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Clifton Evans Portfolio: Email: ux (at) Date of birth: 4/5/75 Education: Masters in Design Telephone: +353 86 212 3234


Interaction designer with 15 years experience in developing user experience and redesigning products, working with some of the biggest companies in Europe and the Americas – as well as government departments, software houses and small businesses. Extensive experience in design processes, information architecture, community development, mobile interaction design, user interface and usability consulting. One of the earlier members of the Information Architecture and Interaction Design communities, has wrote articles and books, organized events, and given presentations at conferences. Most recently, has been performing research within the field of information architecture and user interface design.


Masters of Arts - University of Westminster. 2003. London Masters in Design for Interaction · · Evaluation of Design for Psychological, Cultural and Technological Contexts · Thesis on Designing for Hospitality and resulting Language Learning Network designs · Presentation and Exhibition of Thesis Work at The Digital Hub in Dublin Vancouver Film School - Private College. 1996. Vancouver Digital Design Diploma · · Film School Studies and Skills in New Media Business and Software Applications · Focus on Project Management, Production Skills, Marketing and Communications · Education Directly Related to the Professional New Media Field


European Space Agency & Daysha. Interaction Design Consultant. March 2012 – Current. Dublin. Remote. • Research into the collaborative nature of Space Scientists and their working processes • Design of concepts and structures to facilitate the Concurrent Design of spacecraft • Detail driven design of software that will enable European Centers to design effectively Cisco. Interaction Design Consultant. December 2011 – February 2012. Dublin. Remote. • Concept Screen Designs for new Corporate Desktop IP Phones • Consulting on Redesign of Existing Platform and Integration into New Hardware • Presentation of Concepts to Cisco for Further Refinement Ikea & McCann. Senior Interaction Design Consultant. November 2011 – January 2012. Dublin. Remote. • Consulting on Global Redesign Project • Concept Designs for Kitchen Planning to Enable Integration into Purchase Process • Rough Wireframing of Kitchen Planning, Bedroom and other Category Pages Ericsson. Senior Software Research Engineer. July 2010 – June 2011. Athlone. Remote & Onsite. • Researching Information Visualization Approaches and Video Gaming Components • Design of Visualizations and UIs for Touchscreen Network Management Applications • Research and Design for Video Game Interactions within 2D and 3D Environments Nokia & Fjord. Mobile Interaction Designer. July 2009 – July 2010. Berlin. Onsite. • Research and Design of Touchscreen Gesture Interactions • Consulting on the Development of a New Nokia Wide UX Pattern Library • Prototyping Favourite Management, Map Loader, Positioning and Selection in Nokia Maps eSpatial. Senior Interface Designer. Jan – May 2009. Dublin. Onsite. • Redesign of the iSMART Map Editor for the Web (Software as a Service) • Research and Competitive Analysis on existing Mapping and GIS Interaction Models • Delivering and Presenting Structural and Interaction Concepts Prototypes Ticket ABC. Information Architect. Nov 2008 – Jan 2009. Dublin. Remote. • Personas and Scenarios for each of the SMS Ticketing Use Cases • Page Description Diagrams specifying the importance of Page Elements • Wireframing and Mapping of Process Flows for each of the sections

O2 & Telefonica. Web Content Manager. Apr – Oct 2008. Dublin. Onsite. • Standardizing Wireframe Templates for use across Online Team • Consultation on IA and Content Needs During Launch of New Site • Developing Ad Inventory Guidelines Establishing Formats, Ownership and Source Ammado. Information Architect. Dec 2007- Mar 2008. Dublin. Onsite. · In Depth Evaluation of Existing Site (Social Networking for Charities and Nonprofits) · Usability Test Sessions of Core Processes with Existing and Potential Visitors · Prototyping and Wireframing of Global Search and Other High Level Components Murphy’s, FBD, Channel 6 & Gravitate. Usability Specialist. Jun - Dec 2007. Dublin. Onsite. · Providing Consultation and Blueprints for the Murphy’s and Murphy’s Live websites · Prototyping an Online Automobile Insurance Quote Engine for FBD · Blueprinting / Wireframing and Consulting on the Channel 6 Website Citation Shares & Hornall Anderson. User Interface Designer. Aug - Dec 2007. Seattle. Remote. · Analysis of Use Cases and Scenario Development for Private Jet Booking Software Suite · Information Architecture Blueprints, Cart Sorts for Structuring the Application · Developing Interaction Patterns and Heuristic Evaluations of Prototypes Vodafone & Empathise. User Experience Consultant. Jun 2007. London / Düsseldorf. Onsite. · Providing Requirements on Recommended Standards for Mobile Application Installation · Developing Research Focus Groups and Reporting on Future Application Needs · Analyzing Benchmark Documentation on Current Applications for Requirements Nokia, Maple Pictures & Noise. Interaction Designer. Mar - May / Sep - Oct 2007. Vancouver. Remote. · Usability and Architecture for the N-Gage Community Portal · Prototyping Screen Wireframes and Annotations for the System · Iterative Screen Design for, the parent company of Lion’s Gate Films Shea Homes & Engine Digital. Information Architect. Feb - May 2007. Vancouver, Remote. · Developing Architecture and Interface for Internal System in Luxury Retirement Villages · Determining Direction and Needs with Engine for Retirement Community · Prototyping Entire System, Bulletin Boards, Photos, Contacts, Calendar, Etc. Best Buy & Future Shop. Information Architect. Nov 2006 - Feb 2007. Vancouver, Onsite. · Worked with a Team of 4 IAs to Redesign Best Buy and Future Shop eCommerce Systems · Analysis and Prototyping of Store Location, Global Navigation and Elements · Usability and Navigation for Various Other Areas of the Web Systems Starbucks & Cypress Consulting. Usability Analyst. Jun - Sep 2006. Seattle. Remote. · Analyzing the Usability of the Management Store Portal Prototype · Providing Architectural Needs for Redesigning this In-Store System · Consulting with Internal Redesign Team on their Redesign Process US Graduate Schools & Cypress Consulting. Information Architect. Jun - Oct 2006. Washington DC. Remote. · Providing Architecture for the new Graduate Schools class booking site / system · Consulting and Presenting to teams in Washington on Architecture Solutions · Analyzing User Interaction Processes to allow Ease of Access to Needed Material Stockhouse & Invoke. Usability Analyst. Jun - Jul 2006. Vancouver. Onsite. · Usability Consultation and Report Findings on the StockStream Real-Time Trading System · Interviewing Users and Testing Existing System to Provide Detailed Analysis · Providing Consultation on System Design and Future Options for Delivery Bulldog Broadband & Profero. Usability Consultant. 2005. London. Remote. · Consulting Bulldog Broadband to Streamline Online Purchase Process · Providing Prototype Models and Process Flow Diagrams to Assist Consultation · Reworking the Information Architecture to reflect User’s NeedS Government of Catalonia & ID Grup. User Interface Designer. 2005. Barcelona, Remote. · Interaction Design and Usability Consulting for Catalan Schools Booking System · Direction of Interface for System and Consulting Directly with Government Clients · Consulting with ID Grup on User Experience Process for future projects

Whistler Mountaineer, Ainsworth & Telus. Usability Specialist. May - Aug 2005. Vancouver, Onsite. · Usability Report on Ainsworth Expense Reporting Application · Worked with Rocky Mountaineer to develop the Booking System for Whistler Mountaineer · Defining Requirements, Paper Prototyping and Process Mapping for the Booking System Nike & Blastradius. Interaction Architect. Apr 2005. Vancouver, Onsite. · Interaction Concept for Nike on the Jordan Lifestyle Line Clothing Configurator Vodafone & Sapient. Information Architect. Oct 2004 - Feb 2005. London, Düsseldorf, Remote and Onsite. · Worked with Sapient to Develop a Prototype for the Global Vodafone Intranet System · Iterative Prototyping, International Focus Groups and Council Presentation in Budapest · Addressed Client Needs through a focus on Thematic Consistency and Relevance ChevronTexaco & Quacon. User Interface Designer. Sep - Oct 2004. San Ramon, Remote and Onsite. · Worked Directly with ChevronTexaco on their Global Product Information System · Consulted on behalf of Quacon in Designing Guides and Templates · Established Screen Designs for Energy Suppliers, Specifications, Reports and Partners V2_ Organization. Interaction Designer. 2-month contract 2004. Rotterdam, Onsite. · Worked with the V2 people to Develop a solid Interaction Architecture for their Public Site · Interactive Prototyping and Structural Theory to support a logical Information Architecture Intuact. User Experience Consultant. 3-month contract 2004. Barcelona, London, Remote. · Architecture and Interaction Design of a Software Application for European Market · Consultation on Business Development models for User Experience · Drafting an Initial UI and Mental Model to use in Acquiring Investment Gametrac & Instrata. UI / Information Architect. 3-month contract 2003/04. Cambridge, Remote. and · Worked with Instrata to develop a solid UI Framework for the Gizmondo Gametrac Device · Paper Prototyping, developed an initial User Interface and the Information Architecture · Invented a suitable model for Text Entry via Joypad through research and testing WoodMackenzie, LEA, DfES & Object1. Information Architect. Feb 2002 - Aug 2003. London, Onsite. · Integration of IA and User Centered Design into the Object1 Thinking2 Design Process

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Information Architecture for Wood Mackenzie, Education Authorities, Consulting on Consistency Needs for The Department for Education and Skills

LexisNexis. Senior User Interface Designer. 3-month project employee 2002. London. Onsite. · Information Architecture and UI Specifications for the Global Legal Product · Heuristic Evaluations regarding prototype Legal and News & Business Interfaces · Specification Summary for Local Product Adaptations and Custom User Interfaces Scient. (User Interface Engineer. 18-month employee / contractor .Oct 2000 - Apr 2002. London. Onsite. · UI and IA on the Royal and Sun Alliance Estate Agent System · User Interface and Front End Technology for and · Research and Development on mobile formats for an undisclosed Wireless Portal Stockgroup. Senior Designer. 6-month project employee Feb - Oct 2000. Singapore, Onsite. · Information Architecture and UI for the eDeposit Rate Bidding System · Information Architecture and Advising on Usability for the Asiaxis Investment Portal · Directing the Asiaxis Design Teams on Visual Theme and Consistency The Media Foundation. Interface Consultant. Oct 2000. Vancouver, Remote. · Consultation for the Adbusters Online Presence Intersection Active Design. Designer. 2-year contractor. 1998/1999. NY, SF and Vancouver, Remote and Onsite. · Leading the Visual and Interaction Design for Company Projects Multiactive. Designer. 1-month contract 1998. Vancouver, Onsite. Union Arts. Webmaster. 2-year contractor 1997/1998. Vancouver, Onsite. Taxi Magazine. Web Design Director. 4-month contract 1996. Vancouver, Remote.


Boxes and Arrows. Author. 2012. (In Progress) Article, ‘Design Solutions’, Mar 06 2012 Guest Lecture. University of Limerick. 2010. Interaction Design Centre, talk on the ‘State of the Field’ Conference Speaker. UXCamp. 2010. 'Gestural &Touchscreen Research’, findings from research with Nokia Boxes and Arrows. Author. 2007. Article, ‘Success Stories’, Aug 08 2007 Boxes and Arrows. Author. 2007. Article, ‘Design is Rocket Science’, Aug 08 2007 Boxes and Arrows. Author. 2007. Article, ‘Zen and the Art of IA’, May 08 2007 Design Exhibitor / Speaker. The Design Exchange. 2005. Toronto ‘Design for the Cold’ Planners and Architects Presentations: Out Cold Lifeline System Boxes and Arrows. Author. 2005. Article, ‘Architecting Our Profession’, Feb 27 2005 Conference Speaker. IA Summit. 2005. Montreal '’Experience Cards’, Design Tool for Scenario Development Faculty Speaker. Simon Fraser University Faculty. 2004. Vancouver Presenting a model of Open Source Design to the SIAT Faculty Careers Initiative Leader. Interaction Designers Website. 2004 to Present Creating an Online Resource for Employers and Job Seekers Author. Object 1. 2003. Book, ‘Thinking Squared: The Object 1 Approach’, Dec 13 2003 Design Instructor. Design Council Designers Into Schools Week. 2004. London Teaching Design for a Day to School Students in Hook, London Organizer. Interaction Designers Meet. 2004. London Open Source Design talk at event on Language as Design with Mark Rettig, at the BBC Poster Presenter. IA Summit. 2004. Austin 'Blueprinting: Moving into Precision', Design Methodology for Developers Design Exhibitor / Speaker. The Digital Hub Exhibit3. 2003. Dublin 'Towards Comfort', Blueprint for Learning System Boxes and Arrows. Author. 2002. Article, ‘Exploring Content Filters’, May 13 2002 Apress. Author. 2002. London Book entitled 'Constructing Usable Shopping Carts', An eCommerce Education Resource Apress. Author. 2002. London Unrelesased Chapter in 'Dynamic Content Studio’ Book, A Flash Personalization Case Study Feature Article Speaker. CreateOnline. 2001. London Featured in The Big Issue Debate on eCommerce, 'Me-Commerce', Winter 2001 Friends of Ed. Reviewer. 2001. London Reviewing the books: 'ActionScript Studio', 'Flash MX Usability', 'iMovie', 'Dreamweaver'.

Clifton Evans CV  

A4 Version of CV. Email for 8.5x11.

Clifton Evans CV  

A4 Version of CV. Email for 8.5x11.