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Nicholas Sharp Design for Industry Graduate

Contact details

Industrial Experience

25, Halloughton Road Southwell, Nottinghamshire NG25 0LP

Centre for Design Research Newcastle Upon Tyne, England Lasting 6 months

Tel: 07834368892 email:

Shore Product Design consultancy Edinburgh, Scotland Lasting 6 months

Education A Levels : Business Studies Graphic Desgin Physcology


Industrial Design BA Honors School of Design at Northumbria University

Steven Bailey Senior Lecturer Design for Industry Northumbria University 0191 243 7864

Howard Fenwick Course Leader Design for Industry Northumbria University 07855366417


Live briefs and collaborations

RSA 08 : Design for Patient Safety - Highly Commended RSA 09 : Design Against Bicycle Theft - Winner Dyson Industrial Design Workshop - Winner

final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š

Final Major project : design a gentlemenʼs umbrella beyond the journey of A to B the product should last from year to year, and become an object you wouldn’t want to replace.

final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 ©


personal aims for the project . . .

an academic exercise to test prior knowledge

To develop my approach to designing around the performance of a material and the processes available to realize a concept.

To gain experience in how to work with experts, these are some of the people involved by the end: Metal machinist

Textile design expert


Technical fabric expert


CNC cutting company

Pattern cutter

Mechanical engineer

Cabinet maker


final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


the final design performance The new design invests much more in initial materials and construction methods to improve the products performance.

longevity Every inch of the product was designed to become either celebrated detail or touch point broken in with time.

warranty The product life doesn’t end with the first components, instead broken elements can be replaced and originals kept to age gracefully.

the next section takes a closer look at my approach to a single part, the handle. final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


concept generation this was a time to explore, steering away from laboured sketches and prizing diversity and quantity.

final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


ergonmics ideas were rarely left on the page for long. from round after round of quick prototypes forms were developed and resolved.

final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


consultation In close partnership with a cabinet maker ideas were judged and developed from the strengths of a material and ease of manufacture.

brand name

Attention to detail The finishes and details were fanatically tested to ensure the part’s integrity against the aims of the original intent.

final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


“create a future product which uses air, but not for cleaning”

airbrace The response to this brief was a temporary cast to brace for broken or fractured arms, light and small when not it use it can be quickly inflated to cushion and support the arm until professional help is found.

// winning design

symetrical the design was created to be inclusive to both left and right arms of any size.

strap the strap feeds through a loop allowing it to be fastened with one hand by the injured party if needs be.

valve Its volume is small enough that in can be inflated a person rather than pressurised gas.

final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


In collaboration with the Early Learning Centre’s Design department in Hong Kong I developed a range of concepts for a new toy range centered around their brands values and insights from first hand research.

elc project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


research research methods: - workshops - interviews with parents - online research - visits to stores

insights Brand values which show the most promis e - build - explore - story

play around water final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


pipes Constructive play is important to a child’s development and this twist on the traditional marble run allows the child to build a course around the bath tub. components are held on by suckers and have universal joints to allow the set to grow.


final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


rockpool sub This concept allows the child to explore the world from new perspectives. Discovering all the little creature that live inside a rock pool is something most of us enjoyed as a child and this toy provides the crab’s eye view.


final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


bubbler This concept is intended for the younger end of the market but could also be fun in the hands of older trouble makers with bottles of bubble bath. The product is charge in a similar way to an electric toothbrush allowing it to be completely water tight.


final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


crash bang boat One of the problem parents and nursery workers alike faced was drawing a close to play time. This toy is a bargaining chip where a timer can be set to signal the fun is over.

& for the parents


final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


bubbler pt2 The second stage of the project was to develop two concepts, bubbler and the rock pool sub were chosen to represent either end of the age range.

final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


these CAD models along with other work was used in a second round of research to critique the final designs with the users.

final major project // nicholas sharp 2009 Š


thanks for taking the time to look at my work if you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

Design Portfolio  

This is a small collection of work from my time spent on the design course and a more recent project

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