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If you are reading this, it means that like myself you too are searching for residual income opportunities to either supplement or replace your current income. I have been where you are, and this task can be very consuming and, in some cases, can become an obsession with so many different opportunities to review. So what are some of the residual income opportunities that are available? Well I think that most of us immediately take to the internet to find an income opportunity that we can do at home and in our spare time. Let's face it we are all working to survive in a tough economy and just seems like there is more month than there is paycheck, so we need something we can do in the comfort of our homes after the family is settled in. So I have decided to list a couple of basic residual incomes opportunities that you find floating around on the internet. These may or may not be for you just remember that whatever you decide to do you must thoroughly investigate the people and the companies. Become an affiliate - This is probably the most popular business opportunity on the internet. You can normally decide on just about any niche market that you would like to be a part of and become an affiliate for products within that market and make commissions advertising on the internet. These type of programs do not normally cost much if anything to sign up and then you have access to the products. Surveys - There are many companies that are willing to pay you to take surveys. These are basically the market companies that have online divisions that are looking for opinions on matters of interest for their clients. This can be done in your spare and in most cases does not cost you to join. There are different levels of rewards for the surveys and how many you do. Email Processing - There are many different companies that offer these type of residual income opportunities. There are details to this process from having to first sign up to be able to process then once in the door you have to contact other companies from a list to become a processor for them. You will be instructed what the emails are to contain and it is your responsibility to send and respond to such emails. Each of these residual income opportunities will have their pros and cons and I highly recommend that you find out what these are before you sign up or pay anything to be a part of them. Being successful in any online business will take effort, training and patience.

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==== ==== Found Interesting? Click Here For Exiting Information ==== ====

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