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Show off with right tights –know the right way to look glamorous I was thrilled to see the other day on some celebrity pantyhose site that Lindsay Lohan was awarded the celebrity pantyhose princess title for showing pantyhose in public. Well not to forget either popular girl as Pamela Anderson showing off best of her curves with fine hosiery line in barb wire. But yes you say, oh! God they are celebrities, they have the right, please spare me.” So my darling ladies it’s not an obscene behavior wearing the right tights or pantyhose in public for you also. Yes unlike being the bold celebs you can take courage to match it up with your fashionable attire too keeping it semi covered and maintaining your right of sobriety. And if you are still doubtful of pantyhose then buy tights (Panty kopen in Dutch). Being the cute way for covering up and showing off at the same time, tights are the best things to enhance shape of your legs. You can’t deny the mysterious look those lacy tights give. They are best thing to be combined with many outfits. Creating a neat line with blazers and pencil skirts they look fantastically professional and sexy at the same time. Going to tights order(Panty Bestellen in Dutch) that go unanimously for your any apparel are the black coloured ones. They are versatile and give sleek and sophisticated look for your long v necked shirt tied up with a narrow leather belt at waist. So you see girls it’s really not difficult to be little glamorous. All you need to do is mix match and look fashionably coordinated.

Show off with right tights –know the right way to look glamorous