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Take care tips for tights and lingerie Cool designer lingerie is one thing cherished by every woman. With market flooded with choices you get the various types to buy tights(Panty kopen in Dutch) and panties from simple, to low waist, bloomers, G strings, thongs and the bikini briefs. Not to mention that along with design and pattern what differs here is material with which it is made. Many a times it happens that you tights order (Panty bestellen in Dutch)or bought a fine design lingerie, worn it to look special and next day you are shocked to see the rashes on your sensitive parts. Sometimes this initial allergy is to such extent that you possibly have to take a prescription for vulvular or vaginal infection. If one is already going through a typical infection as thrush (yeast infection) then the situation worsens with more inflammation. So is that every panty gives you an allergy? Well of course not. Doctors suggest that cotton is the most harmless material as compared to synthetic like latex or spardex. Cotton or cotton blend material is breathable fabric and imparts durability and softness with moisture free factor. Though it will not be just to say that synthetic panties are bad as they provide seamless support. They wick away moisture and are a quick dry type. Apart from these there are a few take care tips for the best protection and handling of your lingerie:  Keep a separate box for lingerie and hosiery you require for your sensitive body areas. Cover it with paper or fabric if kept in wardrobe.  Washing requires being gentle in mild detergents and thoroughly rinsed. Avoid washing machines wash.  Avoid bleach and deodorants on panty fabrics.  A soak in white vinegar and rinsed thoroughly is effective to remove germs or microbes.  Always change the undies overnight. A healthy habit is to change twice a day. Taking care the best possible way of your lingerie and undergarments save you from infection trouble and also keep you looking good.

Take care tips for tights and lingerie