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As a frequent internet user, I am sure you have come across adverts, pop up ads and banners that say something like 'Take a survey, and get paid' How credible is this? Paid sites are real and they offer one cash and prizes in exchange for ones time to give his or her opinion. Big players that include blue chip companies are always on the lookout for improving their products and services to improve their margins. Likewise, before the industries bring out a new product into the market, they need to know about consumer preferences. One only needs to visit this surveys sites and follow the laid down guidelines. Ones earnings are dependent on the number, type and duration of the surveys. Some companies pay cash for every survey. Others give gift certificates that entitle one to a draw to win prices. Truth be told that paid surveys should not substitute ones regular job. They are paying but pay lesser that regular jobs. They are suitable for those who like it as a hobby. The number of surveys that one gets depends on ones profile on a given site. It is also notable that some sites send more surveys than others. A trick that is off the book is to join as many surveys as possible and complete their surveys. It is worth noting that some countries have an edge as compared to others in the US, the residents there are likely to get more surveys coming their ways. When one registers at a surveys site, one is expected to give his / her contact information including other details. The more your details, the more one has a well placed profile and the more one will have surveys thrown his / her direction. Upon registering, one will be notified regarding any ongoing surveys. The surveys send emails that contain a link which you can click to reach the survey page and start completing the survey. One should be honest when taking a survey since one is not forced to take a survey. One can choose not to take a particular survey one is not comfortable with the survey. The most important step is getting paid for your surveys. This can happen in different ways. Sometimes survey companies will pay you directly with a cheque or PayPal payment, every time you complete a paid survey. Some programs will credit your account with values until they reach a threshold, and then pay you via cheque or bank deposit. Another popular method of payment is by reward points. Many programs offer an accrual of reward points for each paid survey you complete - which you can spend in their online rewards stores once you have gathered enough points.

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