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Y + FREEDOM Once you have a clear understand of what actions and experiences bring you the joy and the freedom that you’ve defined, decision-making comes easy.

freedom accounts and picture boarding a plane to Chile, buying your own home, investing in your own business, or walking away from your desk… forever.

Now you can ask yourself:

A finance professional can definitely help you put those funds to work and help you grow them in the right direction, but the why, the reason you’re putting those funds away, and the inspiration for what those funds will do, comes from you.

• • •

Does that latte bring me joy? Does that trip to Italy bring me freedom? Does investing a chunk of every pay cheque bring me closer to both joy and freedom?

With joy and freedom as your guides, there’s no pressure to be cruel with yourself. You know what you really want. You know how much it means to you. Money isn’t a pain, an unknown that’s out there, doing things you don’t understand. It’s right here, working towards all the things you’ve ever wanted. At the same time, organizing your cash flow becomes easier. You can allocate funds towards necessity, joy, and freedom, and you’ll feel good about it every time you do. You’ll see the money in your joy account and know that it’s going to buy you that pedicure, dress, or that wild night out you’ve been thinking about. You’ll see the money in your



Julia loves music, seafood, and rational decisionmaking. She heads up JYC Financial (, a product-free financial planning firm, and builds new enterprises for pleasure (and profit!).



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