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Ladies stockings - ways to carry them off well From Merlin Monroe to lady gaga fashion, from deep neck one piece style to hot denim pants and from baggies to leggings, women fashion clothing has seen versatility that stands from iconic style to free style fashion and hence giving multitude of options to every woman. Amidst all these what has really not changed is the need of women lingerie. The hot shot ladies stockings (Kniekousen Dames in Dutch) of the then 60’s are still making in the innerwear fashion, the type of fabric may have changed though. Stockings are very elegant style ladies hosiery (Dames Kousen in Dutch) which are showy and yet are hidden. They add into the comfort of ladies garments and goes quite well when needed to be paired with short skirts or upper knee length skirts. Apart from its benefit of keeping warm and helping in circulation, these are actually perfect wears for any women when it comes to:  Beautify lady legs  Enhance curves  Masks blemishes, moles or stretch marks One can bet over that definite male glare to happen anytime you wear these. Of course it helps you gain attraction of such glares undoubtedly in a magnetic way. Pantyhose may too get you the same effects but a stocking saves you from a whole enclosure of toe to waist and gather more attractive and feminine look for you. And so just like any other attire of yours even stockings need to be well worn and carried, for you would definitely not want to wear something that does not go on you. So here are some ways to carry the various types of stockings: 

 

Nylon stockings: In colors of black nude or grey these are the most popular types. These can be fitted on anyone with any kind of outfit. You get both sheer and opaque styles in this type. Compression stockings: More of medical type to provide strength, support and comfort to various leg muscles and veins associated ailments. Its quality of improving blood circulation gets you advised of this type especially when you suffer from varicose veins. Fishnet style: Muscular solid color stockings give you a sleek appearance and create a whole new dramatic effect to your entire outfit. Seamed stockings: Great types for the ones who want to achieve a slimmer look. Garter stockings: The sexy style ones hold with garter belts or lace tops. These are not for very casual outfits and one needs to be pretty sure of the outfit they are to be paired.

Ladies stockings - ways to carry them off well