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How do know if you are experiencing panic attack symptoms? They can come on very suddenly for some people while others progressively worry themselves into a panic attack through escalating thoughts of doom. There are a number of symptoms listed here as well as some very good treatments for anxiety disorders. No matter how your anxiety or panic attacks symptoms happen, just be assured there is a cure for you. Panic Attack Symptoms Chest pain or discomfort. Some people are sure they are having a heart attack. A racing heart without having made physical exertion. Feeling like you can not breath or hyperventilation. Feeling the sensation of choking, even fear for your life. Feeling ungrounded in your body or outside of your immediate environment. Trembling or shaking, lip quivers. Sensations on your body like tingling Sweating/hot flashes or feeling unusual coldness. Intense stomach nausea. Feeling lightheaded or spinning. Feeling like you are going crazy. Feeling like you are dying. Feeling a desperate loss of control Having panic attack symptoms could result in one or more of the above at the same time. Generally they last around thirty minutes and for some people up to an hour. Anxiety Treatments Quite often people will have panic attacks symptoms in brief waves and just hope they never come back. If the first attacks were caused by imbalances like hyperglycemia or medications that you are taking for something else and then a change is made, it is possible they will not return. If however there are no chemical imbalances in the body to attribute attacks to, it is more likely the panic attacks symptoms will return more often until effective anxiety treatments are found. Self inventory into your panic attacks symptoms First, assess how well you handle life challenges. In other words, how moody, angry, depressed, dissatisfied, resentful, aloof, and unforgiving of others are you? Do you have friends that you will not talk to or a mother or father you will not allow to get close anymore?

If you are human, you have issues - period. Less than 1% of the entire world was taught how to handle these issues in a healthy way, at home or in school and now these issues are showing up as panic attacks symptoms. Dr. Peter Roy-Byrne, of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington School of Medicine, notes that anxiety sufferers are twice the number than people suffering from depression, yet getting anxious people to willingly see a therapist is much harder. So you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone to find the tools to help you manage your panic, to enjoy the end result of being a much happier and relaxed person. Here are top anxiety treatments for panic attacks symptoms Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Hypnotherapy Self help programs Medication Medication combined with therapy Yoga, Qi Gong, Thai Chi, Breathe Work or Meditation If you can avoid medication, it is best as medications create a chemical dependency. They override your body's own natural chemistry and mood management. But if you feel your panic attacks symptoms are immediate and severe, meaning you can not deal with your everyday life, consult a doctor. Medications sooth the symptoms, yet mask the real problem. There are many side effects to medications as well. So, while on medications, make a plan to handle the source of the problem through one of the other options listed above and then work with your doctor to come off the medication when you are ready. Natural anxiety treatments are the best anxiety remedies including natural herbs for anxiety which are explored in more detail on Anxiety Treatments Blog. Learning about your options will allow you to know what will work for you. Every personality is different as are the panic attacks symptoms. Discover which is right for you and enjoy a better life with more control and confidence (c) Copyright - Jody L James. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

The Author: Jody James is a speaker, writer and coach who has facilitated courses in the human potential, self development field for over 11 years. Her anxiety attacks began in college and stopped with her own consciousness work in 1998. Her web site provides many natural resources to eliminate panic attacks. Just click here to get started.

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