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Modular Rescue Frame MRF is a product that captures a multi-function capability. The simplistic features provides versatile operation and ease of assembly. It combines the elements of a mono pole, tripod, A-frame and a tethradron into one product and be configured into respective form depending on the nature of the operation. The modularity aspect of the product allows for quick and easy assembly. Telescoping legs adds to versatility as several height adjustments can be made accordingly.

MRF modular rescue frame

Modular Rescue Frame


Problem The role of an emergency rescue worker varies from situation to situation. However the majority of their task requires training, skill, knowledge and quick thinking. Many of these traits are acquired with experience. Rescue workers need to have the ability to analyse the situation and quicky implement the appropriate applications in order to carry out a successful rescue. These applications are a series of skill set that he/she develops from the job. A key factor in vertical rescue is understanding and management of the edge that usually divides the rescuers and the victim. A well maintain edge can make task of retriving a victim much simplier. There are devices on the current market that satisifise this idea however most of the products cater for a specific scenario, therefore they are lmited to a certain landscape. But with each new job comes a new landscape a variable that can’t be forecasted. Preparation is vital key factor that can determine success in an vertical rescue operation.

Solution The Proposed design can be described as an artificial height directional device use to assist the worker on the job. It allows the users to carry out a rescue from a higher plane to decender down to the victim and after safely securing them reel them back up. It’s multi-configurable feature makes it a desired benefit to rescue work as it may cater for a variety of terrain.

MRF modular rescue frame

Modular Rescue Frame Configurations A-Frame

Steel wire attached to release pins to prevent any chances of losing them.

The combination of an A-frame and a monopole (gin pole) is limitless. The use of these configurations date back to the romans and egyptians when it was used to haul heavy loads vertically. The product has incoporated these much used frame even in todays context. They can offer leverage when there is no height anchorage avaliable.



Modular Rescue Frame


Tripod Configuration

Combinations of foot attachment to cater for varying terrain. Spikes are used for softer ground. Plate for plate ground or where pickets may be needed. Flat foot for general hard ground or sand.

compression members on tripod divides the forces by 3. Due to standards minimum spread should be 600mm

The white strip indicator informs the user whether the telescopic tubes are inline with each other for more intutive assembly

Modular Rescue Frame 5 Pyramid Configuration


Modular Rescue Frame Relationship with material and context of use

sil e

pr es sio n

Te n

Fo rc e

Co m

Tensile Strength, Ultimate Average value: 463 MPa 463n/mm 2

Fo rc e

Compression Force

Compressive Modulus Average value: 70.0 GPa

Tensile Strength, Yield Average value: 414 MPa 414n/mm 2



Maximum angle 90 degrees Exerting force of 2165N

modualar rescue frame

Compressive Yield Strength Average value: 434 MPa

Minimum angle 15 degrees Exerting force of 4182.45N


Modular Rescue Frame Transport/ Storage Typically the organisations will be equiped with a transport vehcile that holds a sufficent amount of equipment. However some items are bulkier than others. This will sometimes lead to a selection process where items will be priorised to cater for the specific operation. The proudct can be packed away in a carry bag which is stored in the vehicle or a equipment trailer.


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