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Forty years of innovation to produce exceptional physicians It has been 40 years since the first hooding marked the transformation of students into osteopathic physicians at MSUCOM. They were graduates who had started as pioneers at the private Michigan College of Osteopathic Medicine in Pontiac in 1969, and made the move to the East Lansing campus when it became part of Michigan State. Since that first hooding, with our 2013 graduating class of 285, fully 4,904 osteopathic physicians have emerged from our college to heal, serve and contribute to the knowledge base of medicine. Throughout those four decades, MSUCOM has continually innovated, grown and excelled. This issue of Communiqué reflects the cutting edges of some of our most recent efforts. • Our clinical work in family medicine, dialysis, and hyperbaric medicine and educational programs in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico, has deepened and widened our global impact • Our partnership with the Detroit Wayne County Health Authority in graduate medical education both increases funded residency slots and will provide much-needed health care to the area’s most vulnerable populations • The new Healthcare Leadership Academy for Compassionate Care and the Joy Initiative are innovative approaches to developing empathetic, sensitized professionals • New instruction to enhance career and professional development and interprofessional education in ethical decision-making with law and nursing students equip the next generation of D.O.s for the challenges ahead • We say farewell to an iconic figure for both MSUCOM and the osteopathic profession – Philip E. Greenman, D.O. There is no doubt that MSUCOM has grown into a truly unique institution – one that cares for individuals, cuts wide swaths in education and research, and has truly global impact. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and have a worthy tradition to carry forward to enhance the future – together. William D. Strampel, D.O., Dean

Photo: Jim Peck, Michigan State University


Faculty member Jake Rowan (center) has spent the last year in Mérida to catalyze MSUCOM’s clinical, research and educational programs in Mexico.

Compassion South of the Border from MSU 360

Travel south of the U.S. border to Mérida, the capital of Yucatán, Mexico, and you’ll find many in serious need of basic health care. You’ll also find physicians and medical students from MSUCOM who are working to change that. For the past two years, faculty from MSUCOM, in conjunction with the Institute of International Health, have been working with leaders in the Yucatán’s health system to develop clinical programs that benefit the health of the area’s six million inhabitants. In Mexico, hospitals are arranged by insurance coverage and ability to pay. Agustín O´Horán is the hospital in Mérida that is designated for those without coverage and no means to pay. It is a very busy place where patients line up on the sidewalk for hours just to get into the emergency room. Resources are tight. It isn’t unusual for people to have to wait in the emergency room for two days or more on a gurney in the hallway. MSUCOM physician Jake Rowan moved to Mérida to work at O´Horán

and lead MSU’s on-site work necessary to best meet vital health needs, including the treatment of diabetes and kidney-related illnesses. Already 40 dialysis units and a hyperbaric chamber are up and running, and now the college is partnering to build Mexico’s first osteopathic clinic.

“This is an ongoing opportunity for medical students to come and learn.” Rowan’s “office” at the hospital doubles as a room where he and other physicians treat patients. There is a hyperbaric chamber in the corner that MSU helped the hospital obtain that sees a constant stream of patients. And while he may have a clear mission, he wants it to be clear that he is not on a mission. “This isn’t mission work,” says Rowan. “This is an ongoing opportunity for medical students to come and learn. It is a collaborative

effort that is beneficial to MSU, the College of Osteopathic Medicine, and the great people of Mérida, Mexico.” With a mega-watt smile and easygoing manner, Rowan gets excited when he talks about the program in Mérida. “From an educational standpoint, international health electives like this enhance the student experience by providing essential health skills that are crucial in a globalized society,” he says. “This initiative expands the international reach of MSU, MSUCOM, and osteopathic medicine. The program also expands the university’s research opportunities. O’Horán Hospital and the research universities in and around Mérida offer numerous areas in which we can collaborate with local partners to study our mutual interest in any number of fields including medicine, geology, agriculture, and many others.” And what legacy does Rowan hope to leave behind in Mérida? “I hope that I’m totally insignificant and that the program continues on and no one cares or remembers who started it,” says Rowan. “I just want students to always be able to come and do research and learn and go on.” SUMMER 2013 COMMUNIQUÉ




New Collaboration in Detroit Generates Six Residencies, 85 Slots

MSU, Sparrow named Michigan’s

first Comprehensive Stroke Center

The Sparrow Stroke Center, in collaboration with Michigan State University, has achieved recognition as the first facility in Michigan and one of only about 20 nationally to be certified as a Comprehensive Stroke Center by the Joint Commission. Nearly every family in America has been impacted by stroke in some way; stroke is the fourth-leading cause of death in the United States and the leading cause for disability among adults. The Comprehensive Stroke Center designation recognizes elite hospital stroke programs that have the infrastructure, well-trained caregivers and state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and treat patients with the most complex strokes. To earn the certification from the Joint Commission – an independent nonprofit that certifies health care facilities in the United States – providers must demonstrate a multidisciplinary approach to stroke. The foundation for this designation was laid by the collaborative efforts among stroke specialists at Sparrow, MSU’s Department of Neurology and Ophthalmology, MSU HealthTeam and Lansing Neurosurgery to treat complex stroke patients. James Cady, 42, of Lansing suffered a massive stroke and was promptly treated at the center, which is staffed by physicians from Sparrow and MSU HealthTeam. He has made a remarkable recovery with barely any residual effects from his stroke and continues to receive rehabilitative treatment. “The care from Sparrow and MSU is top-notch,” Cady said. “My stroke was serious enough that I could have died. Instead, I’m able to continue my active lifestyle as a runner thanks to the excellent care I receive.” According to the American Stroke Association, nearly 800,000 Americans suffer a stroke each year. That means on average a stroke occurs every 40 seconds. Many are fatal, with an American dying of a stroke about every four minutes. Often, patients who survive will face a 2 COMMUNIQUÉ SUMMER 2013

Photo: G.L. Kohuth, Michigan State University

By Andrew McGlashen

Syed Hussain, a neurologist with MSU HealthTeam, is medical director of stroke services at Sparrow.

lifetime of serious physical disabilities. During a rigorous evaluation process that included a two-day site visit, Joint Commission experts reviewed the center’s compliance with the Comprehensive Stroke Center standards and requirements, including advanced imaging capabilities, 24/7 availability of specialized treatments and staff with the unique education and competencies to care for patients with complex strokes. The Sparrow Stroke Center is also at the forefront of stroke research, with experts in neurology, neurosurgery, cardiology, radiology, critical care, emergency medicine, nursing, rehabilitation services and other fields. “We are honored to have met the Joint Commission’s very rigorous standards and to put Sparrow on the map as a truly world-class stroke center,” said Syed Hussain, medical director of stroke services at Sparrow and an MSU HealthTeam neurologist. “Michigan State University and Sparrow are committed to constantly improving the quality of our care and providing patients the best possible treatment at

all stages of stroke.” The Sparrow Stroke Center has been nationally recognized for excellent service for nearly a decade, earning numerous awards such as the distinction of a Gold Plus Performer by the American Stroke Association and was first certified as a Primary Stroke Center in 2004. “The groundbreaking work that’s being done at our stroke center is helping to save lives and prevent future strokes from occurring,” said Tom Ostrander, Sparrow vice president of professional services. The Sparrow Stroke Center also is ranked among the nation’s fastest for the delivery of powerful stroke-stopping treatments, making it one of America’s best hospitals for stroke treatment. “We are so pleased to help bring this level of care to the Lansing area,” said Richard T. Ward, CEO of MSU HealthTeam. “Our combined clinical capabilities mean patients here have access to the best medical expertise not just in stroke, but in a wide range of health conditions.”

MSUCOM and the Detroit Wayne County Health Authority have created an innovative, community-based model for training osteopathic residents and providing care to underserved communities with $21 million in new federal funding. The three-year Health Resources and Services Administration grant establishes a teaching health center in Wayne County to involve postgraduate rotations through Federally Qualified Health Centers, free clinics, community mental health services and other provider sites. It also funds 85 new primary care positions in internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, geriatrics and obstetrics and gynecology. “This collaboration at this level is a win-win situation for MSU, the Health Authority and the health care safety net,” said Dean William D. Strampel. “Our collective goal as a consortium is to create an environment that produces primary care physicians who train and remain in medically underserved areas of greater Detroit.” The grant stems from the Teaching Health Center initiative, a five-year federal program designed to increase the number of primary care medical and dental residents training in community-based settings. Residency funding comes through the Affordable Care Act. “The direct involvement of the medical school will improve the quality of medical care provided to the underserved,” said ’76 alumnus John Sealey, who will coordinate the residency program. “This patient population provides a wealth of clinical pathology essential for the training of primary care physicians.

Osteopathic physicians who receive their postdoctoral education in this educational setting will be more likely to remain in the community, which will help address the shortage of health care providers in Detroit and Wayne County.” The college, which has a full training site at the Detroit Medical Center, also maintains the Future DOcs program for outreach and recruitment in southeast Michigan to encourage young people to enter health careers, particularly osteopathic medicine. The program promotes health science careers among students who would otherwise not be exposed to opportunities in the field. It also provides medical residents with an opportunity to teach and mentor young students.

Photo:Dennis Archambault, Authority Health GME Consortium

By Andy McGlashen

John Sealey, D.O., director of medical education; Linda Atkins, executive director of Western Wayne Family Health Center; Harjit Kohli, M.D., pediatrician

Future DOcs Expands to Macomb By Craig Reed Opportunities for high school students to explore health care career paths have grown in Macomb County thanks to a new Future DOcs program which allows providers from across the county to showcase their expertise to area students. “Thanks to our community connections, MSUCOM is teaming up with our alumni and leaders in the county to provide local students with a wide variety of experiences in the health care field,” said MSUCOM Admissions Counselor Anne Snyder, who helps organize the program. Each weekly meeting for the 30 high school student participants and their 16 MSUCOM student mentors is sponsored by a different host within a health-related area.

“We meet at the hosts’ offices so they have a chance to show off their fields to the students as well as their facilities and the technology they use,” said Snyder. “It’s been a lot of fun for the students since there are a lot of hands-on opportunities. A friendly competition has started among the hosts to see who can put on the best, most exciting program. It’s great to see how enthusiastic all the professionals have been in showcasing their trade.” Participants have, for example, toured the medical examiner’s office, worked with the machines involved in LASIK eye surgery as well as Da Vinci surgical systems used by urologists. “This program has been a huge success,” said Snyder. “When we reached out to local high schools, we didn’t know what to expect. We ended up with more than 100 applications from students at 41 area high schools, which was amazing. Our kickoff event was completely full with families despite blizzard conditions outside. We’re excited by how the community has embraced this program.” Though different in its approach, Macomb’s Future DOcs is an outgrowth of a program — begun by MSUCOM’s Office of Admissions at Benjamin Carson High School in Detroit — which has expanded to include three schools in Wayne County.

MSUCOM and community leaders in Macomb County are providing enriched experiences for these 30 high school Future DOcs.





Preparing for the Art of Caring It’s been emblematic of the osteopathic profession that personal attributes of physicians, in addition to their being current with the science of medicine, are enormously important. Professionalism, compassion, leadership, great communication skills, strong ethics, and exemplary self-care – these are necessary to success as doctors, and these are all highlighted in recent initiatives at MSUCOM.

Planting the Seeds of Compassion By Craig Reed A new MSUCOM initiative will emphasize leadership and empathy among future osteopathic physicians as a way to improve health outcomes and the quality of the patient experience. The Healthcare Leadership Academy for Compassionate Care was established early this year by college faculty, alumni and supporters who believe that mentoring tomorrow’s physicianleaders in compassionate care is the key to better health. “This grew out of an interest in palliative care and improving doctor-patient relationships,” said MSUCOM Counselor Celia Guro. “The relationship between the doctor and the patient is crucial. Compassionate care is about treating people with dignity. Diagnosis is important, but it’s also critical to be thoughtful and to listen to your patients.” Currently 20 students are involved in the academy, which will host various events and activities throughout the year, such as the recent workshop with the Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater Company, where students interacted with one another primarily through nonverbal communication and artistic expression. “The soul and heart of osteopathic medicine is compassionate care,” said ’79 alumnus John Meulendyk. “We want to develop leaders who understand how to listen to and support patients but who can also advocate effectively for improvements to the health care system.”

Spearingheading the Academy are (left to right) Katie Ruger, John Meuleudyk, Celia Guro and Terry McNamara.

Applying these ideals in the clinic requires learning the business of medicine, as Jason R. Beckrow, Class of 2000, is quick to acknowledge. “We opened Lighthouse Oncology in 2010 as a means of delivering the type of care that we value and is celebrated at MSUCOM. To do this we needed to become savvy business people and learn how to demonstrate the value of the oncologic approach we envisioned. I’ve found this new format to be more satisfying because we are delivering better care to our patients and retaining our professional autonomy. I’ve never been more satisfied professionally.”

Honing in on Career Choices

Helping students build careers: Kari Hortos, Williams Falls, Beth Courey, Gillian Bice, Kim Peck, Trish Horn

residency positions in their chosen fields. Team members include Associate Dean Williams Falls, Beth Courey, Kim Peck, Gillian Bice and Trish Horn from Student Services; Associate Dean Kari Hortos from MSUCOM-Macomb; and Tonya VanOrder from the Statewide Campus System. “Students are focused on gathering the academic knowledge, but they also need to understand the business side of medicine SUMMER 2013 4 COMMUNIQUÉ SUMMER 2013

By Pat Grauer Miko Rose shakes her head when she says, “The concept of happiness is controversial in many corners,” often being seen as something too simplistic for professionals to consider. But that has not stopped the MSU psychiatry resident from spearheading The Joy Initiative, a program to help health care students learn skills to be resilient and joyful themselves, and to model and teach that to their patients. She notes that 49-51% of medical students suffer burnout, and that as many as 11% of them have thoughts of suicide. Burnout that continues into residency is associated with a higher incidence of medical errors and decreased compassion in patient care. Techniques that are proving helpful include mindfulness training, cognitive behavioral therapy, and positive psychology exercises. Working with mentor faculty Alyse Ley and Dale D’Mello and others in the Department of Psychiatry, Rose began by addressing the unique needs of students who are members of minority groups with monthly dinners. The first attracted more than 50 students, some faculty, and Dean William Strampel, Associate Dean WIlliam Falls and Admissions Director Katie Ruger. “We had planned focus groups, but the students attending were thrilled to have a voice, and were honored that the dean and others were listening to their concerns,” Rose said. “The power of their stories created both communication and community that day.” Rose will continue to help these students and the MSUCOM Diversity Committee carry the torch forward.

Monthly diversity dinners are building a cadre of students for The Joy Initiative.

“Then,” she says, “they’ll be able to speak for themselves.” The team is planning a 10-week elective for students from both MSUCOM and the College of Human Medicine. Each class will include 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation practice and relaxation/breath training, and 20 minutes of cognitive behavior therapy and positive psychology exercises addressing life satisfaction, thought examination and wellness. This work during her residency is leading Rose, an American Psychiatric Association SAMSHA Minority Fellow, to a long-held goal: to provide resiliency and joy training to diverse populations in inner cities, with hope to focus next on Detroit. “These things ring true across human nature,” she said.

Interprofessional Communication to Enhance Patient Care By Pat Grauer

By Craig Reed When students begin their osteopathic studies, for most the vision of what type of practice and specialty they want is often less clear. Recently, an MSUCOM career development team has created an array of resources to help students to clarify their professional goals and understand how to compete more effectively for

Teaching Resilience and Joy as Paths to Healing

and do some exploration so they have a better grasp of which specialties might be the best fit with their personality and lifestyle,” said Hortos. So far, the team has developed a website focused on career development. They have also launched an innovative Specialty Spotlight Series to bring together practicing physicians and residents from each specialty with interested students to discuss what their experience would be as residents and any unique skill sets that are needed. The team has also organized opportunities for the students to meet with directors of medical education from the hospitals they may join as residents. “As soon as we launched our website – which has information on how to network, set up audition rotations and write a CV – we received many additional inquiries and suggestions from both students and current residents,” explained MSUCOM’s Academic and Career Development Specialist Kim Peck. “So now we’re evolving the resources based on this feedback. It’s great to see such a strong response to these projects.” “We’ve organized the material so first-year students get the appropriate information they need at that point in their career, while third-year students are presented with different material that is targeted to meet their specific needs,” stated Hortos. “These career development initiatives provide tools to help our graduates compete effectively for residency positions as well as the information that they will need to be successful in their chosen area of clinical practice.”

It’s often evident to patients, but they feel helpless to control it. It’s often not evident to health care providers, who are individually trying to provide good care but miss the big picture. It negatively affects patient safety and satisfaction. It’s poor communication, and Assistant Professor Elizabeth Petsche, J.D., is working hard to make a positive difference from the start of osteopathic education, developing change agents for the future. Key to the effort is a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) on campus that includes representatives from the college, nursing, communication arts, speech pathology and the Learning Assessment Center. “As a hospital patient, because of the number of people in and out of my room, I often didn’t know to whom I was speaking,” she said, “and it became apparent how vital it is that providers consider the patients and their advocates as part of the team, and not leave them out of the communication loop.” Equally crucial, notes Petsche, is interprofessional communication among health care teams – understanding clearly the roles each plays, how communication is important to satisfy those roles, and how it impacts patient safety when it falls apart. Beginning in Fall 2011 she and the FLC began working with a self-selected group of MSUCOM students and MSU College of Nursing students aimed at fostering positive and effective teamwork. In 2012-13, the FLC expanded the number of opportunities offered and developed a three-part patient safety series that included osteopathic, nursing and law students, who did a root-cause analysis of a case that went wrong in a local hospital.

Petsche also emphasizes these issues in a two-hour lecture block as part of her course “Medical Ethics, Professionalism and Law,” and is working to find other ways to incorporate interprofessional education in the curriculum for all students. “Teamwork is vital to good health care,” said Petsche. “It impacts patient safety, patient comfort, and professional satisfaction. It’s my hope that all of our students can have the same exposure to these educational opportunities.”

Elizabeth Petsche (right) and Susan Strouse from MSU’s College of Nursing plan instruction to improve communication among members of health care teams. COMMUNIQUÉ SUMMER 2013 COMMUNIQUÉ SUMMER 2013








Staff Matters

A valued tradition in a new venue

Beth Courey

By Pat Grauer

AOA President-Elect Norman L. Vinn

As black-robed doctors-to-be filled chairs on the floor usually used for MSU basketball, family and friends in the seats whistled, cheered, shouted and waved at their personal champions. The Class of 2013, with 285 students, was the largest ever to graduate from MSUCOM and was the first to include students from all three sites – MSU campus, Macomb University Center and Detroit Medical Center. The graduates, who represented the pioneer class for the college’s expansion in 2009, also were trailblazers in being the first to receive their D.O. degrees at MSU’s Jack Breslin Student Events Center. The keynote speaker, Norman E. Vinn, president-elect of the American Osteopathic Association, shared key questions that his father shared with him as preferable to competition as the measure of a person: “Am I doing a better job today than I did yesterday? Can I do a better job tomorrow?” He also offered three challenges to the graduates: to pursue a lifelong goal of personal growth, to accept the mantle of leadership, and to be a mentor and steward of the osteopathic medical profession. Other speakers included Faylene Owen, MSU trustee; Edward J. Canfield, president of the Michigan Osteopathic Association; Devone T. Mansour, president of the class of 2013; Mary L. Louder, president of the MSUCOM Alumni Association, and William D. Strampel, dean.

D.O. and proud: David Boehme, Larry Morgan, Adam Kuhlman, Angelique Telyconas, Terri Steppe (faculty), and Christine Richey

Beth Courey (center) and leadership from the Class of 2015 discuss plans for their hooding ceremonies.

By Sydney Beaudreault

Honored at the military Commissioning Ceremony were Row 1: Chad Christensen, Angela Szatkowski, Amanda Long; Row 2: Terrance Leighton, Nicole Martinez, Jacob Adams, Dominic Fano, Kent VandeVrede; Row 3: Nicholas Michols, Alec MacDonald, Karmon Janssen; Row 4: Benjamin Park, Andrew Knecht, Kyle McIntosh; Row 5: Bruce Fraser, Brandon Fetterolf, Ian Hudson, Anton Vlasov, Joseph Howells

D.O. faculty dynasties – Left: Katie and William Golden (father) and Ryan and Kenneth Stringer (father). Right: Graduate Kate Hughes (center) with Bill Hughes, Mary Hughes (mother), Dave Hughes and Pat Hughes.

New osteopathic physicians: Drs. Raechel Percy, Meagan Smith, Kristie Haberichter, Heather Payter and Amy O’Neill 6 COMMUNIQUÉ SUMMER 2013

Newly minted D.O.s – Row 1: Kristin Harjer; Row 2: Amanda Rudert, Terrance Leighton, Colin Seguin, Corbin Redli, Lindsay Wieber, Justin Petersen; Row 3: Joseph Morehouse, Jason Essenberg

From student to doctor: Joshua Dykla, James Diener, Sandra Larson, John Kilmer, Stephen Kohres, Anthony Brune, Sean Mohon, Randi VanOcker

All-in-the-family graduates and hooders: Miesha Merati with mother Camelia Merati; Corie Seelbach with uncles Michael Beckman and Vincent Rimanelli; Vincent Ganapini with father Kenneth Ganapini, and Christina Kassob with uncle Sabri Shuker

Beth Courey, a name nearly synonymous with “students,” is a 34-year veteran staff member at MSUCOM. Serving as director of student organizations and special projects for the past eight years, Courey advises student government and works directly with the MSUCOM student organizations. She helps set policies, assists with fundraisers and elections, plans hooding, convocation/orientation, open house, specialty spotlight series, specialty exploration events, and base hospital visits and is responsible for ERAS (Electronic Residency Application System) for fourth-year students. “I had worked in every unit in the Dean’s Office with the exceptions of Academic Programs and the Statewide Campus System, but Student Services is my home,” she said. “Working with Dr. [William] Falls and my colleagues here is a very rewarding experience. “I love my job,” she said. “Of everything I’m involved in, hooding is the crème de la crème, because everyone in the college sees the fruits of our collective labor. I am privileged to work with the students from the time they walk in the door all the way through helping them with their residency applications. We see how proud their parents, family and friends are and how hard they worked to get their end goal. It’s a hard time as well because you realize that you may never get to see those graduates again. It’s a pretty emotional day.” Outside of her love for MSUCOM, Courey enjoys boating with her husband Roger in Traverse City, spending time with family and friends, and running her business, Coureygirl Jewelry. She designs jewelry from her hand-made glass beads (flame working).





2013 MOCF Ball

Puttin’ on the Glitz

THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS OF THE 2013 MOCF BALL! DIAMOND SPONSORS MSU Radiology MSUCOM Office of the Dean St John Providence Health System - Osteopathic Division CRYSTAL SPONSORS McLaren Health Care Metro Health Hospital Michigan Osteopathic Association

By Colleen Kniffen

On behalf of the Michigan Osteopathic College Foundation and the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of the 2013 MOCF Ball – “Puttin’ on the Glitz.” The event sold out with 800 guests joining us for a wonderful evening in support of the college and the Michigan Osteopathic College Foundation. We are pleased to report that the 2013 event generated net proceeds of nearly $400,000, a new record for this event. All of the proceeds will be added to the MOCF Endowment fund at MSU. Over the past eight years, this event has resulted in an increase of more than $2 million to the endowment, supporting student scholarships, community outreach, and educational programs at MSUCOM. We anticipate that next year’s event will be another sold out evening, so we encourage you to mark your calendars now for the 2014 MOCF Ball, which will be held on Saturday, February 1, 2014, at The Henry – Autograph Collection, Dearborn. Thank you again for your support of the MOCF, the MSUCOM, and the osteopathic profession in the state of Michigan. Together we DO make a difference! We look forward to seeing you next year!

PLATINUM SPONSORS Botsford Hospital Henry Ford Macomb Hospital and Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital Mercy Health Michigan Osteopathic College Foundation

Helen Robert Ward, DO, were h honored H l and dR b W d D DO d as 2013 MOCF Ball honorary co-chairpersons.

Donald D ld S Sefcik, f ik DO DO, (l (left) ft) and d Willi William C Cunningham, i h DO DO, MHA MHA, ((right) i ht) visit i it with ith special guests and members of the delegation from Mérida, Mexico. Rickk LLaney, LLee S Ri Strampel, l MOCF P President id C Caroll M Monson, DO DO, Nevenka Dines, and Associate Dean Gary Willyerd, DO.

The Swetech the event. Th entire T ti S t h ffamily il jjoined i d th t MSUCOM student Jonathan Swetech, Kelly McGregor, Grozda Swetech, Stephen Swetech, DO, MSUCOM student Maria Swetech, Anthony Agrusa.


Elena and Oliveri, DO, MOCF pastt president, El d EEugene Oli i DO id t and Phoebe and Harris Mainster, DO.

Honorary C H Co-Chairperson Ch i Fl Floyd dM Meachum, h DO DO; Myral Robbins, DO; Honorary Co-Chairperson Bobette Meachum; Gerald Robbins, DO; Sidney Hicks and Tracy Meachum-Finney.

2013 MOCF Ball Honorary Co-Chairpersons Floyd Meachum, DO, and Bobette Meachum visit with Joseph McNerney, DO, and Jane McNerney.

Gary Will Willyerd, DO, (b (backk center)) and Rafael Marinez (far right) by G Wil d DO dR f lM i (f i h ) are flanked k db MSUCOM students who received complimentary tickets to the event thanks to many generous donors.

SILVER SPONSORS Allegiance Health Detroit Medical Center Garden City Hospital Genesys Regional Medical Center MSU Family and Community Medicine MSU Neurology and Ophthalmology MSU Pharmacology and Toxicology MSU Psychiatry MSUCOM Administrative Services MSUCOM Student Services Oakwood Healthcare System Osteopathic Division Sparrow Health System BRONZE SPONSORS Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Delta Dental Mid-Michigan MRI MSU Biochemistry and Molecular Biology MSU Microbiology and Molecular Genetics MSU Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine MSU Osteopathic Medical Specialties MSUCOM Community Outreach and Clinical Research/OsteoCHAMPS MSUCOM Continuing Medical Education MSUCOM Development MSUCOM DMC MSUCOM External and Alumni Programs MSUCOM MUC MSUCOM Student Services Store Drs. Michael Rubin and Sidney Simonian Saint Joseph Mercy Livingston Family Medicine Residency Program Dr. Steven Seidman/MIND Western Michigan University – School of Medicine PATRON SPONSORS Association Benefits Beaumont Health System Credit Union One Ingham Osteopathic Association Michigan Association of Osteopathic Family Physicians Michigan Gastroenterology Institute Michigan Health Council MSU College of Human Medicine MSU Federal Credit Union MSU Institute of International Health MSU Osteopathic Surgical Specialties MSU Pediatrics MSU Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation MSU Physiology MSUCOM Statewide Campus System Munson Medical Center SUMMER SUMMER 2013 COMMUNIQUÉ




2012 Honor Roll Donors to MSUCOM for January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012

We express our sincerest thanks to our 2012 calendar-year donors who have dedicated themselves to keeping MSUCOM strong and have invested in the future of osteopathic medicine. Their efforts are key to maintaining our position as the top osteopathic college in the United States — furthering our expansion globally, enhancing our professional education, nurturing our research, and providing much-needed scholarships for deserving D.O. students.

John R. Behm, D.O. Leslie M. Behm Dr. Michael and Susan Henderson Dr. Stefan H. Kobiljak, Jr. Ruth Magen

Dean Peyton, D.O. and Jane Peyton Robert G. G. Piccinini, D.O., F.A.C.N. Barbara and Harvey Sparks William D. Strampel, D.O. and Mrs. Leona J. Strampel Dr. Martin R. Stytz Mary Jo K. Voelpel, D.O., F.A.C.O.I. and Lawrence William Voelpel Jo Ann von Steeg Bruce A. and Nancy W. Weber, D.O. Dr. Kay E. White Gary L. Willyerd, D.O.



Charles and Marjorie Gliozzo Drs. Mark and Toula Guilfoyle, Anastasia and Dorothea Guilfoyle Dr. Carol Monson and Mr. Frank Warden Gail and Barbara Riegle

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Andary William G. Anderson, D.O. Nancy J. Angott Dr. and Mrs. William Athens, Jr. Mrs. Jerusha H. Bonham Ethel D. Brody Eugene and Michele Conte Douglas and Sandra Cron Drs. Mark and Marion Cummimgs Barry and Jill Dehlin Dr. James Deering and Dr. Jodi S. Flanders Dr. Atis K. Freimanis Joseph A. Glaser Lori Gorbis and Sherman Gorbis, D.O., F.A.A.O. Dr. Mike and Marta Greenslait John N. Harker, D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Oliver W. Hayes III Drs. Dan and Mary Hunt Drs. David and Laurie Kaufman Catherine A. Kerschen, D.O. Dr. Margaret Knapp Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Kustasz Drs. Annette and Paul LaCasse Melba and Jon Lacey Gregory and Debra Landis Dr. Robert Martin and Dr. Alexis Yovan Dr. Michael and Cynthia Maser Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Miller Dr. Eugene and Mrs. Elena Oliveri Dr. Gary and Mrs. Therese Pilchak Theresa A. Ross Donald and Jo Ann Sefcik Dr. Michael and Nena Sikorsky Dr. Stephen and Grozda Swetech, Jonathan Swetech, Maria Swetech John and Trena Thornburg Dr. Peter and Mrs. Lynn Walsh John L. Wang and Lucille D. Fallon

FRANK S. KEDZIE SOCIETY $1 MILLION TO $4,999,999 Mrs. Patricia B. Greenman

ROBERT S. SHAW SOCIETY $500,000 TO $999,999

JONATHAN L. SNYDER SOCIETY $100,000 TO $249,999 Mrs. Kay J. Boggs Neil J. Farkas, D.O. Kristine Jacobs Dr. David Kenyon MacIntosh and Dr. Lorah Wright MacIntosh Michael and Gloria Morison Joseph E. Palazeti, D.O. and Mrs. Linda R. Palazeti Drs. Nadine and Kenneth Richter Dr. Robert L. and Shelley A. Snyder Robert C. Ward, D.O. and Helen E. Ward Jason and Danica Woolley

JOHN A. HANNAH SOCIETY $50,000 TO $99,999 William R. Athens, Sr., D.O. and Angie Athens Dr. Archie and Mrs. Patricia Attarian Henry and Deborah Beckmeyer Dorothy E. Carnegie Shillinglaw Dr. Lisa DeStefano and Mr. Keith Owen Anthony G. Fabaz, D.O. Dr. and Mrs. William M. Falls Vera M. Gerhardt Dr. and Mrs. Walid H. Ghurabi Robert J. Gordon, D.O. and Lori S. Roberts-Gordon Glen Hatcher, Jr., D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Haywood Al and Ewa Juocys Ms. Sandy Kilbourn and Dr. Gary DiStefano David Lebenbom and Elaine Lebenbom Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Linnell Ronald J. Markert, Ph.D. Dr. Timothy and Catherine McKenna Dr. Stanley and Eileen Miller Dr. and Mrs. Ken Moore 10 10 COMMUNIQUÉ COMMUNIQUÉ SUMMER SUMMER2013 2013

PRESIDENTS CLUB $10,000 TO $24,999 Margaret I. Aguwa, D.O.

Dr. and Mrs. Andrea (Andy) Amalfitano Mrs. Susan H. Amalfitano Dr. Arash Armin and Carmen Leon-Armin Dr. Michael and Mrs. Patricia Arsenault Dr. Ellen K. Athens and Mr. Thomas D. Lasky Bert and Carol Bez Dr. Christine Blakeney and Mr. David Breck Mr. Kenneth J. Foot and Kristine E. Bobish, D.O. Mr. and Mrs. Vence L. Bonham, Jr. Tammy Born, D.O. Dr. Ronald H. Bradley Drs. Gerard Breitzer and Susan Frank Kimberly S. Camp Dr. and Mrs. John R. Carney Dr. Roxana Chapman Drs. J. Michael Connor and Sandra M. Cifor Penalope D. Cook, D.O. and Robert T. Cook Jon Cooper William Cunningham, D.O., M.H.A. Carmella L. D’Addezio, D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Eric Deal Randall L. DeArment, D.O. and Nancy A. DeArment Dr. and Mrs. John DeSantis Dr. and Mrs. J. Quen Dickey Lori Dillard, D.O. and Mr. Robert Dillard Julie K. Dixon, D.O. Steven J. Dupuis, D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Richard Elsesser Dr. Margaret Fankhauser and Willie F. Longshore Dr. Patrick M. Flaherty Dr. Brenda Fortunate and Mr. Edward White Dr. William Fowler and Mrs. Marie J. Fowler Susan Reece Freel Dr. Harold M. and Karen L. Friedman Dr. Tressa Gardner Kristin Gaumer, D.O. Dr. Janet M. Gibson Dr. Craig S. Glines and Mrs. Lisa Blanzy-Glines John and Marjorie Goodridge Dr. John L. Goudreau, D.O., Ph.D. Gerald G. Osborn, D.O. and Sue E. Granger Dr. and Mrs. William Grimsley Joanne M. Grzeszak, D.O. Mark and Amy Gugel Dr. Celia B. Guro and Mr. Igor Guro Terry and Linda Hagan Steven and Merle Heidemann Robert A. Henry, D.O. Brent and Tenley Himes Edward N. Hodges, III, J.D. Lon and Carolyn Hoover Dr. Kari and Mr. Patrick Hortos Stewart and Sharon Jones Judith A. Joslin-Page, D.O. and David J. Page Dr. Julius Kato and Mrs. Jill Kato

Dr. Thomas A. Kelly and Susan K. Codere Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kerwin Dr. John M. and Jan K. Ketner Dr. and Mrs. Gene E. Kielhorn Mr. Hugh and Dr. Carolann Kinner Dr. and Mrs. Steven R. Klein Dr. Adelaide Koestner Dr. and Mrs. Frank Komara Mark and Christine Kopel Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kotch Janet K. Kulich Roman Kulich James Learner, D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lim Grant J. Linnell, D.O. Dr. Mary (Mark) Louder and Mr. Andrew Louder Dr. David and Linda Luginbill Jed Magen, D.O., M.S. and Carol Barrett, Ph.D. Craig and Jennifer Magnatta Barbara Ball-McClure and Chris McClure Thomas and Lynn McCurdy Andrew E. Mendians, D.O. and Kerry Mendians Dr. John Meulendyk Jean Mill Laura A. Mohr, Ph.D. Dr. Thomas J. Mohr Dr. and Mrs. Reza Nassiri Dr. Joseph and Dr. Giuseppina Naughton David Neff, D.O. Mary Goldman, D.O. and Jerome Goldman Christian Orlic Ralph F. Otten, D.O. and Ethel Otten Perrin and Anita Parkhurst Holly Patenge Dr. James Patenge David A. Simpson and Anne M. Pawlak Dr. Evangelos A. Petropoulos Dr. and Mrs. William W. Phillips Paul and Mary Ponstein Drs. George and Marilyn Pramstaller Dr. Joseph and Deborah Pysh John E. Ratliff, D.O. James J. Rechtien, D.O., Ph.D. and Mary Ann Rechtien Myral R. Robbins, D.O. and Gerald F. Robbins, D.O. Mr. George and Dr. Kathy Rollinger Dr. Roy M. Rosen Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee and Mr. Edmond Beverly Dr. Leonard C. Salvia and Mrs. Sandra M. Salvia David Sciamanna D.O. and Mary May-Sciamanna R. Taylor Scott, D.O. and Marci K. Scott, Ph.D. Susan Sevensma, D.O. Dr. Michael and Tracy Sheehy Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Shelden Dr. Eugene R. and Joyce A. Sherrod Mark E. Sikorski, D.O. Dr. Michael D. Simms and Ms. Sandra Smith Elaine C. Smith, D.O. and David J. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Donald F. Stanton Dr. and Mrs. James S. Stepanski Christopher and Rebecca Surian David Susser, D.O. Joyce and Marvin Tanner Terrie E. Taylor, D.O. Mary and Craig Thiel Thomas and Joy Thrun Karl J. Emerick, D.O. and Cynthia M. Trosin, D.O. Todd G. Hickox, D.O. and Carmen R.Ventocilla, M.D. Dr. Howard Teitelbaum and Jane Ann Waldron

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Walkiewicz Ralph T. Walsh, Ph.D., D.O. Dr. Charles W. Wang Lynne C. Weaver Larry A. Wickless, D.O. Sunita Yedavally, D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Michael Zakem Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Zazaian Dr. and Mrs. Daryl Zelenak

LINDA E. LANDON SOCIETY PLANNED GIFTS John R. Behm Leslie M. Behm Patricia B. Greenman Justin E. Grill, D.O. and Carrie A. Grill Drs. Mark and Toula Guilfoyle Dr. Michael and Susan Henderson Kenyon S. Kendall, D.O. Dr. David Kenyon MacIntosh and Dr. Lorah Wright MacIntosh Ruth Magen Ronald J. Markert, Ph.D. Sam H. Miller and Kay M. Miller Dr. Carol Monson and Mr. Frank Warden Deborah A. Porter Trustee Barbara J. Sawyer-Koch and Professor Donald F. Koch Dr. Michael and Nena Sikorsky Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Walkiewicz Gary L. Willyerd, D.O.

DONORS TO THE COLLEGE OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE (ORGANIZATIONS) 414 West Pndhotel Sai LCC A.T. Still University of Health Sciences, Inc. Advanced Orthopedic Soluctions PC Advocates for the MI Osteopathic Assn. Allegiance Health Allergan Inc. American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians, Inc. American Medical Association Education and Research Foundation American Osteopathic Association Association Benefits Company Autohaus Enterprises, Inc. Best Medical Services Binson’s Hospital Supplies, Inc. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Boston Scientific Corporation Botsford Hospital Candlewood Suites Capitol National Bank Cemcare, Inc. Classic Travel, Incorporated Conquest Health and Fitness Credit Union One Damone Realty Group LLC Detroit Medical Center DTE Energy Foundation Electra Cable and Communication, Inc. Eli Lilly and Company Evergreen Car Wash Community First Bank Flint Gastroenterology Flintoff & Klein, CPA Florida Osteopathic Medical Association

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DONORS OF $10,000 OR MORE William G. Anderson, D.O. William R. Athens, Sr., D.O. and Angie Athens Jon Cooper Phyllis Dell Walter P. Dell Betty Kabara Dr. and Mrs. Ken Moore Dean Peyton, D.O. and Jane Peyton Robert G. G. Piccinini, D.O., F.A.C.N. Herbert Reynolds, Ph.D. and Michelle L. Reynolds Drs. Nadine and Kenneth Richter Gail and Barbara Riegle Dr. Robert L. and Shelley A. Snyder Joseph T. Watkins, D.O. and Linda Watkins Bruce A. and Nancy W. Weber, D.O.

DONORS OF $5,000 TO $9,999 Henry and Deborah Beckmeyer Ethel D. Brody Dr. Lisa DeStefano and Mr. Keith Owen Dr. Mike and Marta Greenslait Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kerwin Dr. and Mrs. Gene E. Kielhorn Dr. Stanley and Eileen Miller Michael and Gloria Morison Donald and Jo Ann Sefcik William D. Strampel, D.O. and Mrs. Leona J. Strampel Dr. Stephen and Grozda Swetech, Jonathan Swetech, Maria Swetech Larry A. Wickless, D.O.

DONORS OF $1,000 TO $4,999 Margaret I. Aguwa, D.O. Nancy J. Angott Ruth L. Anker, D.O., JD Dr. Arash Armin and Carmen Leon-Armin Dr. Michael and Mrs. Patricia Arsenault Dr. Archie and Mrs. Patricia Attarian Dr. Christine Blakeney and Mr. David Breck Mr. Kenneth J. Foot and Kristine E. Bobish, D.O. Mrs. Jerusha H. Bonham Tammy Born, D.O. Timothy M. Burandt, D.O., F.A.C.O.S. and Alice M. Burandt Evelyn L. Callen Kimberly S. Camp Edward J. Canfield, D.O. and Cheryl A. Canfield, D.O. Dorothy E. Carnegie Shillinglaw Dr. Roxana Chapman John J. Collins, D.O. and Maura A. Collins Drs. Mark and Marion Cummimgs Dr. and Mrs. J. Quen Dickey Lori Dillard, D.O. and Mr. Robert Dillard Julie K. Dixon, D.O. Lawrence M. Evans, D.O. and Mary M. Evans Dr. Patrick M. Flaherty Jared W. Flood, D.O. and Kathy M. Jackson, D.O. Dr. William Fowler and Mrs. Marie J. Fowler Dr. Harold M. and Karen L. Friedman Kristin Gaumer, D.O. Amit Ghose, M.D. and Sangita Ghose



Dr. Craig S. Glines and Mrs. Lisa Blanzy-Glines Sandra J. Gloss and Eric J. Gloss, D.O. Lori Gorbis and Sherman Gorbis, D.O., F.A.A.O. Dr. John L. Goudreau, D.O., Ph.D. Charles and Patricia Grauer David A. Green, D.O. and Teena Green Drs. Mark and Toula Guilfoyle, Anastasia and Dorothea Guilfoyle Dr. Celia B. Guro and Mr. Igor Guro Daniel R. Harber, D.O. and Kimberly A. Harber John N. Harker, D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Haywood Dr. Michael and Susan Henderson Robert A. Henry, D.O. Harry Hernandez, D.O. Dr. Kari and Mr. Patrick Hortos James E. Johnson, D.O. and Linda M. Johnson Wanda B. Kalencki, D.O. Julius A. Kato, D.O. and Jill P. Kato Terri L. Keegstra, D.O. Dr. Thomas A. Kelly and Susan K. Codere Samuel H. Kelman, D.O. Jolene R. Key and John A. Key, D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Frank Komara Mark and Christine Kopel Michaeline T. Koppy-Austin, D.O. and James P. Austin Paul J. Kovack, D.O. and Kelli D. Kovack Barbara L. Kozlowski and Joseph S. Kozlowski Gregory and Debra Landis Frank F. Lanzilote, D.O. James Learner, D.O. Grant J. Linnell, D.O. Wallace A. Longton, M.D. Arnold S. Loo, D.O. Dr. Mary (Mark) Louder and Mr. Andrew Louder Dr. David and Linda Luginbill Ruth Magen Craig and Jennifer Magnatta Amaar M. Malik, D.O. Dr. Michael and Cynthia Maser Charles W. and Constance L. McCallum Thomas and Lynn McCurdy Margaret A. Mcquiston, D.O. Andrew E. Mendians, D.O. and Kerry Mendians Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Miller Jo Ann Mitchell, D.O. and George E. Artzberger, D.O. J. J. Mittner, D.O. and Cristina L. Torres, D.O. Dr. Carol Monson and Mr. Frank Warden Sara J. Myers-Dora, D.O. and David L. Dora, D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Reza Nassiri Dr. Joseph and Dr. Giuseppina Naughton Mary Goldman, D.O. and Jerome Goldman Dr. Eugene and Mrs. Elena Oliveri Dr. and Mrs. William W. Phillips Joseph M. Pirch and Cecile M. Pirch Vance D. Powell, Jr., D.O. Dr. Joseph and Deborah Pysh James J. Rechtien, D.O., Ph.D. and Mary Ann Rechtien Dr. Roy M. Rosen Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee and Mr. Edmond Beverly Patricia A. Schmidt, D.O. Frederick C. Schreiber, D.O. and Linda A. Schreiber Arthur H. Schurgin, D.O. and Cindy I. Schurgin David Sciamanna D.O. and Mary May-Sciamanna R. Taylor Scott, D.O. and Marci K. Scott, Ph.D. Mary P. Scott and Fremont L. Scott III, D.O. Shane R. Sergent Susan Sevensma, D.O.

Dr. Michael and Tracy Sheehy Elaine C. Smith, D.O. and David J. Smith Dr. and Mrs. James S. Stepanski Dr. Martin R. Stytz Mary and Craig Thiel John and Trena Thornburg Thomas and Joy Thrun Dr. Fred C. and Janet E. Tinning Karl J. Emerick, D.O. and Cynthia M. Trosin, D.O. Paul M. Urbanowski, D.O. Todd G. Hickox, D.O. and Carmen R. Ventocilla, M.D. Mary Jo K. Voelpel, D.O., F.A.C.O.I. and Lawrence William Voelpel Robert C. Ward, D.O. and Helen E. Ward Jayne H. Ward, D.O. Michael J. Watkins and Samia Watkins Dr. Charles and Philippa Webb Gary L. Willyerd, D.O. Katelyn N. Wiseman Dr. and Mrs. Michael Zakem Daryl J. Zelenak, D.O. and Suzette G. Zelenak

DONORS OF $500 TO $999 Glen N. Ackerman Monroe H. Adams, D.O. and Linda S. Adams Dr. and Mrs. Andrea (Andy) Amalfitano Susan H. Amalfitano Anna S. Antonopulos, D.O. Susan E. Arcaro, D.O. Dr. and Mrs. William Athens, Jr. Richard A. Below, D.O. and Elizabeth A. Below Jill K. Blasy and Christopher D. Blasy, D.O. Drs. David and Diane Boes Patrick J. Botz, D.O. and Jodi A. Botz Angela G. Boyce and Andrew S. Boyce, D.O. Dr. Earl Leon Burhans II Michael G. Burry, D.O. and Tina M. Burry Michael C. Chabot, D.O. and Victoria H. Chabot, D.O. Kathleen A. Cosgrove and William J. Cosgrove, Jr., D.O. William Cunningham, D.O., M.H.A. Andrew Cykiert, D.O. and Stacy R. Cykiert Dr. Marylee Davis Christina H. Dokter, Ph.D. Brian W. Doughty, D.O. and Laura K. Doughty William G. Elliott, D.O. Anthony A. Emmer, D.O. and Julie Emmer Robert P. Farhat, D.O. and Danielle Farhat Scott C. Felter, D.O. and Jill S. Felter Dr. Brenda Fortunate and Mr. Edward White Robert J. Franchi, D.O. and Cheryl Franchi Riccardo Giovannone, D.O. and Sue A. Giovannone Brian S. Goldstein, D.O. and Karla Goldstein Joanne M. Grzeszak, D.O. Mark and Amy Gugel Shehadeh K. Harb A. R. Hayden Dr. and Mrs. Oliver W. Hayes III Ann L. Henelt, D.O. and Daniel Flynn Bruce T. Hundley Drs. Dan and Mary Hunt Robert M. Johnson, D.O. and Mary A. Johnson Drs. David and Laurie Kaufman Catherine A. Kerschen, D.O. Michelle C. Klanke, D.O. and Robert H. Klanke Michael I. Klein, M.D. Robert A. Kreft and Michelle A. Kreft, D.O.

Ms. Brenda Laird Lorie J. Lang and James C. Lang, D.O. David R. Levitsky Christina Lindell, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Linnell Jorge D. Luna, D.O. and Bernice C. Luna Tedd L. March, D.O. and Debra L. March Daniel K. McBride, D.O. and Marcie M. McBride Thomas R. Miller, D.O. Dominic D. Monterosso, D.O. Michael J. Moutsatson, D.O. and Tamara J. Moutsatson, D.O. George J. Murakawa, M.D., Ph.D. and Mimi Murakawa Mark E. Notman, Ph.D. and Fidelia J. Notman Dennis M. Paradis and Janet D. Olszewski Dr. James Patenge Drs. David M. and Kathleen Connell Peters Dawn L. Powell Norman P. Reeves, Ph.D. and Patricia Gonzales Robert K. Reuter, D.O. Susan M. Rice, D.O. and Thomas Maza Myral R. Robbins, D.O. and Gerald F. Robbins, D.O. Carole A. Roseland, D.O. and James E. Roseland Rita A. Selke, D.O. and Kristopher J. Selke Barbara J. Serini, D.O. Lynn M. Sikorski, D.O. and John Scales Dr. Michael and Nena Sikorsky Dr. Michael D. Simms and Ms. Sandra Smith Carrie L. Speier-Schafer, D.O. and Steven J. Schafer John L. Wang and Lucille D. Fallon Richard Ward and Lynn McPhee-Ward Arno W. Weiss, Jr., M.D. and Jillian K. Weiss Suzanne G. Wilson Terry L. Wolf, D.O. and Linda M. Wolf Ruth H. Yoon, D.O. and Peter S. Yoon John S. Zazaian, D.O. and Suzan Zazaian Mark A. Zook, D.O. and Mary Zook

DONORS OF $250 TO $499 Abbey A. Akinwumi Steven B. Ashton, D.O. Dr. Ellen K. Athens and Mr. Thomas D. Lasky Vicki A. Athens, D.P.M. Barbara A. Atkinson, D.O. Janet M. Bach, D.O. and Edward E. Chlystek Harris Baderak, D.O. and Janet M. Baderak Stewart L. Baroff, D.O. and Dianne Baroff Jamie M. Bartley, D.O. and Eric C. Bartley, Esq. Kirk Bellis, D.O. Andrew H. Berry, D.O. and Jayne Berry Craig H. Bethune, D.O. and Mary Kay Bethune Amy S. Blaising-Wallace, D.O. and James M. Wallace Amy G. Bolmer, D.O. Kristopher L. Brenner, D.O. and Carin C. Brenner Lore J. Bruss, D.O. James A. Burtka, D.O. and Colleen M. Burtka William A. Bush, D.O. and Diane M. Bush, R.N. Mark and Sue Chatterley Justin L. Cherubim, D.O. Gregory M. Cibor, D.O. and Anne M. Cibor Kevin J. Clayton, D.O. and Janell M. Clayton Daniel J. Clisham Darryl A. Cohen, D.O. Gerson I. Cooper and Carol R. Cooper William C. Crafton, D.O. and Mary A. Crafton James P. Daly Michael R. Denike, D.O. and Jennifer C. Denike Richard W. Doud, Jr., D.O. and Kathleen E. Doud

Gary D. Dylewski, D.O. Bart Q. Eng, D.O. and Sachike Eng Gregory D. Fink, Ph.D. and Sheila Fink John J. Frederick, D.O. and Valerie K. Frederick Miriam L. Garcellano, D.O. Nicholas E. Gilpin, D.O. Donald J. Gingerich, D.O. John and Marjorie Goodridge Allison N. Gormley, D.O. Robert K. Gramenz, D.O. and Carol J. Ramm-Gramenz Vincent J. Granowicz, D.O. and Nancy L. Granowicz Patricia B. Greenman and Philip E. Greenman, D.O. Bryan J. Griffin, D.O. Dr. Mark A. Halonen Gerald A. Harriman, D.O. and Nancy L. Harriman Willie Harris, D.O. and Donna E. Harris Colleen A. Hartwig, D.O. Glen Hatcher, Jr., D.O. Cheryl A. Hayes-Catallo, D.O. and Leo R. Catallo Daniel P. Hearld, D.O. and Teresa L. Wainscott Robert L. Heintz and Connie Heintz Paul Heneks and Susan Heneks Gregory J. Henk, D.O. and Christine J. Henk Jon C. Herbener Timothy J. Izzo, D.O. and Linda L. Faunt Izzo Timothy J. Jones and Jill M. Jones Kevin B. Karikomi, D.O. Sameera T. Khan and Tahir B. Khan Ms. Sandy Kilbourn and Dr. Gary DiStefano Benedict Y. Kim, D.O. Eric A. Kovan, D.O. and Carrie J. Malkin-Kovan Matthew L. Kuiper, D.O. Drs. Annette and Paul LaCasse Raquel L. Lepera, D.O. and John Demaght Chad A. Link, D.O. and Sheri A. Link Edward A. Loniewski, Sr., D.O. and Mary J. Loniewski James A. MacDonald, D.O. Rebecca J. MacFalda and Brian J. MacFalda, D.O. David N. Makowski, D.O. and Judy Demink David T. Malicke, D.O. and G. J. Malicke Ronald V. Marino, D.O. William J. McDevitt, D.O. and Nancy McDevitt Margaret McKeough-Nemes, D.O. and John D. Nemes Max T. McKinney, D.O. and Marilyn McKinney Barry S. Meyer, D.O. and Rochelle Meyer Brian F. Miller, D.O. and Lauri K. Miller Charles L. Miller, D.O. and Constance P. Miller Allan H. Morton, D.O. and Mary Wilton Tawfiq E. Nakhleh, D.O. and Maria N. Kossak, D.O. Craig A. Nattkemper and Heather A. Stirnaman Michael J. Neumann, D.O. and Diane Neumann Karen J. Nichols, D.O. and James B. Nichols Mohammed S. Ogaily, M.D. and Huda A. Ogaily Ralph F. Otten, D.O. and Ethel Otten Jonathon M. Parker Michael D. Parmer, D.O. and Debora M. Parmer Thomas P. Petroff, D.O. Elizabeth M. Petsche and Reid M. Demanche Thomas W. Pfennig, D.O. and Christine M. Pfennig Stephen H. Piontek and Laura R. Piontek Timothy A. Piontkowski, D.O. Steven M. Pray, D.O. Lawrence L. Prokop, D.O. and Pamela A. Prokop Nancy A. Rancour, D.O. and Thomas P. Rancour Darryl R. Reaume, D.O. and Kim M. Muster-Reaume, D.O.

Craig D. Reed Richard A. Reidy, D.O. and Erin Reidy Michael J. Renner and Elizabeth A. Renner Larry R. Rothstein, D.O. Jacob J. Rowan, D.O. and Wendy J. Sylvester-Rowan William M. Rudy, D.O. Mangala G. Sadasivan, Ph.D. and Andrew M. Goldynia Laila Shehadeh, D.O. and Allen Herfi Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Shelden Harriet R. Sherman and Steven D. Kohl, D.O. Janice K. Shimoda, D.O. Charles E. Simpson, D.O. and LouAnn Simpson Beverly A. Smith and Donald W. Smith, D.O. John R. Socey, D.O. and Charley Socey Christopher and Rebecca Surian John J. Swienckowski, D.O. and Carol L. Swienckowski Matthew Tews Harrison W. Tong, D.O. and Andrea J. Goethals, D.O. Paul T. Twydell, D.O. and Beth Twydell Chad K. Uptigrove, D.O. Fred and Tish Vincent Dennis P. Vollman, D.O. and Rosanne T. Vollman Qingping Wang, M.D., Ph.D. Shelley L. Watkins and Thomas L. Watkins, D.O. Thomas J. Williams Robert W. Wiseman David L. Wolf, D.O. PLLC and Ahmad I. Al-Jerdi Katherine A. Worden, D.O. Douglas J. Zakolski, D.O. and Sabrina Zakolski

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In memory: Philip E. Greenman, D.O. Internationally recognized as an OMM scholar and a gentleman by Pat Grauer

Associate Dean Emeritus Philip E. Greenman

One of the keystones of 20th-century osteopathic medicine in general and the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine in particular, has passed away. Philip E. Greenman, associate dean emeritus of the college, was known worldwide for his clinical skill, teaching and research in osteopathic manipulative medicine. He died February 5 in his home in Tucson, Arizona. The author of the seminal text Principles of Manual Medicine, Dr. Greenman was charter chairperson of the Department of Biomechanics, now known as the Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. Professor of both OMM and physical medicine and rehabilitation, he found time before “retiring” to publish more than 200 papers, four books, and 11 educational modules. He served as an editorial advisor to ten professional journals and consulted for numerous governmental and private organizations. Quick to adapt new teaching technology, Dr. Greenman was, for example, among the first in the medical profession to develop videotapes to supplement a text. He also assumed leadership roles at the international level, through the Fédération Internationale

de Médecine Manuelle and the North American Academy of Manipulative Medicine. He was the recipient of multiple awards, including the A.T. Still Medallion of Honor from the American Academy of Osteopathy, the Gutensohn/ Denslow Award from the American Osteopathic Association, and the Walter F. Patenge Medal of Public Service from MSUCOM. In the last decade, Dr. Greenman remained highly active in teaching continuing medical education courses, most notably as part of MSUCOM’s internationally recognized manual medicine series. In 1998, he and his wife Patricia gave the college the largest planned gift in its history, modestly calling it “giving something back.” The $2 million Philip E. and Patricia B. Greenman Endowed Enrichment Fund, supports “research activities that are uniquely osteopathic,” whether basic science, clinical or educational. For friends and colleagues, however, Philip Greenman, despite his achievements, was more important for who he was than for what he had done. He is remembered as a gentleman, a friend, a compassionate physician, and an empathetic human being.

Neubig Pharmacology chairperson Richard R. Neubig was named professor and chairperson of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. He has been a faculty member at the University of Michigan since 1983, where he served as professor of pharmacology, associate professor of internal medicine, and director of the Center for the Discovery of New Medicines. He is also 2012-13 president-elect of the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, a 5,000-member professional organization. His research deals with G proteins and their receptors – important as targets for nearly half the drugs on the market – and is showing that the current models oversimplify highly complex processes in the body. By exploiting these mechanisms, his group has identified new drug candidates that may have utility in cancer, fibrosis and mental depression. Neubig received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School, and Ph.D. in pharmacology from Harvard University. He took his residency in internal medicine at University Hospital in Ann Arbor.

Cox to lead Physiology Michigan State University has appointed Charles “Lee” Cox professor and chairperson of the Department of Physiology. He comes to MSU from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His chief research interest is neural plasticity, which is the brain’s ability to adapt to changes in inputs and is essential for brain development and function. A goal of the research is to gain insight into pathological conditions such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as developmental brain disorders such as Fragile X syndrome and autism. Cox received his Ph.D. in physiological psychology/neuroscience from the University of California, Riverside, where he also received his master’s and bachelor’s degrees. He is a reviewer for several neuroscience journals and funding agencies including the National Institutes of Health. His research has been continuously funded by multiple NIH institutes and private research foundations.


Office of Continuing Medical Education CME PROGRAMS MUSCLE ENERGY: PART I June 21 – 25, 2013 Restore Motion Rockville, Maryland • 34 credits of Category 1-A • Chairperson: Lisa DeStefano, D.O. FALL CME KALEIDOSCOPE September 13, 2013 Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center East Lansing, Michigan • 8 credits of Category 1-A EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION AS A COMPLEMENT TO MANUAL MEDICINE October 4 – 7, 2013 MSUCOM East Fee Hall East Lansing, Michigan • 26.5 credits of Category 1-A • Chairperson: Mark Bookhout, P.T. DIRECT ACTION THRUST: MOBILIZATION WITH IMPULSE October 25 – 28, 2013 MSUCOM East Fee Hall East Lansing, Michigan • 27 credits of Category 1-A • Chairperson: Carl Steele, D.O. MANUAL MEDICINE RELATED TO SPORTS AND OCCUPATIONAL INJURIES TO THE EXTREMITIES November 9 – 10, 2013 MSUCOM East Fee Hall East Lansing, Michigan • 15 credits of Category 1-A • Chairpersons: Jennifer Gilmore, D.O. and Jake Rowan, D.O. PRINCIPLES OF MANUAL MEDICINE December 6 – 9, 2013 MSUCOM East Fee Hall East Lansing, Michigan • 30 credits of Category 1-A • Chairperson: Lisa DeStefano, D.O.

WWW.COM.MSU.EDU/CME Phone: 517-353-9714 Toll Free: 800-437-0001

Mark Bookhout supplements muscle energy techniques with exercise.

Hands-On Treatment and Empowering Exercise by Pat Grauer

When MSUCOM initially decided to expand its manual medicine series to physical therapists, it engendered some controversy. Three decades later, the cadre of physical therapists with this training has provided both creativity in its use, and expanded access to OMM care to many more patients. One prime example is the course “Exercise Prescription as a Complement to Manual Medicine,” to be held October 4-7 at MSUCOM’s Fee Hall. Under the leadership of physical therapist Mark Bookhout, who developed the concept in 1991, the course offers an intriguing extension of osteopathic practice – developing exercise programs based upon the patient’s biomechanics to help them maintain changes made with muscle energy therapies. “I started learning osteopathic techniques in 1984 from the giants: Philip Greenman, Robert Ward, John Bourdillon, Fred Mitchell, Paul Kimberly, Barbara Briner,” he said. “It changed the focus of the way I practiced – more holistic, more patient-centered, with less emphasis on pain and more on structure and function. With these techniques, almost all of the time the pain improves.” Also teaching in the course since 2005 is PT Lisa Chase, who attended MSUCOM’s CME courses. “It totally changed my practice after a couple of courses, and I was amazed at the results I got,” she said. “My go-to tools are what I learned at MSU.” Bookhout and Chase have since developed a software system, Rehab Links (, that includes exercises and videos to complement the course. J’Aimee Lippert, an MSUCOM alumna, became involved with teaching in the program as a resident at Metro Health in Grand Rapids. “I love the collaborative approach to teaching and sharing information with PTs, and I’ve learned a lot from them,” she said. “Why should D.O.s take this course? Advanced skills, like motor control and retraining, open your eyes to a whole new aspect of taking care of the patient,” Lippert said. “I can teach patients stretches and exercises that will empower them to go out and take care of themselves. Even if the physician doesn’t have time to actually teach exercises to the patient, he or she will have the knowledge and ability to collaborate with physical therapy in a much more meaningful and effective manner.” SUMMER 2013 COMMUNIQUÉ





Northern Exposure: Osteopathic Style by Craig Reed

The Upper Peninsula and northern part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula have some of the most breathtaking natural sites to see. They are also regions which tend to have chronic shortages of physicians. In the past, the Northern Michigan Osteopathic Association has supported MSUCOM students from their region (from Clare, north to the Upper Peninsula) with direct scholarships. This year, the organization is adopting a longer-term strategy by establishing an endowed scholarship. “We have an annual convention each year at Mackinac Island that about 125 osteopathic physicians attend,” said NMOA Board Member Thomas Allum. “In the past we’ve used some of the revenues to support students in our territory in the hopes they will return to this region to practice medicine once they graduate.” “When we discussed our options through the college’s development office, moving to an endowed scholarship was the logical choice,” said NMOA President and ’97 alumnus Keith Wright. “The return on investment is quite good. It allows us to indefinitely financially support students even when there are fluctuations in the conference revenues.” “Now that the scholarship is established,” commented Jennie Klingshirn, NMOA’s conference organizer, “our main goal is to get the word out to students so they can apply for the scholarships and to other physicians in the area so they have the opportunity to donate to the scholarships as well.” “We want to keep the osteopathic profession vibrant up here,” said Allum. “Reducing the cost of medical school is one of the ways we can keep D.O.s a part of northern Michigan landscape.”


MOA Be active. Get involved. Shape policy. by Kristopher Thomas Nicholoff CEO and Executive Director, Michigan Osteopathic Association

Your Michigan Osteopathic Association continues to enhance our lobbying and public affairs efforts through our new and easy-to-use online grassroots action center. This tool • Automatically connects you to elected officials using district matching • Enables you to send on-point, quality messages in less than a minute • Helps you compose an effective message with sample text and key points. With our action center, MOA members will be able to focus on targeting legislative committees, individual legislators or entire state houses; increasing public awareness with letters-to-the-editor campaigns, and pressuring targets at the state or federal level. Additionally, we will be able to measure the results of your efforts


N E T W O R K Upcoming Events August 1-4

MAOFP Summer Update Acme, MI Reception on August 2

Sept. 13

Osteopathic Open Hawk Hollow Golf Course Bath, MI

by monitoring communications to elected officials, knowing how many times elected officials have been contacted, and generating and reviewing grassroots activities reports. With this grassroots action center, the MOA will be able to organize and rally members in a smart and productive way by driving you to the Action Center by e-mail so you won’t have to browse the website, by tracking activity and resending messages based on your participation, by keeping you up-to-date on important issues with legislative messages, and by targeting members based on legislative district or custom criteria. Also, through our enhanced D.O. Connect tool, we will be able to alert you to any legislators with whom you may have personal relationships. I urge you to contact your elected official using the MOA’s online grassroots advocacy center. In as little as two minutes, you will be able to make an impact on your profession. See .

Old Friends, New Venue at MOA After years at a hotel poolside, MSUCOM alumni enjoyed a new venue for the annual college reception at the Michigan Osteopathic Association – the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. It was an opportunity to gnosh, exercise gnathions, and catch up on gnus!

Fall CME Kaleidoscope Kellogg Center MSU Campus Silverfest Reception Kellogg Center MSU Campus Sept. 14

Football Tailgate MSU vs. Youngstown State Demonstration Field MSU Campus

Sept. 30-Oct. 4 OMED: AOA’s Osteopathic Medical Conference Las Vegas, NV Reception on October 2 Oct. 9-13



ACOI Annual Convention Palm Springs, CA Reception on October 11

From the Upper Pennisula to inner-city Detroit, MSUCOM alumni gather for the reception at MOA.

WHERE ARE YOU? Please keep us informed of recent moves or changes in your practice. It is important for college reports, grant writing, etc., that we have up-to-date information on our alumni. Changes to your information can be made on the MSUCOM website under the alumni section or by calling 877-853-3448. MSUCOM Alumni Office 965 Fee Road, Room A310 East Lansing, MI 48824 517-432-4979 or toll free 877-853-3448 email:

Other alumni at the MOA reception were (left to right): Joanne Baker (’91), Kari Hortos (’82), Henry Carels (‘75), William Kokx (‘84), Ronald Miller (’84), Carol Monson (’79), Renee Davis (’78), Gary Willyerd (’78), Joanne Grzeszak (’76), Gene Kielhorn (’80), Craig Magnatta (’78), David Luginbill (’78), Linda Fisher-Williams (’81), Earl Burhans (’84), Sylvia Mustonen (’79), and Adam Hunt (’11). SUMMER 2013 COMMUNIQUÉ




13 15th Annual Osteopathic Open Golf Tournament – Hawk Hollow Golf Course, Bath, MI. Proceeds support student scholarships and the MSUCOM Alumni Association. Kim Camp, 517-432-4979 or

14 Silverfest Tailgate before MSU vs. Youngstown football – Demonstration Field, MSU, East Lansing, MI. Kim Camp, 517-432-4979 or 30-October 4 Osteopathic Medical Conference and Exposition, American Osteopathic Association’s annual convention – Las Vegas, NV. Reception October 2.


internship and followed that up with an allopathic family medicine residency. The allopathic residency saw the value of who I was as an osteopathic physician and quickly recruited and signed me during my internship year. I have no regrets. While the profession faces this latest challenge, we’re also mourning the recent passing of Dr. Phil Greenman, who did an unbelievable amount for the profession over the decades. He was an amazing physician, teacher, healer and mentor. He has cast a large shadow at MSUCOM and throughout the osteopathic profession, and he will be missed by us all. While Greenman and other icons

helped forge to the osteopathic identity, it is the internal compass we inherit when we join the profession. We are guided by the tenets of osteopathy as we navigate the “new beginnings” of our medical system. Change is an ever present constant. The osteopathic leaders negotiating the GME changes should be encouraged to remember this as they work on this challenging issue.

4-7 CME: Exercise Prescription as a Complement to Manual Medicine – Fee Hall, MSUCOM, East Lansing, MI. 26.5 credits Category 1-A., Meghan Tappy DiPiazza or Sara Carson, 517-353-9714 or 9-13 American College of Osteopathic Internists annual convention – Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa, Indian Wells, Palm Springs, CA. Reception October 11.

The program provided these physicians 20 hours of CME credit in a beautiful setting, with a wide array of topics: orthopedics for primary care (including ultrasound), OMM for overuse syndromes and sports injuries, developmental disability assessment, skin manifestations of genetic syndromes, electronic health records, pediatric obesity, periodic fever, headaches, secondary stroke prevention, unsteadiness in older adults, essential tremor, antibiotics, GME update, infectious disease, and “stump the chumps.”



1-4 Michigan Association of Osteopathic Family Physicians Summer Update – Grand Traverse Resort, Acme, MI. Alumni reception August 2. or 734-239-8017

Silverfest Reception honoring the Classes of ‘73, ’78, ’83, ’88, ’93, ’98, ’03 – Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, East Lansing, MI. Kim Camp, 517-432-4979 or

Costa Rica: Living the “Healthy Lifestyle”

Finally spring is here and as usual it brings with it new beginnings. One new challenge we are facing as a profession is a possible combined osteopathic/ allopathic graduate medical education system. Understandably, there are strong feelings on either side of this issue. I graduated from MSUCOM with a strong osteopathic identity, completed a general osteopathic


Fall CME Kaleidoscope – Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, East Lansing, MI. 8 credits Cateogy 1-A. In conjunction with Silverfest., Meghan Tappy DiPiazza or Sara Carson, 517-353-9714 or

Alumni, faculty, friends and families all gathered at the opening reception for MSUCOM’s program at Riu Palace in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

For the mind, there was CME expertise from MSUCOM alumni. For the body, there were excellent food, swimming, beach volleyball, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking and more. For the soul, there were spectacular vistas and the opportunity to spend leisure time with family and friends. More than 105 people took advantage of these opportunities at the Riu Palace in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, as part of MSUCOM’s annual “Healthy Lifestyle and Preventive Care: Future Directions” program March 2-9.


25-28 CME: Direct Action Thrust: Mobilization with Impulse – Fee Hall, MSUCOM, East Lansing, MI. 27 credits Category 1-A., Meghan Tappy DiPiazza or Sara Carson, 517-353-9714 or


1-2 CME: Symposium for Primary Care Medicine – Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel. Category 1-A credits to be determined. Esther Gargilino, 248-471-8350. 9-10 CME: Manual Medicine Related to Sports and Occupational Injuries – Fee Hall, MSUCOM, East Lansing, MI. 15 credits Category 1-A., Meghan Tappy DiPiazza or Sara Carson, 517-353-9714 or


6-9 CME: Principles of Manual Medicine – Fee Hall, MSUCOM, East Lansing, MI. 30 credits Cateogy 1-A., Meghan Tappy DiPiazza or Sara Carson, 517-353-9714 or

Mary (Mark) Louder, Class of 1993 President, MSUCOM Alumni Association Board of Directors SUMMER 2013 COMMUNIQUÉ



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MSUCOM: At home in Mérida, Yucatán


Four ways to teach the whole person.

New programs broaden southeast Michigan presence



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2012 Osteopathic Open

JOIN US in celebrating the classes of ‘73, ’78, ’83, ’88, ’93, ’98, ’03 2012 Silverfest Re


OSTEOPATHIC OPEN 2013 September 13 Hawk Hollow Golf Course, Bath, MI


2012 Tailgate

September 13 CME and Reception MSU Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center September 14 Tailgate and Football Game MSU vs. Youngstown State



Silverfest & Osteopathic Open