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Forex Striker – USA Patented FX Robot – Bonuses included September 7, 2012 By Joseph Mai Leave a Comment From the developers of conversion beasts such as Forex Killer, the first EA on Clickbank named Forex AutoPilot, the legendary EA FAPTurbo, the well performing GPS Forex Robot and the latest high-ticket launching Commodity Code that pulled in 7 figures in under a week.. Comes another Innovation with Patented technology!

Fact Sheet First legitimately patented trading robot Nowadays when every EA looks the same to the buyer with no real way to differentiate them this is probably the best selling hook. We have PATENTED the technology behind Forex Striker to make sure this is a one of a kind trading robot, and to let prospects know that.. THIS was the best way to do it. Real money verified performance As always, we put real money on the line and show what our product can do with not only one but several money accounts that multiplied several times.. people will be impressed by the performance. Experience We have several sucessful launches behind us and NOT only in the Forex niche (see: SellsLikeCandy for the evergreens). We know how to orchestrate PERFORMING launches.. we always add an original idea to differentiate ourselves from the copycats.. thats how we can be successful. Great phone support All prospects will have the ability to get in touch with us anytime while we call every person in need of support… this results in Extremely LOW refunds! We fight for our cash until the end. We offer bonuses, prizes, and gifts for buyers who stick with us and keeps the “serial refunding” that plagues online marketers to a MINIMUM, not just „in check‟. CONVERT Again, like in the good old times. Just do it NOW! Forex Striker is a product that will revolutionize the ways to make money on the web, affordable for everyone…

Click Add to Cart to get following Forex Striker bonuses: === Bonus From === Momentum Divergence Indicator - Value: $84 Momentum Power Strategy - Value: $97 Profitable Forex Trading Strategy or Technique - Value: $99 Trend Following Metatrader4 (MT4) Indicator Suite - Value: $299

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Forex Striker – USA Patented FX Robot – Bonuses included  

Forex Striker is a USA Patented Forex Robot. When you purchase Forex Striker here, you will get more Forex Striker bonuses...

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