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ARCH 201 Portfolio Nicholas Stenslie

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Sixtus Pavilion The first project was to design a viewing room for a sculpture with a partner. The restraints on this project was that it had to be a 20 by 20 by 20 box, and that one of the walls was 80% glass, then the next wall was 60% glass, and 40% for the next and 20% for the last. My partner was given the Rachofsky house and I was given the Chicago Art museum, Modern wing, we had to use theses two buildings as our precedents. We named our design the Sixtus Pavilion, and out theme was the idea of problem solving, so our design was a big metaphor for problem solving, from the path leading to our building, to the placement of partition walls.

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Elevations and Plans






In Latvia, Europe, in the Pape Nature Park, a bird observation tower burned down. Instead of rebuilding the tower they held a design competition for a new board walk. Our professors decided that this fit in well enough with the theme of observation in this studio. The project was supposed to be formatted as if we entering in to the competition. For this project we were assigned to work in groups of three. I worked in a group with Zach Detterman Cassie Frazier, and myself. I contributed to the project by providing the initial design idea, the initial Auto Cad drawings and the renderings.





Downtown 318 Downtown 318 is a dwelling and observatory that is located in downtown Ames Iowa. The purpose of this Downtown 318 was to let the residence of Ames observe all of the waste that is produced by the college students on campus. Other requirements were that we were only allowed to build on half of the usable space which was (something here), and out building can have no more than 1,000 sq. Ft of floor space. Along with the fact that the site was only 20 ft wide made the project very interesting to deal with the tight space requirements.


Plans and Elevations





In conclusion of this studio, it was very fun. At the very beginning it was a bit of a shock due to the work load, but i got used to it. We had a really good studio culture which made the work not seem as bad. The overall theme of observation in this studio was an interesting theme to studio.




Portflio 2018  

My current work up to the end of 2017

Portflio 2018  

My current work up to the end of 2017