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Starring in one film per year, Bacall’s movies were highly anticipated. Fans loved her believable acting in thriller and crime drama films; keeping viewers engaged with each production. Under management of Hawks, it was suggested that Bacall work on lowering her voice to give her a more unique casting advantage and sultry appeal to fans. Known for turning down roles she did not find interesting, Bacall gained a reputation of being difficult. In 1953, Bacall starred in her first comedy playing Schatze Page in How to Marry a Millionaire with other screen stars of Hollywood Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable. After filming another box office hit, Designing Women in 1957, a devastating loss occurred when husband Humphrey Bogart died from throat cancer. The first year following Bogart’s death left Bacall trying to work through tough times and she starred in The Gift of Love (1958) before making a decision to switch to live Broadway performances. Bacall had a short-lived romance with Frank Sinatra, that resulted in a very brief engagement that didn’t lead to marriage. However, Bacall did marry

again to actor Jason Robards. They wed in Mexico in 1961 and divorced in 1969, in part to Robards struggle with alcoholism. Robards and Bacall have one son together, Sam. Returning to the screen after five years, Bacall appeared in many hits over the next decade including a Broadway musical, Applause. Another pivotal and successful acting role Bacall portrayed was Murder on the Orient Express (1974), a movie based on Agatha Christie’s best-selling book. Continuing to divide her time between Broadway and film, it was towards the end of her career that Bacall earned her first Oscar nomination for supporting Actress in the 1996 film The Mirror Has Two Faces, starring and directed by Barbra Streisand. Bacall had a life filled with star-studded memorable films until the day she died in August 2014, five weeks short of the 90th birthday. Bacall was one of the last links left to the Golden Age of Hollywood and left her legacy as well as inspiration to a generation of actresses.




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