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Nichole Wong Student No: 641830

Semester 2/2013

Group 5

Measured Drawings 1:5 225mm Measurement of the lantern was inspired by the methods employed by Miralles and Pinos in ‘How to Lay Out a Croissant’. The lantern was photocopied in which an outline is then produced by tracing over the copy. Obvious tangents were traced over using a black pen in order to produce a plan view which showed a wire structure supporting the lantern. Using methods similar to those found in ‘300 years of industrial design’, an elevation can be obtained by projecting the object on to a plain background and then photogrpahed. Using the elevation as a guide, a section view can then be drawn through observation of the lantern.

Plan View


Side Elevation


Sketches The materials of the lantern consists of paper panels glued together on its longest edge around a centre of rotation. This pattern is then supported using a wire frame. The structure is collapsible and its nonuniform structure on the vertical plane is not obvious. The folding of the paper in its collapsed state resembles an accordion. Two loops on the bottom wire frame allows for the main wire frame to be attached securely to the paper pattern.