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The Importance of Video Based Training | Niche Profit Classroom We will show you how we make use of the software suite at Niche Profit Classroom in every step of the way for you to finish what used to take hours or even days in just seconds. Classroom Level 1 Training - You will learn our 7-step formula for constructing simple websites that will generate traffic and profits fast, and it will keep on generating automatically over the long term. You will have your first website up within just days if you follow the short, step-by-step elements in this section. The first Module will present you the whole blueprint for how to construct a profitable website. This is where a lot of students experience the "ah-ha" moment and the combination finally "clicks" when it comes to making money on the web. You will be able to learn all about the pieces of the puzzle and how they all fit together. You might even be pleasantly surprised to know that creating a successful website is not so hard after all! In the second Module, you will learn all about an effective 7-step method for deciding whether or not a market is going to make you money online before you ever settle on constructing a website in the market. The method is derived from a great rating system that will actually give you an exact score for your market. You will also know how to use the Market Profiler software, which will identify and locate hot markets for you automatically, as a result to saving you hours, or even days of work. If you already have a market in mind, this Module will show you how to discover just how beneficial that market is. If you are not sure what market to go into, that is okay too. We will show 6 major resources where you will be able to find thousands of hot, untapped and highly beneficial niche markets. In the third Module, you will gain knowledge of everything there is to know about web hosting and domains. Deciding on what domain name to choose, registering it, and configuring it with your hosting account are all important pieces of getting a website up and running. We will help you stay away from the downsides a lot of novice online markets make when it comes to these tasks and make sure you get these things set up correctly. The indisputable "kingpins" of the internet are the content and keywords. These two core elements are often revolved by almost everything happening in the internet. Getting to know how to get hold of good content on your website and how to locate and use beneficial keywords are what set the rookies apart from the pros. You will master both of these key skill sets in this module. We will demonstrate how to get hold of quality content for your website at little to know cost and how to find out keywords that people are typing into the search engines to discover information in your market. You will make use of these "moneywords" to generate a steady flow of traffic to your website. In this section, you will be able to use the MoneyWord Matrix Keyword Tool to discover thousands of "moneywords" automatically, anytime you want, by simply pushing a button. That is another huge time saver. An email newsletter is one of the most powerful online marketing strategies available to website owners. A great list structure and list marketing strategy can take a fairly beneficial website into an extremely profitable advantage that produces four, five, or even six letters per month. We will explain how to control the full power of this method to construct your subscriber base, forging a strong relationship with your list, and generating more income from each and every website you create.

Once all of the key pieces of your website are in place, it is now time to put them all together and launch your website to the internet. This can be a challenging part for those who are just starting out, but at Niche Profit Classroom, you will have access to a software tool known as Niche Profit Press, which makes the whole process push-button easy. You will be able to launch your website to the internet in just seconds using Niche Profit Press. This is the most effective tool available for setting up a website. It is also very easy and fast. This powerful software with each website you setup will be pre-configured with everything needed to turn traffic into money. You can skip all of the guesswork and focus on getting traffic to your site because the colors, layout, structure, and back end functionality will all be taken care of for you. You can have the most creative website in the world, but without traffic it won’t make you a lot of money. You will get an in-depth crash course in how to drive massive amounts of FREE traffic to your website in this Module. This includes our now famous 21-Day Traffic Blueprint, which is a GUARANTEED way to setup a permanent flow of free traffic to your website, by harnessing the power of Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines. You'll also learn proven strategies for continuously increasing your traffic with very little time or effort involved. In the final module, we'll recap everything we accomplished in the previous 7 modules. We'll revisit all of the key areas that were covered and look at them again. At this point, you'll have gone through the entire course already, so you'll have a fresh perspective on how making money online really works. We'll also walk through a process for setting goals and coming up with an action plan for hitting your monthly income targets. We talk about what it will take to reach your targets, and exactly what you should be doing to hit those targets in the shortest time possible.

Visit the site and Start Online Business today. Listen to Adam Short’s easy to follow instructions on how to create Niche Profit Classroom websites that really make money!

The Importance of Video Based Training - Niche Profit Classroom  
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