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Steps for Below Ground Tub Installation Finding a place for a hot tub inside your bathroom is an easy task. The problem begins when you won’t be installing a hot tub inside the bathroom. The outdoor space becomes an area where the modern day tubs are around. Normally, the hot tubs placed on the outdoor area are installed below ground. This means that you may need to dig a hole in the ground for the hot tub to fit, while giving way for the proper installation of plumbing and electrical lines. Although you may have a lot of experiences DIY home repairs and construction, you should admit that installing an in-ground hot tub will not be a simple task that you can do singlehandedly. According to hottubsandspasdirect reviews installing an in-ground spa correctly could greatly increase your property’s value and appeal. Doing it all by your self could be challenging and tricky, but it is not impossible to do. With the right knowledge, skills, and equipments, you can set up a working and good looking outdoor spa. These days, you can now purchase a tub that comes with custom installation options. These additions come in handy during the installation process, as they can make things easier for you. You will be surprised as you could turn out to be an instant outdoor area designer and plumber at the same time. Choosing from different brands and hot tub models will give you the ability to get the right tub that matches the theme of your outdoor. They can even come with materials such as brick pavers, stone, and wood to complete the overall aesthetic look of your hot tubs. Preparation for your tub Just like installing a hot tub inside a bathroom, you will need to make sure that there’s a sufficient area for your hot tub. Start by conducting proper measurement of the width, length and height of your hot tubs, and put marks on the ground according to your measurement. Next is to dig a hole of about 5 feet deep. You may need to have additional laborers or even hire a backhoe for this type of job. Plumbing is another important factor during the installation process. You will need to create a plumbing line that will be attached to your in-ground spa. Also take note that all the materials that you will use should be waterproof, and rust resistant to prevent leaks and damages to occur in the future. Installing the Tub After the hole has been prepared with plumbing line ready and waiting, you should bring the tub carefully. It might be hard to do this alone, but this can be possible by using tools such as carts or lifts. Fit the tub inside the hole by using support to avoid damaging the body. Use cement to keep the hot tub stable but leave the components open for you to easily access them in the future. If you have the skills, it is highly advisable to install a hot tub by yourself to lessen your expenses, and if you want to know more about hot tubs and spas, try visiting But it is not a bad idea to hire a professional contractor if you don’t really have any idea on how to do it.

Steps for below ground tub installation  

Finding a place for a hot tub inside your bathroom is an easy task. The problem begins when you won’t be installing a hot tub inside the bat...

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