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Dedicated Server Netherlands

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VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVERS (VPS) ď ś PraHost is offering the advantages of dedicated servers at the price of normal servers. This works on the principle of partitioning the mainframe server and allocating it to individual computer at a time depending on the processor's requirement. This advanced technology is implemented by the algorithm of resource scheduling which makes it possible to virtually allocate a part of memory to isolated private servers. ď ś

Hence, it virtually divides a server into section and allocates a section to each mainframe computer. Now each private server functions like a dedicated server but actually shares the same hardware. Thus it is called VPS or "virtual private server" VPS enables the companies to capture the benefits of dedicated servers at very low cost. PraHost has implemented this technique to render these benefits to its client at the cost of shared hosting.

GERMANY DEDICATED SERVERS PraHost guarantees world class service and high-end reliability with their standard germany servers. Our DE servers will render standard network facility for your business requirements. Standard network are meant to satisfy all the requirements of the customers. Germany servers render best services and ensure high speed, reliability and overall good performance. We understand that business runs on reliability and we work with a goal to deliver maximum efficiency to our customers.

Server Management ďƒ˜

Prahost is India's leading server management service provider equipped with a world-class technical support center. We are a subsidiary unit of solutions providing exclusive and quality server management, security optimization of servers and outsourcing services for software licensing. We also have introduced server support services exclusively for Windows and Linux server owners, dedicated server owners, co-locaters and end users.

Data Center Infrastructure ďƒź

PraHost hosts multiple data centers and can answer all your needs related to computer systems. A data center can be defined as a facility that houses computer systems and all the components associated to it like telecommunications and storage systems. To give you a blissful service it includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, security devices and environmental controls like air conditioning, fire suppression, etc. PraHost makes all the necessary provisions to provide a hassle free service experience and thus maintain customer satisfaction. PraHost is a versatile vendor and hosts in multiple data centers in Europe (Amsterdam, Frankfurt) with the green state-of-the-art data center EvoSwitch in the Netherlands and Avaya Databurg in the Germany.


PraHost Technology is a budding web hosting company spreading its wing in the niche since April 2008. With determined goals, PraHost has been serving customers with most reliable, efficient and world class web hosting solutions. We consider our success in our client's success hence put in maximum efforts in taking their business to higher levels. The secret behind our unfailing success are our products. PraHost provides Germany servers and Netherlands servers and other services.

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Dedicated server netherlands  
Dedicated server netherlands  

PraHost is a budding web hosting company working with a goal to make it big in its niche since 2008. With its competent services, PraHost en...