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Niche Profit Classroom Explored As of December 2011, there are more than 2 billion Internet users worldwide as reported by the leading pulse company, Nielsen. It is no surprise then that establishing an online business has become a popular career choice. Such ventures range from sites that sell goods and services - or what we call e- commerce, those that lease advertising spaces, and websites that earn from affiliate marketing campaigns. Of these options, the last one has a high volume of following. Affiliate marketing is basically the process of building websites that contain links that are suppose to lead back to vendors. The referring site owners are then paid based on clicks or sales. Since it sounds like easy money, a lot of people choose to engage in it without having any knowledge on how to start one. As a result, training programs have also become abundant. One of these educators is Niche Profit Classroom. Founded by Adam Short, this platform offers members a full suite of instructional videos, as well as all the software one may need to build a successful site. Years ago, Adam taught himself basic Search Engine Optimization and E-commerce. He found out that websites should be built based on the fame of a keyword or terms that are popularly entered by the public through search engines like Google. He himself struck gold when he built a one – page website based on the keyword “Irritable Bowel Syndrome.” And this is what he would like to share to his members. Niche Profit Classroom basically includes over 150 high definition videos that have Adam as the speaker. In these presentations, he walks each viewer through the process of making niche sites, starting off with the process of identifying what he calls, “hot markets.” These are basically topics that have a substantial number of Google searches, but have low to medium competition online. He believes that by building a website based on a “hot market,” a lot of traffic will come along naturally and from there, translate to conversion or sales. He then proceeds to teaching how to do keyword research and create a simple but content rich website with the use of his own software. These tools come with the membership as well. From the inclusions stated above, it seems that users would be able to jumpstart their online business just by using Niche Profit Classroom. Should anyone look for reviews about the program, these would summarize most of the feedback: 1. Adam explains everything in layman’s terms. This is very important because a lot of individuals easily get confused with all the tech jargon. It is noticeable that most of the people, who have written up testimonials about Niche Profit Classroom, are retirees who you would not expect to adapt to such a modern industry. 2. The tools are easy to use. Most users attest to not needing anything else to purchase apart from the initial monthly fee. 3. After sales support is great. Helpdesk easily responds to concerns sent, replies to posts in their community page are visible; and webinars are regularly held, as well as archived for those who missed it to update everyone with recent changes whether in the program or the S.E.O. world. As expected though, testimonials vary in terms of success rate. While others attest to making thousands of dollars a month from their websites, there are a few who are still at a loss as to why they have hardly earned a cent. But to give the Niche Profit Classroom community credit, members help each other out, especially those who seem to be struggling. Expectations are also managed properly as the website clearly states that you would need at least 30 – 60 days to start seeing valuable results.

There is a myriad of information available for Niche Profit Classroom. But the best way to discover

more is by signing up for their trial program. For $1, full access to the site is given for 14 days. Visit the site and Start Online Business today with Niche Profit Classroom. Listen to Adam Short’s easy to follow instructions on how to create websites that really make money!

Niche Profit Classroom Explored  
Niche Profit Classroom Explored