are continuously engaged in a process of evaluating all the results to implement more of your suggestions as they relate to our goals and objectives. From the 2,803 alumni e-mail addresses we have, 1,099 people (39%) participated in the survey. The executive summary of the results collected are as follows: College Preparation n 91% were exceptionally well or very well prepared for their college/university experience overall. n Studying/completing homework: 59% said exceptionally well; 31% said very well. n Writing analytically: 56% said exceptionally well; 33% said very well. n Balancing workload: 53% said exceptionally well; 30% said very well. n Requesting aid from teachers when needed: 53% said exceptionally well; 37% said very well. n Writing creatively: 46% said exceptionally well; 35% said very well. n Conducting research: 30% said exceptionally well; 47% said very well. n Interpreting mathematical/ scientific concepts: 36% said exceptionally well; 35% said very well. n Public speaking: 26% said exceptionally well; 38% said very well; 27% said adequately. n Using technology: 17% said exceptionally well; 37% said very well; 33% said adequately. The majority of respondents stated that Nichols prepared them well for all subject areas: n English language and literature: 59% said exceptionally well; 36% said very well. n History: 38% said exceptionally well; 45% said very well. 14

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n Foreign languages: 37% said exceptionally well; 32% said very well. n Math: 31% said exceptionally well; 41% said very well. n Arts: 31% said exceptionally well; 37% said very well. n Science: 23% said exceptionally well; 46% said very well. The majority of respondents stated that they were well prepared for a variety of life skills: n Personal time management: 54% said exceptionally well; 29% said very well. n Leadership potential: 52% said exceptionally well; 31% said very well. n Communication skills: 51% said exceptionally well; 39% said very well. n Goal setting: 49% said exceptionally well; 31% said very well. n Stress/health management: 31% said exceptionally well; 31% said very well; 25% said adequately. n Personal financial planning: 19% said exceptionally well; 17% said very well; 32% said adequately; 22% said not very well. College Process n 48% of respondents are currently enrolled in or graduated from their first-choice college/university, while 21% attend(ed) their second-choice college/university.

n 58% are extremely satisfied that the college/university in which they are enrolled or graduated is the right match; 32% are satisfied with their match. n When rating satisfaction level with the Nichols’ college selection process, 30% were extremely satisfied, 45% were satisfied and 19% felt neutral about the experience. Respondents noted that the teachers and staff at Nichols helped in various ways to make the decision to attend their particular college/university: n Faculty/staff member wrote recommendations to this college/ university on my behalf: 75% n Faculty/staff member assisted me in putting together entrance materials for this college/university: 45% n Faculty/staff member suggested that colleges/universities with characteristics like this one would be a good match for me: 45% n Faculty/staff member suggested that this particular college/university would be a good match for me: 38% n Faculty/staff member was actively involved in working with the college admissions staff at this college/university on my behalf: 22%

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