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SAKURA HOUSE / SAKURA HOTEL & HOSTEL Address: Various locations in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, and Izu) Web: www.sakurahotel.co.jp Contact via the enquiry section on the official website

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SAKURA HOUSE / SAKURA HOTEL & HOSTEL has been offering accommodation services catered especially for overseas travellers for over 25 years, with SAKURA HOUSE providing weekly and monthly stay options for longer visits, and SAKURA HOTEL & HOSTEL accommodating short-term guests. Feel free to take your pick from the range of different stay options comprising of the hostel, guest house, monthly apartment, and vacation rental. Group visitors from Australia staying at this facility continue to increase, and high praise has been received, especially from families with children. Parents are able to prepare food for children, who are not fond of Japanese food, in kitchens, reducing any stress during their travels. Group rooms at SAKURA HOTEL NIPPORI and SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA are recommended for short-stay families or groups, whereas the monthly apartment or vacation rental at SAKURA HOUSE are great for stays of a week or more. One of the top reasons to stay here is none other than the Japanese cultural experiences on offer for guests. Lucky guests can join in with locals to carry the mikoshi (portable shrine) at ceremonial events of traditional Japanese festivals, get special access to watch sumo wrestlers train, and enjoy other different experiences. These events are only made possible because the hotel has earned the trust of locals through their long years of trade, and travel agents could only ever dream of putting together such experiences at the great prices found here. Dive into a unique cultural experience at your accommodation of choice on your next long-waited trip to Japan.