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NICHOLAS GUTOWSKI SELECTED WORKS FROM 2012-2016 Bachelor of Science - Interior Architecture CertiďŹ cate - Studio Art University of Wisconsin Madison nickgutowski

Impact When entering Penthouse, the customer's first view is of the bar. The bar acts as a faรงade for the loft, which is cantilevered over it. Panels are suspended above, referencing clouds flowing past a tall building on a foggy turbulent day.


Bubble Diagram

Adjacency Diagram


Design Development

Final Design

Seating on the first floor is casual, with tables places close together in a grid, giving an impression of a busy city block. Seating in the loft is spaced out, comfortable, and separated visually from the rest of the restaurant. Giving both acoustical and experiential separation.

Experience Concept THE LOFT: A ROOFTOP GARDEN When entering penthouse, the visitor comes into a large open space. Flowing 30 foot tall ceiling details frame a structure that is set back into the room. The visitor can see a peak of what is on top of this structure, but has no clear view of what is the second floor loft. After walking up the stairs and turning a corner into the space, the full view of the loft is visible. Upstairs at penthouse is a lounge dining area, where customers can relax and socialize while enjoying the experience of their meal. On top of the loft, designed like a rooftop garden, customers can walk to the overhang, the only place in the restaurant that has a full view of both the loft and the busy dining area and bar down below.

PRIMARK is a European retailer making the jump to the U.S. market. Their heavy use of social media marketing is a direct call to teens and young adults, but the hip yet welcoming branding of the store offers a variety of options for Kids, Teens, Women, and Men. There is a perception of the “fast fashion� brand as being cheap, lowquality, and discardable in the European market. In the transition to the American market, PRIMARK would like to shed these negative connotations and evolve the brand into a fashion label that is known for quality, style, and that is highly respected.

Project in Progress Spring 2016 Partial Schematic and Design Development are shown in this booklet. Further progress can be found at:

Approx. 80,000 SQ/FT 11 Departments Space Planning set to PRIMARK's standards Use of lighting and form to attract attention to key areas

Gensler-NYC has been hired by PRIMARK for their new King of Prussia mall location. I am partnering with Gensler to develope an additional design. The firm is acting as a guide through the design process and are providing advice and critique.

In order to grow the PRIMARK brand into a mature and respected retailer, the aesthetic of their second U.S. location will focus on seductive form and will draw from a pallet rich in texture. Pairing PRIMARK's signature aqua with a more complex and sophisticated color scheme will elevate the shopping experience while maintaining the store's unique branding.


A GAMING DESIGN COMPANY Zonk is a game design company in the heart of downtown Madison, WI. The office thrives in a collaborative environment where ideas and critiques can flow between departments. In order to stand out amongst market competitors, the design of the Zonk office must create an experience for both guests and employees that will not be found anywhere else in the game design field. FALL ‘14

Experience Concept The Lander Entering Zonk, you are transported into an environment that seems alien. The geometrically faceted space directly in front of the office's entrance resembles a moon lander, and is the first sight the user has of Zonk. Upon entering the office, guests are brought into this peculiar space, known as "The Lander", and are briefed on Zonk's mission. While in this space, guests are encouraged to play games that Zonk has developed. The view leaving The Lander is a large glazed mural of an otherworldly landscape that reinforces in the guests that the Zonk experience is unlike anything that you could find on this planet.

Different sized booths equipped with smart screens face a full wall dry-erase board for quick brainstorming and informal critiques.


Conference Rooms

The reception space is designed with various purposes in mind. Guests can sit with the comfort of a wall to their back, groups of varying sizes can cluster together and pull up tables to prepare for meetings. Or, for an informal product demonstration, reps can set up their presentation at the standing height table adjacent to the reception without disrupting employees in the back-of-house.

The Zonk office has two conference rooms located just off of reception. The large conference space is visible through floor to ceiling glass partitions and a sliding action door which creates direct sight-lines to the exterior windows, allowing for improved day lighting in the reception space. The small conference room has increased privacy, featuring intimate seating behind frosted acoustical glass partitions.

My focus and depth in design is in Design Thinking. For multiple semesters I worked with the village of Gatunga, Kenya to revitalize their community. A group of students and I partnered together with members of the Gatunga community for two years to explore the roots of their systemic issues. Working closely with their local community group the “Tharaka Women’s Welfare Program” or TWWP, we designed solutions to multiple issues that have been field tested and adapted. Two of such projects are the biomass briquettes and The Dream School.

The seat platform is used to better utilize body weight while compressing a briquette. The top cylinder permanently connects to the seat plate, and is capped at the bottom end to make a solid form. The middle tube fits over the base cylinder and top cylinder. The tube has an inner radius that is slightly larger than the radius of both cylinders. The base cylinder is permanently attached to the base, and is capped at the top to make a solid form. The base gives stability to the briquette maker and allows it to stand upright like a stool. The outer edge of the base is raised like a shallow bucket in order to collect excess water during briquette production.

Intensive research into the stemming issues of Gatunga revealed indoor air pollution and deforestation as major risk factors to the wellbeing of the community. These briquettes are composed of waste, and emit less toxins than the wood currently used in local cooking methods.

The Dream School More than a community center The Dream School is a collaboration between a whole group of individuals. From village planners, community members, students, parents, and the team of three designers including myself. The school is planned in three phases to be build as funding is gathered. This relatively simple building is designed to accommodate as many practical functions as possible: from maker-spaces, to presentation space for adult literacy groups, to classes for the Alternative Right of Passage (a local non-profit that is responsible for the virtual elimination of FGM in Tharaka Nithi County). It is a building designed with careful communication between the entire community and the designers. A community center that the community can be proud of, right in the heart of town.

16' - 1 3/4"


2' - 5" 4' - 0" 1' - 7"

5' - 2 1/4" 8' - 0"

13' - 2 1/4"





NTS 1/8" = 1'-0"




The Joplin Recovery Shelter is a means of first response protection for the victims of the devastating 2011 tornadoes in Missouri. After the initial storm, the community of Joplin, MO was left unprotected and unsheltered from the subsequent storms that threatened them in the following days. This shelter is a solution, should a similar situation happen again. The community would buy shelters in advance and store them until needed. The structure completely collapses for ease of storage, and can expand into 3 protective forms including a completely enclosed structure designed to resist highspeed wind and rain.

The Bat Ear is a sculptural maquette for a proposed public park bandshell in northern Wisconsin. The form of the structure, which mimics the acoustical form of the local Northern Long Eared Bat, is designed to control noise and project sound forward towards the audience.

Designing green does not just mean utilizing sustainable materials. Sustainable design is about thinking of unconventional means to reduce consumption and waste in order to imprint a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. The Beetle utilized movable screens to shade the main structure during periods of harsh sunlight. This system of sunshading effectively helps to naturally regulate the temperature of the interior spaces and to provide improved daylighting.

Interior Design Student Portfolio  

This is a sample of my work as an Interior Architecture major at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. 2012-2016. For additional work, inclu...

Interior Design Student Portfolio  

This is a sample of my work as an Interior Architecture major at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. 2012-2016. For additional work, inclu...