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About 6 million Americans experience panic attacks.  Out of those 6 million, about 50% of them have reported to experience panic attacks during the night.  This has confused many sufferers as they would intuitively think that there would be more panic attack triggers during the day time than at night.  In this article, the reasons for the existence of panic attacks at night will be discussed as well as their prevention. The reasons for panic attacks at night can vary greatly from person to person.  A common trigger for panic attacks is the sense of the loss of control.  Many night panic attack sufferers believe that being in an unconscious sleep state would represent the ultimate lack of control.  They fear the vulnerability of a defenseless unconscious state.  Obviously, these fears are completely irrational but they nevertheless exist in some nocturnal panic attack sufferers. These irrational fears oftentimes lead to panic attacks at night. Another reason for panic attacks at night is the fear of death while asleep.  Sufferers fear the possibility of a heart attack or stroke during their sleep.  Again, these fears are quite irrational but nonetheless act as triggers for anxiety attacks at night. Dreams, however, are definitely not a cause of panic attacks at night.  Dreams only occur in heavy REM sleep and studies have shown that those who experience nocturnal panic attacks do not experience them during REM sleep.  Panic attacks at night typically transpire during early sleep phase.  Nightmares, however, are a different story all together.  Some panic attacks at night are caused by nightmares as they occur in the second half of the typical sleep period.  This is why we can remember them. In fact, there exists a certain type of sleeping disorder called Pavor Nocturnus characterized by waking up and crying, increased heart rate, cold sweats and heart palpitations and other panic attack-like symptoms.  Pavor Nocturnus is most common in children. I sincerely hope that this article has been helpful in enlightening the reader regarding the causes and reasons for nocturnal panic attacks.

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