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ot only is the color navy on trend this fall, it is also joined by the Navy inspired trend. For some seasons now we have seen army influence everywhere, from the catwalk to the street. However, this season, designers are turning toward a new military branch for inspiration: the Navy.

that people have reached for whenever the weather begins to change. It is not only a menswear staple but also a favorite on the womenswear runways. The peacoat, which had its beginnings within the military, first as a versatile piece of outerwear and later making its way to both the runways and streets.

One of the major shades for Fall/Winter 2016 according to Pantone Color Institute’s fashion color report is Navy Blue. Navy blue has been seen on the runways accompanied by Cobalt blue and Airy blue. The color of blue coincides with the Navy trend, especially prevalent at Tommy Hilfiger’s nautical themed Fall/Winter 2016 runway show. Tommy Hilfiger showed a range of naval officer style coats, worn with silk baby doll dresses in navy blue. Another runway show exhibiting the Navy trend was John Galliano where the same style maritime coats could be seen as well. At Balenciaga there was a juxtaposition seen between the different shades of blues from navy to cobalt as well as Altuzarra’s Fall 2016 runway show where the designer displayed unique color blocking. This shade of navy is not only the perfect color for a fall coat but also gives a unique twist to cocktail dresses, an alternative to that little black dress you have in your closet.

HISTORY of the peacoat is deeply rooted within the military and the Navy. The Dutch Navy first wore the peacoat during the nineteenth century. While the Dutch are credited for inventing the peacoat, it was the British Navy who can take the credit for its popularization. After the British began sporting the peacoat, it crossed the pond and showed up on the men of the American Navy. The reason the peacoat worked so well for the military and Navy was due to its durability. It could withstand rain, wind and cold temperatures, which were typically experienced out at sea. As well, the coats were form fitting and most of them were double breasted with a collar that could be buttoned all the way up the neck for added protection. Nearly all peacoats had either brass or plastic buttons with an image of an anchor imprinted on them.

The coat for Fall/Winter 2016 is the navy topper, whether it’s a cropped pea-coat or a Navy-inspired calf length coat, the nautical trend that was seen in the Pre-Fall collections gained even more strength on the Fall 2016 runways. The nautical trend was most seen on fresh takes on the classic jacket. Fashion designers from New York to London, and Milan to Paris looked to the traditional peacoat for inspiration not only in the style of coat but also in its traditional color, navy blue. The peacoat has been a piece of outerwear 42


The first peacoats, originally worn by military personnel are still in style as an option for the colder months of the year. The fit and construction of the jacket have changed and modernized making it an easy and fashionable go to option for layering in the cooler weather headed our way this fall and winter. If you already have that perfect peacoat but want to be on trend with the “It Color” and trend for Fall 2016, pieces to invest in are sailor pants, double breasted coats or nautical themed jewelry.

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