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nicha nakvachara


basic info

profile name nicha nakvachara date of birthday 18 feb 1996

contact address 88 leabkongpasicharuenfungtai rd. nong khaem sub-district nong khaem district bangkok 10160 phone number 084 122 7000 email address

education 2015 - 2019 faculty of architecture chulalongkorn university 1999 - 2013 rajinibon school 1997 - 1998 yuwapat school

skills photoshop illustrator autocad revit sketchup ms word ms excel indesign lumion

experience jun 2016 be an internship at kaspar kraemer architekten BDA in cologne, germany jun 2017 join wwoof (world wide opportunities on organic farms) program in new zealand jun - aug 2018 architectural internship with stu/d/o architect , bangkok , thailand



architectural projects commercial architecture plearn siam shopping complex king power complex and 200-room three - star hotel community center public architecture police station thai embassy general hospital don-muang international airport residential architecture aukao aunum resort the lock baan nuntha caltural architecture art gallery

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architectural competitions twist high rise building digital - printed facade contain of community

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interior projects the journey begin’s office center legoshop

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activities rural developement camp photograph

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architectural project plearn siam shopping complex bangkok , thailand

an open space


department store museum food center

This project is located at SIAM ,the center of Bangkok ,Thailand. Siam has their own story for a long time so this project is created to represent Siam in the future that related to users in this area. Main entrance for this building is faced with Phaya thai road to lead costumers to building. Plearn siam is an innovation of department store with 3 main functions. First, flagship stores on first and second floor. Second, an amazon warehouse and the last one is department store that connected with museum building on the sixth and seventh floor. warehouse

amazon’s office

flagship store


department store

From the other buildings an open space inside the court can be seen . So material on the first and second floor are designed with a glass to connect space between inside and outside.

View from siam scape building lead people to a circle space in the middle of site which is a grand open space for other activities.

The main entrance for department store is a double space so it will lead people to flagship store on the first floor. Moreover ,green space in front of the building will make user feel welcome.

third floor plan

first floor plan

fourth floor plan


architectural project king power complex and 200 - room three - star hotel chiang mai , thailand

King power complex is a duty free shopping mall which provides shopping facilities to international travellers and local customers. At present, there are 5 department stores in Thailand which located in the main city : Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. For the Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is the center where a lot of visitors came for leisure. So this site is located in Chiang mai near an old city and 5.83 km away from Chiang mai international airport. Then customers can travel easily by both bus and train.

concept design

709 367 421 525 6,620 363 1,388 1,129 1,752

hotel sqm. sqm. sqm. sqm. sqm. sqm. sqm. sqm. sqm.

king power complex public area retail area lamoon res. administration office mechanical parking 171 cars

972 6197 442 574 78 504 5,123

This program consist of 2 main function, three star hotel and King power complex, that connected with main hall in the middle. Three star hotel is a six storey building which is composed of 200 rooms , restaurant and entertainment area. Hotel building has a triangle planing relate to site , so that costum ers can take 3 different views : garden , railway and mountain view.

public area reataurant usiness center entertainment guest room administration service mechanical paking 51 cars

sqm. sqm. sqm. sqm. sqm. sqm. sqm.

Main concept of king power is weave, pattern of ancient thai, that represent at facde outside the complex and planing of room in hotel. Moreover, function in this building were created to concern about travelers and tourist group that have a different activities.So hotel’s main entrance is separated from complex’s entrance and main lobby is set in the middle of building so that costumer can walk through garden before check-in.

room type

first floor plan

third floor plan


architectural project ruen oab chan - community center bangkok , thailand

Ruen oab chan is a community center located in Bangkok next to Bansai canal. The main funtion of this project is to be a center for the community so that people in the area can get together for their activities.The site is located next to the canal so there are 3 main entrances.The first one is from the canal.For the second and third entrances are from an old house next to the site and the road in front of the site respectively.

The community center consists of 5 main buidings.The first one is a pavilion in the canal,it will be a place to greet costomers from a boat.The other buildings with two storeys are connected together with traditional thai style porch. So the concept of this project is to build a new building in traditional Thai style with enormous porch where people can spend time for their activities.The center of this area as well as other part of the building are shaded by big trees. Therefore RUEN OAB CHAN is named from all of this characteristic.

north elevation

east elevation

south elevation

west elevation


architectural project police station bangkok , thailand

This police station is located in Bangkok,Thailand.This station was near Khao san road known as the centre of the backpacking universe so that a lot of foreigner will come to this place. The main concept of this project is to present Thai style through facade on the corner of the building.

Due to this project have to concern about surrounding not only Khao san road but also wat chana songkhram. So facade outside the building is connected in both side of the road as a gate of the police station.

Facade outside the building is inspired by traditoinal thai house.It is Thai pattern made with aluminium and this facade will protect an interior room from sunlight.

This police station is a five storey building. On underground floor will be a car parking. While the first floor is a main entrance that connected to Khao san and Jakkapong road so that people can come from both sides of building and the entrance for policemen is separate from complainant.On an upper floor is a place for policemen or complainant with appointment not for a walk-in complainant.The offices are on the rest of the storeys and banquet are in the top floor.

second floor plan

third floor plan

fourth floor plan

fifth floor plan


architectural project chancellery of the royal thai embassy vientiane , laos

The Royal Thai Embassy is located in Vientiane,Laos.The concept of this building is to bring Thai pattern like puttarn,some kinds of flower in Thailand, to design it for facade outside the building.This can represent the unique of Thai tradition.

foyer The banquet of the Royal Thai Embassy is set in the back of the building and connected to the service area such as pantry room so that it is easy to serve any guests.Interior in this room is designed and decorated by Thai pattern,puttarn flower, around the room.


In front of this building is d signed with slope for cars to drop off and it is designed to split level in first floor to make it higher than normal floor and get more space for basement floor.

The banquet of the Royal Thai Embassy is set in the back of the building and connected to the service area such as pantry room so that it is easy to serve any guests.Interior in this room is designed and decorated by Thai pattern,puttarn flower, around the room.


This is a four-storey building with car parking and service room on the basement.The main entrance is on the first floor which is connected to drop off and banquet. Moreover in foyer is designed to be a double space so that it can get a natural light from the skylight in the roof and make this part feel more relexing.

For safety reason, offices will be on the second and third floor.It is also a private and restricted area for officers only.


architectural project general hospital bangkok , thailand

General hospital was located in Bangkok , Thailand. Main entrance to site was access by Ngam wong wan road to control user. For the service entrance was in backside of the building so it will be a private area and emergency drop off was located in fron of the building to access patient to ER area. The main entrance for building was a grand double space that faced to an open space.

Section of general hospital will show zoning of this building which is has a low zone and high zone. In the low zone composed of an emergency floor and operation floor .In the high zone will be a ward for IPD. Moreover ,in ward floor will stack floor to be a green for patient.

Planning will show space on the first floor that composed of four main functions. Main core, for patient and service, is set in the left side of the building which is seperated into two zone .First is a vertical circulation for public and second is a vertical circulation for service area. plan

front elevation

left elevation

drop off


nurse dorm

green space main entrance emergency entrance

Drop off for the user was located in front of building that connected to an open space inside building as a main axis to the hall which was designed to be an open space.

While facade of this building was cladding by perforated to represent a private area . Thus it will seem to be different from the outside between private and public area.

Moreover, there is a glass in the end of corridor every floor so it can get sunlight even in the building.


architectural project international airport bangkok , thailand

This International airport is a project to rebuid Don muang international airport ,So the location are in the same place as the old one.

The main concept for this project are “RUEN THAI� to represent an old tradition of Thai people. Planning was design to be like Thai community in ancient which is have a green space in each concourse likes thai cultural that have a house with a nature to be a rice field or to be any agriculture.

While piers in both side of building was designed with gable roof as a Thai house to make it feel likes a community then their looks from topside.

section This airport has 3 stories on the first floor is for arrival which is a double space and on the second floor was for a taxi driver in the third floor was for a departure and counter area for check-in.

A service route was on the first floor and separated from public area. The gable roof of this building was build with truss structure and it will be a glass in the middle of it,so light can get through an space in building.

Main function for this building was divided into 2 zone first is a landside which is a buplic space. The second is a airside for a private zone that has a security between this two. Moreover their have a domestic and international area which is in the right side and left side to control people in each part.

airport check - in area

air sid e

lan ds ide

domestic drop off located on left side and along with building .


architectural project aukao aunum boutique hotel ayutthaya , thailand

This project is a boutique hotel in Ayutthaya.The main concept is to represent the way of living of people in the region.Aukao-Aunum means the place that be plentiful,rich and fertile because former people in Thailand have to live with nature.Thus this project is designed to relate an old tradition.So it is separated into two parts.The first part named Aunum,the way of the people live closely to river, is surrounded by public buildings for walk-in and hotel guests.The second part named Aukao because Ayutthaya is one of a major rice farming place in Thailand.This area is a private zone for hotel guests only so it is designed to be located in a rear of the project.


This building is the location of main entrance for guests.So it is designed to represent traditional Thai architecture. Therefore a gable roof ,wood tile and some part of wood structure are used. Moreover,this building is an open air forguests to get good ventilation from outside and feel close to the nature

theme restaurant

Theme restaurant is a restaurant for any guests.. It is surrounded by pool in Aunam area so this building will give a good reflection in the pool outside and make it look lightly. From inside, guests can enjoy a pool view with a good experience.

This pool is designed to represent AUNUM, from Ayutthaya.So it is a main scene to be attracted by guests when they arrive .It is surrounded by public buildings such as restaurant , spa and lobby. It is convenience for guests to access.

pool - aunam

This court is placed in the center of resort which devided into two parts, so the guests can have some activities inthe pavilion on the both sides of the court.


au kao - villa (17) - all day dining - pool au num - main lobby - service - theme restaurant - spa -parking

main lobby

theme reataurant



architectural project the lock bangkok , thailand

The lock is low rise condominium located in Bangkok,Thailand.This project is composed of four condominiums and one facility building in front of site.

The main concept of this building is to design condominium with interlock sqaure plan so that residents can use benefit from courtyard which is a negative space from two sqaure.

first floor plan

fourth floor plan This apartment is a four-storey building. It consists of 40 rooms with 6 types of room; type A , B , C , D , E and F. Type F is the most expensive room and the price of the following type E , D , C and B are less, while type A is the lowest.

On the first floor, it is composed of 10 rooms where main entrance connected to garden. Due to the opened air in corridor, there is a space between rooms for ventilation in the building.

room type


architectural project baan nuntha bangkok , thailand

Baan nuntha is a low-rise apartment with 3 multi-function, resident for the owner,apartment and coffee shop.The main function is to be an apartment for office workers around satorn area. On the first floor,there is a coffee shop with an open space to make costomers feel comfortable and welcome. On the second and third floor are designed for the residents in this area.The private area for the apartment owner is separated from the apartment zone so that it will make the privacy for owner.

The main concept of this apartment is the harmony of architecture and environment so that the residents can feel more comfortable and relaxing when they live in the city. Therefore the tree from the second floor can grow to the third floor through the terrace. Besides green wall can be used to make privacy for residents and make some green space to reduce heat from sunlight.

first floor plan

second floor plan

third floor plan


architectural project infinity - art gallery bangkok , thailand

Infinity art gallery is located at Sukhumvit 66 ,Bangkok, Thailand.The main concept is to bring from the word “ART�. So art means infinity and this art gallery is created in an infinity form like circle so that visitors will feel enjoy art work from the start until the end.

There are 3 main gallery rooms in this art gallery.On the first floor,there are two room connected to entrance and on the second floor there is another room where visitors can walk through a garden and back to first floor from the circle form of this building like it was endless. Then visitor will feel that “ART IS INFINITY�.

Offices and storeroom are in the back of the building so that it will divided main entrane into two parts.First is for costumers to foyer and second is for office workers .


architectural competitions twist - high rise building evolo



design phase



architectural competitions digital - printed facade chulalongkorn university

Main idea of this facade is blended architecture and nature together. By using mirror and glass reflection with bamboo tree on the first ground, it will showed on facade . Moreover, colour of it was a brown to represent the meaning of faculty of architecture. Function of this facade is not only to reduce the heat from sunlight but also treat to be a open space in the second floor so that user who came in the meeting room can see a garden through facade.


architectural competitions contain of community nippon paint


interior projects the journey begin’s office center bangkok , thailand

first floor plan

second floor plan

third floor plan

This office is an interior project to design a food and travel office named the journey begins. The main concept of the project is to connect the meaning of travel and architecture so we designed plan and furniture with the circle shape becaue the circle means never ending travel. Due to all the circle shape affecting to the feeling, people will feel relex and enjoy working in this atmosphere.


interior projects lego land bangkok , thailand

Lego land is an interior project in department store. The main concept is to use a lego color for interior decoration ; floor , wall or light so that it will represent the lego shop as well.

Plan is designed to be open with less partiton so that costumers will feel connected in each space and feel relax to choose a toy. Moreover all the color in this shop are chosen to motivate customers to enjoy themselves in legoland.


activities rural developement camp

camp 75 - ruen larn fon


omkoi , chiang mai , thailand

This camp is located in omkoi , Chiang mai.It was a first volunteer camp in Bansoplarn school and we designed to build a shelter for children in this school.The construction was made from concrete and the roof was made from roman tile.


So we can get a lot of knowledge about construction and learn how to live with other people in this camp.

camp 76 - the angry of the dragon


pa - ker - yoh , phetburi , thailand


This camp was located in Paker-yoh, Phetburi.It was a second camp that I joined.In this camp we designed to build a shelter in the playground.It was the space for children in this community for their activities.The main construction made of brick that look like a dragon.We,therefore , named this project “The angry of the dragon�.

camp 78 - ruen rum pan


pilok , kanchanaburi , thailand

This camp was located at Pilok , Kanchanaburi.The main function is to be a sleeping shelter for the children.The doors of this shelter were made of weaven bamboo which was an old Thai tradition.


In this time,a lot of activities took place,children in the community had participated.We offered prizes for the winners and all of us had great experience to communicate with other people.


activities photograph

nicha nakvachara faculty of architecture chulalongkorn university

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