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nicholas zartarian

b.l.a portfolio university of rhode island

selected WORKS

Storer Park

/ Newport, RI

Ashaway Public Library / Sculpture Garden

Ashaway, RI

/ University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI

Narragansett Town Beach Pavilion Zart’s Construction

/ Wakefield, RI

Native New England Internship Deck Details

/ Narragansett, RI

/ Wakefield, RI

Narragansett Bay



Legend: 1 Wetland “Ripple” 2 Wetland Swale 3 Wetland Walkover 4 Spill Over 5 Pier 6 Open Space 7 Basketball Court 8 Beach The future impact of sea level rise and the protection of the Point neighborhood to the East were what drove the design of Storer Park. A part of Newport’s history, the park is a part of the Harbor Walk along the Narragansett bay. The existing pier which was once part of a ferry landing delivers a spectacular view of Goat Island and the Newport Bridge. Coupled with the historic Point neighborhood to the East it is very important to provide a functional and practical design that will withstand storm surge and the ever changing sea level rise.

Goat Island Causeway


Hunter House (Circa 1748)

Storer Park

Newport, RI



Point Neighborhood 2


Washington Str



Two colliding water ripples radiate outward from two points on the site that create open spaces and defining pathways. The larger ripple’s center sits 5 feet above current high tide. The ripple design undulates up and down as it spreads outward. These undulations create wetland swales that fill during high tide or a storm surge.

View over Park at High Tide filling the lower rim of the ripple design

View over Park at the wetland walkover leading to the ripples center

View from entrance of the two “water ripples” in a direct line w/ the Goat Island Lighthouse Section A’ - A”

The two “ water ripple” centers are in a direct line w/ the Goat Island Lighthouse

Plan View

Views throughout the park

Concept Model Materials: Cardstock, Cardstock, Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Paint, Scene-A-Rama Deciduous Trees Scene-A-Rama Deciduous Rubber Cement, Markers, and Trees, Rubber Cement,Dowels Small Wooden Small Wood Dowels, Markers

View looking Southeast over park

The objective of this design was to create a destination for social gatherings. This historical building has been the center of Ashaway for generations and I want the public to utilize the building as a library while also enjoying the surrounding property. By creating simple outdoor spaces we allow people to explore and socialize through our designs. This design encourages year round use with the addition of a open field which becomes an skating rink during the winter months.

View out of library window of patio

View during the winter of ice skating rink

Ashaway Public Library

Ashaway, RI

Concept Sketches

The goal of this project was to create a sculptural piece inspired by a famous abstract painting and incorporate the sculpture into a outdoor space. The sculpture is featured in the park and it’s geometries are reflected in the seating and pathways.

Rodman Hall

View East at Sculpture Garden & Rodman Hall

View of Rodman Hall Entrance

Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky

Sculpture Garden

URI Campus, Kingston,RI

“The White Dot”

Concept Sketches

Rodman Hall

View from library North over site

As a result of 2012 Hurricane Sandy, the Narragansett Town Beach dunes were severely compromised. This opened the door for re envisioning and adding to the popular tourist destination. The goal of this project was to design a transition area between the Pavilion and the primary dunes ahead of it. As a group project we envision a place for young children and there parents between the beach and the concessions. It includes a dune walkover, seating area, children play area, shower area, and two spots for local sculpture’s to be displayed. There is also a dune walk over connecting from the pavilion directly to the beach.

View of walkover and pavilion from Beach

View North towards the walkover and interactive water fountain

Narragansett Town Beach Pavilion

Narragansett, RI

View looking South of walkover and seating area w/ Narragansett Towers in the distance SketchUp model created by John Luca

Zart’s Construction

Wakefield, RI

Jamestown, RI January 2014

Returned to school at this point

During the summer of 2013, I worked on the construction of high-end residential landcapes. Working alongside alumni Zach Geaber, I learned the fundamentals of hardscape construction, grading, stone cutting, and planting. It was very important to understand how the plans and details that I draft are actually constructed in the field.

Residential Patio Design

Jamestown, RI

Native New England Landscapes

Wakefield, RI

Residential Patio Design

Jamestown, RI

Scale: 1/4” = 1’- 0”

Framing Plan

Construction Details

Deck Details

Scale: 1/4” = 1’- 0”

Layout Plan

Photoshop & Hand Rendered Plans

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