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Honor Roll




A note of thanks Nichols College has much to be grateful for this year, and many people to thank. We greeted the 2016 fiscal year with the public launch of a comprehensive campaign destined to move us closer to our vision as a college of choice for business and leadership education. Our donors and volunteers generously rallied to increase support for capital projects; endowed scholarships; and academic innovation. Their commitment to our mission inspires us and ensures that the legacy of leadership, started more than 200 years, remains strong. For the 2016 fiscal year, which ran from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016, we can proudly report:

• Our bicentennial campaign, Securing a Legacy of Leadership, closed

out the year with $39.3 million toward a $45 million goal.

• Thanks to a special challenge offered by Board Chairman John H. Davis ’72, 18 new endowed scholarships have been created and designated to help a variety of students, including budding entrepreneurs, women from Southbridge, and adult undergraduates.

• The President’s Society, gifts of $1,000 or more, broke the 200 barrier in

2014 and has been steadily climbing, with 246 members this year.

• Donations to the Nichols Fund pumped nearly $1 million into the lifeblood of the college – academics, internships, athletics, technology, faculty development, student life, and campus resources.

To those of you who support our efforts, lend your talent and experience to help develop confident and capable professionals, and otherwise keep Nichols in your thoughts, we extend our appreciation in return. Thanks to you, Nichols is entering a third century of educating leaders.

Susan West Engelkemeyer, PhD President

President’s Society Scholars’ Society Gifts of $25,000 or more


Ronald J. & Cynthia L. Brown

Christopher W. & Kim M. McCarthy

James L. Dunbar

Robert A. & Janet Bullard

Lee A. McNelly

George I. Alden Trust

Eagle Cleaning Corp.

George S. Butler

Nichols Academy Scholarship Fund/

Susan W. Engelkemeyer, PhD

Kerry Calnan

Greater Worcester Community Fdn.

Raymond P. Faucher

Francis J. & Dawn I. Carlo

Merit Mile LLC

David G. Hale

Michael E. Carlson

Andrew Michienzi

G. Arnold Haynes

Ross H. Chambers

Anna Milburn

Patricia A. Hertzfeld

Bradford C. Child

Robert E. Miller, PhD

Jonathan H. Ives

Phillip E. Collins

Benjamin A. Minardi III

E.J. Landry III

Robert D. Conrad

M. Marcus Moran, Jr.

Thomas B. McIlvain, Jr.

Robert D. Craig, Jr.

Robbie P. & Holly M. Munce

Nuveen Investments

Constance Cramer

Edmund J. Murrah

Ernest Pekmezaris

Brian L. Dardy

Thomas J. Nicalek


Henri M. David, Jr.

William F. O’Connell, Jr.

Leslie H. Read

Richard M. DeCrosta, CFP

O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency Inc.

Reliastar Life of New York

Mary C. DeFeudis

Keith A. & Dena O’Hara

Ronald L. Schmitt

Dexter-Russell Inc.

Ronald E. Osimo

Schwab Charitable Fund

John B. Dirlam

Walter T. Peters

William R. Scott

Philip B. Donnelly

Henry H. Peterson

Peter L. Lynch

Wells Fargo

Charles W. Dragon

Frank R. Petrillo

John H. McClutchy, Jr.

President’s Gold Circle Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

Robert C. Dublin, Jr.

William C. & Lana Pieczynski

Charles V. Eggleton, Jr.

Prudential Financial

Raymond F. Essig

Mark A. Reino

Exsel Advertising Inc.

Renaud HVAC & Controls Inc.

Scott C. Farland

Cara M. Revett

Terence M. Farrell

J. Arthur Rizy, Jr.

John E. Finnerty, Jr.

Jenness L. Robbins

John Finning

Richard K. Robertson

Thomas E. Franzese

David W. Rodgers

William E. Fredericks

Charles E. Sage

David A. & Charlene M. French

Robert L. Savage

Philip B. Fuller

Richard W. Scheffler

William & Lynne Gillen

Richard F. Shields

William Glavin

Nathan K. & Victoria Smith

Goulet, Salvidio & Associates PC

Kenneth R. Snell, CFA, CFP

James F. Goulet

Henry P. St. Cyr

Joseph F. Grimaldo

Michael Stanton

Gary S. Guglielmello

Richard M. Suitum

David S. Hammond

Charles H. Swartwout, Jr.

Kurt R. Harrington

Kent Tarrant

John M. Harrison

Arthur B. Tozzi

Bruce I. Haslun & Carol Erhardt

United Way of Rhode Island

Richard L. Hilliard

Vanguard Charitable

John M. Hills

Paul A. Vendetti

Patrick B. Holland

Paul M. & Susan D. Veshi

Alfred D. Houston

Alexander S. Walker

Bradley S. Hvolbeck

Ross M. Weale

Peter H. Johnson

Webster Five Cents Savings Bank

Charles T. Kaull, Jr.

John F. White

Fred C. & Katherine B. Andersen Fdn. Keith T. Anderson Wayne J. Archambo Randall V. and Donna Becker Howard K.O. Chong, Jr. James W. & Nancy Coghlin Community Fdn. of Western Mass. John H. Davis Stephen A. Davis Estate of Bradley M. Damon Gerald & Marilyn Fels Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Thomas J. & Denise B. Hall Richard B. Hardy Hyde/Dexter-Russell Charitable Fdn. Robert B. Kuppenheimer

Thomas H. Niles Raymond C. Pecor, Jr. Martin J. & Shelly Power Earl S. Prolman Alvah O. Rock Robert E. Stansky United Way of Central Mass. Robert J. Vaudreuil Paul E. Zimmerman

American Association of University Women Inc. Anonymous Alice C. Belden Peter V. Caruso Stephen P. Chernock, Jr. Anthony D’Elia Enterprise

Trustees’ Society Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999

Michael A. Jones

Affinity Group

Thomas A. LoRicco

Atlas Distributing Inc. David G. & Ellen J. Bedard Jane T. Birckhead Frank R. Burns, Jr. Edwin B. Donahue William D. Fowler George F. & Sybil H. Fuller Fdn. Greater Greenville Community Fdn. Samuel R. Haines Calvin A. Hills Barry D. Hogan James H. Jackson Jeff R. & Kristin Johnson Thomas S. & Terri Lodge

Robert D. Keller Michael A. Lukasek Robert P. MacPherson, Jr. Edward P. Mazzetta Morgan Stanley John A. Murphy, Jr. Suryakant M. Patel, MD Petrillo Contracting Inc. Revelation Productions Inc. Lloyd M. Roth Robert T. Sanford State Farm Co. James D. Wagner Tammy A. Wolf YourCause LLC (Chevron)

David F. & Susan D. Lombard

Charles Zabriskie, Jr.

Alan S. Peppel

President’s Silver Circle Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

William F. Keats

C. Curry Wilford

Lafayette Keeney ❖

Windsor Sanitation Recycling

Richard W. Anderson

Gregory B. King

George E. Withington

Bank of America

Thomas T. Klebart

Bruce R. Barton

Donald G. Kraft

Joseph T. Bartulis, Jr.

Robert LaVigne

Richard H. Bauzenberger

William H. Littleton

President’s Green Circle

R. Donald Bean III

Francis J. Lovell

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

Marc D. & Andrea C. Becker

J. Donald MacNair

Constantine Alexander

Jonathan M. Birtwell

John D. MacPhail

Jonathan D. Blake

Donald A. MacQuarrie

Richard A. Blankley

John P. Maffeo

Donn E. Bleau

William K. Mahler, Jr.

William L. Boffi

Leo V. Marshall

Charles A. Petrillo Michael J. Runyon R. Joseph Salois William C. Stone Edward Trenkmann, Jr. YourCause LLC (New York Life)

Mrs. Herman F. Becker Carolyn J. Burke William S. Cleary

President’s Society Now Classes 2007-2011: Gifts of $500 Classes 2012-2016: Gifts of $250 Cathy M. Champagne Stephen W. Mack Taylor W. Ross Zachary D. Smith


Alumni Donors Gift Clubs Scholars’ Society Gifts of $25,000 or more

Class of 1937

Class of 1948

President’s Silver Circle

President’s Silver Circle Alexander S. Walker ♦

Hilltoppers’ Club Sumner F. Bissell Lewis B. Erwin, Jr. Townsend T. Mink ♦

Academy Associates Whipple D. Crossman Jeronimo Esteve-Abril

Class of 1939

Trustees’ Society Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999

Supporters Bernice Sheldon ♦

President’s Society

Class of 1940

Green Circle

Hilltoppers’ Club

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

Epworth S. Moulton ♦

Gold Circle Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999 Silver Circle Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499 President’s Society Now Graduates of the Last Decade Classes of 2007-2011: $500 Classes of 2012-2016: $250 Amasa Nichols Society Gifts of $500 to $999

Class of 1941 Hilltoppers’ Club Stephen V. Lewis ♦ Supporters Charles L. Garvin

Class of 1942 Hilltoppers’ Club John D. Kurtz ♦

Class of 1943

Academy Associates Gifts of $250 to $499

Amasa Nichols Society Morton I. Levine ♦

Hilltoppers’ Club Gifts of $100 to $249

Hilltoppers’ Club Charles S. Jones ♦

Supporters Gifts of $1 to $99

Class of 1947 Supporters Bernard J. Gevry

Walter T. Peters ♦

Supporters Donald A. Baker ♦ Nicholas S. Constantine ♦ Robert A. Mattia Philip R. Smith ♦ Edward C. Wheaton ♦

Class of 1949

Hilltoppers’ Club Albert W. Hanlon, Jr. Alden L. Ingraham ♦ Homer W. Jones, Jr. David P. Michaels Archie E. Mitchell, Jr. ♦ William W. Sprague Supporters DeForest W. Abel, Jr. ♦ Robert H. Bacon ♦ David P. Graham ♦ Milton L. Hallowell ♦ William T. Lawson Robert Risk, Jr. ❖

Trustees’ Society William D. Fowler ♦ President’s Silver Circle Lafayette Keeney ❖ Academy Associates John Strobel ♦

Class of 1951

Hilltoppers’ Club John L. Sullivan, Jr.

President’s Silver Circle James L. Dunbar ♦

Supporters Charles F. Knox Robert C. Luse Robert A. Martel

Amasa Nichols Society James E. Coley III ♦

Class of 1950 Trustees’ Society Edward Trenkmann, Jr. ♦

Hilltoppers’ Club Thomas W. Bartsch, Jr. Supporters Kenneth B. George, Jr. Holmes V. Tracy, Jr. ♦

President’s Green Circle G. Arnold Haynes

Endowed Scholarships Endowed scholarships enhance opportunities and provide tangible benefits for Nichols College students. They have a direct impact on the college’s ability to recruit and retain quality students and contribute greatly to their success. Below are the college’s endowed scholarships listed by the levels of support they have received as of June 30, 2016. (Names in italic indicate new scholarships.) $925,000 Joan Fels Endowed Scholarship

$75,000 Stephen A. Davis ’80 Endowed Scholarship

$500,000 James D. Wagner ’59 Endowed Scholarship

$70,000 Col. James L. Conrad Memorial Scholarship Barry D. Hogan ’67 Endowed Scholarship Claire & Shelly Power Endowed Scholarship

$200,000 Randy ’83 MBA ’96 and Donna ’83 Becker Scholarship $175,000 Class of ’63 Endowed Scholarship $150,000 Professor Keith Corkum Endowed Scholarship in Economics Thomas H. Niles ’63 Endowed Scholarship $125,000 Peter B. Dixon Scholarship

$60,000 Faucher Family Endowed Scholarship $50,000 Keith T. Anderson ’81 Endowed Scholarship James L. Dunbar Endowed Scholarship in Criminal Justice Hermann Foundation Scholarship $45,000 Thomas Hall Endowed Scholarship

$100,000 Class of ’64 Endowed Scholarship Class of ’65 Endowed Scholarship Robert C. Fischer Scholarship

$40,000 Hal Chalmers/Elks Scholarship Class of 1954 Endowed Scholarship Class of 1967 Endowed Scholarship James C. Gahan IV Endowed Scholarship

$85,000 Class of ’57 Endowed Scholarship

$35,000 President Debra Townsley Scholarship $30,000 Class of ’66 Endowed Scholarship


$25,000 Wayne Archambo ’81 Endowed Scholarship Russell E. Fuller Endowed Scholarship Gould Generational Scholarship Professor John Katori/Class of 1955 Scholarship Marilyn & Earl Prolman Endowed Scholarship The Rock Family Scholarship Robert J. Vaudreuil ’77 Endowed Scholarship Deb & Paul Zimmerman Endowed Scholarship $20,000 Philip Pettinelli ’71 Endowed Scholarship President’s Endowed Scholarship $15,000 Alexander/Sargent Endowed Scholarship John F. Birch Jr. Memorial Scholarship Lafayette Keeney ’49 Endowed Scholarship $10,000 David F. Lombard ’65 Endowed Scholarship R. Joseph Salois ’98 Endowed Scholarship Southbridge Chairmen Endowed Scholarship John R. Suleski Jr. Memorial Scholarship Daniel Van Leuvan Memorial Scholarship for Education $5,000 Oliver W. Birckhead ’42 Endowed Scholarship

Class of 1952 President’s Silver Circle Robert A. Bullard ♦ Academy Associates Jerre C. Budd ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Daniel E. Berman ♦ Robert B. Magnus Robert A. Marotta Gilbert W. Parks ♦ Supporters Robert J. Holmes Roger M. Parker Frederick L. Pratt ♦

Class of 1953 President’s Silver Circle Charles W. Dragon ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Chester N. Beauregard George H. Hull ♦ Francis L. Lemay ♦ Charles C. Maronna Howard A. Raphaelson ♦ Arthur A. Ristau, Jr. Edson C. Taylor ♦ Supporters William W. Koerner ♦

Class of 1954 Scholars’ Society Earl S. Prolman President’s Silver Circle Charles H. Swartwout, Jr. Amasa Nichols Society Federico G. Vargas Academy Associates Franklyn H. Kilby ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Louis J. Alberico James E. Burnet III ♦ Richard P. Clinton ♦ Edward A. Hunt, Jr. Donald E. Schafer ♦

Supporters Frederick R. Beach, Jr. Peter Deutsch Averell D. Litt John A. Mahan Frederick W. Neilsen, Jr. Philip D. Rupert, Jr. Robert A. Skenderian Ronald J. Swenn

Class of 1956 President’s Green Circle Raymond P. Faucher President’s Gold Circle Lloyd M. Roth Hilltoppers’ Club John P. Durney ♦ Arthur L. Fries ♦ Robert I. Handler Tom Keith ♦ Joseph A. Mendez ♦ Jerold M. Sidman ♦ Supporters David C. Bidwell ♦ Richard D. Coe Robert M. Swaney, Jr. Glenn M. Terrill ♦

Class of 1957 President’s Silver Circle George S. Butler ♦ J. Arthur Rizy, Jr. Kent Tarrant Academy Associates Cecil M. Gabbett III ♦ Walter Urtz ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Frederick W. Chase, Jr. Philip K. McNiff Allen J. Scherer, Jr. Supporters Elliot M. Altman, DDS ♦ Donald Claprood John F. Kullman Mayer J. Schnyder ♦

Class of 1958

Class of 1955

Hilltoppers’ Club Eugene B. Collard, Jr. ♦ Steven M. Fisher ♦ Howard J. Kack Charles F. Lewis III ♦ Leon F. Powers, Jr. Thomas G. Small ♦

President’s Green Circle Leslie H. Read ♦

Supporters Albert W. Redway II

Amasa Nichols Society Donald E. Gugelman ♦ Roy T. Johnson ♦ Robert F. Wagner

Class of 1959

Hilltoppers’ Club Robert H. Kemp Louis W. Kinzer, Jr. ♦ Carlton S. Littell Matthew Miles James P. Russell

President’s Gold Circle James D. Wagner ♦

Supporters Bruce S. Buttinghausen ♦ Richard B. Shanklin ♦ Donald R. Siegel ♦ Davies Tainter, Jr.

Scholars’ Society Raymond C. Pecor, Jr. ♦

President’s Silver Circle Leo V. Marshall ♦

Amasa Nichols Society Alan K. Greene Morgan J. Knudsen Academy Associates John A. Girvin ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club L. Robert Gould ♦ Frederick L. Pease ♦ Elliot P. Putnam ♦ Howard J. Rubin ♦ Supporters Gary A. Webber ♦

Class of 1960 Academy Associates Edward C. Dalterio Paul S. Friedlander ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Kenneth B. Beyer John Pepe ♦ Peter D. Shapleigh Tim Spangler Supporters Bruce S. Collett ♦

Class of 1961 Academy Associates Richard D. Marsden William S. Weikert ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club William E. Dillmeier, Jr. ♦ Paul Z. Haus, Jr. ♦ John S. Priest, Jr. Warren C. Rowe, Jr. ♦

Supporters William T. Corbett ♦ Bruce D. Merrill Colson O. Simmons

Class of 1962 Scholars’ Society Paul E. Zimmerman ♦ Trustees’ Society Calvin A. Hills ♦ President’s Silver Circle Jenness L. Robbins George E. Withington ♦ Amasa Nichols Society Richard C. Knoener ♦ Richard C. Makin ♦ Academy Associates William S. Edmunds ♦ Charles J. Montante, Jr. ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club R. Allen Elliott ♦ Charles N. Howe ♦ Kenneth B. Ingraham Rene T. Langevin ♦ Bruce E. MacDonald ♦ Supporters John H. Bowles ♦ Michael L. Daley ♦ Nelson D. Durland

Peter S. Eddy ♦ Fernando A. Figueras ♦ Frederick E. LaVergne John A. Turro, Jr. ♦ Peter M. Zona ♦

Colonel Conrad Society

Nichols College is grateful to the members of the Colonel Conrad Society—individuals who have documented a bequest to Nichols through their estate or who have remembered Nichols through a planned gift. (Names in bold indicate new members.) Norris G. Abbott III ’51 ❖ Richard H. Bauzenberger ’69 George P. Belba ’62 ❖ Alice C. Belden ’85 MBA ’92 Jane T. Birckhead Oliver W. Birckhead, Jr. ’42 ❖ Richard A. Blankley ’65 Edward G. Brodeur ’53 Robert A. Bullard ’52 Raymond M. Burnham Eugene P. Cenci ’63 Donald E. Chalmers ’59 ❖ William S. Cleary ’63 Frederick P. Currier ❖ Bradley M. Damon ’71 ❖ Henri M. David, Jr. ’64 John H. Davis ’72 Gerald Fels ’66 Alfred R. Fishel ’41 ❖ William D. Fowler ’49 Matthew R. Fox ’01 John L. Gaylord ’61 ❖ William H. Gunther, Jr. ’43 Robert R. Gurnett ’34 ❖ David G. Hale ’75 John M. Harrison ’68 John M. Hills ’69 Charles N. Howe ’62 Mary Jane Ingraham ❖ B. Everett Jones ’56 ❖ David B. Jones ’67 Herbert F. Kaupe ’43 ❖ Robert H. Kime ’65 Robert B. Kuppenheimer ’69 Donald A. MacQuarrie ’69 Duncan M. McInnes ’57 ❖ Lee A. McNelly ’69 Frank Mickel ’70 Ronald P. Noyes ’65 ❖ Alan S. Peppel MBA ’98 Rudolph C. Planeta, Jr. ’54 ❖ Martin J. Power ’78 Michael J. Runyon ’67 Richard I. Schachet ’56 ❖ Stearns H. Smalley ’34 ❖ Bruce E. Splaine ’69 Robert A. Stewart ’48 ❖ Davies Tainter, Jr. ’54 Paul E. Zimmerman ’62

❖ Deceased ♦ Donor to Nichols College for 20 or more consecutive years ♦ Donor to Nichols College for 5 or more consecutive years 3

Class of 1963 Scholars’ Society Thomas H. Niles ♦ Alvah O. Rock ♦ President’s Green Circle William S. Cleary ♦ President’s Silver Circle Ross H. Chambers ♦ Raymond F. Essig ♦ Bruce I. Haslun ♦ Bradley S. Hvolbeck ♦ William F. Keats ♦ Donald G. Kraft Richard W. Scheffler ♦ Arthur B. Tozzi ♦ Ross M. Weale Amasa Nichols Society Peter M. Brusman ♦ Academy Associates Eugene P. Cenci ♦ Eric L. Hofer ♦ Robert J. Sharp ♦ Bruce I. Siegal ♦ Charles R. Smith ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Robert Abrams ♦ John H. Carey Paul R. Chapdelaine Robert G. Falkenstein ♦ James H. Feindel ♦

Donald W. Hick, Jr. ♦ Frans J. Keesing ♦ Norman H. Leathers ♦ Paul J. Opacki George A. Pagnotta, Jr. Lewis C. Parker III Peter H. Smith ♦ Louis A. Stroller ♦ Edward K. Stropp, Jr. Henry A. Taylor III ♦ Paul A. Virostek ♦

Class of 1964 Scholars’ Society Howard K.O. Chong, Jr. ♦ President’s Gold Circle Edward P. Mazzetta ♦ President’s Silver Circle Robert D. Craig, Jr. Henri M. David, Jr. ♦ Philip B. Donnelly ♦ Henry H. Peterson ♦ Amasa Nichols Society Warren C. Bender ♦ Academy Associates David C. Ebacher ♦ Diran V. Tashian Hilltoppers’ Club Leonard S. Adler Philip Bebchick

Robert E. Beckwith ♦ David C. Doe ♦ Robert M. Fenn II ♦ Rufus S. Frost III ♦ Carl F. Gilbert Edward W. Nichols ♦ James A. Oates ♦ David B. Ruddock Daniel P. Tomassetti

Supporters William F. Bufalino Stanley G. Matthews ♦ William C. Richwagen ♦ William R. Wright III ♦

Class of 1965 Trustees’ Society David F. Lombard ♦ President’s Green Circle Ronald L. Schmitt ♦ President’s Gold Circle Robert T. Sanford ♦ President’s Silver Circle Richard A. Blankley ♦ Philip B. Fuller Charles T. Kaull, Jr. ♦ John D. MacPhail ♦ Benjamin A. Minardi III ♦ David W. Rodgers ♦ Charles E. Sage Richard F. Shields ♦

Amasa Nichols Society John L. Macdonald IV James E. Robinson ♦ Academy Associates William L. Archer, Sr. ♦ David F. Colby Hilltoppers’ Club Arthur C. Assad ♦ Bruce A. Demoranville, Sr. ♦ Lewis P. Gelman Richard W. Johnson Robert H. Kime ♦ Geoffrey E. Meyer ♦ John F. Platt ♦ Charles L. Potter ♦ Kenneth A. Racicot ♦ Barry B. Segal Richard C. Werstak ♦ Bennett J. Wiley Supporters Robert L. Ansalone ❖ Kenneth G. Burr Daniel R. Clark ♦ Ward B. DeKlyn, Jr. ♦ Bradford G. Goodrich Robert W. Grady ♦ Edward J. Grenke Robert C. Hagendorf ♦ Daniel M. Hastings ♦ Wayne E. Nigro

Milestones Nichols College gratefully acknowledges the generous support and leadership of these individuals, corporations and foundations that have reached the following milestones in their individual cumulative giving to Nichols. We appreciate their significant financial commitment to Nichols and our mission of developing tomorrow’s business leaders.

Gerald & Marilyn Fels

$1,000,000 Frederick P. Currier ❖

$7,500,000 John H. Davis

$975,000 Martin J. Power

$6,000,000 Fred C. & Katherine B. Andersen Fdn.

$800,000 Randall V. & Donna Becker

$4,750,000 Stephen A. Davis

$750,000 Fred Harris Daniels Fdn.

$4,250,000 Robert B. Kuppenheimer

$725,000 John H. McClutchy, Jr.

$3,250,000 Anonymous

$650,000 Oliver W. ❖ & Jane T. Birckhead Stoddard Charitable Trust


$3,000,000 Irene E. & George A. Davis Fdn. $2,250,000 Keith T. Anderson $1,750,000 Thomas H. Niles $1,500,000 George I. Alden Trust $1,250,000 George F. & Sybil H. Fuller Fdn. David F. & Susan D. Lombard Arthur J. Remillard, Jr.


$325,000 Peter L. Lynch Raymond C. Pecor, Jr. $300,000 Davis Educational Fdn. Samuel R. Haines $275,000 Howard K.O. Chong. Jr. $250,000 Thomas J. Hall Roger Lavoie ❖ Robert J. Vaudreuil $225,000 Norman B. Wenk, Jr. ❖

$625,000 Raymond Shamie ❖

$200,000 Christina Kaupe

$550,000 James W. Coghlin, Sr.

$175,000 Mrs. Herman F. Becker Mary C. DeFeudis Jeff R. Johnson Charles A. Petrillo Alvah O. Rock

$525,000 Richard B. Hardy $425,000 Hyde/Dexter-Russell Charitable Fdn. $400,000 James D. Wagner

$350,000 James L. Dunbar

$150,000 John B. Dirlam Edwin B. Donahue Thomas B. McIlvain, Jr. Suryakant M. Patel, MD Francis W. Robinson, Jr. ❖

$125,000 Marc D. & Andrea Becker Albert J. DiGregorio ❖ William D. Fowler Robert R. Gurnett ❖ Lovett C. Peters ❖ Webster Five Fdn. Paul E. Zimmerman $100,000 Robert C. Fischer ❖ Kurt R. Harrington Barry D. Hogan Hyde Manufacturing Co. MAPFRE | Commerce Insurance Co. Nuveen Investments Richard W. Scheffler Irvin A. Shiner ❖ United Lens Co. Inc. Charles Zabriskie, Jr.

Class of 1966 Scholars’ Society Gerald Fels ♦ President’s Green Circle William R. Scott President’s Gold Circle Stephen P. Chernock, Jr. ♦ President’s Silver Circle Phillip E. Collins ♦ Robert C. Dublin, Jr. Charles V. Eggleton, Jr. David S. Hammond J. Donald MacNair M. Marcus Moran, Jr. Henry P. St. Cyr ♦ Amasa Nichols Society Peter G. McGivney ♦ Richard F. Moran ♦ Jesse J. Rulli ♦ Academy Associates Thomas J. Bergin, Jr. ♦ John Cygielnik E. Paul Herbert Robert T. Hildebrand ♦ W. Bruce Wallin Hilltoppers’ Club Bradford C. Babb ♦ Stephen T. Carter, Sr. Roger P. Holden ♦ Roger A. Knipe John E. Lockwood ♦ David E. Medlyn James D. Murray A. Barry Paletta ♦ Kenneth C. Scott ♦ Joseph S. Smalarz Ralph A. Stuart ♦ John D. Watson Robert G. Weldon, Jr. Supporters David H. Blake ♦ Robert A. Feinstein Thomas H. Fisher John F. Sweeney

Class of 1967 Scholars’ Society James W. Coghlin, Sr. ♦ Trustees’ Society Barry D. Hogan ♦ Michael J. Runyon ♦ President’s Green Circle Jonathan H. Ives ♦ Thomas B. McIlvain, Jr. Ernest Pekmezaris ♦

Academy Associates Charles H. Foster, Jr. Raymond W. Hencir ♦ David B. Jones ♦ Fredric C. Montfort Hilltoppers’ Club Samuel R. Bailey III ♦ Paul M. Clough ♦ E. Hunt Coracci ♦ John S. Ferro ♦ Joel C. Grossman Mark S. Harris Robert F. Howe, Jr. Donald S. Parsons ♦ Michael T. Pelletier ♦ C. Richard Piasecki ♦ Mark G. Scolnick George E. Vogel Peter H. Walker ♦ Supporters Alan S. Close ♦ Charles H. Detwiller III ♦ Frank L. Grzyb ♦ Everett J. Ramsdell, Jr. ♦ Thomas J. Riley, Jr.

Class of 1968 Trustees’ Society Charles A. Petrillo ♦ President’s Silver Circle John M. Harrison ♦ Richard K. Robertson ♦ Amasa Nichols Society William M. Treffinger ♦ Academy Associates James E. Comer ♦ Paul A. Rasmussen ♦ William L. Shaw Richard T. Speath ♦ E. Malcolm Wolcott, Jr. ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Kenneth Alton, Jr. ♦ Michael G. Ash ♦ James L. Conwell Robert F. DeFonce Mark Ellis ♦ William R. Fox ♦ Jon H. Haggerty ♦ Tom Jones Barry W. Silver ♦ George T. Smith Jack G. Wille ♦ Supporters Robert M. Champagne ♦ Richard H. George Fredrick P. Magnus ♦ Robert L. Rulli Peter K. Smyrl

President’s Silver Circle Bruce R. Barton ♦ William E. Fredericks ♦ Peter H. Johnson ♦ Edmund J. Murrah ♦

Class of 1969

Amasa Nichols Society Dwight W. Gesswein ♦

Trustees’ Society James H. Jackson

Scholars’ Society Thomas J. Hall ♦ Robert B. Kuppenheimer ♦

President’s Silver Circle Richard H. Bauzenberger ♦ Jonathan D. Blake ♦ John M. Hills ♦ Donald A. MacQuarrie Lee A. McNelly ♦ Robert L. Savage Amasa Nichols Society James W. Kerley ♦ George T. Tucker Academy Associates Alexander M. Gottfried, Sr. ♦ Henry Howard II ♦ Daniel W. Ivascyn ♦ Peter F. Lofgren ♦ Robert H. McPhee ♦ Jay Sherwood ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Russell L. Birchall ♦ Ronald T. Forman Michael J. LaFoley ♦ Peter A. Lunsford ♦ Robert E. Mayer, Jr. Gilbert G. Rochon John J. Rogers, Jr. William J. Shaughnessy ♦ Patrick H. Walsh David C. Weyant ♦ William L. Wood ♦ Supporters Vincent P. Giracca ♦ William F. Gruber ♦ Robert J. Meagher Paul A. Riblet Douglas L. Richards ♦ Scott L. Shank Matthew A. Sparks ♦ David K. Thomas

Class of 1970 President’s Silver Circle Bradford C. Child Frank R. Petrillo Amasa Nichols Society Thomas E. DiGiuseppe ♦ Peter F. Garrell Academy Associates Willi J. Benoit Ronald P. Marshall ♦ Douglas S. Stirling ♦ David E. Stuart ♦ John H. Wheeler, Jr. Hilltoppers’ Club Burton L. Corkum III Richard D. Doughty ♦ George W. Goodell, Jr. Robert P. Govoni Geoffrey D. Kane Robert M. McIlvain, Jr. ♦ Richard G. Merrill ♦ Brian M. Mullen ♦ Thomas W. O’Brien James W. Reid John A. Ritacco ♦ Peter A. Scandone ♦ Robert C. Toth ♦ Bruce T. Underwood

Top 5 Classes Dollars Raised: Class of ’72


Class of ’63


Class of ’78


Class of ’69


Class of ’81


Participation:* Class of ’63


Class of ’65


Class of ’62


Class of ’69


Class of ’67 31% * Classes with 50 or more alumni of record

Supporters Philip A. Boucher Bruce B. Brown, Jr. ♦ Henry J. Ciak ♦ Rodney P. MacPhie, Jr. Thomas J. McCaughey ♦ James J. Mulcunry III Harry A. Romasco Robert G. Smet ♦ Alan Zampieri

Class of 1971 Scholars’ Society Estate of Bradley M. Damon President’s Gold Circle Robert P. MacPherson, Jr. ♦

President’s Silver Circle Thomas T. Klebart ♦ Francis J. Lovell ♦ William K. Mahler, Jr. ♦ John F. White ♦ C. Curry Wilford Amasa Nichols Society Frederick B. Callanen, Jr. E. Timothy Danahy III Martin Schwab ♦ Academy Associates Leo F. Furfey Peter F. Sennott ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Donald E. Allison, Jr ♦ Stephan J. Aronson David W. Cuffe ♦ Thomas J. Gauthier John V. McCarthy Kevin F. O’Connor, Sr. ♦ Stephen J. Piascik ♦ Bruce John R. Powers Supporters R. Craig Fowler ♦ John J. Mulder, Jr. ♦

President’s Gold Circle Michael A. Jones ♦ Robert D. Keller ♦

❖ Deceased ♦ Donor to Nichols College for 20 or more consecutive years ♦ Donor to Nichols College for 5 or more consecutive years 5

Class of 1972

Class of 1974

Scholars’ Society John H. Davis ♦ John H. McClutchy, Jr. ♦

Scholars’ Society Peter L. Lynch ♦

Trustees’ Society Edwin B. Donahue ♦

Trustees’ Society Frank R. Burns, Jr. ♦

President’s Silver Circle Richard M. DeCrosta, CFP James F. Goulet ♦

President’s Silver Circle Kurt R. Harrington ♦ William H. Littleton Ronald E. Osimo ♦

Amasa Nichols Society Steven L. Boynton ♦ Jack E. Zacks

Academy Associates Anonymous Kurt E. Grimmelmann, CFP ♦

Academy Associates Peter D. Heenan

Hilltoppers’ Club Edmond R. Breton William H. Collins II ♦ Robert J. Keating ♦ Henry R. Keene, Jr.

Hilltoppers’ Club Mark B. Alexander Richard A. Bacon Jeffrey B. Berselli Robert B. Coleman ♦ John D. Copeland ♦ James P. Grainger ♦ James E. Hudson Donald S. Labonte ♦ Stephen McDermott ♦ Andrew D. Pfeil Alan L. Weinstein Supporters Barry S. Pedell ♦ Thomas J. Terebesi, Sr.

Class of 1973 Trustees’ Society Samuel R. Haines ♦ President’s Silver Circle Donn E. Bleau ♦ Gregory B. King Amasa Nichols Society Arthur Z. Greenseid Academy Associates Jeffrey L. Allen Roberto O. Alvarez ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Ronald J. Barry ♦ David F. Biron ♦ Michael C. Bousquet ♦ Bradley W. Boyd ♦ Joseph S. Colodin Thomas J. Craig, Jr. Francis B. Keefe ♦ Stephen W. Page ♦ Victor A. Pelletier William J. Reese III ♦ Royal F. Turner, Jr. ♦ Supporters Barry A. Clapp ♦ John F. Joyce Roland A. Marinello Stephen J. Shaffer

Supporters Michael J. Dowgiewicz Robert J. Hirsch Joseph M. Krosoczka ❖ David B. Steinberg ♦ Gregory S. Vangel ♦

Class of 1975 President’s Green Circle David G. Hale ♦ President’s Gold Circle John A. Murphy, Jr. ♦ President’s Silver Circle Thomas E. Franzese ♦ John P. Maffeo ♦ Amasa Nichols Society Norman R. Fougere, Jr. ♦ Academy Associates Marc A. Emmi Lawrence W. Johnson, Jr. Hilltoppers’ Club Brian P. Foley Daniel M. Prouty Kevin S. Shaw ♦ Supporters Paul E. Dona ♦ Thomas W. Ellis ♦ Richard W. Friedman John R. Klys Thomas J. Komorek ♦

Class of 1976 President’s Silver Circle David A. French ♦ Amasa Nichols Society Neil M. Holt, Jr. Academy Associates Richard J. Bates ♦ Bruce H. Russell Kenneth M. Stevens

❖ Deceased ♦ Donor to Nichols College for 20 or more consecutive years ♦ Donor to Nichols College for 5 or more consecutive years 6

Hilltoppers’ Club Monte G. Basbas, Jr. Anthony J. Baudanza ♦ Michael E. Bird ♦ David A. Blanchard ♦ Shawn McAvoy David Pailler ♦ Robert B. Saunders Supporters Paul J. Gannon ♦ Frank F. Krogul Helen M. Metropoulos ♦

Class of 1977 Scholars’ Society Robert J. Vaudreuil ♦ Amasa Nichols Society Michelle B. Austin Peter D. Deary George E. deRedon ♦ Academy Associates Ronald P. Carlson ♦ James E. Mahar David P. McKeon ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Ann Marie Breton, CPA Michael Keefe ♦ James B. Ryder ♦ Supporters Fred S. Mezynski ♦ David A. Zalewski ♦

Class of 1978 Scholars’ Society Martin J. Power ♦ Robert E. Stansky ♦ President’s Gold Circle Thomas A. LoRicco ♦

Class of 1979 Trustees’ Society Thomas S. Lodge ♦ President’s Gold Circle Anonymous ♦ President’s Silver Circle Charlene M. French ♦ Joseph F. Grimaldo Gary S. Guglielmello ♦ Amasa Nichols Society Stephen F. Wentzell ♦ Academy Associates John T. Barton, Jr. Robert R. Nault John B. Szugda Hilltoppers’ Club Kenneth S. Baker ♦ Michael A. Downing David M. Parkinson ♦ Roger E. Pontbriand Stephen J. Stagliano ♦ Supporters Guy J. Barbieri ♦ Thomas R. Borzino ♦ Armand C. DeToro Gregory E. Mason Edward G. Poirier John M. Reilly

Class of 1980 Scholars’ Society Stephen A. Davis ♦ Academy Associates Richard A. Bernard Richard T. Horigan, Jr. James C. Norcross ♦

President’s Silver Circle Terence M. Farrell William F. O’Connell, Jr. ♦

Hilltoppers’ Club Andrew W. Higgins ♦ Eugene J. Kerrigan ♦ James H. Stewart ♦

Academy Associates Frank S. Paradis ♦ Bruce M. Taggart, PhD Scott E. Wallen

Supporters Mark N. Berry Edward A. Dixon Daniel M. Donovan

Hilltoppers’ Club Marcia A. Behrens Stanley J. Casillo ♦ James A. Dupre ♦ Joseph F. Fillo ♦ Rest B. Heppenstall Phillip A. Robinson Thomas G. Sleasman ♦

Class of 1981

Supporters Michael J. Bassett ♦ Ann F. Coolidge Marc P. Dupuis ♦ Brian J. Fitzgibbons ♦ Donald A. Henderson, Jr. ♦ Raymond H. Prunier ♦ Judith M. Sarkisian ♦ Frederick P. Tiberii ♦

Hilltoppers’ Club Mark A. Cleverdon ♦ Matthew C. Corcoran Joseph C. Kubiak, Jr. ♦ Michael W. Mastricola ♦ Olga Pappas ♦ Carol A. Roy ♦

Scholars’ Society Keith T. Anderson ♦ Wayne J. Archambo President’s Silver Circle Marc D. Becker ♦

Supporters Joseph Pastore ♦ Charles E. Patterson Dominic J. Pingitore, Jr. ♦

Class of 1982 Academy Associates Allen W. Dillaire ♦ Bernard P. Gagnon, Jr. Hilltoppers’ Club Anne H. Berzins William F. Bouvier ♦ Kimberly A. Cleverdon ♦ Bruce W. Dillaire ♦ James M. Graham ♦ Randy L. Heitin ♦ Christopher E. Pecce David R. Smith Supporters Peter A. Boltruczyk James M. Gleason Dean J. Largesse, Sr. ♦ Janis L. Largesse ♦ Robert E. Malone Nancy A. Meloni ♦ Alan R. Mrazik

Class of 1983 Scholars’ Society Donna Becker ♦ Randall V. Becker ♦ Academy Associates Thomas C. Baker ♦ Thomas A. Vetras Hilltoppers’ Club Nancy J. Hillis

Guy G. Guarino Lawrence J. Kerwin III ♦ Barry L. Kromer Norma L. Pauli Nyree G. Valdes ♦

Class of 1986 Trustees’ Society David G. Bedard ♦ President’s Green Circle E.J. Landry III President’s Silver Circle Richard W. Anderson Andrew Michienzi

Amasa Nichols Society David F. Belanger Joseph A. Coderre ♦ Steven C. Gallo Judith Keyser ♦ Patricia A. Lyons-Gallo

Hilltoppers’ Club Nathan R. Benjamin, Jr. Donald E. Chalmers Laurence B. King ♦ Cheryl A. Kopas ♦ Kelly A. Marcimo Diane M. Page ♦ Jeffery J. Pizzetti Maureen T. Shields Paul G. Wigglesworth

Class of 1987

Academy Associates Lisa C. Chesson-Baker ♦ Robert C. DeRubeis ♦ Gayle P. Teixeira ♦

Trustees’ Society Ellen J. Bedard ♦

President’s Gold Circle Alice C. Belden ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Salvatore A. Esposito ♦ Lia M. Imhoff ♦ Supporters Franklin G. Boisvere, Jr. ♦ Kathleen E. Claprood Robert J. Cournoyer Keith J. DiGregorio

Class of 1989

Academy Associates Lisa M. Cremonini Charlene L. Nemeth

Class of 1984

Class of 1985

Supporters Kenneth J. Goulet Barbara J. Jeniski Janet E. Knapp Dana M. Luzzo Marie M. Shepherd ♦

President’s Silver Circle Scott C. Farland Nathan K. Smith

Supporters Amy L. Bartram ♦ Wayne M. LaMalva Brian E. Zippin ♦

Supporters David T. Claprood Michael S. Pantos ♦ Steven B. Pelletier

Hilltoppers’ Club Jocelyn L. Bouvier ♦

Amasa Nichols Society David W. Lofgren, CPA Heather M. Lofgren

Supporters Ann Marie Canty William J. Niedziela

Hilltoppers’ Club Eva J. Black Bruce S. Dodge ♦ Charles F. Estaphan ♦ Robert A. Hoey, CFP ♦ Stephen R. Lemieux ♦ Richard C. Mikolajczak Gene A. Northam, Jr. Robert E. Pierce ♦ William A. Potter Priscilla A. Rooney Jean S. Tkacik-Parent

Amasa Nichols Society Gina F. Babcock Susan M. Duhamel ♦ Scott A. Jeamel ♦ Peter J. Rowden ♦

President’s Gold Circle Michael A. Lukasek ♦ President’s Silver Circle Robert D. Conrad Amasa Nichols Society Robert D. Babcock, Jr. James C. Brown ♦ Sharron R. McCarthy Academy Associates Bruno Mazzotta Karen A. Mazzotta Hilltoppers’ Club Paul Blasewitz William M. Demers Craig S. Johnston ♦ Paul L. Pomerleau, Jr. ♦ Janet M. Wornham ♦ Supporters Cathy A. Bates ♦ Robin L. Brown Theresa E. Haggerty ♦ Cheryl A. Milas

Class of 1988 President’s Silver Circle John E. Finnerty, Jr. Patrick B. Holland ♦

Academy Associates David L. Kirchthurn ♦ Kevin P. LaBonville ♦ John E. Mannila Hilltoppers’ Club Annette M. Chalmers Lisa J. Devine Thomas A. Devine Allison V. Kierce David J. Kierce Jan A. Kopas ♦ William M. Lavin Steven J. Letourneau Martha Plotczyk ♦ Elizabeth A. Provost-Rynda ♦ Gary M. Shultz ♦ Supporters Kyle C. Haggerty ♦ Lisa A. Montigny ♦

Class of 1990 Trustees’ Society Jeff R. Johnson ♦ President’s Silver Circle Dawn I. Carlo Francis J. Carlo Peter V. Caruso ♦ Thomas J. Nicalek Richard M. Suitum Academy Associates Brenda M. Bianculli ♦ Paul D. Chlapowski Carl A. Conlon Sherry E. Engh ♦ Trevor A. Harris David C. Kane ♦ William J. Laplante, Jr. Andrew R. Schilke Hilltoppers’ Club Kimberly M. Casasanto Kenneth J. Kunst Dina M. Sabo Michael P. Sabo

Supporters Virginia M. Carmignani ♦ Reno J. Mikitarian Elaine L. Wilson

Class of 1991 President’s Silver Circle R. Donald Bean III Kenneth R. Snell, CFA, CFP ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Christopher E. Girardin ♦ David J. Mayotte Joseph P. Raposa Supporters John E. Camara Jeannie M. Innamorati Jeffrey P. Innamorati Richard G. Juneau Jennifer Mitchell-Doe

Class of 1992 President’s Green Circle Carolyn J. Burke ♦ President’s Silver Circle Christopher W. McCarthy ♦ Kim M. McCarthy ♦ Amasa Nichols Society Paul J. Washburn, Jr. ♦ Academy Associates Katrine L. Arnold Eric A. Bernard Dale L. Gurek ♦ Shannon D. Gurek ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Keith T. Hofbeck Sarah R. Mitchell ♦ Supporters Rebecca A. Coffin ♦ Lisa M. Larson ♦ John G. O’Connell ♦ Mark A. Stickney Clifford D. Whynott, Jr. ♦ Donna M. Whynott ♦

Class of 1993 President’s Silver Circle Mark A. Reino Academy Associates Richard P. Tobin Hilltoppers’ Club Lisa P. Cone ♦ Mark A. French Jennifer L. Katori Kevin C. Katori Supporters Michelle A. Brown Deborah L. Farrell ♦ Erik C. Godaire ♦ Jeffrey R. Guyette Thomas J. Kaczynski Barbara A. Larson ♦ Holly L. Madsen Joan M. Meagher Colleen M. Menis ♦ Lynne E. Olson Vitold C. Zenkus


Class of 1994 President’s Gold Circle Tammy A. Wolf ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Sean P. Lyons Supporters Dorothy A. Booth Kirk P. Burnham Carol A. Clouthier ♦ Karen W. Fairbanks Karen A. Gustifason Shaun M. Kennedy Daniel E. Wisniewski

Class of 1995 President’s Silver Circle Michael E. Carlson

Amasa Nichols Society Edward J. Abell III Heidi L. DeGrazia

Supporters Valerie J. Bernier Michael J. Cote Danette M. Mazzarelli Allen L. Snodgrass

Supporters Laurence E. Doucette Pablo J. Molina Kristen M. Savoy Darnell Vega

Class of 1997

Class of 1998

Supporters Debra A. Donovan Clifford A. Livernois ♦ Joseph A. Mazzarelli Alfred W. Menard Scott S. Sullivan

Amasa Nichols Society Burke D. Desautels David Fox

Trustees’ Society Alan S. Peppel ♦ R. Joseph Salois ♦

Academy Associates Sarah E. DiGeronimo Irmine M. Farmerie ♦

Academy Associates Rae L. Glispin

Class of 1996

Hilltoppers’ Club Jon D. Anderson ♦ Jessica L. Blackerby Robert M. Blackmer Robert E. McKenna Peter D. Wells

Hilltoppers’ Club Linda C. Mariani Christopher F. Tuohey

President’s Silver Circle Andrea C. Becker ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Hilary L. Doncaster ♦ Shawn C. Wolfe

Hilltoppers’ Club Becky R. Laramee George F. Spitz Supporters Hugh T. Briody Glenn F. Racicot ♦ Brenden J. Walsh Robert E. White, Jr. Stuart D. Williamson

Tribute and Memorial Gifts Nichols College received gifts in honor/memory of these individuals and named funds: Wayne Archambo ’81 Endowed Scholarship Wayne J. Archambo In Memory of Cheryl Alderman Clarke Alderman Alexander/Sargent Endowed Scholarship Constantine Alexander Keith T. Anderson ’81 Endowed Scholarship Keith T. Anderson

Norma P. Bedard Annual Memorial Scholarship David G. & Ellen J. Bedard In Memory of Bert Benjamin Jeffrey D. Benjamin Oliver W. Birckhead ’42 Endowed Scholarship Jane T. Birckhead In Memory of Joe Blumberg ’95 Edward J. Abell III In Honor of Coach Paul Brower Keith A. O’Hara Class of ’54 Endowed Scholarship Edward A. Hunt, Jr. John H. McClutchy, Jr. Charles H. Swartwout, Jr. (In memory of Nina B. Swartwout) Class of ’57 Endowed Scholarship George S. Butler Frederick W. Chase, Jr. Donald Claprood Marcia C. Fisher (In memory of Andrew M. Fisher) Cecil M. Gabbett III John H. McClutchy, Jr. Philip K. McNiff (In memory of Terry Robinson ’57) J. Arthur Rizy, Jr. Allen J. Scherer, Jr. Mayer J. Schnyder Kent Tarrant Walter Urtz 8

Class of ’63 Endowed Scholarship Peter M. Brusman Eugene P. Cenci Ross H. Chambers William S. Cleary Raymond F. Essig Robert G. Falkenstein James H. Feindel Bruce I. Haslun & Carol Erhardt Bradley S. Hvolbeck William F. Keats Frans J. Keesing Norman H. Leathers John H. McClutchy, Jr. George A. Pagnotta, Jr. Lewis C. Parker III Richard W. Scheffler Robert J. Sharp Peter H. Smith Edward K. Stropp, Jr. Henry A. Taylor III Arthur B. Tozzi YourCause LLC (Chevron) Class of ’64 Endowed Scholarship (in memory of Patrick Donnelly) Warren C. Bender Howard K.O. Chong, Jr. Philip B. Donnelly David C. Ebacher Stanley G. Matthews John H. McClutchy, Jr. Bill & Lana Pieczynski (In memory of Dick Spugnardi ‘64) David B. Ruddock Daniel P. Tomassetti Class of ’65 Endowed Scholarship Robert L. Ansalone ❖ William L. Archer, Sr. Arthur C. Assad David F. Colby Ward B. DeKlyn, Jr. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Philip B. Fuller Charles T. Kaull, Jr. John L. Macdonald V John H. McClutchy, Jr. Benjamin A. Minardi III John F. Platt David W. Rodgers Charles E. Sage Bennett J. Wiley

Class of ’66 Endowed Scholarship Richard A. Blankley Stephen P. Chernock, Jr. Phillip E. Collins John Cygielnik Robert C. Dublin, Jr. Charles V. Eggleton, Jr. Robert A. Feinstein Thomas H. Fisher J. Donald MacNair John H. McClutchy, Jr. M. Marcus Moran, Jr. Richard F. Moran Jesse J. Rulli William R. Scott Henry P. St. Cyr W. Bruce Wallin John D. Watson Robert G. Weldon, Jr. Class of ’67 Endowed Scholarship Alan S. Close Deloitte Charles H. Foster, Jr. William E. Fredericks Frank L. Grzyb Raymond W. Hencir Jonathan H. Ives David B. Jones John H. McClutchy, Jr. Michael J. Runyon Schwab Charitable Fund James W. Coghlin Sr. ’67 Annual Scholarship James W. Coghlin, Sr. United Way of Central Mass. Col. James Conrad Memorial Endowed Scholarship Richard L. Hilliard Professor Keith Corkum Endowed Scholarship in Economics Richard L. Hilliard In Memory of Arnold D. Cramer ’49 Constance Cramer Davis Scholarship Challenge Community Fdn. of Western Mass. John H. Davis Thomas H. Niles

John H. Davis ’72 Scholarship Community Fdn. of Western Mass. John H. Davis Stephen A. Davis ’80 Endowed Scholarship Stephen A. Davis Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund In Memory of Allan P. Dunn ’50 Edward Trenkmann, Jr. President’s Endowed Scholarship Susan W. Engelkemeyer Faucher Family Endowed Scholarship Raymond P. Faucher Fels Community Outreach Initiative Gerald & Marilyn Fels Fischer Endowed Scholarhip Richard L. Hilliard Robert Fischer Institute Anonymous Keith A. O’Hara Fuller Scholarship George F. & Sybil H. Fuller Fdn. James C. Gahan IV Endowed Scholarship Kerry M. Barnes Richard L. Hilliard Rebecca M. Lanstein John H. McClutchy, Jr. David G. Hale ’75 Annual Scholarship David G. Hale Thomas Hall Endowed Scholarship Thomas J. Hall

Class of 1999

Class of 2000

Class of 2001

Class of 2002

President’s Silver Circle Holly M. Munce ♦ Robbie P. Munce ♦

President’s Silver Circle Cara M. Revett

President’s Silver Circle Ronald J. Brown, Jr. ♦

Amasa Nichols Society Jennie L. Caissie

Hilltoppers’ Club Barry C. Cringan ♦ Matthew R. Fox Debra M. Harmon ♦ Paul C. Newman, Jr.

Amasa Nichols Society Michael E. Doyle Peter M. Lynch II

Amasa Nichols Society Christina M. Fox Academy Associates Patrick S. Curtis Hilltoppers’ Club Paul G. Miedzinski Susan E. Moore Kimberly A. Plate Shannon M. Spitz

Hilltoppers’ Club Michael F. Allard Julie B. Fox John M. Tangstrom Supporters Cynthia E. Curtis ♦ Wendy J. Gamble David S. Peterson

Supporters Steven J. Malcolm Janet E. Puccelli Stephanie A. Zaccaria-Clune

Hubbard Scholarship Andrea C. Becker Richard DesRoches Thomas K. Duncan Melanie Fleming Richard L. Hilliard John H. McClutchy, Jr. Mark Naigles Nichols College Faculty Assoc. Jason A. Price Mary A. Trottier Luanne V. Westerling Professor John Katori/Class of ’55 Scholarship Richard L. Hilliard Kevin C. & Jennifer L. Katori Marsh & McLennan Co. John H. McClutchy, Jr. Jesse J. Rulli Stephen F. Wentzell David C. Weyant

In Memory of Lafayette Keeney ’49 Sumner F. Bissell David R. Bonney First Niagara Bank, NA, Private Client Services Carl P. Fortuna Thomas J. Hall Sally A. McGurkin William C. Stone Kuppenheimer Scholarship Nuveen Investments David F. Lombard ’65 Endowed Scholarship Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund David F. Lombard John H. McClutchy, Jr. ’72 Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Professor William Steglitz Richard L. Hilliard John H. McClutchy, Jr. McClutchy Family Scholarship John H. McClutchy, Jr.

Professor John Katori/Class of ’55 Scholarship (In memory of Leon “Junie” Marshall) Frederick R. Beach, Jr. Peter Deutsch Arthur L. Fries Robert I. Handler Edward A. Hunt, Jr. Roy T. Johnson Franklyn H. Kilby Louis W. Kinzer, Jr. Carlton S. Littell John A. Mahan Matthew Miles Frederick W. Neilsen, Jr. Earl S. Prolman Leslie H. Read Lloyd M. Roth Philip D. Rupert, Jr. James P. Russell Robert A. Skenderian Ronald J. Swenn

In Memory of Norman D. McLoon ’56 Bertha McLoon

Lafayette Keeney ’49 Endowed Scholarship William C. Stone

In Honor of Kate F. O’Hara ’10 Keith A. O’Hara

In Memory of Joseph Milburn ’57 Anna Milburn In Honor of Anthony Monte ’09 Keith A. O’Hara In Memory of Ken Morris ’73 Donald A. MacQuarrie Nichols Academy Scholarship Nichols Academy Scholarship Fund/ Greater Worcester Community Fdn. In Memory of Arthur P. Nielsen, Jr. ’50 Edward Trenkmann, Jr. Thomas H. Niles ’63 Endowed Scholarship Thomas H. Niles

Hilltoppers’ Club Thomas W. Gorski III ♦ Paul J. Karam ♦ Arlette M. Lynch ♦ Amahl H. Williams Supporters Jennifer G. Brown Heather Pike Joseph B. Shea

Supporters Lisa M. Antonson Scott A. Antonson

Barry D. Hogan ’67 Endowed Scholarship Barry D. Hogan

Academy Associates Kevin G. Johnson ♦ Kellianne E. Perceval

In Honor of Jacqueline Panek ’11 Casey Reagan Ernie Pekmezaris ’67 Annual Scholarship Ernest Pekmezaris RBC In Honor of Coach Damir Pesa Keith A. O’Hara Philip Pettinelli ’71 Endowed Scholarship Bill & Lana Pieczynski Claire and Shelly Power Endowed Scholarship Martin J. & Shelly Power Marilyn and Earl Prolman Endowed Scholarship Richard L. Hilliard Earl S. Prolman YourCause LLC (New York Life) In Memory of John Prenguber ’73 William J. Reese III In Honor of Jacky Brown Putnam MSOL ’14 Heather Maykel In Memory of Bob Risk ’50 Keith B. Adams Shirley C. Albed Angelo D’Amicantonio & Son Richard A. Bannister Patricia Boujoukos Whipple D. Crossman, Jr. Jeronimo Esteve-Abril David P. Graham Milton L. Hallowell Donald B. Harsh Harold A. Hyatt Homer W. Jones, Jr. Janet B. Kondas William J. Lyons James J. McCabe Richard L. McCormick David P. Michaels Ocwen Financial Corp. Walter T. Peters Taylor W. & Brianne S. Ross

Barbara Searl William W. Sprague John R. Traub S. James Traub James C. Vanderwaal Zingo’s – Pike Creek Inc.

In Memory of Albert W. and Mary D. Ritacco John A. Ritacco The Rock Family Endowed Scholarship Alvah O. & Susan Rock Mike and Chris Runyon Scholarship Greater Greenville Community Fdn. Michael J. Runyon Southbridge Chairmen Endowed Scholarship Martin J. & Shelly Power In Honor of Molly Thienel Roger C. Franklin Robert J. Vaudreuil ’77 Endowed Scholarship Robert J. Vaudreuil Michael J. and Joan F. Vendetti Endowed Fund Thomas E. Franzese Goldman Sachs Gary S. Guglielmello Tom Jones Michael Keefe Thomas A. LoRicco Robert P. MacPherson, Jr. John H. McClutchy, Jr. Kenneth M. Stevens Michael J. Vendetti, Jr. Paul A. Vendetti C. Curry Wilford Tammy Wolf ’94 Endowed Scholarship Tammy A. Wolf Deb and Paul Zimmerman Endowed Scholarship Paul E. Zimmerman 9

Class of 2003 Amasa Nichols Society Meghan H. Lynch Hilltoppers’ Club Vasillaq Gjinis Supporters Kathryn M. Ewen ♦ Kim J. Krumsiek John P. McCarthy Jeffrey T. Norwood David W. Stoliker

Class of 2004 Amasa Nichols Society Jason P. Sweet Academy Associates Anonymous Hilltoppers’ Club Joshua A. Bachand

Supporters Meaghan E. Larkin Gene E. Nelson Glorimar Rodriguez Ramos Lori A. Smith

Kevin A. Quinn Aaron R. Roszkowicz Christopher J. Rozema Freddie M. Sikaneta Robert W. Tetrault, Jr.

Class of 2008

Class of 2012

Academy Associates Donald P. Brown, Jr. Kristen M. Shogren

Hilltoppers’ Club Bryan J. Coleman Anthony R. Fierro Austin J. Nagle

Hilltoppers’ Club Eric A. Foster Ronald O. Powers III ♦ Keith Quigley Christopher F. Santoro Supporters Ryan D. DePesa David A. Kemah ♦ Douglas Patterson Jennifer L. Zajac

Class of 2009

Supporters Matthew C. Chapman Maryann Costello Rebecca M. Lanstein Daniel F. Staples

Academy Associates Leonard K. Harmon ♦

Class of 2005

Supporters Chelsea L. Blair Eric M. Fine David K. Fink Jeremy D. Longden Erin M. Martin Diane J. Perry ♦ Luopu N. Smith

Academy Associates William D. Checkosky Hilltoppers’ Club Nicholas S. Lynch ♦ Supporters Odunayo G. Babajide Kerry M. Barnes ♦ Hanka Didic Christopher M. Hull Jennifer A. King Matthew P. Krumsiek Karen F. Munroe

Class of 2006 President’s Silver Circle Jonathan M. Birtwell ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Nancy L. Bouchard Casey E. Butler Sheena M. Farner Supporters Robin W. Bowkett James R. Fahy Brendan M. Hall ♦ Elizabeth M. Lamonica

Class of 2007 Academy Associates Matthew D. Shogren Hilltoppers’ Club Christopher P. Camosse

Hilltoppers’ Club Brittney M. Butler

Class of 2010 Academy Associates Kevin J. Pittz ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Russell K. Bozek Pasquale H. Pio Supporters Mary K. Bednarz Joseph P. Benvissuto Christopher M. Carter Ashley N. Ford Mark J. Hassett, Jr. William P. Munson

Class of 2011 President’s Silver Circle Cynthia L. Brown ♦ Academy Associates Brianne S. Ross ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Michele A. Saucier Supporters Anonymous Ryan P. Bousquet Patrick R. Cochran Stephanie M. Haskell Krystin A. Kerekes Nora G. Luquer Christopher F. Nemeskal William P. O’Malley

❖ Deceased ♦ Donor to Nichols College for 20 or more consecutive years ♦ Donor to Nichols College for 5 or more consecutive years 10

Supporters Thomas R. Amico Caroline E. Burke Matthew D. Cecil William C. Crory Kimberly M. Cummings Michael J. Davis Andrew C. Ella Kathleen M. Ells Nicholas W. Gaeta Jeffrey W. George Maurice Hammiel Taylor Hyams Tanya M. Pescie Heather L. Richards Angela E. Todaro

Class of 2015 Hilltoppers’ Club Elvis W. Dyer Jacquelyn Khillah Supporters Michael J. Beauchain Kelsey M. Gibree Bryanna M. Goodine Margaret Haidas Patrick J. Hoey Kaylee R. McNamara Patrick J. Pope Michael J. Ricci II Zachary T. Ross Blazej Stypulkowski Jennifer L. Townsend Orlando J. Vega

Class of 2016 Supporters Christopher J. Capuzzo Sean R. Hoey Daniel J. Jezierski


Class of 2013

Class of 2017

President’s Silver Circle Brian L. Dardy

Supporters Paola M. Solano

President’s Society Now Stephen W. Mack ♦ Taylor W. Ross Hilltoppers’ Club Sharon C. Berry Lynda Holmes Supporters Jessica L. Anderson Gerard B. Case Jessica L. Chaffee Brianna M. Connors Adam E. Favreau Thomas K. Haggerty Ashley O’Keefe Paula A. Pelusi Darcy L. Russell Megan G. Woodruff

Class of 2014 President’s Society Now Cathy M. Champagne Zachary D. Smith Hilltoppers’ Club Danielle J. Clark Manuel A. Goncalves Jacquelyn A. Putnam Supporters Christado N. Adu Thayssa G. Andre Anna Dyakiv Richard L. Miller, Jr. Kerri L. Nagle Kristina A. Pedone Meagan N. Ross Cynthia C. Williams

Class of 2018 Supporters Benjamin E. Banoff Emily E. Barden Laura R. Bilodeau-Duclau Jared A. Carmusin Laura J. Christie Robert A. Clay Thomas F. Horner II Tyler C. Hussey Joseph J. Lane Christopher J. Silvia Tori K. Wolter

Class of 2019 Supporters Dylan T. Abercrombie Leah A. Baxendale Lauren C. Bennett Zoe J. Chevrette Cassandra A. Goyette

Evening Undergraduate and Graduate Students Academy Associates Arthur J. Glispin Hilltoppers’ Club Julie B. Shaw Supporters Gina M. Elia

Other Donors CORPORATIONS Trustees’ Society Affinity Group ♦ Atlas Distributing Inc. YourCause LLC (New York Life) President’s Green Circle Deloitte Eagle Cleaning Corp. ♦ Nuveen Investments RBC Reliastar Life of New York Wells Fargo ♦ President’s Gold Circle Enterprise Morgan Stanley Petrillo Contracting Inc. Revelation Productions Inc. State Farm Co. ♦ YourCause LLC (Chevron) President’s Silver Circle Bank of America ♦ Dexter-Russell Inc. Exsel Advertising Inc. Goulet, Salvidio & Associates PC Merit Mile LLC O’Connor & Co. Insurance Agency Inc. Prudential Financial Renaud HVAC & Controls Inc. Webster Five Cents Savings Bank Windsor Sanitation Recycling Amasa Nichols Society Aetna Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Co. Follett Fusion Physical Therapy Inc. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Hometown Bank IBM ♦ Marsh & McLennan Agency Northeast Security Reliant Medical Group Southbridge Savings Bank Academy Associates Barnes & Noble College Booksellers LLC BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc. Gavitt Wire & Cable Co. Gentex Optics Goldman Sachs Incom Inc. Jimmy’s Pizza Oxford Insurance Agency UniBank Voya Webco Chemical Corp. Wilson Language Training Corp. Hilltoppers’ Club Benjamin Moore & Co. ♦ CA Technologies Inc. ♦ Career Moves LLC Central Floor Covering Conifer Forman LLC D. Mason Paving Inc. Dudley House of Pizza & Restaurant F. W. Madigan Co. Inc. First Niagara Bank, N.A. Private Client Services Framers Gallery The Hartford JV Mechanical Contractors Inc. King Cadillac GMC Inc. Marsh & McLennan Co.

Ocwen Financial Corp. R. L. Spahl Inc. R/T Performance Marketing LLC Raytheon Co. Robert Half International Sentry Insurance ServiceMaster by Gilmore Sturbridge Coffee Roasters LLC Systems Integration Inc. Taylor Turf Inc. Thompson House of Pizza Underwater Construction Corp. Universal Tag Inc. Unum Verisk Analytics Vibram Zingo’s – Pike Creek Inc.

Supporters Angelo D’Amicantonio & Son Craig’s Creations Dippin’ Donuts Inc. Forget-Me-Nots Flowers & Gifts Hank’s Liquors Marty’s of Dudley ♦ Menta Construction MobileCause Inc.

FACULTY/STAFF President’s Green Circle Susan W. Engelkemeyer, PhD ♦ President’s Silver Circle Andrea C. Becker Cynthia L. Brown ♦ Ronald J. Brown, Jr. ♦ William L. Boffi Kerry Calnan Richard L. Hilliard ♦ Robert LaVigne ♦ William C. Pieczynski ♦ Michael Stanton ♦ Susan D. Veshi ♦ President’s Society Now Cathy M. Champagne ♦ Amasa Nichols Society Chris Colvin Melanie Fleming Edward J. Kolek, Jr., PhD ♦ Charlyn A. Robert Edward G. Warren, PhD Sarajane Warren Academy Associates Maryann Conrad Richard DesRoches Thomas K. Duncan, PhD ♦ Peter M. Engh ♦ Rae L. Glispin Leonard K. Harmon ♦ Liz Horgan ♦ Cynthia J. Lafortune ♦ Timothy J. Liptrap, EdD ♦ Megan M. Nocivelli Jason A. Price, PhD ♦ Claudia Snell Mary A. Trottier ♦ Luanne V. Westerling ♦ Hilltoppers’ Club Jacqueline A. Baker ♦ Jean Beaupre Marcia A. Behrens Sharon C. Berry Pamela J. Boggio ♦ Craig Brady ♦ Kevin F. Brassard

Leslie H. Brooks ♦ Danielle J. Clark Christopher E. Girardin ♦ Jeffrey A. Halprin, PhD ♦ Lorraine U. Martinelle Heather Maykel Brian T. McCoy, EdD ♦ Libba G. Moore, PhD ♦ Mark Naigles Janet L. Newman Evelyn Nieszczezewski ♦ William E. O’Brien K.C. Poplawski ♦ Jacquelyn A. Putnam Alan J. Reinhardt, PhD ♦ Donald Sandstrom ♦ Michele A. Saucier Thomas G. Smith, PhD Shannon M. Spitz Pauline Sroczynski Leonard F. Suprise ♦ Molly Thienel Richard C. Valle, PhD Susan Wayman

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Securing a Legacy of Leadership Campaign $45 $45Million Million


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$40 $40Million Million


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$30Million Million $30


$25Million Million $25

$20Million Million $20

n Unrestricted n Restricted n Endowment n Capital Gifts

n Alumni n Parents, Friends, Family & Staff n Corporations n Foundations

Endowed Scholarships 10-year growth 50

Number of Scholarships

45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5





















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