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Annual Report UCD Team

Our approach We believe that we can most effectively improve the lives of young people through the promotion of entrepreneurship and integration. All of our 7 projects aim to decrease youth unemployment levels and help young people lead happier lives with better future prospects.

Youth Unemployment European average

Youth Unemployment in the Rep. of Ireland

Youth Unemployment Global average




This year’s ENACTUS UCD team restarted operating in Jan 2013. Within less than 5 months we have built a strong project portfolio.

Our portfolio features 7 successful projects; all under one motto: empowering young people and furthering integration.

Our project managers promoted our projects on numerous radio programs across 4 different stations.

€ 5961

~50 About 50 students were involved in the organisation of our 7 projects as committee members.

We raised € 5.961 through grants, donations and entrepreneurial activities with all our projects this year.




Nicholas Hopper

Justin Mathew

Joe Bradley

Niall McFadden

Darragh O’Neill

Team Leader

Founder & PM

Corporate Liaison

Project Manager Ic

Project Manager YEF

1. Youth Entrepreneurship Fund € 1 million fund sponsored by the government to fight youth unemployment

2. IT Course

in secondary schools

3. Business Plan Competition in secondary schools

Nicholas manages Enactus UCD and organises project resources.

4. Innovation Cafe/Brain Bunker pilot project started in UCD


Milan Shah

5. Connect2

Justin has founded Enactus in UCD and manages the Play Cricket project. /pub/justin-mathew/3a/42/533

Veronica Peng

Joe is in charge of BAB communications and sponsorship. /joseph-bradley/17/b28/158

Next Year’s Committee

6. Connecting Through Sport integration and healthy living

7. Play Cricket

integration and healthy living

Project Manager ITC Nicholas Hopper - Team Leader UCD

Kathy O’Reilly - Faculty Advisor UCD


Brona Kavanagh - Administrator UCD

Milan organises the IT course for secondary school students. /in/milanshah91

Marketing & PR

Veronica helps on all fronts and has proved to be an invaluable asset. /in/yayveronica

Darragh is the Youth Entrepreneurship Fund chairman.


Iain McCall

China/Ireland network promoting integration

Enactus UCD Annual Report 2013 Contact: nicholas.hopper

Niall organises the Innovation Cafe and the Brain Bunker.

Project Manager CTS Iain set-up and organises the Connecting Trough Sport initiative. /pub/iain-mccall/4b/ba5/267

We have recruited 20 new members from 10 nations, who have committed to take over our projects and expand the Enactus UCD portfolio in 2013/2014. Detailed plans for 2 new projects are already being drafted and several others are still in the planning stages. Our existing projects are expanding rapidly and interest in ENACTUS on campus along side it. We are currently in talks with PlanMyGapYear UK to organise volunteering trips to 3rd world countries and Davis Business Consultants to set up a charity online platform.

Youth Entrepreneurship Fund & Associated Projects


The Youth Entrepreneurship Fund (YEF) started as a lobbying initiative to secure funding for young entrepreneurs and ultimately fight youth unemployment in Ireland. It has been immensely successful with the Labour Party and Fine Gael unanimously backing the proposal. It outlines a € 1 million fund on a 2-year trial basis with our proposal reaching the European Commission in Brussels who are considering the project on a European scale. We have had extensive media coverage and have developed several other projects to tie in with the overall goal of the YEF: decreasing youth unemployment.

2. IT Course in Secondary schools Our IT Course started in Marian College teaching young secondary school students basic web programming to improve their job prospects and excite them for third level education and a career in innovative web industries. We partnered with Fadoo Technologies Ltd who have helped us design a curriculum for an 8-week course at extremely low cost (€50 per person for 16 hours) and some extra places for students who cannot afford the registration fee. As the Irish IT industries feature the highest demand levels for specialised employees we are trying to improve the employability of young people, while simultaneously promoting future entrepreneurship in these sectors.

3. Business Plan Competition in Secondary Schools (in Progress) Over the last few months we have built up a network of schools interested in a business plan competition organised by Enactus UCD. St Joseph’s CBS and St David’s CBS are already on board and more are bound to follow soon. This initiative is targeted towards transition year students and aims at getting them interested in entrepreneurship as a future career path. The material we designed will help students develop their ideas and conduct basic feasibility studies to learn how to spot the right opportunity.

4. Innovation Cafe & Brain Bunker The Innovation Cafe brings students from all disciplines together to share their ideas and offer each other support. The project is based on the premise that by working together, students can increase their chances of achieving entrepreneurial success. Over 25 students attended the first 6-hour workshop, discussing a wide variety of online and offline business and charity ideas. 4 professional contributors from different industries offered guidance and mentoring support to 7 self-formed project groups. We are currently in talks with the university and students’ union about opening a full time premise on the Belfield campus called the “Brain Bunker”. This innovation hub will facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote entrepreneurial activities across the university. The “Right Brain” - the creative center - is planned as a lounge cafe, while the “Left Brain” - the planning center - will feature project rooms and group offices. The sketch to the right is an illustration of the old (and currently empty) student bar building in UCD, which we are trying to reopen as the Brain Bunker. We envision this entrepreneurship hub as a pilot program for a nation wide model promoting business innovation across Irish universities, as an incubator for the YEF.

Our Other Projects

Empowering Young People in 4 steps

1. The Youth Entrepreneurship Fund Initiative

“The Committee recommends that the Government, in collaboration with industry, consider rolling out a national youth strategy on entrepreneurship. In addition the Government could introduce a Youth Entrepreneurship Fund, of €1,000,000 on a two year trial basis, pending further review. The Committee recommends that Ireland consider developing a scheme for encouraging entrepreneurship among first-time jobseekers (aged 18-35), that would follow the example set by Portugal, which provides aid for the start-up of small, for-profit companies that create jobs. In Portugal, two credit lines with low interest rates were launched to support the approved initiatives.” - JOINT COMMITTEE ON JOBS, ENTERPRISE AND INNOVATION HOUSES OF THE OIREACHTAS

so far...

€1.000.000 committed





on board



5. Connect2


As our second empowerment approach focuses on integration, Connect2 our headline project in this area, targets marginalised students in and beyond UCD. As the social groups of Chinese students seldom intersect with the rest of the student body Connect2 was designed as a social and business network to bridge the cultural gap and ultimately connect the 2 cultures. We expanded the network to universities in China bringing Irish students with interest in Asia and incoming exchange students closer together. Through a wide variety of social and business related events and our headline activity - the Connect2 Case Study Competition - we partnered Chinese, Irish and international students to work together towards a common goal. The initiative has been very successful thus far attracting media attention, support from Deloitte, O2, the Confucius Institute and several universities across the country.

6. Connecting Through Sport Connecting Through Sport is an initiative dedicated to promoting social integration among young people through sporting events. The general structure of the events is a sports tournament followed by a BBQ with a celebrity guest to further promote social integration and a healthy life style. The project has won a EUR 2.000 grant through the O2 Think Big program as the most promising mental health initiative.

7. Play Cricket Our second sports integration project runs in Rockbrook Park School, targeting children from very diverse ethnic backgrounds and a wide variety of sporting abilities. We organised regular cricket sessions and several matches against other cricket teams, as well as different schools to promote inclusion and a healthy life style for young people to tackle mental health problems immigrant children are frequently facing.

WHO WE HAVE WORKED WITH - Our Project Partners & Supporters

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