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2015 report to our generous donors and supportive community. Together Against Domestic Violence

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7/30/15 2:03 PM




William Harmon H A R DY & B A C O N , L L P


Kim Olmstead POINT B


Ivan Yanushev KPMG LLP


Dear Friends, You have so much to be proud of. This year, thanks to your incredible support, LifeWire has advanced the movement to prevent domestic violence, reaching thousands of families and offering unique and compassionate programs that promote healing and end the cycle of abuse. We have made great strides, but there is still more work to be done. In the U.S. today, 1 in 15 children is exposed to intimate partner violence each year; 90% of these children are eyewitnesses to this violence. It’s time to invest in a future where all children feel safe inside their own homes – a future free from violence.

Craig Macdonald C O R P O R AT E S T R AT E G I E S S E A R C H


James Jolliffe B E L L E V U E P O L I C E D E PA R T M E N T


Shawn Anderson A R T H U R J. G A L L A G H E R & C O M PA N Y

Stefanie Beighle C O M M U N I T Y V O LU N T E E R

Dr. Frederic Chi G R O U P H E A LT H C O O P E R AT I V E


We need your help getting us there. You are critical in the mission to prevent and end domestic violence. With your support, we will continue to deliver innovative and progressive services to keep survivors and kids safe. Through healing, leadership, prevention and change, we can go even further – stopping violence before it starts and ensuring healthy and vibrant communities for every child.

Kris Kessel

Thank you for joining us on this journey to stop abuse and protect the most vulnerable and those in desperate need. Together, we are changing lives. Your investment in LifeWire is making our community a better place – one where every person lives in a safe environment and has the opportunity to thrive. YOU are making a difference.

Linda Mangone


Paula Kuehl A DX S T U D I O

Diane Kuslich C O M M U N I T Y V O LU N T E E R


Judith Matthias S TAT E O F WA D E PA R T M E N T O F S O C I A L S E R V I C E S , R E T.

Jared Nieuwenhuis HER INTERAC TIVE

Darryl Roberts S AV E R S , I N C .

Barbara Langdon Executive Director COVER PHOTO :

Monique Ruyle E V E R G R E E N H E A LT H

Anthony Hayward Productions

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ifeWire delivers individualized support to domestic violence survivors and their children, helping them on their journey toward safety and healing. Every survivor’s journey is unique, and our services are customized to meet each person’s needs.

LifeWire heals.

Alina and her two children are among the thousands of families we help each year, thanks to your support. Alina had endured years of verbal and physical abuse from her husband. When he started beating their 4-year-old son, Alina called the police. Her husband was taken into custody, and she was told he would be released in 24 hours. She knew he would be enraged. Alina was afraid, spoke no English, was an undocumented immigrant and didn’t think she had any rights. She was in grave danger, and had nowhere else to go. The police department called LifeWire, knowing we would find a way to help her and her children. Alina and her kids needed immediate help with safety and housing. For this family’s longterm well-being, they also needed support with finances, education, employment, immigration, custody and divorce. LifeWire delivered this full array of services and support. First, we helped Alina’s young son Ivan get a medical examination at Children’s Hospital following the attack from his father. We arranged for the family to move into a confidential motel, and our advocates helped Alina develop a safety plan. Ten days later, we relocated the family to My Sister’s Home, our emergency housing program. Alina met with LifeWire’s mental health therapist, as well as our legal advocate, who helped Alina secure a domestic violence protection order and file for divorce.

Over the next several months, Alina and her children were able to move into their own apartment with help from our Housing Stability and Rental Assistance Programs. Today, Alina is thrilled to report that her family is safe and doing well. She has a job and is taking classes at night with plans to become a nurse. Her children are thriving. Because of you, lives are being changed and saved. Your contributions helped Alina and her children build safer, more stable lives. This family represents just one of the hundreds who call LifeWire each month asking for help. You make this help possible.

Together we helped


survivors of domestic violence last year.


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ith you by our side, LifeWire is leading the way in preventing homelessness among domestic violence survivors.

The fear of becoming homeless is one of the main reasons victims will stay with their abusers. Many domestic violence victims face an impossible choice: remain in an abusive relationship or leave and risk homelessness. For 33 years, LifeWire’s solution has been to offer emergency interim housing and transitional shelter to assist homeless survivors and children in crisis. The growth of our Housing Stability Program over the past five years has fundamentally changed how we work with domestic violence survivors – with amazing results. The Housing Stability Program enables us to prevent families from becoming homeless in the first place. We use flexible funds to cover a variety of costs: security deposits, partial rent payments, child care, moving expenses, work-related expenses or even car repairs. With a small distribution of funds, typically less than $500 per family, survivors are able to obtain or remain in stable housing.

Esma and her family are an excellent example of the amazing impact of this program. A mother of two children, Esma was being abused by her husband. Esma and her 5-year-old son have a severe medical condition that requires them both to use wheelchairs. Her husband would take away her wheelchair daily, confining her to a small area until she completed her assigned “duties.” This also limited her from taking care of her infant daughter. Esma called LifeWire’s 24-Hour Helpline, where advocates helped her find confidential, subsidized housing so she could leave her abuser and move her children to safety. However, being solely reliant on a limited Supplemental Security Income, she lacked the funds to purchase furniture or hire movers to assist her in moving into her new apartment. LifeWire secured donated furniture and, thanks to Housing Stability funds, she was able to hire professional movers. These funds made her move possible. We made a brighter, self-sufficient future a reality for Esma and her children.

LifeWire leads.

LifeWire is recognized as a national leader for our ground-breaking Housing Stability Program and the innovative way we assist domestic violence survivors. Leaders and funders from across the nation call us to learn best practices from our exemplary services designed to prevent and end domestic violence. With your support, LifeWire will continue to be a visionary leader, creating cutting-edge programs to prevent homelessness and end domestic violence.


of survivors assisted with Housing Stability funds in 2014 remained stably housed after six months.

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7/30/15 2:03 PM

LifeWire prevents.

One in three


ach year, LifeWire reaches thousands of kids through our prevention work that educates and equips teens to engage in safe, healthy relationships and put an end to abusive behaviors. This is how we met Sam. A popular 11th grade athlete at an eastside high school, Sam came into health class one day not expecting much. He knew they were going to learn about domestic violence, but what did this have to do with him? He anticipated being bored – and when Sam got bored, he often acted out. But Sam had a very different experience than he expected. Our male Social Change Manager and two LifeWire staff devoted a full day to facilitating a 90-minute interactive educational exercise with each 11th grade class. This exercise – In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence – was developed after the tragic murder of a 12th grade girl by her ex-boyfriend. Each student is given a scenario based on a real-life dating violence situation. The teens move between stations, symbolically walking from home to school, to the police department, to the courthouse and to the morgue. At each stop, students read cards that describe the next thing that happens in that scenario. Teens like Sam are able

teens in the U.S. will experience physical, sexual or emotional abuse by someone they are in a relationship with.

to experience what it’s like to move from a blossoming romantic relationship to one of increasing control and abuse, meet with denial and blame from the people they talk to about it, experience the limitations of police protection, go through the stressful process of seeking a protective order and live with the continued fear and uncertainty of what the abuser will do next. After the exercise, Sam asked his teacher if he could attend the next presentation. “I’ve never heard a man talk about this stuff and I learned so much. I just want to hear it again,” he said. His teacher agreed. At the conclusion of the second exercise, Sam told his teacher, “It is so important to talk about this stuff. It was so helpful to hear a man talk about it in a way that didn’t make the kids feel like they were stupid or so immature. We should have this every month.” That day, LifeWire opened the eyes of 225 teens to the warning signs and consequences of teen dating violence. With your help, we can reach more kids like Sam, preparing them for healthy relationships and teaching them how to put an end to teen dating violence.


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|  3 7/30/15 2:03 PM


very day, LifeWire volunteers, donors and staff move us one step closer to our goal of ending domestic violence. Every person can make a difference. Together, we’re changing attitudes and beliefs to make domestic violence socially unacceptable. Then, finally, domestic violence will stop. David, a long-time volunteer for LifeWire, shared why he is involved in domestic violence work and why others need to become involved too:

LifeWire changes.

“Every person in my life has been touched by domestic violence in some way. As I learn more about intimate partner violence and control, I more clearly see the deep impacts that domestic violence has had on my life. It is a miracle that I did not fall into the same pits that so many others in my family did. Personally, I feel domestic violence is the most solvable problem we face as a society. Domestic violence isn’t a result of one abuser and their target. It takes a community willing to accept an abuser’s actions, a history of violence within themselves, and a survivor without the will or resources to leave. When someone suffers, I should do something about it. Ending domestic violence is all about the small things, the day-to-day decisions of how we treat each other. Most of my LifeWire volunteer work is with kids, who learn lessons from every person every single day. I see this in my own daughter, who is like a sponge. If one kind gesture to a child can work its way in, then I know I’ve done something worthwhile. That child now has a glimpse at what a healthy, positive relationship looks like.”

We have served

127,730 domestic violence survivors since 1982.

“To make this work, we need everyone to contribute. Societal issues need societal solutions. You and I can inspire others to help. Let’s show them together!”

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LifeWire invests wisely. LifeWire Operating Statement For the Year Ended December 31, 2014 – Audited



Individual Contributions



Grants & Foundations


In-Kind Contributions


Government Funding


United Way of King County

Miscellaneous TOTAL INCOME


United Way of King County




Individual Contributions

145,000 11,443

$ 2,902,693 12%

Grants & Foundations



Government Funding


$ 205,953


Total Supporting Services



Community & Legal Advocacy $


24-Hour Helpline


Adult, Teen & Children’s Groups


My Sister’s Home



My Friend’s Place

699,656 325,888

Counseling Services


$ 3,110,460

Impairment Loss



Counseling 7% Services Administration


Rental Assistance & Housing Stability



Community & Legal Advocacy




My Friend’s Place


Beginning of Year Assets TOTAL END OF YEAR NET ASSETS


$ 2,807,449


Change in Net Assets*

In-Kind Contributions


Rental Assistance & Housing Stability

Total Program





24-Hour Helpline

2% $ 2,026,779


My Sister's Home

Adult, Teen & Children’s Groups

*The change in Net Assets reflects the Board’s intentional investment of operating reserves in the growth of the Housing Stability and prevention programs in 2014. 2015 ANNUAL REPORT 

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|  5 7/30/15 2:03 PM

Thank you to our generous partners! LifeWire is proud of our partnerships with government, foundations, companies, faith-based organizations and community organizations who truly care about making our communities safe and healthy places to live, work and grow. In 2014, they gave amazing support to ensure that LifeWire’s programs and services are available to every person in need. CITY CONTRACTS City of Bellevue City of Issaquah City of Kenmore City of Kirkland City of Mercer Island City of North Bend City of Redmond City of Sammamish City of Seattle City of Snoqualmie City of Woodinville

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS Emergency Food and Shelter National Board King County Community and Human Services King County Housing and Community Development Program King County Mental Health, Chemical Abuse and Dependency Services Division United States Department of Housing and Urban Development United States Department of Justice Children’s Domestic Violence Response Team Fund Washington State Department of Commerce Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Washington State Office of Crime Victims Advocacy

PRIVATE CONTRACTS Child Care Resources of King County King County Coalition Against Domestic Violence Sound Mental Health The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation United Way of King County Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

GOVERNMENT ENTITIES City of Bellevue – IT Department Combined Fund Drive Interlake High School King County Combined Federal Campaign King County Employee Giving Program King County Housing Authority Seattle Shares University of Washington

$25,000 AND BEYOND Anonymous Ellison Foundation Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound Horizons Foundation Keith & Mary Kay McCaw Family Foundation Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Giving Campaign Program & Matching Gifts Program The Seattle Foundation The WAVE Foundation United Way of King County

$10,000 – $24,999 Aven Foundation Building Changes Byron & Alice Lockwood Foundation Medina Foundation OneFamily Foundation Paul R. Ried Financial Group, LLC Polygon Northwest Company RealNetworks Foundation Schwab Charitable Fund Suskin Charitable Foundation The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Mary Kay Foundation Windermere Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999 Anonymous Banner Bank Comcast Corporation Duncan & Haley, Ltd. Eastside Community Aid Thrift Shop Group Health Cooperative Issaquah Women’s Club & Foundation Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Nintendo of America Inc. Nordstrom, Inc. Opus Community Foundation Outerwall Inc. Sammamish Presbyterian Church Snoqualmie Tribe Sterling Realty Organization The See Foundation Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund Verizon WorldMark by Wyndham

$2,500 – $4,999 AT&T Employee Giving Campaign Berntson Porter & Company, PLLC Catherine Holmes Wilkins Foundation Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Ernest R. & Audrey M. Turner Foundation EvergreenHealth Give with Liberty KPMG LLP Moccasin Lake Foundation Oak Street Law Group, PLLC Overlake Hospital Medical Center Seattle Children’s Hospital Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. The Boeing Employee Individual Giving Program The Peg & Rick Young Foundation Trident Seafoods Corporation Wells Fargo Community Affairs

$1,000 – $2,499 Bergen County United Way Charitable Flex Fund Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation BNSF Railway Foundation Capital Industries, Inc. Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Deacon Charitable Foundation Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church GRC Wireless, Inc. Holy Spirit Lutheran Church IBM Employee Services Center Mary, Queen of Peace Parish MCM Ms. Molly Foundation Nehemiah Ventures Newport Presbyterian Church Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church NuWest Group Holdings, LLC Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP Raman Family Foundation Real Estate Investors Association of Washington St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church The Benevity Community Impact Fund Tousley Brain Stephens PLLC TRUiST United Way of Snohomish County Univar USA Washington Trust Bank Washington Women’s Foundation

ADDITIONAL PARTNERS Accounting Group LLC Aetna Foundation, Inc. Amazon Services LLC Ameriprise Financial Carey & Lillevik, PLLC CenturyLink Community Health Charities Congregation Kol Ami Cornerstone Advisors, Inc. Duvall Civic Club Emmanuel Episcopal Church Expedia Inc. Faith United Methodist Church Getty Images, Inc. GFWC-Kirkland Woman’s Club Gold Wing Touring Association, Evergreen Wing Chapter C Motorcycle Club Grace Lutheran Congregation, ELCA Hein & Associates LLP Honeywell Hometown Solutions Jewish Communal Fund Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona Kirkland Performance Center Kiwanis Club of Providence Point Law Office of Janis M. Dyer Look’s Gifts & Cards Lutheran Church of Christ the King Margo Myers Communications LLC McEachern Foundation McKinstry Charitable Foundation Metropolitan Market Mile High United Way MLSVIDEO LLC Morgan Stanley Morris Management, Inc. Moss Adams LLP Naficy Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center Netmation Inc. Network for Good Nicholson Manufacturing Overlake Park Presbyterian Church

Overlake Park Presbyterian Women’s Association Pacific Continental Bank Perkins Coie Charitable Foundation Perkins Coie LLP Puget Sound Energy RBC Wealth Management Schoenfeld-Gardner Foundation Seattle Branch 79, National Association of Letter Carriers Seattle Metropolitan Starbucks Foundation Summit Family Foundation Symetra Financial Corporation The Game Neighborhood Grill & Bar The Whitaker Foundation TIAA-CREF Trust Company, FSB Trilogy Red Hats Ursa Minor Media, Inc. Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Verizon Foundation Virginia Mason Medical Center Vivify Waxing and Skin Care Volunteers of America Western Washington Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Women of AT&T WomenSpirit Coalition YourCause, LLC ZIBA LLC

We informed


students and community members about domestic violence in 2014.

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7/30/15 2:03 PM

Thank you to our individual donors for your gifts! The following publication of our individual donors recognizes gifts from individuals whose cash contributions totaled $200 or more during the 2014 calendar year. We are truly grateful to the many individuals, businesses and organizations not listed who also have given cash and/or in-kind contributions to LifeWire over the past year. INDIVIDUAL DONORS $10,000 AND BEYOND Candace & Charles Denegal Brinette & Lance Rounds Joan & Ed Sputh Lark & Gary Young

$5,000 – $9,999 Anonymous Joan & Fred Burnstead Vicki O’Briant & Dave Carlson Christine & Joel Cherkis Lynn & Herb Clark Allison & Rodger Frey Sharon Goldberg Cristy & Bill Harmon Barbara Langdon Mary Ann & Theo Mandelkorn Kim Olmstead David Vaskevitch Jeremie Wilkins

$2,500 – $4,999 Melanie & Kevin Allison Kari & Jim Annand Anonymous Lorra Antonio Dr. Fred Chi Stephanie & Terry Cook Linda Glenicki Kayreen Handley Steve Haywood Bill Henkens Dawn Stewart & Dan Hope Erin & Mike Jacobsen Cindy & Neil Johnson Cindy Johnson Kris Kessel Jane & Terry Larsen Lynn Casey & Tad Larsen Amy & Bob Maher Frank Marinkovich Adrienne & Jim McCoy Carrie & Charles Nay Bridget & Steve Parsons Dr. Alain Schreiber Donnell Seese Laura Snider Dr. Tom & Kimberly Stoll Wendy & Myron Thomas Leanne & Kim Volz Bruce Wanta

$1,000 – $2,499 Kelly & Shawn Anderson Anonymous Denise & Greg Armfield

Suzanne & Roberto Bamberger Barb & Jim Barnyak Kelly & Brad Becker Naomi Marquez-Blake & Bruce Blake Gloria & Dale Bobb Bobbe & Jon Bridge Dee Dee Brochu Brooke & Sam Buckingham Sheila Burroughs Dee & Michael Bushore Kristen Buxton Liz Coveney & John Carrig Karen Juhl & Aaron Castillo Nancy & Scott Charlston Elise Chayet Christy Gallotte & Dennis Chivers Li & Mick Clarke Melanie & Brian Cleys Melanie & Michael Crowson Sandy & Jim Dagnon Leslie Decker Daniel DeYoung Vennessa & Jeff Dirks Sharon & Randall Eaglestone Jean Enersen Jamie & Bart Eppenauer Leslie & Rich Evenson Steve Finney Gretchen Frederick Angi Freeland Betsy Friedland Jennifer & Darren Gehring Sukvinder Gill Anne & Steven Gillis Ellen & Thomas Gonser Jan & Dick Gram Jessica Granger Kathy & Steve Graves John Haley Pat Harrell Molly & Andy Hill Delpha & Glen Holden Melinda & Bob Hord Kim & John Isenberg Penny Kahn Pamela Kelly Debbie Kirchner Heather & Craig Kitterman Nicole & Doug Kleweno Megan & Ante Kovacevic Diane & JJ Kuslich Stella Laurenzo Julie & Joe Lynch Leslie & Craig Macdonald Sandy & Rob Marshall Aurora & David Martin Mary & Dwight Martin Judy & Dave Matthias Micah Miller

Kathy & Richard Miyauchi Mathew Mooty Mary & Greg Noble Kim Obbink Alina Othberg & Marco Pinheiro Barbara Potter Tricia & Jeff Pratt Susan Prince Judith Jennison & Lawson Reinsch Jill & Dick Rice Greg Robbins Peg & Jim Rodrigues Helen Banks Routon & Wayde Routon Monique Ruyle Stephanie & Matt Sandmeyer Priya Santhanam Helen & Ed Schild Nicki & Bruce Seiler Sandy & Corey Shamley Lisa & David Shank Tom Smith Jane Hague & Ed Springman Elke Suber Lena Swanson Agnes & Charles Sweeney Jennifer Tada Judy Jesiolowski & Dave Thompson Thea & Chris Upchurch LaMont Walker Roderick Williams Barbara & Andrew Wold Gary Woodring Ivan Yanushev Tomasz Ziedalski Katrina Zuccaro

$500 – $999 Sarah Annotti & Brian Abel Maria Aglion Jill & David Alles Kellie & Tom Anderson Portia & Dan Anderson Anonymous Susan & Tom Arnold Linda Avraamides Lorrie & Eric Baldevia Yosef Banai Lisa & Paul Bialek Kelsey & Shaun Blackham Arief Abraham & Bruce Boesiger Rachele & Blaise Bouchand Dodi & Richard Briscoe Jeannie & David Brooks Rhonda & Manuel Brown Paul Buehrens Lynne Cacciola Frani & Carl Carlson Dick Chapin

Linda & Lewis Chapman Christina Chen Carolyn & Stephen Clark Kelley Claussen Audrey Colle Janene & Dave Coltom Renee & Ryan Cooper Pam Covello Ann Levine & Kelly Davis Durga Doraisamy & Tom DeBoer Carol Duarte Allison Garr & Andre Dulce Wendi Dunlap Lorrie & Dave Egaas Kathy & Alan Elser Shari & Steve Elsoe Shannon Etchey Jen & David Feldman Pat Friedland Tara Gable Karen Galipeau Forner & Steve Galipeau Cynthia & Bob Garlough Esther & Ron Gibson Amanda Giralmo Paula Kuehl & Barry Givens Suzanne & Anthony Grant DeEtta & Randy Gray Bert & Bob Greenwood Jennifer Hansen T & Greg Heck Amy Hedin William Henry Magdalena Hermawan Simrat Bath-Hydzik & James Hydzik Lisa & Jim Jolliffe Vicki Kaleff Sandy Kirchner Ella & Bob Krull Louise & Ned Kurabi Kathy & Daryl Lambert Kay & Stein Larsen Sarah Steininger & Steve Leroux Aleks & Julio Lopez Maureen & Philip Lucido Judy Maleng Mark Maszak Kathleen & John Maurel Marcie Maxwell Allan Mayer Dennis McCurdy Liz Rocca & Adrienne McEntee Marilyn & Rob McKenna Katy McNaughton Kathleen & Cholly Mercer Jeane Meyersahm Mike Milbourn Laura Miller Leslie Minch Gayle & Brad Miyake

Caitlin & Jason Moulding Stephen Norman Leo Novakoski Julie & Daniel O’Brien Stacy & Wade Olinger Linda & Mark Olson Peter Osvaldik Lorrie & Corey Petersen Nithya Ramkumar Mary Ludloff & Victor Rethy Patricia & Jon Rosen Sarita Viramontez & Kenneth Rosman Carol Rutledge Elizabeth & Chris Salomone Laurie & Steve Samuelson Marie Magdalene Sauter Joan & Steve Savard Lisa & David Schilling Catherine Shaffer Steve Showalter Kathryn Stevenson Yates & Gary Stevenson Janissa Strabuk Karli & Reed Swanson Gwen Sweeney Brendan Tower Patty Bainter & Steve Tsukuno Rosie & Reinier van Coevorden Susan Wanwig Sarah Whims Allen Whitaker Ana White Kate Gregory & John White Joyce Williamson Lisa & Dan Wilson Marcia & Klaus Zech Qian Zhang

$200 – $499 Molly & Marco Abbruzzese Kim Allen Nichole Almond Sarah & Arne Anderson Theresa & Branda Anderson Anonymous Beata & Steven Baker Charlotte & Randall Baker Bart Bartok Georgette & Rick Barton John Baxter Brad Beeman Shayna & Andrew Begun Kris Bennett Arnie Berger Lavina Bhagat Per Billgren Joseph Billing Linda & Ron Birum Joanna Boisen


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|  7 7/30/15 2:03 PM

Chris Luz Jennifer & Michael Macaulay Kathy & John Maki Mark Maleng Linda & David Mangone Nahel Darvish & Sharieff Mansur Jianchang Mao Dave Marberg Chris Marks Johnson Marshall Alan Maskin Linda Mauzy Angie McCabe Carole & Bob McClure Linda & James McGarvey Nicole & Michael McHale Marilyn Metz Elena Micheva Diana Miles Kathy Millard Lisa Mills Jim Montgomery Elizabeth & Brian Morrison Nina Morrison Angie & Jason Nelson Maria Nelson Linda & James Ness Joanie Neumayer Daniel Newton Sheryl & Bill Nolan Lindsay O’Connor Pam Anderson & Louis Odom Marie & Chuck Olmstead Brayden Olson Ken Olson Eric Onosko Susan Otto Jesse Pacem Lauren & Jeffrey Packman Jennie Traeger & Kenneth Pacquer Sandy Cobel & Meilir Page Erin & Forrest Pangborn Tyler Peelen Sherre & Greg Piantanida Andrea & Matt Pohle Carol & Doug Powell Jessica & D.J. Powers Jay Rakel Doyle Ravnaas Jim Reed Bob Reeder Katrina Rees The Reitinger Family Mimi Richards Susan & Scott Ridout Brant Rigby Ruben Rivera-Jackman Dana & Darryl Roberts Judy & Floyd Rogers Angela Romei Christine Rose Casey & Doug Rosenberg Seiko & Ken Ryan Jennifer & Daniel Schroeder Katherine & Leslie Scott Ronald Scott Cassandra Searles Jennifer & Michael Shepperd

Lynn Ristig & Craig Shrontz Beth Sinser Ann Sloan Shelby & Ken Smith Kim Snider Marjorie Snyder Ann Stafford Laurie Staples Elizabeth Stephan Lauren & Greg Stephens Mark Stepich Rebecca Stevenson Ann & Martin Stieglitz Jack Stokes Susan & Michael Storck Susan Strine Tina Styer Stephanie & David Suhrie Reed Swanson Lilly Tao Jennifer & Bob Tenczar Tina Terry Claudia Thompson Elizabeth Dolliver & Phil Thompson Janet Thompson Kelly & Matt Thompson Heidi Thomson Cindy & Andrew Tokar Shelby & Sean Torcasi Sandy & Tony Torres Mark Trombold Tracey & Michael Troy Janet Turpen Surendra Ulabala Shannon & Ward Urion Doug Vaskas Jess Trott & James Vetter Nanci & Bob Vivian Colin Wagoner Amy Walen Christina & Mark Walker Lili Kung & Cliff Watson Natalie Werzynski Peter West Joseph Whitney Joyce & Doug Wieland Holly Tabor & Eric Wilfrid Maria Williams Natasha & Ian Willson Pat & Bob Wilshusen Retta & Myles Winbigler Kristin Winkel Jennifer York Char Yotz Gina Young

GIFTS MADE IN HONOR OF: Melissa Batten The Becker Family Kris Bennett Joanna Boisen Lee Drechsel Betsy Friedland Sharon Goldberg Dick & Jan Gram Judy Kris Kessel Barbara Langdon LifeWire Support Group Facilitators Mary Martin Amira Qabar Barbara Showalter Sue Smith

GIFTS MADE IN MEMORY OF: Beverly Ehlelad Shirley Jahnke-Johnson Ed Langdon Margaret Maine Irene McFarland Rosie Ingeburg Shaffer Scott Shively Every effort has been made to correctly list each name, but if we have made an error, or you want to make a change, please contact our office at 425.562.8840 ext. 253.

We helped


survivors become safely housed in 2014.

Erin & Simon Gershey Rebecah Gilfry Bre & Joe Giove Cynthia Goodwin Julie Gossard Kathy & Lawrence Gottlieb Kirk Griffin Dave Osmer & Sandy Griffith Marion & Bob Guyer Cyrus Habib Joan & Raymond Halbert Kristen Hankins Sherry Perrault & Michael Harding Wendy & John Hardman Cathy Harrison Christine Trigg & Doug Hauger Renee & Colin Hawkes Lynn Hawley Jan & James Hawn Carolyn Hayek Laura Haynes Brian Head Melinda & Richard Hearsey Lynn & Kenneth Heikkila John Herold John Hickey Nancee & Steve Hofmeister Marilyn & John Holm Stephanie Honan Taryn & Matthew Hope James Horne Paul Hornung Claire Horton Loren Hostek Kyza Hove Kathleen & Warren Huckabay Linda & Philip Hunter Ross Hunter Nancy & James Irwin Sue Jensen Laura Fraser & Jeff Johnson Jennifer Loomis & Brian Jonas Darren Jones Janet & Tim Kavran Jeanne Keenan Piper Henry Keller Cynthia Kelso Sue & Keith Kernen Judy & Rob Kimmerer Lynn & Ted Klainer Donna & Jim Knight Ari & Tom Kumma Jason Kuzma Sara Lampert Annie Richardson-Lander & Richard Lander Karen Lang Janet & Greg Langdon Taylor Larson Terri & Jason Latendresse Jon Michael Pratt & Lauren Lee Terry Lee Teresa & Loren Lindo Esther Liu Glad Loreen Wynn & Bill Lozon Fred Lunki Karen & Jerry Lutz


Melissa & Kyle Bowers Anita & Patrick Boyer Mary & David Braun Vicky Nollette & D. C. Brockway, Jr. Dorcas & Elmore Brolin Kipepeo & Carl Brown Nancy & Brian Burt Mike Bushore Tanya Button Geraldine & Christopher Carlson Sonia Carlson Sandy Carovano DesiRae & Bart Carrothers Sheree & Roy Carson Deborah & Kenneth Case Justina Chen Teresa Chiftis Renee & Bill Christenson Mark Smith & Brian Churchwell Pat Gorai & John Clark Martha Clatterbaugh Carla & Sarah Clise Edie Cohen Susan Marcolina & William Colburn Kathryn & Bob Colgan Cheryl & Phil Corneil Susan Corning Karla Cortez Erin Cox Jeffrey Cox Kathy & Greg Cox Ethel & Garry Crosser Michelle & Mark Crowell Lorraine Swalley & Raymond Cunningham Carolyn & Don Currie Sylvie & Todd Currie Paul Curtis Penny & Scott Daly Margaret David Jason Davis Robert Day Marcia & Mike Delabarre Suzan & Kurt DelBene Jodie & Dennis DeMuth Susan & Mark Dibble Rexanne Gibson & Bruce Dick Gillian Didier Meredith & Michael Dodd Colleen & John Downey Lee & Tom Drechsel Brenda & Paul Dressel Dave Ellas Cassie Erdelac James Erickson Ann Evans Kristin & Lee Favour Rochelle Fleming Patrick Foran Cindy Forney Geoffrey Freeman Barbara Fromm Susan Fry Joe Fugere Irma Jimenez & Jakob Funkenstein Betty George Susan & Donald Gerend

8   | LIFEWIRE LW_AnnualReport2015_SinglePages_07-30-15.indd 10

7/30/15 2:03 PM

LifeWire Services



24-Hour Helpline: Advocacy-based counseling and safety planning; the gateway to all LifeWire services.

LifeWire offers individual mental health therapy and group counseling for survivors of domestic violence. Our goal is to increase each survivor’s ability to heal from the emotional and traumatizing effects of domestic violence.

Advocacy Services: Safety planning, resources, referrals and education for survivors, family, friends and the community. Legal advocacy counseling, education and coordination with the criminal justice system. Adult, Youth & Children’s Support Groups: Weekly support groups for adults, youth and children who have experienced domestic violence.

OUTREACH SERVICES Prevention & Social Change: LifeWire leads social change through innovative partnerships and strong collaborations with leaders in law enforcement, attorney general’s office, government, criminal justice system, family court system, health and mental health care, housing, legal systems, child welfare and other systems. Education & Prevention: Teaching and educating children and youth so that they might better understand the dynamics of violence and break the cycle of abuse. We educate, teach and enlighten the greater community about the complexity of domestic violence. Legislative & Systems Advocacy: Speaking out and acting for change and justice on behalf of survivors; ensuring survivors’ rights within multiple systems.

LW_AnnualReport2015_SinglePages_07-30-15.indd 11

HOUSING SERVICES Hotel-Motel Voucher Program: Emergency housing services for short stays in hotels and motels. My Sister’s Home: Confidential emergency interim housing and supportive services for families in lethal situations. My Friend’s Place: Confidential transitional shelter and supportive services for families in lethal situations healing from both domestic violence and substance abuse. Rental Assistance Program: Financial assistance and support services for families in non-time-limited housing. Housing Stability Program: Flexible financial assistance and support services focused on obtaining and/or maintaining housing as well as homelessness prevention efforts.

All LifeWire services are language accessible through full-time staff, volunteers or interpreters. Advocacy is provided in multiple languages including Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Swahili.

7/30/15 2:03 PM

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage TM

Together Against Domestic Violence

P.O. Box 6398 Bellevue, WA 98008-0398


Seattle, WA Permit No. 5544


425-746-1940 or 1-800-827-8840 VOICE/TTY/INTERPRETERS

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday 425-562-8840 425-649-0752





LifeWire’s mission is to end domestic violence by changing individual, institutional and societal beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate it.

LW_AnnualReport2015_SinglePages_07-30-15.indd 12

Vision: Domestic

violence is a human rights issue. LifeWire envisions a world in which every person lives in a safe environment, free from oppression and with the opportunity to thrive.

7/30/15 2:03 PM

LifeWire Annual Report 2015  
LifeWire Annual Report 2015