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Can we all agree on the above formula? After spending a lot of time in the guts of personal finance with hundreds of women from all walks of life, I’ve found that everyone everywhere wants those same two things, when you boil it right down. IT’S HOW WE DEFINE THOSE TWO WORDS JOY + FREEDOM THAT DIFFERENTIATES US.

There isn’t a finance professional out there - no matter how fancy their title or designations - who can provide you with those definitions. (If they try, run - run fast.) Very few of them will even be asking you how you define joy and freedom, but almost all of them will be asking you about your goals. Everyone, from financial advisors, to coaches, to your boss, your family, and your friends, will tell you to set goals. Goals, goals, goals. Dutifully, you go ahead and set them. You set goals to move further in your career, to buy some real estate, and

maybe even to retire. For some reason though, these goals just aren’t getting your juices flowing.


For a goal to be worthwhile, exciting, and something you can really commit to, it has to be linked to your definitions of joy and freedom - people sometimes call them “values”. It might bring you joy to lift someone up from homelessness. It might bring you joy to have a pair of really wicked Louboutins in your closet. Both might bring you joy - we don’t have to make all of our values altruistic. It may be freeing to own your own home - or it may mean lack of freedom, depending on who you are. Freedom might come as a month in Portugal, or one “you” day a week to spend with your kids, or even to spend alone. For many people, freedom looks a whole lot like not working for a living.

THINK ABOUT IT Your money is a tool for you to create the life you want. Get to know you. What do you want from life? What will make you feel joyful and free? Got those “joy” and “freedom” pieces? Great. Put them on a card in your wallet. Every time you go to make a purchase, ask yourself: Does this bring me one more step towards freedom? Does this bring me joy? Long-lasting joy comes from memories, not consumer goods. How long do you want the joy to last?



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