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NCHE No Limits No Boundaries

NCHE FOR MEN ABOUT US Niche For Men started out as a dream to provide high quality, cool and adventurous products for men looking to get more out of life and the products they use. No man wants to live a boring life or use boring products. So, we stepped outside the boundaries of male grooming products and designed a brand built for the busy and active lifestyles we live.

A new, unique and adventurous brand built for men who always want to deliver their best. Commuters, extreme sport enthusiasts, gym rats, night life entertainers, any man looking to make a difference can relate to Niche For Men. No matter the situation, Niche For Men was built for you.

Long days, long hours, little sleep, new adventures and a desire to do something different lays the foundation of Niche For Men. We don’t take vacations, we don’t take breaks, because life never stops. We are not here to impress; we are here to share the passion of those that believe in our company and the idea to do something different. We look to the creativity of our fans and the dare-to-be-different attitude of the world, to set new boundaries and reach new heights. If you want to try something new, live limitless, and deliver your best, then Niche For Men is the company for you.

Life begins on the other side of your boundaries.







Find your Niche from the office, to the mountain slopes, through the trails, to on the water, after a late night on the town, aboard the red-eye flight, or just before your next hot date. Niche For Men leaves you feeling cool, clean and conident to be your best, anywhere, anytime. Ncihe For Men introduces a solution to body odor for the man on-the-go. Why mask body odors with traditional body sprays? Use Niche For Men and completely remove unwanted grime, bacteria, and odors. Each wipe is individually foil wrapped in a packet small enough to fit in your wallet. Our Face & Body Deodorizing Wipes unfold to the size of a small hand towel (10�x12�). Large enough for any man, anywhere, anytime. Niche For Men Face & Body Deodorizing Wipes are packed with ginseng, aloe vera, soothing oils and a masculine scent. Combined these powerful agents help to revitalize, cleanse and moisturize the skin. Each wipe has the power to rejuvenate, cleanse, and repair damaged skin. No limits, no boundaries, complete confidence.

“these wipes are very helpful when you need a quick freshener before a cool event, dinner, or date”

“Summer product essential”

“Top traveling product!”

Kore Magazine

“Skip the cloud of pungent body spray in flavor of the Lamborghini of towelettes.” Birchbox

Primer Magazine

“It wasn’t hard to think of times when I would want these in my everyday life” Gent & Ride

“quickly whisk away sweat and bodily funk while leaving behind squeaky-clean, subtly-scented skin” DETAILS Magazine

NCHE FOR MEN IN THE PRESS “A traveling man’s best friend” Cave Magazine

“One of the coolest and most creative products to hit the male grooming market.” Male Standard “these powerful little numbers will wipe away dirt, sweat, and odor so you can be shower fresh for your next meeting, date or round two on the dance floor” The Manual

“their convenience factor is through the roof!” Male Standard

“Think of Niche For Men as a backup shower you can keep in your fitness or carryon bag, office desk drawer, or even your back pocket” VEE Travels

“Now you can stop substituting actual bathing for bathing in body spray or cologne.” CO ED Magazine

NCHE FOR MEN CONTACT US Carl Gentile CEO/Founder C: (978)-618-4478 E:

Niche For Men PO Box 33506 Palm Beach Gardens Florida 33420

w w w . N i c h e F o r M e n . c o m

NCHE FOR MEN No Limits | No Boundaries | Complete Confidence

Niche For Men, LLC PO Box 33506 Palm Beach Gardens Florida 33420

Niche For Men  

A new, unique and adventurous male grooming brand built for men who seek more out of life and the products they use to get them through thei...

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