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‘Whats On’ ‘The Struggle for Change’

We at 'The Struggle For Change Programme' are preparing to bring Hollywood Celebrities to the Midlands and throughout the UK to empower our young people by addressing issues such as gun crime, gang violence, drugs and education. The visual and performing arts and sport are three of the vehicles being used to make this a reality.  At this stage it would be good if through your organization you could direct your database to the website for more information.  Based on the response, presentations at the Novotel in Wolverhampton can be arranged for those who are interested.   The response so far has been excellent and the sooner the word is disseminated the sooner we can bring the celebrities here. Our e-mail address is: Donald Brown Sculptor and CEO of ‘The Struggle for Change’ More information available, please visit:

Neo2 Soul is an promotion which will provides unique grassroots marketing by promoting parties, seminars and events of music/drama fusions involving jazz, RnB, Hip hop, Soul and spoken word genres, in and around the Staffordshire region. "We are not a full promotional service”. Our goal is to help emerging unsigned and independent artists, bands, DJ`s Music Producers, and spoken word talents to connect with opportunities to increase their exposure through marketing & promotional outlets via our events, website network, and services such as artist listings, galleries, cultural forums and much more.. We represent artists on a non-exclusive basis, unless indicated otherwise and are ever expanding our relationships with other talent agencies. We are currently looking people with an interest in music, arts and a collective vision & commitment in working 2gether to support Neo2Soul Promotions - if you are interested please contact: Godfrey Fletcher 07858639606 check out

Joe Aldred

WM 95.6fm

The Perfect Saturday Night Conversation with Joe Aldred on BBC WM 95.6FM 8-10PM exploring the issues at the heart of the African and Caribbean communities here in the West Midlands. Joe says: "I'm starting the programme at a time when there are lots of challenges and opportunities - there's plenty to talk about in the areas of role models, black achievement, family life and the legacy of the slave trade, as well as faith, education and culture. "Whatever the topic, together we can get to the heart of the issues, and I want you to join in." Get in touch - You can e-mail Bishop Joe on email: 5th December 2008

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Community News Wolves Keeping you in the link

Community News Wolves is produced free of charge to acknowledge the work of local black businesses, community organisations and individuals. It is distributed to 650 people (a growing list) in and around the Wolverhampton area by email. Have you got something that you would like to add, promote or advertise in the next edition? Send it by email:


West Midlands Caribbean Parents & Friends Association Presents

Christmas Gospel Concert


Do you play Badminton?

featuring local groups and performers including:

Are you at intermediate or advanced level?

Fred Wisdom • Kuumba Arts Movement Mount Shiloh Community Choir • Tim Jenks Band Pauline Lawrence • Urban Child

Are you available Monday 8pm-10pm? If you have answered yes to all 3 of the above, then why not join us on a Monday night.

We offer

Saturday 6th December 2008 7.00pm - 10.00pm (Doors open 6.30pm)

Under 5’s free Including light Christmas Refreshments For further information/tickets please contact: Angela Johnson - West Midlands Caribbean Parents and Friends Association At 372 Newhampton Road West— Tel:01902 421783

4 courts of Badminton Free water Great social atmosphere

All for £3.00 We are based at: Pendeford School Sports Hall, March Lane, Fordhouses, Wolverhampton, WV10 6SE No need to book just turn up on the night or For further information call

Donald on 07974442317

Tickets : Adults £5.00 New Testament Church of God Children £2.50 (under 16) Heath Town, Wolverhampton

Steps To Work, St Johns House, St Johns Square, Wolverhampton, WV2 4BH

Tel: 01902 719910 Unemployed? Looking for work? Need assistance? • • • • • • • • • • •

Job Search Support (one to one and group) CVs Short Skills Training Soft Skills Training Childcare Travel Tools, Equipment and Clothing Job Outcome Fee Referral to Specialist Agencies Support for the 1st 13 weeks of employment Referral to Train to Gain for NVQ Level 2

Sun 7 Dec, doors open 7.45pm £7 (£5)

Live Box: Bashy

UK grime MC Bashy is at the forefront of the new wave of British inner-city musical talent, he has already made an impact on the streets and having supplied the theme tune to the film Adulthood, he is now knocking on the door of the mainstream. He is one of the few to celebrate positive role models in the Black community with his unforgettable performances and inspiring lyrical flows. Suitable for age 14+ Box Office and Information: 0121 333 2444

5th December 2008

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Community News Wolves Keeping you in the link

Community News Wolves is produced free of charge to acknowledge the work of local black businesses, community organisations and individuals. It is distributed to 650 people (a growing list) in and around the Wolverhampton area by email. Have you got something that you would like to add, promote or advertise in the next edition? Send it by email:

Census Report 2008

Confirms Damage Mental Health Services are having on Briton's Black Communities

2 December 2008 The conclusions in the fourth national census of the ethnicity of all inpatients in the NHS and independent mental health and learning disability hospitals in England and Wales shows that the discrimination within the services continues unabated. This latest report shows that detention rates for people from African and Caribbean communities continues to be higher than any other ethnic group and the likellihood of people from ethnic minorities being admitted to hospital has risen year on year since 2005. The report raises questions over the Government's commitment to address the discrimination within the mental health sector as three years into this five year programme this latest report shows that absolutely no improvements have been made. Reducing detention and seclusion rates of black patients is a key aim of the Government's Delivering Race Equality (DRE) programme. This census like the previous three also show that black people are more likely to be forcibly restrained and placed in seclusion. Almost one third of inpatients 30% included in the 2007 census were also inpatients in the 2008 census. Even more disturbingly almost a fifth (19%) of patients surveyed were included in the 2006 census. Black and mixed patients make up 10% of the overall inpatient population on mental health wards,and rates of admission are 10 times higher for black people than the national average showing no improvement in either pathways into care of service provision once in the system this report says. Despite the £20 million pound investment of public money that has so far gone into the DRE programme this Census report exposes that discrimination within mental health services continues unabated. 'The Delivering Race Equality programme was part of the Government's response to the David Bennett Inquiry report. It is most disturbing to see that the injustices brought to light through the Inquiry report aren't any closer to being addressed in the year which marks a decade since his death. I don't think that it would be possible to see these kind of results in any other area of NHS without ministerial intervention to ensure that the situation improves. ' Matilda MacAttram director of Black Mental Health UK said. 'With all the resources going into this area of mental health care there is the expectation that services would respond to them appropriately to black service users. Instead since DRE began at least 10 black led services based in the heart of the community are struggling to finance their service or have been forced to shut their doors for lack of funding. It very very sad , ' Alicia Spence – services director at the African Caribbean Community Initiative (ACCI) said. 'There isn't a crumb in this report that shows that things are getting better, if anything this latest census shows that things are getting worse. There has been absolutely no change against DRE key outcomes. The findings are grim and depressing and it raises significant question

marks about the Delivering Race Equality programme,' consultant psychiatrist and panel member on the David Bennett Inquiry, professor Sashi Sashidarand said. 'These statistics shows that racial injustices in the mental health system are as bad as ever. The future may be even grimmer once the changes in the Mental Health Act implemented just weeks ago begin to bite in a year or two. Delivering Race Equality seems to be making no difference,' consultant psychiatrist and academic professor Suman Fernando told Black Mental Health UK. 'The money is not being directed to the services, that could provide the support for patients from black communities to recover. What we are seeing is quite the opposite really. This census shows that there are people from minority communities who have been on the wards for years are not seeing any of the resources needed to help them to recover. I don't know of any schemes run by the DRE that are helping patients to get out of hospital,' Jackie Mclean, manager of Omincare community mental health services in Birmingham said. 'This is an injustice and after the Bennett inquiry and the findings which clearly stated that the racism in the services needs to addressed you would have thought that that would be enough of an incentive to ensure that a proper commitment to make for a change in this sector,' pastor Desmond Hall, chair of Christians Together in Brent said. 'It's ridiculous that people who were in hospital in 2005 are still there in 2008 , there needs to be an accountability structure that will hold DRE to task. Without that I would not be surprised if we learn that this situation gets even worse next year,' Rev Pedro Okoro, chair of African Caribbean Evangelical Alliance (ACEA) said. 'The government has spent money on Community Development Workers, but it's not translated locally. In the last four years no improvements have been made. One significant area where input is needed is in 24 hour independent advocacy. If this were available at the point of assessment it would bring change. Where someone from the community could speak on behalf of an individual before they were sectioned. Many people would not end up in the system at all. It would be a lot cheaper than keeping people locked up on secure wards. In my view they are putting the money in the wrong places,' pastor Ade Omooba , Christian Concern for Our Nation. Black Mental Health UK is a human rights campaigns group established to address the over representation of African Caribbean's within secure psychiatric care and raise awareness to address the stigma associated with mental health. African Caribbean's are 50% more likely to enter the system via the criminal justice system or the police. 44% more likely to be sectioned, 29% more likely to be forcibly restrained, 50% more likely to be placed in seclusion and make up 30%[1] of in patients on medium secure psychiatric wards despite having similar rates of mental illness as British white people. Black Mental Health UK are working to see a reduction in the death rates of patients detained under the Mental Health Act which saw a 40% increase in 2007 to over 300 causalities.

5th December 2008

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Community News Wolves Keeping you in the link

Community News Wolves is produced free of charge to acknowledge the work of local black businesses, community organisations and individuals. It is distributed to 650 people (a growing list) in and around the Wolverhampton area by email. Have you got something that you would like to add, promote or advertise in the next edition? Send it by email:

Everyone has a Talent or Talents, so it’s all about YOU


is Wolverhampton’s African Caribbean Magazine Community Programme

WCR 101.8 fm

101.8 fm

This is your chance to tell us about your talents to inspire others!

• What have you written? • Have you published something that you would like to talk about? • Are you a singer or talented in other

Presented by

The Godfather & Mr ‘V’


Heritage, History and Authentic Reggae Music as well as bringing to the community the latest news,views and interviews.

Now is the time for you to have your say! As always, book your free place(s) now for your opportunity to see our talents or to show your talent(s)!

They certainly have their work cut out

Sundays 1.00pm - 4.00pm

Question and answer sessions Poetry, free prize draw(s), music/readings and more!


See you there so don’t miss out!

18th December 2008 at 4.45pm-6.00pm at

Walsall Central Library,






Lichfield Street, Walsall, WS1 1TR Contact: Sonia 01922 653137

5th December 2008

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